Jehu Chesson dominates in Track & Field State Championships

Jehu Chesson dominates in Track & Field State Championships

Submitted by Leaders And Best on May 27th, 2012 at 11:40 AM

Jehu Chesson took 1st in the 100m dash (10.70s), 2nd in the 110m hurdles (14.15s), and 1st in the 300m hurdles (37.77s) at the Missouri Class 4 Track & Field State Championships.  He lost the 110m hurdles by 0.01s which kept him from the clean sweep.  He could be the sleeper of the 2012 class.

Nice blurb on his performance:

David Kvidahl @stlprepscribe

that there is ladue's jehu chesson. won the 100 and 300 hurdles. runner up in 110 hurdles.

Ohio North-South Classic

Ohio North-South Classic

Submitted by Leaders And Best on April 20th, 2012 at 3:29 PM

Ohio North-South Classic at 4pm today.  I don't think there is any TV coverage, but some writers are live tweeting it like Marc Givler from Buckeye Grove:!/MarcGivlerBG

Willie Henry, Allen Gant, Tom Strobel (North) and AJ Williams (South) are playing in the game along with a host of other recruits from Ohio and Sparty.  Other players of note to Michigan fans: former Michigan commit Caleb Stacey and Sam Grant.

Here is a link to the rosters:

Michigan ranked 8th in way too early statistical projections

Michigan ranked 8th in way too early statistical projections

Submitted by kmedved on February 3rd, 2012 at 4:47 PM

Bill Connelly, of Football Outsiders and SB Nation, has put together preliminary 2012 season rankings of every team. They incorporate last year's ratings, how many starters are returning, and recruiting rankings to guess how other gaps will be filled.

The F+ rankings last year were pretty kind to Michigan overall, rating the team 12th overall. Because of a high number of projected returning starters (16), and a solid recruiting haul the last two years, that ranking is up to 8th.

Unfortunately, Alabama remains #1 with a button.

Other Michigan opponents:

Air Force: 112th

UMass: Unranked

Notre Dame: 12th

Purdue: 67th

Illinois: 56th

MSU: 17th

Nebraska: 18th

Minnesota: 87th

Northwestern: 73rd

Iowa: 50th

Ohio: 16th


Obviously this is all subject to change, and much too early, but an interesting first look at how things look from a purely statistical point of view.

Commitment Sunday?

Commitment Sunday?

Submitted by InDee on January 29th, 2012 at 3:48 PM

So I hear that today could be big in recruitment, with lots of prospects deciding later this evening. 2-3 awesome recruits commiting to M would be the only thing that can cheer me up after the B'ball debacle. says Kozan is deciding today between Iowa and Michigan.Some recent reports and our shifted focus suggest he may be headed to Iowa, but I still want to believe that he will show up in AA with Jordan Diamond in Fall.

Speaking of which, what's the decision timeline for Grant, Diamond, Reeves?

Armani Reeves visiting this weekend

Armani Reeves visiting this weekend

Submitted by Leaders And Best on January 9th, 2012 at 2:47 PM

Armani Reeves to take official visit to Michigan this weekend per Rivals Mike Farrell Twitter.!/rivalsmike/status/156457396162670594

Also says Ohio visit may follow which is not good news especially considering his teammate Camren Williams is deciding between staying with PSU or switching to Ohio.

2012 Scholarship Numbers

2012 Scholarship Numbers

Submitted by Marley Nowell on November 1st, 2011 at 10:57 PM
                         MICHIGAN FOOTBALL DEPTH BY CLASS                          
Position   # 

(c/o 2016)

(c/o 2015)
(c/o 2014)
(c/o 2013)


R. Bellomy*

D. Gardner*   D. Robinson


J. Hayes*

T. Rawls

F. Toussaint*
S. Hopkins
M. Cox*
V. Smith
WR 3


J. Robinson*

J. Jackson D. Stonum*
Slot 4


  J. Gallon*
D. Dileo
R. Roundtree*
T. Robinson*
TE 2  

R. Miller*

  B. Moore*
OT 2  


M. Schofield*
T. Lewan*
OG 4 C. Bryant*  



P. Omameh*
R. Barnum*
E. Mealer*
C 2 J. Miller*



R. Khoury*



R. Ash*
K. Wilkens*

Q. Washington*

W. Campbell

DE 5 C. Rock*
K. Heitzman*

B. Beyer


J. Black


C. Roh


A. Poole*

J. Ryan*

J. Paskorz*

D. Morgan

F. Clark

I. Bell*


M. Jones*

K. Demens*

B. Hawthorne



D. Hollowell*
R. Taylor*

B. Countess C. Avery
T. Talbott
J.T. Floyd*
SS 3

T. Carter*


M. Robinson

FS 2  

J. Furman*

T. Gordon*  
P/K 3   M. Wile B. Gibbons*
W. Hagerup



Current Commits: 23

Unrenewed 5th Years: 1 (M. Cox)

Transfer: 1 (?)





Joe Bolden leads Colerain to 28-7 victory

Joe Bolden leads Colerain to 28-7 victory

Submitted by Leaders And Best on October 14th, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Joe Bolden rushed for a 1 yd TD and caught 6 yd TD in the 4th qtr to lead Colerain to victory in his final home game.  He also finished with 7.5 tackles and 1 sack.