If We Voted- My Top 25 and Your's Too

If We Voted- My Top 25 and Your's Too

Submitted by swarwick33 on September 28th, 2009 at 8:47 AM
What a week it was in college football.  It was one filled with upsets, dramatic victories, and narrow escapes by team in the Top 25 (Michgan included). 

Last week I gave a link to the individual ballots of all of the AP voters.  I thought it was interesting to see what the individual ballots were of each voter.  What I found is that I would estimate only half of these guys actually watch college football games other than the team that they are covering.  In my opinion many of these guys just throw a team at the top, give some love to their home team, and love to vote for the conference that they primarily cover.  Now I know that the AP poll does not have a direct relationship with the BCS anymore, but I do feel like it effects the voting culture of the Harris Poll and possibly even the Coaches' Poll. 

Why do I say this you might ask?

This topic was discussed on ESPN's College GameDay by a couple of guys that have votes in the AP Poll, Kirk Herbstreit and Craig James.  FWIW I would qualify them as competent voters, because they watch national college football as a job.  Both of them believed that there were/are voters in the poll that do not do their diligence in producing a quality, non-bias ranking system. 

So why am I doing this?

I feel like there are people on this site that love college football, and watch a lot more of it than the so called "expert" voters from the AP.  If you have the sports package from Comcast, than you can watch 8-10 college games at a time on Saturday Afternoon, not to mention some during the week, and my opinion is that you cannot have to much college football.  So the answer is that I feel like I am just as qualified to vote as these guys, and so are most of you, and I wanted to give you guys a place to discuss the entire Top 25 every week.

OK, a couple quick things to before my Top 25. 1) I chose the AP Poll because I feel like it is the most debated/discussed one during the week due to ESPN featuring it as their ranking system of choice. 2) I know we have the blog poll on the website, but we all do not vote on that, and I want to know what each of you think individually, because you can never have to much college football debate/opinion.

My TOP 25

  1. Alabama
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. LSU
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Virginia Tech
  7. Boise State
  8. Iowa
  9. Houston
  10. TCU
  11. Oklahoma State
  12. Miami (FL)
  13. Michigan
  14. Oregon
  15. Kansas
  16. Missouri
  17. Penn State
  18. Oklahoma
  19. USC
  20. Ohio State
  21. UCLA
  22. Georgia Tech
  23. Wisconsin
  24. Nebraska
  25. Mississippi
    • No Cal- You cannot lose 42-3 and be a Top 25 team
    • You get some credit from me for being undefeated, if you have played anyone at all.  I will never think it is easy to win football games.
    • If you lose you fall.  If you lose to a team that loses to a bad team that hurts you. (See Ohio State)
    • My 26th team would be South Florida
    • Missouri is good and gets no love, same for UCLA
    • You can "claw your way back" by winning games against good teams (Oregon)
    • Credit for really good wins (Miami, Iowa, Houston, Boise State)
    • If you win, no matter how you win, you still won and should not be punished, unless the win was really close and against a team that is so bad that it was embarrassing.
    Let me know what you guys think.  I will be doing this every week so that we have a place to discuss the polls and let other people know how we feel about the Top 25.