TomVH: Weekly Update 6/25

TomVH: Weekly Update 6/25

Submitted by TomVH on June 25th, 2010 at 2:52 PM

I have quite a bit of info, and I'm going to be out of pocket for the next couple days, so here's the weekly update. 

Kellen Jones

6'1", 209 lbs.

Inside Linebacker

Houston, Texas

Kellen has made it public that he is very high on Michigan, and his father is a huge fan of the Wolverines, as well. Jones' father grew up in the midwest, which is likely where his fandom stems from. I had the chance to speak with the head coach at St. Pius X, Coach Kimball, about Kellen. Here's a few notables from our convo.

Kellen's one of those kids you dream about as a coach. He has a relentless work ethic, he's a go getter, and a leader. We issued equipment on the first day, and Kellen got dressed up in full pads, greeted everyone at the door, and asked them if they were ready. We think, instead of comparing him to someone else, he might be the next Kellen Jones.

Coach Kimball told me that some people see him as a middle linebacker, some as an outside linebacker. Either way, everyone agrees he's going to have a nice career at the next level. His coach had this to say about his recruitment.

Kellen originally wanted to commit before the season, but the offers started to come in, more and more, so we decided that it would be in the middle of the season. He's going to try to make it up to Michigan, but we're not sure when.

When asked about Michigan's chances, his coach said they have a very good shot, and that Kellen is taking a very hard look at the Wolverines. Jones also has a pretty exciting highlight video:


Kyshoen Jarrett

5'11", 182 lbs.


East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Jarrett is a four star corner, with a nice offer sheet that has been considering Michigan for awhile now. I asked him how his recruitment was coming along, and he had some positive developments in the near future for Michigan.

I'm going to be narrowing down my list in about two weeks. I'm going to get it down to about 8 or 9 schools.

I then asked if Michigan would be on that narrowed down list, and he had this to say.

Heck yeah! They already have two defensive backs in this class, but I'm definitely considering them. They're still recruiting me pretty hard, too.

It looks like Michigan is still on the search for defensive backs, and they happen to be in good position with a few.

Avery Walls

5'11", 184 lbs.

McDonough, Georgia


Avery is a big hitting safety, out of Georgia that recently took a visit up to Michigan with his mother, who happens to be a Buckeye alum. Walls got a chance to check out Michigan, and then head north to look at MSU as well. As you can see by his picture, he would have no trouble remembering Michigan's mascot, if he were to choose them. I spoke with Wall's head coach, who is new to the program, but already had a good feel for Avery as a player.

I coached against Avery last year, we played against him. He's a physical football player who loves to hit. He's generally always around the football, too, he's got great ball skills. I was really impressed by how he moves around the field, too.

While he had good things to say about his trip to Michigan, don't get too excited yet. As I just said, Walls' mother is an OSU alum, and he grew up a fan of the Buckeyes, too. Ohio State hasn't offered yet, but if they do, I would imagine they would lead. His coach tells me he's wide open at this point, and will be trying to figure out where his 5 official visits will take place.

Andre Yruretagoyena

6'5", 258 lbs.

Offensive Tackle

Scottsdale, Arizona

Andre is seemingly down to USC, Oregon, and Michigan as his top choices. He has taken and unofficial visit to USC, and you can now add Oregon to that list, as well. He took a trip up to Eugene, since his dad lives very close to campus. He had this to say about his experience.

It was pretty crazy up there. Their facilities are awesome, I can't really tell you one part that stuck out, it was all great. They're actually planning on building a six story, 80,000 square foot football building that will have coaches offices, players lounge, and will look over the city. They want it to look like a fortress.

Phil Knight is possibly crazy and a genius all at once. Unfortunately this visit leaves Michigan on the outside looking in, as far as the first hand experience for Andre. It's my assumption that the time between these visits and when he'll make it up to Michigan is possibly hurting Michigan's chances. The fact that they are also on the outside looking in, as far as distance doesn't help either. We won't know anything until he visits, but I'm thinking this is starting to fade. 

Tony Posada

6'6", 315 lbs.

Offensive Tackle

Tampa, Florida

As I told you in this update, Tony was coming up to Michigan for camp, with one of his coaches. He did just that. I spoke with him today about his trip, and although our conversation was brief, he had some great things to say.

The trip was wonderful. It was a thousand times better than what I expected. This puts Michigan in the lead, for sure.

This is great news, especially since we got him on campus. One of the major hurdles is out of the way. I am still a little worried about if Florida offers, and how that will change things. We'll see how this plays out, and if they decide to offer. Posada plans on taking a few more visits, and then hopefully making his decision.

Kevin Sousa

6'2", 213 lbs.


Orlando, Florida

Have you heard enough about him yet? As I'm sure you've all read, Kevin was offered, and already has his flight booked up to Ann Arbor this Tuesday.

The reason I'm including him on this update is for a few reasons. One, I wanted to make sure everyone knew he is coming up with Coach Paradiso, his high school coach. Paradiso has been on all of Kevin's trips with him, and he's the one that is closest with Kevin, helps him with his recruitment, etc. The other reason is because Kevin gave me a timeline of when he expects to decide. This is what he said about a possible commitment.

I don't think I'll commit while I'm there, because I'd like to at least discuss it with Coach Paradiso. But, I could make the decision as early as the plane ride back, or the latest by July 4th.

It sounds like Kevin won't jump the gun while he's at Michigan, while he did still leave open the potential for that. He trusts Coach Paradiso to help him, and wants to discuss it with him. Whether that happens on the plane ride home, or by the 4th of July, I would very much expect him to pick Michigan.


  • Unfortunately, it looks like S Ron Tanner, from Ohio, will be committing to Ohio State soon. I haven't confirmed that with him, but I was told by a reliable source to be the case. 

Name this "Elite" recruit

Name this "Elite" recruit

Submitted by Logan88 on June 25th, 2010 at 10:06 AM

Wanna play a game? If not, please don't post about how worthless this thread is, just move along, kthnx.

Based on the statistics below can you name this "Elite" 2011 football recruit?

Year Games Rushes Yards YPC TD Passes Comp % Yards TD
2009 9 112 467 4.1 18 166 53.0 1091 9
2008 6 54 234 4.3 6 113 52.2 642 5
2007 10 93 303 3.3 5 152 61.2 1048 9


TomVH: Kevin Sousa Has an Offer/Visiting Tuesday

TomVH: Kevin Sousa Has an Offer/Visiting Tuesday

Submitted by TomVH on June 24th, 2010 at 10:59 AM

QB Kevin Sousa, from Lake Nona High School, has an offer from Michigan. Kevin's coach just called, and said Rich Rodriguez just called him to let him know that Kevin has an offer. As I wrote a week ago, Kevin was told this offer would be coming. Kevin's interest in Michigan is very high, and his coaches feel the same way. His coach told me their plans for Kevin, and they might move quickly.

We're going to try to get him up there in the next week. It will most likely be Tuesday. We just want him to see everything up there, and make sure that it's something that he likes. Michigan is really high for him, and us. My advice to him was, with Michigan, they're the whole package. The offense they run, the prestige of the school, and he'd have a chance to grow as a quarterback, since he's so new to football. I told him that playing two years at Michigan is a successful career.

Sousa could possibly be up to Michigan this coming Tuesday, and it sounds like there could even possibly be a decision that would come shortly after. 

We don't want to say too much, yet. I don't want to speak on behalf of Kevin, but there's a possibility that he could commit while we're there. We're not going there for no reason, that's for sure. I don't want to say he will for sure, but there's a possibility.

So, it sounds like we might be on commit watch for Michigan's next quarterback commitment. 

**UPDATE** - Kevin sent me a message, and they have their flight booked. He and his coach are flying up around noon on Tuesday, and flying back the same night. We are officially on commit watch. 

An Interview with Kris Frost

An Interview with Kris Frost

Submitted by TomVH on June 23rd, 2010 at 12:02 AM

Kris Frost (finally!) made the trip up to Ann Arbor this weekend, with his family. This was a crucial visit for Michigan, as it was the Frost parents' first time up to Michigan. The whole family got a chance to take in the campus together, and here's what Kris had to say about that experience. First the highlights, then the questions. (This is film from this year's State Championship game. Butler won 48-17. Kris is #4)

TOM: How was the trip? 

KRIS: It went fantastic, it really did. I've been up there for camps for the past two seasons, but I've never really gotten to check out the real campus. My family and I went out and looked at everything, it was great. Coach Singletary took us on the tour, and we went out on our own a bit, too. My family and I really loved it. We're all planning on coming back another time before the season starts, this summer.

TOM: Oh wow. You guys are coming back before the season starts, and during the season then?

KRIS: Yeah. The coaches answered a whole lot of questions that we had, just about the general school and everything. They talked about how prestigious the school is, and all that. We really just want to take another look. Every time we go to a school, we go back and try to continue to get that feeling of home. It's been a little harder to get up to Michigan, because it's a little further away than other schools. WIth Michigan, we didn't really get the chance to get up to as much, so we're really trying to make up for that. I'm definitely going to try to make it up to two games during the season, too. I'm not sure the exact date this summer, but my parents are trying to figure that out right now. I believe we might drive to Atlanta, then fly up to Michigan, because it's cheaper. We don't know when, but we're definitely coming up.

TOM: Since your parents had never been to Michigan, what were they expecting, and what did they get out of the visit?

KRIS: They were worried about me being lost in the crowd, because it's such a big school. I was never worried about it, but they were worried I would get lost in the excitement. My mom and dad talked about that, and they said everything was great and more. They saw it wasn't too crowded, and that the attention on the football players is great. The athletes get a lot of attention, so it showed them I wouldn't be on my own. I'd be at a place that I would get taken care of. We all got to see how great the academics are, and how big Michigan is worldwide. They have the most living alumni, except for University of Phoenix, since that's an online program, but that doesn't really count. They were amazed by that, and all the support you get for playing for the University of Michigan. They realized how much opportunity there is in life after football there.

TOM: You got a tour with Coach Singletary you said, did you get a chance to sit down with any other coaches?

KRIS: We had a chance to sit down with Coach Rod(riguez). We talked about how I would fit in at michigan, and that I would have the chance to play receiver. That's always a big plus in my book. It's not all too important where I play, I'd rather play receiver, but that's not going to tell where I go. They've seen me play receiver and linebacker, so that's a plus that they said I would get the chance to try out for both spots. It really exposed me to them, and really made me feel at home.

TOM: What is your relationship like with the coaches?

KRIS: Coach Gibson is recruiting me, but I have a great relationship with Coach Rod, and all the coaches. They're all great guys, they really take care of all the kids there. They really feel like learning is a top priority there, and it's not all about football to them. Obviously we all want to win football games, but there's more than that. I got a lot of feedback from them.

TOM: You've been to Michigan now a few times, how was this visit different for you?

KRIS: Well, like I said, I had never gotten to see the whole campus. I didn't really get to see it at camps. I really got to see everything, and there's a lot more that I'm going to see before the summer's up. It really helped me see different aspects of the school. I actually got to see some of the classrooms, and what those are like. It was great, and it was a great look into the school side of it. It showed me how I would be living, and everything. It showed me how much I enjoy being there, and what it would be like to be a student there. That's what I really look at when I go to schools. Michigan really came off as a great place to live.

TOM: At this point, can you rank or compare this visit to the others?

KRIS: Of course I've taken more visits to Auburn, but I haven't taken visits to my other top schools (LSU, Cal, Clemson). With Auburn, it's pretty close. Michigan is a school that I love a whole lot, and I always have. Auburn has put a lot of work in to recruiting me. Both of those schools seem closely related in how the visits went, and they're almost identical. They don't look the same, but I'm getting a similar feel out of it. When I go to all the other schools, I'll be able to tell you how they all match up.

TomVH: Ray Ball Update

TomVH: Ray Ball Update

Submitted by TomVH on June 22nd, 2010 at 4:50 PM

Ray Ball is an offensive tackle out of Westerville, Ohio. Ray was in Ann Arbor this weekend for camp, but didn't work out. He just wanted to come up, and get a chance to meet the players and coaches, to get a feel for everything. He told me today that he got that and a lot more. Here's a look at his highlight video, and then our conversation:

TOM: How was the trip up to Michigan?

RAY: It was awesome, I really enjoyed myself. I got to look around at the whole campus, and we got to watch some of the camp, and all the players work out. We got a chance to talk with the coaches, which was great. Those coaches are awesome, and really cool to be around; I really liked them. I also got to meet three of the players on the team that will be freshmen this year. I know next time I come up there, we're going to hang out some more, they were really welcoming and nice.

TOM: When will you be coming back for your next visit?

RAY: I'm not sure exactly, but since this one was so fun, it will probably be very soon.

TOM: Ok, so it sounds like this visit might have pushed Michigan further up on your list then?

RAY: Yes, sir. I know the top schools I have on my list are Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and UCLA, but this definitely puts Michigan in a better spot than before. 

TOM: Do you know when you're making your final decision yet?

RAY: Either at the beginning of the season, or in the middle. I'm not positive yet. 

Virginia DT Corey Marshall Commitment Watch

Virginia DT Corey Marshall Commitment Watch

Submitted by MGoShoe on June 22nd, 2010 at 2:26 PM

DT Corey Marshall (Scout 4*, #18 DT, Rivals 4*, 5.8, #21 DT, #250 overall) and BBQ at the Big House attendee is expected to make a commitment announcement this afternoon.  Speculation is that he's headed to Virginia Tech or Virginia with the Hokies in the lead.  An announcement for Michigan would be quite a surprise.

But the biggest players taken off the board played for Dinwiddie High School. Generals QB Chris Hall is headed to Virginia Tech as a tight end, and teammate Corey Marshall, a defensive end, will make his decision today, with the Hokies looking like the favorite, but the Cavs still in the running.

At 6-2 and 239 pounds, [Marshall is] one of the state's top prospects. He also could join his teammate as the only two players from the Richmond area to commit to Virginia Tech thus far in the recruiting cycle.

"I don't even know where he's leaning," Dinwiddie coach Billy Mills said. "Tech's been his [favorite] team, but I don't think he's going to make a decision based on that."

An Interview with Valdez Showers

An Interview with Valdez Showers

Submitted by TomVH on June 22nd, 2010 at 10:58 AM

Valdez Showers is a versatile athlete out of Madison Heights, Michigan, mainly being recruited as a defensive back. Sitting in Michigan's backyard, Valdez has an offer from the Wolverines and just  picked up a somewhat surprising offer from Florida. Auburn, Michigan State, and others have offered.

First his junior highlight film:

There's film on him from a 7 on 7 tournament, as well. Here's what Showers had to say.

TOM: Word on the street is that you received an offer from Florida recently?

VALDEZ: Yeah, I went down there on the 16th to visit the school. I camped the next day, and I could tell that the coaches were impressed. When I got home, I talked to one of the coaches, and he offered me a scholarship. They just said that overall I'm a great player, and I would fit well at cornerback for them.

TOM: Is that what most schools are recruiting you for? Cornerback?

VALDEZ: Yeah, that's what pretty much everyone sees me at. 

TOM: That's a pretty big offer; how many total do you have now?

VALDEZ: I have a total of around 16 now. I don't have a top list yet, though. I'm going to sit down this week, and see if I can narrow it down. 

TOM: There has to be some schools that stick out to you, though, right?

VALDEZ: Yeah, I mean, Florida sticks out because they have great football, and academics. Michigan sticks out, they'll probably be in the top group, too. I have a good connection with the coaches at Michigan, and they're well rounded, too.

TOM: When you say you want to narrow your list down, how are you going to decide who makes the cut? You have some nice offers from Auburn, Cinci, Michigan, and Florida, what's the criteria?

VALDEZ: I'm looking for great academics, great football, and a good coaching staff, of course. I really want to find the school that's the right fit for me, though. So, I'm not sure when I'll decide. I just want to take my time with it, and put it in God's hands.

TOM: With some offers out of state, and across the country, how will distance factor in?

VALDEZ: Distance won't be a factor. I'll just go where ever is best for me. My mom was excited when I got the Florida offer, and she's said that she'll come watch me play where ever I go, so that doesn't matter.

TOM: Were you able to make it back up for the Sound Mind Sound Body camp this weekend?

VALDEZ:  Yeah, I went, but my flight got delayed from Florida. I came late to the second day, so I couldn't do a whole lot. I got to talk to a couple coaches from Michigan, and they were telling me to come back up and visit sometime soon. I'm going to try to get back up there pretty soon. I'm not sure when, though.

TOM: Since you're from Michigan, are you friends with any of the other Michigan recruits? Do they try to recruit you?

VALDEZ: I'm friends with Shawn Conway. We met through the 7 on 7's, and became cool through that. He doesn't really try to recruit me, he just tells me to pick the best school for me.

TOM: Describe yourself as an athlete to someone who has never watched film on you.

VALDEZ: I'm a leader on the field, a hard worker, explosive, fast, and I just make plays. I ran the 40 at the Florida camp, and I was timed at a 4.48, and a 4.5. I have a hamstring injury, too, so I know I can run faster than that.

Big Ten Recruiting Class Rankings 6-20

Big Ten Recruiting Class Rankings 6-20

Submitted by Tim on June 20th, 2010 at 4:49 PM

I totally fell asleep on last week's rankings, failing to add the newest conference member, Nebraska. They're included in this edition, and will be for all rankings in the foreseeable future. Though Notre Dame (still) isn't in the Big Ten, I'll continue including them since they're a yearly Michigan opponent, and keeping tabs on their talent is still of interest for Michigan fans.

Action since last rankings:

6-14-10 Northwestern gains commitments from Shane Mertz and Mark Szott. Purdue gains commitment from Brandon Cottom.
6-16-10 Illinois gains commitment from Chris O'Connor. Indiana gains commitment from Nick Stoner.
6-17-10 Indiana gains commitments from Kenny Mullen, Mark Murphy, and CJ Robbins. Ohio State gains commitment from Devin Smith. Purdue gains commitments from Randy Gregory and Michael Rouse. Nebraska gains commitment from Daniel Davie.
6-18-10 Northwestern gains commitment from Max Chapman. Notre Dame gains commitment from Clay Burton.
6-19-10 Indiana gains commitment from Raymon Taylor. Nebraska gains commitment from Bubba Starling.

Big Ten+ Recruiting Class Rankings
Rank School # Commits Rivals Avg Scout Avg ESPN Avg
1 Ohio State 15 3.47 3.67 79.20
2 Nebraska 11 3.27 3.27 69.45
3 Notre Dame 10 2.80 3.50 75.40
4 Michigan 5 3.40 3.20 78.20
5 Michigan State 5 3.40 3.20 71.40
6 Indiana 16 2.69 2.38 71.81
7 Iowa 3 3.33 2.67 77.67
8 Purdue 5 2.20 3.00 70.00
9 Northwestern 5 2.60 2.40 71.00
10 Wisconsin 4 2.25 2.25 61.50
11 Minnesota 4 2.00 2.25 68.75
12 Illinois 4 2.00 2.50 60.50
13 Penn State 1 1.00 2.00 76.00

Rivals and Scout are on the 5-star scale, ESPN is on their numerical rankings. In next week's update, I may convert Rivals to their "RR" rating. Please bear with me (and let me know) if you see any errors in the charts, as adding Nebraska may have screwed with some stuff that I didn't notice.

#1 Ohio State - 15 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Steve Miller DE 4 5 84
Braxton Miller QB 4 5 84
Michael Bennett DT 4 4 80
Brian Bobek OL 4 4 79
Chase Farris DE 4 4 79
Kenny Hayes DE 4 4 78
Jeremy Cash S 4 3 80
Evan Spencer WR 3 4 81
DerJuan Gambrell CB 3 4 77
Jeff Heuerman TE 3 3 80
Joel Hale DT 3 3 79
Chris Carter OL 3 3 78
Tommy Brown OL 3 3 78
Devin Smith WR 3 3 76
Antonio Underwood OL 3 3 75

Devin Smith picks up a Buckeye offer and commits almost immediately. No surprise there.

#2 Nebraska - 11 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Bubba Starling QB 4 4 81
Jamal Turner QB 4 4 81
Ryne Reeves OL 4 4 79
Ryan Klachko OL 4 4 78
Tyler Moore OL 4 4 78
Tevin Mitchell CB 4 3 NR
Kevin Williams DT 3 3 79
Dylan Admire OL 3 3 77
Daniel Davie S 3 2 NR
Aaryn Bouzos CB 2 2 76
Daimion Stafford S NR 3 NR

The Huskers grab top QB Bubba Starling. They debut at #2 in the rankings.

#3 Notre Dame - 10 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Ben Koyack TE 4 5 81
Matt Hegarty OL 4 4 83
Jordan Prestwood OL 3 4 80
Jarrett Grace LB 3 4 78
Tony Springmann OL 3 4 78
Conor Hanratty OL 3 4 76
Brad Carrico OL 3 3 77
Matthias Farley CB 3 3 77
Clay Burton DE NR 3 79
Kyle Brindza K NR NR NR

Irish pick up Clay Burton for their first commitment in quite some time. They have a couple top guys, but their class is underwhelming so far, per the rankings.

#4 Michigan - 5 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Brennen Beyer DE 4 4 79
Delonte Hollowell CB 4 3 79
Chris Rock DE 3 3 78
Shawn Conway WR 3 3 78
Greg Brown CB 3 3 77

No commits for Michigan coming out of their Elite Camp, but a new offer or two could net them a new pledge soon. Michigan and Michigan State are right on Notre Dame's tail, despite the Irish having many more commits.

#5 Michigan State - 5 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Lawrence Thomas LB 5 5 80
Onaje Miller RB/Ath 3 4 NR
Taiwan Jones Ath/LB 3 3 78
AJ Sims CB 3 2 78
Connor Cook QB 3 2 76

The Spartans are right on Michigan's tail, and the next commitment could push them over the top - if the Wolverines don't beat them to the punch.

#6 Indiana - 16 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Raymon Taylor CB 4 3 77
Zack Shaw LB 4 2 76
Max Pirman LB 3 3 78
Jake Reed TE 3 3 77
Ralston Evans OL 3 3 74
Nick Stoner S 3 3 74
Kirk Harris OL 3 2 77
Tre Roberson QB 3 2 76
Kyle Kennedy LB 3 2 76
CJ Robbins DE 3 2 75
Mark Murphy S 3 2 NR
Kenny Mullen CB 2 3 74
Mike Replogle LB 2 2 74
Donte Phillips DE 2 2 NR
Shafer Johnson DT NR 2 77
Nick VanHoose DB NR 2 74

Huge week for Indiana, as they add to their already-large class. I will eat my hat if Raymon Taylor's ranking stays that lofty through signing day.

#7 Iowa - 3 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Austin Blythe OL 4 3 79
JaCorey Shepherd WR 3 3 76
Marcus Grant WR 3 2 78

The Hawkeyes are staying quiet for now, but a strong camp season could see more commits.

#8 Purdue - 5 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Russell Bellomy QB 3 3 78
Robert Kugler TE 3 3 78
Brandon Cottom LB 3 3 76
Michael Rouse DT NR 3 73
Randy Gregory DE NR 3 NR

Purdue adds a couple pieces. If those guys were ranked by all services, the Boilers would probably be ranked ahead of Iowa.

#9 Northwestern - 5 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Sean Cotton S 3 3 79
Jarrell Williams CB 3 3 76
Shane Mertz OL 3 3 NR
Mark Szott TE 3 2 77
Max Chapman DE NR NR 78

A couple pickups for Northwestern help them pass Wisconsin. They will benefit when their last couple guys get full rankings.

#10 Wisconsin - 4 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Jake Keefer LB 4 3 78
Sam Arneson TE 3 2 78
Austin Maly TE NR 2 NR
Eric Steffes TE NR 2 NR

Nothing new for the Badgers.

#10 Minnesota - 4 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Max Shortell OL 3 3 74
Tommy Olson OL 3 2 79
Jephete Matilus LB NR 2 77
Sam Rohr TE NR 2 74

ESPN has finally recognized James Farrow's decommitment. The Gophers have nothing new.

#11 Illinois - 4 Commits
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Zeph Grimes S 3 3 77
Chris O'Connor DE 2 3 75
Hunter Wells OL 2 3 NR
Marquise Mosley WR NR NR NR

Chris O'Connor pledges to Ron Zook.

#12 Penn State - 1 Commit
Name Position Rivals Scout ESPN
Kyle Carter TE NR 2 76


RichRod Addresses Several Topical Issues

RichRod Addresses Several Topical Issues

Submitted by MGoShoe on June 18th, 2010 at 11:46 PM

RichRod and the rest of the football coaching staff attended the Sound Body Sound Mind camp in Detroit on Thursday and he made several statements to the media. 

Topics covered included Demar Dorsey, the 2010 recruiting class, interest or non-interest in USC players, Michigan's upcoming camps, conference expansion, Nebraska, and divisional alignment.

RichRod on Demar Dorsey and recruiting marginal qualifiers:

  • Recruiting marginal qualifiers:  “I think all coaches and not just us have to look at everything involved as far as recruiting, not only who can get in, but who can graduate and get out.  We have that in mind anyway. But you particularly have to (be) mindful of that in the future. I think all schools are doing that.  It’s hard to project some guys (more than) others.  There’s some guys that may have struggled to get in and they’re doing very well. Some guys that got in very easily are struggling. I don’t think there’s an exact science to it, but at the same time we’re moving forward with what we got and not looking back."
  • Michigan's non-admission of Dorsey:  “I don’t know if it’s important to get into all that right now.  I think what’s important is make sure that the guys that are here for summer school are doing the right things. I think there’s, if you look at it, there’s probably a lot of people that sign throughout the country and there’s not as much attention if they matriculate there or not. But this one’s got a lot more attention and I understand that.”
  • How he feels about the Dorsey decision:  “I worry about the guys that play for Michigan."

The article indicates that Antonio Kinard's status continues to be up in the air and that RichRod and his staff have not reached out to any USC seniors or juniors.

  • Interest in USC players and when his new class will fully report:  “You got to have scholarships first to give out, and there’s got to be mutual interest and all that.  So we’ve been concentrating on our guys. And guys that have been on campus and taking summer classes and the freshmen that we expect to come on the 26th, that’s had most of our attention.”

Regarding Michigan football camps, RichRod talked about the value of shorter, focused camps to attact prospects who are pressed for time to make it to multiple campuses. 

  • So far this year, Michigan has held a one day camp for top prospects and a kicking camp and is set to host its four-day summer camp June 19 - 22, a 7-on-7 camp June 24 - 25, and a youth football camp for middle schoolers June 26 - 28.
  • Michigan is expecting 700 athletes and 100 college coaches for this weekend's camp and 400 campers for the youth camp.
  • The importance of establishing relationships with recruits: "That’s a big reason why we’re here.  Not only from the evaluation standpoint of seeing the guys do football drills in camp, but also for them to evaluate us. Again, they get to know us as people and teachers. I think that’s absolutely critical when you can establish relationships.  Everybody talks in recruiting about relationships and it is true. You establish relationships and the easiest way to do that is to be around them. 
  • Outreach to younger players: We’re even reaching into the junior-high level and at least get them indoctrinated to Michigan, get a chance to see everything we’re about.  We started that last year and it was a big hit, and there’s going to be even more this year for that.”

RichRod also talked about several issues surrounding expansion.

  • Expansion and Nebraska: “I did think [the league would grow to 14 or 16 teams], but now maybe not.  But I also thought at the time, if the Big 12 imploded I think there would have been more of a domino effect. I think this probably just slowed everybody down.  [Nebraska is a] great program, a great tradition, and it’ll be exciting.
  • Conference championship game: “I know the players have [wanted one].  For the coaches, I think it’s pretty exciting if you’re going to have something at the end there to play for.  But I guess it’s going to happen sooner than anticipated, too. I think that probably is the most surprising part, that it’s going to happen so quick.”
  • The makeup of Big Ten divisions:  “But I think there’s a lot to think about geographically and there’s a lot to think about competitively.”
  • Does he have a preference for Michigan and Ohio State in the same division?:  “Either way, the way it works we’re going to play them every year, we’re going to play Michigan State every year.  I’m sure every school will have maybe two rivalries that they say we have to have those no matter how it works out. We have our two there.”