2012 Mock Class: 1st Edition

2012 Mock Class: 1st Edition

Submitted by JC3 on May 24th, 2011 at 10:56 PM

Michigan got an early start on many teams in recruiting, not only in the Big Ten but around the country. But with school over or ending soon for many athletes, 7-on-7 camps and visits have begun, and that means a lot of recruiting news will be flowing in over the next few weeks.

Right now Michigan is sitting at 12 known [Ed-M: and one known unknown /Rummy] verbal commitments. The coaches are recruiting for a class of up to 25 signees, and anything is possible at this point.

Every month or so I’ll post a mock cla

ss, and though this is my best-guess list, it is far from accurate or guaranteed.

Here is the 1st edition. Feel free to comment or question!

Edit: I know the rivals ratings haven’t come out, but if these players under 4-stars are less than 3’s I’ll eat my shoe.

Pos. Name Location Height Weight 40 time Stars Offers Notes
QB Tyler O’Connor Lima, Ohio 6'3 200 lbs 4.7 3* BC, BGSU, UC, Illinois, MSU, Toledo, Vanderbilt Solid prospect. Michigan coaches watched him throw, may jump on an offer
WR Durron Neal St. Louis, Missouri 6'1 195 lbs 4.57 4* Alabama, Ark, UC, GT, Kansas, K-St, MSU, Minnesota, Nebraska, ND, Oklahoma, Oregon, USC Michigan was a very late offer, but piqued his interest. Need to get him on campus. 
TE A.J. Williams Cincinnati, Ohio 6'6 260 lbs 4.9 3* Ark, BC, Illinois, Louisville, MSU, NC St, WVU Committed 4/22. Blocking TE, possible tackle?
TE Devin Funchess Farmington Hills, MI 6'5 205 lbs n/a 3* BGSU, UC, Illinois, MSU, Mizzou, Nebraska, UVA Committed 4/22. Receiving TE/U-back.
OL Jordan Diamond Chicago, IL 6'6 289 n/a 4* AZ, Ark, FSU, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, MSU, Ole Miss, ND, OSU, UT, WVU, Wiscy. Teammate of ‘11 commit Chris Bryant. Great LT prospect. Michigan leads, decision soon?
OL Chris Muller Boyertown, PA 6'6 287 n/a 4* BC, Uconn, Florida, MSU, ND, PSU, Pitt, Rutgers, WVU, UVA Penn State had an early lead, but planning a summer visit to Michigan. Likes Mallory and Funk.
OL Caleb Stacey Cincinnati, Ohio 6'4 275 lbs n/a 3* BGSU, BC, UC, Illinois, Indiana, NC St, Toledo, Wake 3/26 commit. Plays tackle for a great program, mauler. Will be solid guard at UM.
OL Erik Magnuson Carlsbad, CA 6'6 275  lbs n/a 4* AZ, BC, Cal, Miami (YTM), ND, Oklahoma, Oregon, USC Huge recruit. National prospect. Really likes Funk and Hoke is recruiting him. Official to Michigan in fall.
OL Ben Braden Rockford, MI 6'6 285 lbs n/a 3* MSU, Wiscy 3/24 commit. One of the top programs in state, first year at RT. Great potential.
DE Pharaoh Brown Lyndhurst, OH 6'6 220 lbs n/a 4* ASU, BC, CU, MSU, Neb, UNC, NC St, Oregon, Pitt, WVU, many. Committed 5/7. QB and DE on HS team, raw but great athlete.
DE Mario Ojemudia Farmington Hills, MI 6'3 215 lbs 4.7 3* CMU, Illinois, MSU, Iowa, Mizzou, Stanford 5/07 commit. Looks like an LB, freakish speed off the edge.
DE/DT Matt Godin Detroit, MI 6'5 250 lbs 5.0 3* BC, Buffalo, Duke, Illinois, MSU, Mizzou, Syracuse, Wisconsin 5/12 commit. Big bodied athlete, may be a DT (think RVB if not).
DE Chris Wormley Toled, OH 6'4 255 lbs n/a 3* (LOL) Illinois, Indiana, Really just OSU. Michigan leads. Top 10 player in Ohio. Needs to be a force on defense. May be an OT?
DT Ondre Pipkins Kansas City, Mizzou 6'3 325 lbs n/a 4* Bama, Iowa, Kansas, MSU, Mizzou, Nebraska, UT, OSU Top flight DT. Hails from Saginaw. Close friend is grad asst at UM. Blowing up nationally.
DT Danny O’Brien Flint, MI 6'1 295 lbs 5.1 4* Bama, UC, Iowa, MSU, Pitt, UT, Vandy Vols have an early lead. Best Friends with Matt Godin. Michigan is making up ground, loves coaches.
DT Jaleel Johnson Westchester, Illinois 6'2 277 lbs n/a 4* AZ, BC, Iowa, Minnesota, Iowa, MSU, UT, Toledo, Vandy MSU, Wiscy, and Iowa lead. But very excited about Mich offer. Need to get him on campus.
LB Joe Bolden Colerain, OH 6'2 225 lbs n/a 4* AZ, BC, UC, UK, UNC, PSU, USF, Stan, UT, Vandy, many. 4/29 commit. True middle linebacker. Hates ND and OSU? Check.
LB James Ross Orchard Lake, MI 6'0 210 lbs n/a 4* AZ, UC, Illinois, MSU, Nebraska, ND, OSU, PSU, Pitt, USC. 5/2 commit. Great playmaker. Needs size. Top 3 in state.
LB Royce Jenkins-Stone Detroit, MI 6'2 215 lbs n/a 4* MSU, Florida, USC, Alabama, Mizzou, Oklahoma, want any more? 4/16 commit. Great athlete, needs to get coached up. Cass Tech product. Top 3 in state.
LB Kaleb Ringer Claymont, OH 6'0 220 lbs n/a 3* UC, Illinois, Iowa, Louisville, Toledo 4/12 commit. 2nd best LB in Ohio. Nephew of Javon Ringer. Great athlete, not great sized.
CB/S Wayne Morgan Brooklyn, NY 5'11 188 4.4 4* Alabama, BC, Maryland, Miami (YTM), PSU, Rutgers Michigan in top 2 or lead? Announcing June 1st. Great prospect at S or CB.
CB/S Anthony Standifer Crete, Illinois 6'1 175 lbs n/a 3* Akron, BGSU, UC, CSU, Iowa, Minnesota, ND, Cuse, Toledo, WMU Terrific CB/S combo. Great speed + hips. Michigan first BCS school to offer, 20+ offers.
CB Terry Richardson Detroit, MI 5'9 165 lbs 4.45 4* Alabama, 5/19 commit. Cass Tech CB lineage, one of the top corners in country. Top 5 player in state.
S Allen Gant Sylvania, OH 6'2 205 n/a 3* Ball State, BC, UC, Stanford, Toledo, WVU Son of Tony Gant. Michigan leads. Strong safety type, solid player.

Total Commitments: 24

At this point I have not included an RB in this class. Until something actually happens to OSU, I believe Brionte Dunn will remain a Buckeye. Michigan has fallen out of Greg Garmon’s top group, and Keith Marshall needs to get on campus for him to even be a possibility. Still, a lot could change.

I’ve only included one receiver as well. I do believe Michigan leads for Aaron Burbidge, but until he is more qualified I don’t want to list him just yet. At this point Michigan’s receiving recruiting is just heating up. I expect them to land a very good player, and maybe another receiver or two with the recent departures and graduation.

As for Ron Thompson, I believe he will be a part of the class. I’ll probably include him in the next edition.