UMich NFL draft history

UMich NFL draft history

Submitted by blueheron on April 30th, 2012 at 7:15 AM

Last year around this time I posted a spreadsheet with information on UM and the NFL draft. You'll see an updated version here.

In 2011 I looked at three-year intervals; this year I extended them to four years. In the most recent ('09 to '12) four-year interval, UM had ten picks. That's the lowest number since '84 to '87 (also ten). Only the '83 to '86 run (eight picks) was worse in the modern era.

Taking a closer look at the high (rounds one to three) end, there were three such picks from '09 to '12. This has never happened in the modern era. In most four-year intervals there were at least twice that many.


Next to the first draftee for each year you'll see four columns: * Total number of picks for that year. * Total number of picks for that year and the three prior years. * Total number of "high" picks for that year. * Total number of "high" picks for that year and the three prior years.

Is it fair to use NFL draft results as a proxy for talent level? I believe so, at least to some degree. This would mean that the '08 team (whose players were draft-eligible from '09 to '12) is the least talented one we've had. Interestingly (to put it mildly) low draft numbers in the mid-'80s (when viewing overall picks) and the early '90s (high picks) didn't result in poor W-L records.

Anyway, I hope Hoke's recruiting success helps reestablish UMich as an NFL factory. It hasn't been one since around the time the '04 class was exiting.


* Since the draft is currently seven rounds, I ignored all picks past that round in old drafts.
* I did not account for expansion (Bucs and Seahawks in the mid-'70s, Panthers and Jags sometime after that), so the numbers from (say) the early '70s, which are already impressive, should be considered in that light. (Being drafted in the first round with fewer teams is a rarer achievement.)
* For obvious reasons, I didn't count Ryan Mallett (a "high" pick) and Toney Clemons (7th-rounder) in the recent years. Mr. Plow, btw, was not drafted by the NFL.

Molk Draft Evaluation

Molk Draft Evaluation

Submitted by Needs on April 20th, 2012 at 9:48 AM

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel does a annual series of position-based draft previews by talking to NFL scouts and GMs (he seems to have pretty amazing contacts, in that he gets these guys to talk on and off the record about both draft prospects and Packer opponents every year). As with any draft preview stuff, take this with a grain of salt, teams trying to hide their intentions, etc., etc. 

Anyway, here's his summary for Molk. He has him as the #3 center after Peter Konz of Wisconsin and Ben Jones of Georgia, going in the 3-4 round area.



3. DAVID MOLK Michigan 6-1 299 5.05 3-4 Overcame a broken foot and torn ACL to start 41 games over four seasons. "He's a tough kid and probably as quick as any center off the snap that's in this draft for sure," Reiprish said. "I think he'll battle pretty well. He's got stout body strength. I don't know if a center can be too small." Rubbed some observers the wrong way after screaming about how much money he had just made after benching 41 times at the combine. "Different kind of guy," one scout said. "Very opinionated. He maybe rubs people the wrong way." Hails from Lemont, Ill. "He's a midget," another scout said. "You've got to love him. He's tough as hell, he really is. But he's also small. We took one like that a few years ago because of our idiot line coach."…

He's only done QBs and OL to this point. Will be interesting to see where he sees Martin going, and if Koger or Hemingway are even written up (they tend to be the top 5-10 prospects, depending on position)

OTish: I want my NFL team to draft ___

OTish: I want my NFL team to draft ___

Submitted by JeepinBen on February 27th, 2012 at 9:12 AM

With the combine in full effect, a disappointing BBall loss in the rearview mirror and hockey off for a while, I thought this might be an interesting topic. Who is your NFL team and who do you want them to draft? Who do you think they will draft? OT-ish because most of us might want Michigan people on our draft lists.

I'm a Bears fan and I REALLY want them to draft Molk in the 2nd round. We need OL help like crazy and I think he's the best center in the draft. There's been talk of the Bears looking at Konz, but I think the 4" height difference is nothing compared to 41 vs. 18 reps on the bench. I mean, Hemingway benched more than Konz did. Sure the bench isn't that applicable to playing football, but still. you know what you're going to be tested on, you prep for the test.

There's also talk of the Bears taking Floyd in the 1st round. I feel "meh" about this. I'd rather have the Bears get a free agent proven wide out (Vincent Jackson?) than draft one, but I don't know who else works for the Bears at 19. I guess they could do both. We also need Safety help, but I'm not sure there is a good safety pick at 19.

Who is your team? Who do you want them to draft?