Why Michigan Defeated Ohio (according to some Ohio fans)

Why Michigan Defeated Ohio (according to some Ohio fans)

Submitted by Darth Wolverine on December 2nd, 2011 at 11:47 AM

I thought I might share this with my fellow fans and it's killing me that I don't have a link to provide, as it appears this post was taken down from the site. It was just on there a couple days ago but I just can't find it unfortunately. I e-mailed the text to Brian, so that is where I got it from (just pasted it here of course). The bold text below was a post on the Ohio ESPN message board for Michigan fans and of course, it's full of nothing but lame excuses. Oh what selective memory Ohio fans have, as they cannot recall the flux the Michigan program and fans went through in 2008, 2009, and maybe you can throw 2010 in there. Again, I apologize for not having a link, but this was really on their board.

An Open Letter To Fans of That Team Up North

Congratulations. You did it!! You finally did it!! After 10 grueling years of merciless beat-downs and coming up short in the few close games (save one) you finally put together the winning recipe to beat the team that caused your players pants to be yellow. You rose up in talent and skill, in game planning and sheer determination, in coaching and spirit, and you "feasted" on a dominant OHIO STATE team, coming away with a 6 point victory at home, failing to cover the spread. We are back you say!! Right? Or..... are you really saying are we back??

Ohio State was 6-5 with a 3-4 record in the B10. We barely beat Indiana and Toledo (a team that beat you fairly recently).
Ohio State has been under an NCAA microscope all season. 
Ohio State has faced extra suspensions and new allegations during the year. 
Ohio State was using a first year / interim coach with no other head coaching experience. A true rookie.
Ohio State had a very young and injury riddled defense. Out were Williams, Sweat, and Bryant.
Ohio State was using a TRUE freshman QB. Not a red shirt who had been around the system for a year already. 
Ohio State was dealing with all of the media hype and distraction surrounding the Urban Meyer hiring.
This was the team you beat. Congratulations on that hollow, tinny victory. You didn't take a monkey off your back, you simply plucked his last few fingers off that were still holding on after all of the above. Congratulations. Yet, even with all of that happening this year and leading up to the game you  know deep deep deep down in the same place where you have shivered and groaned all these years that you were lucky to beat this  beleaguered team. Lucky indeed to beat a 6-5/3-4 decimated Ohio State team AT HOME. 
You know in your heart of hearts that Braxton Miller overthrew not one, not two, but three wide open WRs who had left your sorry secondary in the dust and would have scored certain TDs, but didn't. You know that just one of those passes being completed meant that you lose yet again. You feel that same sick, soaking, feeling of despair that you have felt for so very long. Too long. You know in your heart that this may very well be the last year you win for a very long time again. You are a shell of your former self. A has been. You know that you had a total of just two calls against you the entire game, that won't happen in Columbus next year.
When Meyer shuts down the one year run you had on the Ohio talent pipeline your program will shrivel up once more and return to its' dormant, near extinct state that it was just last year. When he opens new pipelines into Florida and the south and starts pulling in national talent it will only get worse. You will return to the same punching bag you were the past seven years. The same team that lost to Appalachian State, Toledo, and such.The same team that was our doormat year in and year out. We will own you once again. You don't feel we owned you? Please. Just look at your reaction to winning against the worse Ohio State team in decades. It was sad, pathetic, and revealing. Just go to MGoBlog. The gloat-fest is so sad as to be worthy of pity. You would think that UM just won the National Championship. You would think that a powerhouse team just came in and you whipped them good. But no, you beat a team that was 3-4 in the B10. Congratulations. Revel in the victory. Gloat. Climb to the top of the highest mountains and cry out "We are Victors!!" "We have returned!!" 
It will make your precipitous fall from those falsely inflated heights that much more enjoyable to watch.
Sincerely, an Ohio State fan.

UM-MSU, a comparison of (weddings and funerals) what motivates players

UM-MSU, a comparison of (weddings and funerals) what motivates players

Submitted by michfan4borw on October 13th, 2011 at 10:37 AM

Some here may already know that MSU players get tattoos and claim (this past summer) that 2011 is setting up "for another ass whoopin" on Michigan (according to Jerel Worthy in response to Morgan Trent). 

Some may also know that this summer MSU captain & QB Kirk Cousins had his brother collect magazine articles that didn't use the word "repeat" in picking the Spartans to win the Big Ten, because that ommission "logically" shows a lack of respect for the Spartans.  He also took offense to people attending weddings in MI and introducing themselves to him as fans of the University of MIchigan.  He afterwards told the media this:

“So being at those weddings was about all the motivation I needed to get back to work, and prove to all those people why they shouldn’t be a Michigan fan.” 

Is he grasping for things about Michigan to hate on?  I'm not sure, but the detnews added this quote today (http://www.detnews.com/article/20111013/SPORTS0202/110130344/1132/sports0202/It’s-all-or-nothing-now-for-Michigan-State-seniors ) by Cousins:

"It's very personal when you have friends that tell you they're going to root for you every game but one," said quarterback Kirk Cousins, a Holland native. "It's kind of like saying, 'I like you but I don't like your wife and kids.' You might as well say you don't like me. So it's a similar deal and it's very personal."


In contrast, mlive.com published an article (http://www.annarbor.com/sports/um-football/mark-huyge-michigan-lineman-michigan-state-deceased-friend/ ) about how a recent death of a friend, Mike Kirby, motivates RT Mark Huyge. 


Michigan State week holds special significance for Huyge because he has never beaten the in-state rival that never recruited him. As a senior, this is his last shot. Huyge said he is feeling sentimental this week not only because of his disdain for the Spartans, but also because of Kirby. The final game he ever saw in person was last year’s Michigan-Michigan State game, when Huyge took him into the locker room at Michigan Stadium to introduce him to players who hadn’t met him at the marina. Kirby died Aug. 20 in an accident at the marina. As for Mark, he sent along a letter that his mother, Kim, delivered to the congregation {at the funeral]. It dedicated the Michigan football season -- which has begun in grand, undefeated fashion -- to Kirby, and closed like this: “Every year, Mike would say to me, ‘Mark, this year we have to do whatever it takes to beat Michigan State, even if it means that I have to go down on that field myself to get the job done,’” Cathy Kirby read over the phone, choking up with tears. “Well, Kirby, this is the year that we will get it done because I know you will be right there with me.” Mark Huyge is playing for Mike Kirby this season. Especially this week.

There are so many things that can motivate the players for the game this Saturday, but I just thought it was worth sharing this comparison of the motivation of MSU's leader and of one of our own. 

I think MSU is set up to take a fall.  My pick: UM 31, MSU 21.