Detroit News Article Regarding OSU Fallout Effect on UM/MSU Recruiting Targets

Detroit News Article Regarding OSU Fallout Effect on UM/MSU Recruiting Targets

Submitted by ryebreadboy on June 3rd, 2011 at 10:25 AM


I searched around and didn't see this anywhere. Sam Webb asked Allen Trieu, Bill Greene, and Dave Berk about prospects from Ohio (Kalis, Dunn, Odenigbo, Wormley, Pittman) that MSU/UM are pursuing and how matters might have changed due to fallout from Tressel's retirement.

Bill Greene on Dunn:

I think Michigan absolutely has a legitimate shot at Brionte Dunn. I think Penn State would be appealing to him too. [...] I think any of the schools in the Midwest that can sell him on an I-formation, power running game has got a shot. I would put Michigan as the No. 1 competitor for Ohio State for Brionte Dunn and I would say Penn State is right there too. He said he's also going to visit Penn State.

Trieu on Wormley:

Even through all the things that he was saying, I always felt like Michigan was the leader for Chris. I think Michigan is the clear leader now and I think it would be an upset if he went anywhere but Michigan.

Berk on Pittman:

I think that kid is going to stay in the Midwest. I think you can look at Notre Dame, Michigan State and Michigan as programs that should probably jump above Ohio State right now with him. We have to keep in mind that it may not be the cool thing to say Ohio State has dropped on your list if you're an Ohio kid. You never want to come out and say that.

Greene on Pittman:

I have known Se'Von since he was 12. I think I know him pretty well. He's another one that I don't think is going to go a thousand miles from home to college. I could be wrong, but I think with Se'Von Pittman it is a two-team race with Michigan and Ohio State. Everyone else is trying to get in where they can fit in. I think he is going to visit Alabama, I think he is going to visit Florida, but I think in the end he is going to stay close to his mom and play in the Midwest. Three months ago I would have said done deal Ohio State — total lock Ohio State. I certainly wouldn't say that today.

So Berk and Greene taken together would seem to suggest that we should probably lead for Pittman, currently do lead for Wormley (no surprise there), and have a decent shot at Dunn (though the part about PSU was news to me). They talked about Ideafi Odenigbo somewhat, but only with regard to how MSU's chances might improve (summary: somewhat, and McGowan's commitment will help, but he wants elite-level academics a la Stanford and ND). Are we not really pursuing him anymore? I remember his tape being excellent.