U-M Alumni Event in Melbourne, Australia- November 28

U-M Alumni Event in Melbourne, Australia- November 28

Submitted by expatriate on October 16th, 2015 at 1:35 AM

With Michigan football enthusiasm at a (near) zenith, I wanted to draw attention to an event where our most distant alumni are trying to build a community.


There are roughly 400-500 Michigan alumni in Australia, according to the Alumni Association (contact information is spotty though). I thought this would be a good way to get the word out. Here's the formal announcement of our event in Melbourne (the home town of Blake O'Neill) on November 28 (which in Australia is the EVE of the Michigan-Ohio State game).

Meet Fellow U of M Alumni in Australia

We would like to invite you to join your fellow U of M alumni living and working in Australia to celebrate all things Maize & Blue on the eve of the biggest game of the year- Michigan vs Ohio State.

We hope you will join us on November 28 at "The Trunk" in Melbourne, Victoria at 2:30 PM for drinks, food, and camaraderie with other Wolverines.

For those interested in staying and watching The Game on Sunday morning (time TBD), a venue is being organised.

Go Blue! 

U of M Club of Australia


If you are in Australia or know anyone in Australia, we would love a plug. I have found that our alumni crave some kind of connection to the alma mater (which holds events in China and Singapore but not Australia). If you post on this thread we can find a way to get you the official registration info- unlike other alumni events, there is no charge. Go Blue!


-Your fellow University of Michigan Australians

Proactive Alumni Bar Location Advice

Proactive Alumni Bar Location Advice

Submitted by Michigan Shirt on August 26th, 2011 at 12:48 PM

As the season approaches, we start to see more and more "Where can I catch the game in (insert city here)" posts. This is meant as an informational posts to all new users out there who recently joined, as well as keeping (trying as I know this can be a lost cause sometimes) older members pleased.

For those that don't know an actual MGoBoard exists apart from the ticker on the right hand side, there is a very helpful Michigan bar locator thread. This thread can be found on the MGoBoard page or the mouseover on the tab above, that will help you find any bars that you might want to go to along with being able to ask for other locations. If you forget to look here and post on the board most people will be helpful, one or two will point you to the appropriate thread, and you will also get responses such as this everytime (similar to double posts).

Also, here is the link to the google maps page containing all (known) Michigan friendly bars.

I know this will be forgotten by next week, but maybe some people will remember. Also, these always got deleted really quickly last year with the response to just check the correct thread (from the Mods).

OT: Dublin Bar (sorry, but I have to)

OT: Dublin Bar (sorry, but I have to)

Submitted by Michigan Shirt on September 7th, 2010 at 3:15 PM

Okay, don't hate me for doing this (I know it was done to death last week), but does anyone know of a either a UM or ND bar in Dublin, Ireland where I can watch the game next week (either fan bar will work as I can talk crap to ND fans). I have checked the stickied thread here and posted my question there, but it doesn't get the traffic that the main board gets. Mods feel free to pull this if you want as I know you have been having issues with OT issues, I just need an answer fairly quick so I can figure out where I can go before I leave.

P.S. - I have never embedded a link before so I am pasting it here in case it didnt work.