Get your late night fix: practice video

Get your late night fix: practice video

Submitted by samber2009 on August 19th, 2011 at 12:17 AM

This was pretty recently put on youtube, so hopefully this hasn't been posted anywhere (I did search).  Not the best quality and mostly just drills, but anything for an addict.

EDIT: I posted the video below. Is there a reason this embed isn't working just like I did in this thread? The "iframe" is showing up for me but not publishing. Oh well.

EDIT 2: A couple people mentioned the first video was already posted in the comments of another thread. Sorry I didn't see it. Mods delete if necessary.



Presser Notes 8/8

Presser Notes 8/8

Submitted by MichFan1997 on August 8th, 2011 at 7:04 PM

-Hoke says Will Campbell was 342 leaving the spring, down to 316-319 range now

-Hoke can see Matt Wile handling both kicking and punting

-Stonum is practicing

-Says Stonum's redshirt won't change the target of 26 member class

-Woolfolk is at "full speed"

-Kickers are going to practice in the Big House. Different experience than simply staying in practice facility

-Hoke says we need to rely on 1)Power run, 2)Set pass up from there, and 3) the 2 min offense

-Practice intensity was good

-Hoke says he has a "strict manner" in discipline

-Molk says less yelling than there was under RR

-Molk says offense is running smooth

-Woolfolk says Campbell is moving faster and looks more athletic

-Woolfolk says he himself is faster and more focussed on mechanics

-Van Bergen now weighs 290. Says he's on a 6-7,000 cal diet. Was 4-5000 under RR