WAY OT: 97.1 TicketText Banhammer?

WAY OT: 97.1 TicketText Banhammer?

Submitted by readyourguard on September 15th, 2010 at 11:08 PM

Last week, Valenti was being exceptionally douchey and I just couldn't take listening to his double talk anymore.  As he spewed his BS on the air, I fired off about 4 texts refuting some of the jibberish coming out of my speakers (armed with MGoKnowledge).

Well, something must have resonated with him because he rifled off 2 texts telling me how "(he) speaks the truth" and how I am "blind."

Since then, I have sent 2 TicketTexts but have not received the obligatory SPAM response text.  I can only assume that my cell number has been added to the "blocked" list.  I consider that a small victory in itself.

Any breaking news on Tate?

Any breaking news on Tate?

Submitted by king_kerridge on May 6th, 2010 at 7:24 PM

I was listening to 97.1 on my way home from work today and Valenti kept mentioning news regarding Tate Forcier and a post by his father on his website (www.qbforce.com)

He said they would get to it tomorrow because people wanted to talk about Ernie and the Wings, but when I got home and perused the site, I couldn't find anything of interest. Usually these guys are so far behind (and ass-backwards) on relevant news regarding Michigan, and I figure Brian would have mentioned it already if it was important.  I couldn't find anything on the mgoBoard as well, I'm just assuming this is the typical Michigan non-story that Valenti and Foster will try to make into a scandal.

Anyone else hear about this?

Perhaps We Need A New 'Sticky' Topic About Detroit Media?

Perhaps We Need A New 'Sticky' Topic About Detroit Media?

Submitted by Snowden on August 31st, 2009 at 6:25 PM

The latest kerfluffle has reminded me of how useless it is to gripe about the Detroit media. Yet, with the growth of the MGoCommunity (long may it last) and increased coin in Brian (PBUH)'s pocket, that we have many new members to welcome, and that many of them would want to vent about this newspaper piece or that radio host.

In the spirit of streamlined efficiency, then, maybe we can have a permanent post collecting the gripes we have with the media? A few I would suggest:

1.) Mike Valenti is a hyperbolic Spartan alum who CHOKES ON APPLESAUCE when he's not espousing sports-bar-quality idiocy.

2.) Terry Foster once read about journalism in a book and thought "That could be fun, I'll give it a try!" and thus began the life of a buffoon.

3.) Drew Sharp is the near-equivalent of an online troll in corporeal form, fishing for reactions wherever he can get them.

I'm sure there's more, but these at least would cut down on the "OMG did you guys hear what Valenti just said/read what Drew Sharp just wrote" type of posts. They're all roughly the same. I've been two time zones away for a couple years now, and I'm quite certain nothing's changed in the Detroit establishment media since I left. It's one giant track on repeat. That reminds me, another to add to the list:

4.) Mitch Albom is a know-it-all who thinks he's been given the Boss-around stick because he learned how to close columns with trite echoes of his opening statements. He also accidentally became a millionaire with "Tuesdays With Morrie" and is terrified that people will find out he's a terrible writer.

I'm sure we could have some on Rosenberg and points of praise for Wojo or Angelique. I'm just tired of the board filling with little 6-reply gripes about a media personality. With the season nigh, I'd be for cleaning the cupboards a little.

People Who Call Sports Talk Radio Are Morons (but you probably already knew that)

People Who Call Sports Talk Radio Are Morons (but you probably already knew that)

Submitted by Chrisgocomment on September 29th, 2008 at 10:31 AM

OMG dumbest caller in the history of sports talk (quite an honor).  These people need to read MgoBlog more (or at all).  Glad to know the readers here do not call talk radio shows.  I'm paraphrasing here slightly, but this was the general flow of the call:

Caller: Why don't they put Feagin in, he's perfect for Rich Rod's offense?

Karsch: I've watched him at practice, he's nowhere near ready

Caller: But wasn't he the 2nd best QB coming out of high school behind Pryor?

Karsch: Um, no he wasn't even close to being the 2nd best.

Caller: But in the 2nd half, when they really needed someone to open up the offense, why not put him in?

Karsch: Are you saying that they should put Feagin in, a guy who is nowhere near ready to throw the ball in college, over your best passer in a situation where you need to move the ball and score points?  That doesn't make any sense.


Anyway, wow, dummmm.

Also - what do you guys think of Karsch?  I like him, he's a real Michigan homer which is awesome.  I guess he predicted that Michigan would win that game, wow what a pick.  I bet he was feeling like a total idiot in the first half.