Semi OT: Tailgating in AA - Laws and Hot Spots

Semi OT: Tailgating in AA - Laws and Hot Spots

Submitted by Surferrosy on September 17th, 2018 at 9:18 AM

Headed to AA this weekend for the Nebraska game and I'm curious about tailgating - in general - as well as laws and enforcement. I've been searching the Reddit forums and AA laws for info but not finding much of anything recent/pertinent to how gameday actually plays out.

Need advice: fun stuff to do in AA with my kid this weekend

Need advice: fun stuff to do in AA with my kid this weekend

Submitted by Mr. Elbel on April 18th, 2017 at 10:38 AM

I've successfully been away for a few months, but I'm back for this post at least to ask for some help. This weekend we're driving up to Michigan from Virginia to visit my parents in Flint. My fiance and her kids are coming with me. My parents have done this thing with all their grandkids that on their 10th birthday they take them somewhere special of their choice.

So, our daughter's 10th birthday is coming up and my parents and fiance are going to take her to Splash Village in Frankenmuth for a night. This means that I'll have about 24 hours of guy time with our 6 year old.

I'd like to take him to Trillium in Grand Blanc and see some movies that we haven't been able to see yet, and I was hoping to be able to catch a Tigers game but they're on the road right now. So instead I'd like to take the opportunity to do something fun in Ann Arbor and get some good old-fashioned brainwashing in with him.

My problem is that I'm from Flint and not very familiar with AA, have only been there a few times, and have no idea what's going on right now that a 6 year old boy might enjoy. So I need some help coming up with some things to do that might be fun and a nice consolation to him since he's still got 4 years before he gets to have his special day with the grandparents.

They'll be in Frankenmuth from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. I can go to the movies whenever, so suggestions can be anything that's during that time. I'd be particularly interested in sporting events, tours of stadiums/arenas, or even cool kid places around town. I do think I might take him to BD's because I love BD's myself and I think he'd have fun with that. But I'm open to food suggestions as well. Keep in mind that I'm not rolling in money so that's a factor as well.


KC Lopata is running for Ann Arbor's city council

KC Lopata is running for Ann Arbor's city council

Submitted by CalJr3000 on November 28th, 2016 at 4:06 PM

I just read on MLive that former Michigan kicker KC Lopata is running for an Ann Arbor city council seat:

"He also is the founder, director and head coach of Lopata Kicking in Ann Arbor"

Missed opportunity to name it "Lopata's Kicking Competancy Academy" but more power to him.  Anyway, he adds,

"I first moved to Ann Arbor in the fall of 2004 as a freshman at the University of Michigan and walk-on kicker on the school's football team.  That was when I first fell in love with our amazing city, and in the years since moving back as a non-student resident and homeowner, my love has only grown."

Best of luck to KC!

Suggestions for first trip to AA and first game in the Big House

Suggestions for first trip to AA and first game in the Big House

Submitted by desmondintherough on November 17th, 2016 at 11:45 AM

My four brothers and I are taking my dad (1966 alum) to the Indiana game this weekend.  We are all lifetime fans but none of us brothers have been to a game in the Big House or spent any time in AA, so I'm looking for suggestions on what to do on gameday.  So far I have read Brian's 2011 food guide and a similar post from earlier this year.  We're getting in late Friday night and leaving Sunday, so mostly I'm looking for gameday suggestions on:

  • Parking
  • What do see before going to the stadium for warm-ups?  Say from 8 am on.
  • Is the Towsley Family Museum worth the time, and is it packed on game day?
  • What time to get into the stadium for a 3:30 game to see warm ups/band?
  • Can I bring a seat cushion for my dad?  I recall this being a thing on the blog a few years ago...
  • Any cool traditions after the game to be sure to catch?

Any other suggestions are very welcome.  Go Blue!

"Bar Rescue" is coming to Ann Arbor and The Arena

"Bar Rescue" is coming to Ann Arbor and The Arena

Submitted by MGoBender on September 4th, 2015 at 4:27 PM…

During the game last night there was a production crew filming.

Flore was contacted several months ago by producers of Bar Rescue, a reality TV show hosted by Jon Taffer, now shooting its fifth season. The show was looking for bars to rehab for a series of "alumni" shows focusing on campus bars.
Several months later, after many phone calls, video chats and site visits by a plethora of producers, Flore found himself hosting a film crew during the first big bar night of the fall season: Michigan football's season opener on Thursday night.

Didn't think it was doing that bad, though the owner practically admits in the MLive piece that he's doing it to get the infrastructure upgrade; will be interesting to see if it remains a sports bar.  I'd suspect as much, but who knows.

"If you've ever seen the show, there's never been a show where I said: Oh my god, what did they do to that place?" said Flore. "They always do a good job, and we're due for a remodel. So I'm excited about that. I just don't want them to take out some of who we are."


No word on future tapings/closing/re-opening dates yet.

OT: First time I had seen this.

OT: First time I had seen this.

Submitted by markusr2007 on July 1st, 2015 at 1:35 PM

If I'm late to the party on noticing the extent of startups in A2 then so be it.

But I thought it was very cool and wanted to share.

A lot of interesting businesses are establishing themselves in A2 who are making products and solutions to real, global business problems.

Michigan and Ann Arbor should be proud of this trend.


OT: Shooting victim sues 5 Ann Arbor bars

OT: Shooting victim sues 5 Ann Arbor bars

Submitted by The Mad Hatter on April 10th, 2015 at 10:53 AM

The 26-year-old Chicago man shot at a downtown Ann Arbor dance club is suing every bar at which the gunman drank before the shooting.

I thought this was worth posting as many of us have visited the bars in question.

OT: Vote Conor's for Fave Irish Pub in Michigan

OT: Vote Conor's for Fave Irish Pub in Michigan

Submitted by maiznblue on March 13th, 2015 at 10:45 AM

Feel free to vote for your favorite pub, but here is my plug for Conor's...

I have no association with Conor's other than the fact it's a great place in Ann Arbor. Also, very authentic and not just a crappy bar that brands itself Irish. It was designed and BUILT in Ireland and imported. Plus, there's good food and good spirits.

Here's more about it:

Link to vote for best Irish pub:

Gallup: AA happiest city, Ohio 1 of 3 most miserable states

Gallup: AA happiest city, Ohio 1 of 3 most miserable states

Submitted by michelin on September 16th, 2014 at 11:07 AM

According to a Gallup poll, residents of Ann Arbor, Michigan were the happiest in all US cities.  They  “ rated their current and future lives the best, for the second year in a row.” (Ann Arbor was one of the top six cities in overall well-being scores.)

By contrast, Ohio was one of the 3 most miserable states. “Residents generally had low evaluations of their lives, trailing only West Virginia and Kentucky by that measure.”  They had among the fewest state residents who stated that day they were thriving or had a learning experience.  “They were among the most likely in the U.S. to have felt angry.” Ohio was in the bottom ten percent of states in overall well-being scores.


ADDITION: If the Gallup poll were not enough, also remember that—this year alone-- AA has been rated "The Most Intelligent College Town" and the #2 most educated city as well as the #3 Best Midsize City to Raise Children", #7 Best City for New College Grads and one of the "Top 25 Most Beautiful Cities in America".