Hype Video: 'The Greatest Show', Michigan's March to the National Championship Game

Hype Video: 'The Greatest Show', Michigan's March to the National Championship Game

Submitted by Indy Pete - Go Blue on April 1st, 2018 at 9:28 AM

My 11 y/o son has done it again; this time to the music from "The Greatest Showman".  Happy Easter Sunday to all.  Go blue and enjoy!


Coach Harbaugh Tweets Congratulations to UM Bball

Coach Harbaugh Tweets Congratulations to UM Bball

Submitted by Indy Pete - Go Blue on March 25th, 2018 at 12:16 PM

Coach Harbaugh sent out a classy tweet congratulating the Men's basketball team and Coach Beilein.  He did this knowing that many bitter and mean-spirited people would respond with cutting remarks on Twitter (which they did in grand fashion).  He sent the tweet any way, at substantial personal cost, because he is proud of the team and proud of Coach Beilein.  Beilein and Harbaugh have stated in interviews that they communicate in texts.  Harbaugh has certainly reached out to Beilein multiple times during this incredible season.  However, he made this public statement to show his support for all to see.  I have always had great respect for Coach Harbaugh, but this is a whole new level of humility and leadership that increased my affinity for him.  We have some incredible coaches at Michigan.  In my mind, I hear James Earl Jones saying, "The greatest university in the world.'  I am proud of Coach Harbaugh, and of course - proud of Coach Beilein.  Go blue!


Congratulations on the big 〽️ win & trip to the Final Four! Fun to watch our team, expertly coached, extremely talented & great Team chemistry! Familar territory for Michigan teams coached by @johnbeilein. Proud of the way the fans & the team represented our great university.



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UM Bball Hype Video by my 11 y/o son

UM Bball Hype Video by my 11 y/o son

Submitted by Indy Pete - Go Blue on March 18th, 2018 at 6:47 PM

My 11 year-old son is a talented and dedicated Michigan fan.  He made this hype video sheerly for my viewing pleasure.  I asked if I could share it with other Michgan fans on a blog, and he was all for it.  If comments are kind and appropriate, I will share those with him.  Thanks and go blue!



Edit:  Thanks for all the kind words!  I shared them with my son and he is very grateful.

Also, he has other trick shot videos if you liked that one. youtube: Schilt shots

Selection Sunday update on seeding/potential playing locations

Selection Sunday update on seeding/potential playing locations

Submitted by Mr. Elbel on March 11th, 2018 at 8:52 AM

My apologies for the block of text. I won't be able to edit this post today but feel it's needed ahead of the fireworks tonight. Mods, if you want to throw some paragraphs into this thing for the sake of people's eyes, that'd be helpful...

Michigan is currently the 3rd 3 seed on bracketmatrix, but still have some outside chances of moving up. Our chances of getting a 2 seed come down to both Tennessee and Cincinnati losing today and falling behind us. Based on where they are now (UC 3rd 2 seed, UT 1st 3 seed), unless they both lose badly I don't know that it's possible. The 2 seed locations are Charlotte, Nashville, Pittsburgh and Detroit. Charlotte and Nashville will be swallowed up by Duke/UNC or if UNC gets a 1 seed then either Xavier or Kansas would get Nashville. That leaves Detroit and Pittsburgh, but to get Detroit we'd need to jump not only UC and UT, but MSU and Purdue as well. I doubt we make that sort of jump if we haven't already, but hopping MSU is possible if the committee does the right thing (lol).

If we get to a 2 seed, it's behind Purdue as the 4th 2 seed with us playing in Pittsburgh. Much more likely is staying where we are, but possibly jumping UT, maybe UC (I think this is possible with WSU losing yesterday, making a loss today much worse), or possibly MSU. 3 seed locations are Nashville, Wichita, and two Dallas slots. As the current 3rd 3 seed behind MSU and UT we're in one of those Dallas slots, which is the furthest location we could be in outside of dropping to a 4 seed (all 4 seed locations are out west). If we can pass UT, that gets us to Wichita at least. Nashville is hundreds of miles closer though.

To get there we'd need to either jump both UC and UT with MSU getting a 2 seed, or jump one of the teams playing today along with MSU. Nashville is also in the south regiom, which would include Virginia as the 1 and possibly Cincinnati as the 2 if they win and stay put. I'd prefer that to playing in Wichita, which right now would have Nova as 1 and Duke/UNC as 2. The team that could help even more would be Arizona.

The matrix hasn't updated since their win last night, so they could conceivably hop us, though they have a long way to go from the 4th 4 seed. Them jumping up could be to our benefit as they are closest to Dallas. So for rooting interests today, root for UT and UC to lose badly and the committee to put MSU below us, or if not AZ above us. Of course, I think our boys can beat anyone anywhere if they continue to play like they have been. The location will definitely matter though to us fans who want to see the first couple rounds.

Go Blue!


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ESPN Tournament Challenge - MGoBlog Community

ESPN Tournament Challenge - MGoBlog Community

Submitted by Saint_in_Blue on March 5th, 2018 at 2:31 PM

ESPN Tournament Challenge 2018 is now ready for registration. Link and info are below. We had over 1,000 participants last year, so let's continue to grow! 


Last year was a tight race at the top. Here's how they finished:

1st Place - team no sleep, kdawg215 - 1490 pts

2nd Place - Jutson Jakskin, EthanKilometers - 1480 pts

3rd Place - John Erogul, Yigit3 - 1450 pts

LAST PLACE - random picks, Zgeigs - 300 pts


If you are one of the top 3, please let me know. We might have something for you.


Group Info:

Link --> http://games.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/en/group?redirect=tcmen%3A%2F%2Fx-callback-url%2FshowGroup%3FgroupID%3D2997&ex_cid=tcmen2018_email&groupID=2997&groupp=aGFyYmF1Z2gh&inviteuser=ezE5NjMyNTdBLUEzMzEtNDgxNi1CQzcxLTcwMzc3NzkyMDgxMX0%3D&invitesource=email


Group Name: MGoBlog Community

Password: harbaugh!

Fan Satisfaction Index: BBall Regular Season Results

Fan Satisfaction Index: BBall Regular Season Results

Submitted by OneFootIn on March 1st, 2018 at 12:25 PM

Solid. Surprising. Ascending. MAARvelous. Antrorse.

These are just a few of the words fans used to describe the basketball team’s regular season. Sitting at 24-7 after throttling Maryland last Saturday, Michigan fans were in a good mood, felt very satisfied about the regular season, and displayed a great deal of optimism about Michigan’s chances in the NCAA tournament.

It should come as little surprise to learn that a decisive road win against a team that Ken Pom and others expected to beat Michigan induced a serious case of satisfaction. Satisfaction with the game averaged 94.3 and as Figure 1 shows, responses clustered in an unusually tight range (except for one person who I think might have accidentally typed ‘10’ when he or she was trying to type ‘100’).

Figure 1. Maryland Game Satisfaction
(X axis is game satisfaction on a 0-100 scale; Y axis is # of respondents)

Season satisfaction was also high after the Maryland game, averaging 85.7 with a standard deviation of just 6.8, again showing a remarkable level of uniformity of opinion. To some degree the level surely reflected (as was the case during the football season) the flush of positive emotion that comes with a victory. At the same time, fans have every reason to be satisfied with the season viewed in broader perspective.

Sure, the season could have been really special had they not blown a couple of golden opportunities (Purdue twice, OSU, etc.) and lost a couple stinkers (Nebraska, Northwestern). On the flip side, however, how many fans had confidence at midseason that Michigan would wind up 24-7 and look this dangerous as it heads into the postseason? Given how long it took Michigan to figure out who was going to play what roles and for various pieces to round into form, their record seems like a major achievement, not to mention a great sign of things to come.

Figure 2. Regular Season Satisfaction
(X axis is season satisfaction on a 0-100 scale; Y axis is # of respondents)

This survey offered fans the opportunity to share the single word that they felt best described the season. In true MGoBlog fashion we received several creative responses. The word cloud below offers a visual summary of the responses with the most popular responses appearing as the biggest words in the cloud.

Figure 3. Describe the Season in One Word

The final question on the survey asked fans to predict how far Michigan would make it in the NCAA tournament. Riding a five game winning streak, including a smack down of the Buckeyes and two road victories against dangerous opponents, the fans are feeling bullish. A majority will clearly be disappointed if Michigan isn't playing on the second weekend. 

Figure 4. How Far Will Michigan Go?

  Percent n
1st Round 0.4 1
2nd Round 10.4 24
Sweet 16 54.6 126
Elite 8 25.5 59
Final Four 3.5 8
Championship Game 1.3 3
They'll Win It All 4.3 10