U-M History: Eddie Kahn, Hockey Star and Neurosurgeon

U-M History: Eddie Kahn, Hockey Star and Neurosurgeon

Submitted by Everyone Murders on February 21st, 2013 at 11:51 AM

Before reading John U. Bacon's article in the latest Michigan Today, I was unaware of the wonderful legacy of Eddie Kahn.  With a lull in men's basketball, the current hockey team struggling through a tough season, and not a whole lot else going on, this article is worth your attention if you have a penchant for U-M history.

Some of the high points include:

  • Scored U-M's first hockey goal in January 1923
  • Son of architecture giant Albert Kahn
  • WWII veteran with a record of distinguished service
  • Neurosurgery pioneer, heading up the University Hospital Neurosurgery Section from 1949-1971
  • Knew some famous folks from the 20th century


Kahn with hockey stickEddie Kahn, Michigan Hockey Captain

Last Part of My U of M Albert Kahn Tour

Last Part of My U of M Albert Kahn Tour

Submitted by mikoyan on April 1st, 2011 at 12:52 AM

So I decided to finish my Albert Kahn Tour of the Campus tonight.  I realize that I am missing the Fraternity Houses he did.  I am also missing the buildings that were demolished but since I can't go back into time, I'm not including them here.  Anyways...


My first stop was the Betsy Barbour Dormitory.  The pictures aren't the greatest because I'm not terribly comfortable taking pictures of residences...especially all female ones....Anywho...


The Helen Newberry Residence.  Of these two buildings, I think I like this one better.


Next stop, Couzens Hall.  Sadly, they are renovating it.  I say sadly because it messed up my pictures.  I'm glad they are renovating it though...continues the tradition.


Simpson Memorial Institute for Medical Research.  I really like this building and I wish I'd spotted it sooner.  But it is a bit off the beaten path (well for me anyway).


I thought this was named for him....turns out it wasn't....Apparently nicknamed the pringle...can't figure out why...Just kidding.


The Detroit Observatory.  Given that this was built in 1854, I wonder if it is one of the oldest buildings on campus?  I'll have to check it out when it is open.


Not actually part of the tour because I've taken pictures of it before, but I like it...so...


Same with this....


One of the things I like about doing my blog is some of the quirky little facts I learn.


One of Michigan's Famous Squirrels....I'm surprised he didn't shake me down for food after he posed.


Just a shot of State Street.

Mikoyan Walks Around Ann Arbor Again...

Mikoyan Walks Around Ann Arbor Again...

Submitted by mikoyan on March 19th, 2011 at 1:47 AM

It was a nice night tonight, so I decided to mosey on over to Ann Arbor for a bit of a walk and some pictures.  I was gonna try to get some of the other Kahn buildings that I didn't get last time since I would have plenty of sun this time.  Anyways.....


This particular post was actually posted from Ann Arbor.


Nobody was playing with it though


Not a Kahn building but still pretty cool.


Also not a Kahn building...but still pretty cool.  I have other pictures of the law school on my blog.


This is a Kahn building....and pretty cool.


Since it was brighter this time.


Not quite the whole building...


STill bright enough


This was probably the main reason I decided to revisit buildings from last time.


My camera automatically takes pictures of this....wierd.


One I didn't get last time.....I don't like it as much as some of the other Kahn buildings...not quite as ornate.


A bunch of buildings.


Some personal history


Some country's flag


Some street...


And my last of the night.

I realize there are a ton of other Kahn buildings on campus I need to visit.  Eventually I will get them.  Now that it is staying brighter later, this is a little easier.