Angry Michigan <Blank> Hating God

Angry Michigan <Blank> Hating God

Submitted by burtcomma on November 10th, 2010 at 5:10 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is time to give up the Angry Michigan <Blank> Hating God thought process.  After watching a ball in OT bounce perfectly off an Illinois defender's helmet such that Hemmingway had an easy catch, it is time to announce to the world that we believe our former issues were the work of the most evil.  Bo and Ufer have finally gotten God's attention turned back on Saturday afternoons to focusing on keeping the evil Satan (who owns the soul of Jim Tressel and others who have sold out to him for his recent 2.5 years of abuse of our beloved football program) from screwing with us.

I suggest we now refer to Angry Michigan <Blank> Hating Satan in reference to placing the blame where it truly belongs and in keeping it well understood that those who hate Michigan are, in essence, EVIL!!!


BASEBALL: LaMarre possible injury

BASEBALL: LaMarre possible injury

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on April 14th, 2010 at 5:20 PM

Unlike football who is taking near meaningless practice, baseball has an potential injury in a crucial stretch of their season... again. From the Daily's CiL, LaMarre went 1st to 3rd in the bottom of the 6th and came up stretching his hamstring. He stayed in and scored a run on a deep sacrifice fly, but he was removed from the game after that point.

No word on if this was just a tweak and the lineup change was precautionary or otherwise.

Lorenz enters the game at third, Kittle (started at third) to left.

Angry Michigan Hating God meme

Angry Michigan Hating God meme

Submitted by StephenRKass on March 29th, 2010 at 3:15 PM

It is fascinating to see how various comments eventually becomes overused memes.

Some of these include numerous recruits being “shirtless,” quarterbacks regularly throwing to “Tacopants,” Rodriguez using “snake oil,” and opposing coaches or players being “douches.

One meme I have seen used increasingly is the “Angry Michigan Hating God” (AMHG.)

Recent references include the diary post after the hockey loss last night entitled The Unanimous Declaration of the mgoblog Community, rejecting any relationship or allegience to said God. Then I just saw mention of the Michigan Hating God in the third installment of C-Rex’s hilarious Korean - American Dating Blog. A plethora of Hockey posts mention the AMHG.

I’ve been pondering the nature of this God. So far, I think I’ve only read about the AMHG when bad things happen. When good things happen, is that a different God? Was it the Benevolent Michigan Loving God (BMLG) at work with the awesome streak of wins for the Hockey team? Was it the Generous Michigan Recruiting God pulling the strings when Gardner signed with Michigan? Or is the Michigan God only tied to disasters?

If there was a BMLG at work, would Michigan win all its games, in every sport, at all times? Would that be good, or would we become bored and blase with the success? Interestingly, whenever something good happens to Michigan, it seems to be because of the skill of our athletes, or our superior conditioning, or good coaching. Never because God is involved. As far as I can tell, from the posts I’ve read, the BMLG had nothing to do with the wins at Munn or Joe Louis or against Bemidji State. If the BMLG were active, would there never be injuries to Michigan players? It is the AMHG who caused Molk’s injury. Is it the BMLG who brings misfortune to other teams, or is that their own Hating God? (Who was responsible, for instance, when Turner was hurt at Ohio State?) What God is at work with Notre Dame? And I don’t even want to know about Tebow and Florida and the Florida Loving/Hating God.

I sometimes wonder if the religious background of the individual affects the God at work. Are Roman Catholics more prone to believe that God has it out for them, that the AMHG is simply waiting to smote Michigan? Do Michigan students with an Indian background offer sacrifices? Burn incense to appease the AMHG? What do atheist fans do? Agnostic fans?

I’ve always wondered about the wisdom of praying for a win. In the bigger scheme of things, I don’t think any God (whatever you believe or don’t believe) cares that much either way. The most I can say is that you prepare as well as possible, and maybe pray that God would help you perform to the best of your abilities.

This TLDR post is my long-winded way of saying that the AMHG meme is getting a bit old and over-used. And that as Easter approaches, I’m very thankful for a loving and forgiving and generous God.