Week 13 Big Ten Bowl Projections

Week 13 Big Ten Bowl Projections

Submitted by oriental andrew on November 28th, 2011 at 12:06 PM

I hear there was some football game played on Saturday or something.  I wouldn't know.  I was too busy sleeping off the over-indulgence of Thanksgiving leftovers.  Anyone know what happened? 

Well, whatever happened, it is still my sworn duty to provide you guys with a bunch of stuff other people wrote which you could just as easily look up on your own, but I know you won't, you lazy bums. 

Here are the week 13 bowl projections for all our bowl-eligible Big Ten teams, whether they have coaches, don't have coaches, or kinda sorta do but not really but yeah they do hint hint nudge nudge wink wink.  (Note: as of this writing, BTN and CFN/Scout have not yet updated their projections.  I'll revise when they're up)

Also, this will be the final installment of the 2011 season, since I'm assuming the bowl selection show will be on Sunday night after all the championship games are over. 

Post Week 13 Rittenberg ESPN-Schlabach ESPN-Edwards CBS Sports CNNSI BTN CFN
    Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama   Alabama
Rose Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin
    Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
Sugar Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan
    Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston
Fiesta   Ok St Ok St Ok St Ok St   Ok State
    Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford   Stanford
Orange   Va Tech Va Tech Va Tech Va Tech   Va Tech
Capital One Nebraska Nebraska msu Nebraska Nebraska msu msu
    S Car Georgia Arkansas Arkansas Georgia Arkansas
Outback msu msu Nebraska msu msu Penn St Nebraska
    Georgia S Car S Car S Car S Car Georgia
Gator osu osu osu osu osu Iowa Penn St
    Florida Florida Auburn Florida Florida Auburn
Insight Iowa Penn St Penn St Iowa Iowa Nebraska osu
    Baylor Texas Texas Baylor Okla Baylor
Care Care Penn St Iowa Iowa  Penn St Penn St osu Iowa
    Mizzou TAMU TAMU TAMU TAMU Texas
TicketCity NW Purdue Purdue Purdue NW Purdue Purdue
    Iowa St SMU Marshall IA St SMU IA St
Little Caesars Purdue NW NW NW Purdue NW NW
    Ohio (NTO) Toledo Toledo Ohio (NTO) Ohio (NTO) NIU
Fight Hunger       Illinois     Illinois
        Wyoming     UCLA
New Orleans   Illinois Illinois   Illinois Illinois  
    UL-L UL-L   UL-L UL-L  
Other Illinois            

So what's new, pussycat?  Not much, honestly.  We'll know our bowl fate on Sunday during the selection show, but right now, everyone (except for slowpokes BTN and CFN) have Michigan still projected to go to N'awlins to face Houston in the Sugar Bowl.  I can live with that. 

In other news, Wisco is a lock amongst the prognosticators to whip up on Sparty and head to the Rose to face Oregon.  This means most folks are liking msu for the Outback, with the Cap1 opting for Nebraska (like I said, ignore the last 2 columns for now, which are populated with last week's predictions). 

Pretty much everyone is also calling an osu-Florida matchup in the Gator Bowl.  The Urban Meyer storyline would just be way too juicy to pass up.  I'm guessing they expect Florida fans to make a strong showing with the hopes their team will beat up on their old coach's new team.   Sadly, this means an Ohio-Ohio Pizza Pizza Bowl Bowl will likely no longer be in the cards.  I know, I'm crushed, too.  Rather, you've got either Iowa or NW there, with the other team probably in the TicketCity Bowl.

Penn St and Iowa are currently splitting votes for the Insight and Meineke Car Care of Texas Bowls (seriously - that's the real name). 

Finally, you've got the sad Illinois Fighting Zookers TBD'ers who, on the bright side, may get to go bowling in N'awlins in the Superdome!!!  Woo!!!  Sugar Bo...  Wait, what?  The R+L Carrier New Orleans Bowl on Dec 17?  Well, they were close in proximity to a BCS bowl, at least....








Week 10 Big Ten Bowl Projections

Week 10 Big Ten Bowl Projections

Submitted by oriental andrew on November 9th, 2011 at 1:12 PM

This idea was a lot more fun last week, when nobody was projecting Michigan into the TicketCity bowl.  At least CBS still loves us!

Last week, I looked at 6 sources (ESPN Blogs, ESPN Schlabach, ESPN Edwards, CBS, BTN, and CFN/Scout).  Four had Michigan going to the Cap1, CBS said Fiesta, and Rittenberg said Insight.  For reference, here is my google doc with Week 9 projections for the other Big Ten teams, as well as for BCS games.  (ignore the fact that Week 11 is already filled out - just a copy/paste so I wouldn't have to rewrite a lot of the matchups/opponents if I didn't have to). 


Now, on to week 10 (which covers games through this past weekend).  And yes, chart. 

Post Week 10



    Ok State Ok State Stanford   Oklahoma
Rose msu msu Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin
    Stanford Oregon Oregon Stanford Oregon
Sugar Wisconsin Alabama Alabama Alabama   Alabama
    Boise St Stanford Boise St   Boise St
Fiesta   Oklahoma Oklahoma Michigan   Ok State
    Oregon Stanford Oklahoma   Stanford
Orange   Clemson Clemson Clemson   Clemson
    Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati   Cincinnati
Capital One Penn St Wisconsin Michigan Nebraska msu msu
    Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas
Outback osu Michigan msu msu Penn St Michigan
    S Carolina S Carolina Georgia S Carolina S Carolina
Gator Nebraska Nebraska osu osu osu Penn St
    Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida
Insight Michigan Penn St Nebraska Penn St Nebraska osu
    Texas A&M Kansas St Texas KSU Texas A&M
Care Care Iowa osu Penn St Illinois Iowa Nebraska
    Missouri Missouri Missouri Baylor Texas Tech
TicketCity Illinois Iowa Iowa Iowa Michigan Iowa
Little Caesars NW Illinois Illinois NW Illinois Illinois
    Ohio (NTO) NIU Toledo NIU Toledo
Pinstripe   NW        


   Ok, I haIn summary, Rittenberg kept Michigan in the Insight; CBS kept Michigan in the Fiesta (!); Brad Edwards kept Michigan in the Cap1; CFN and Schlabach dropped Michigan from Cap1 to Outback; and BTN dropped Michigan all the way from the Cap1 to the TicketCity bowl (screw you, Dienhart!).  And not that you can average this sort of thing, but seems like the Outback is a likely destination for our Wolverines.  And yeah, I'd be happy with that

And last week, 4/6 had Wisco in the Rose, with the other 2 having msu and Nebraska.  This week, it's 3 Wisco and 3 msu.  

Anyway, if this seems interesting, I'll do it again the next few weeks until bowl selection.  Also, let me know if there are other bowl projections out there worth adding.  I'm not doing Joe Schmo's blog or anything, but a local or national media outlet's projections might be interesting.

EDIT: source links:

Rittenberg: http://espn.go.com/blog/bigten/post/_/id/37700/big-ten-bowl-projections-week-10 

Schlabach/Edwards: http://espn.go.com/college-football/bowls/projections 

CBS: http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/bowls/predictions 

BTN: http://btn.com/tag/bowl-projections/ 

CFN/Scout: http://cfn.scout.com/2/557866.html 

RR talks big ten teams this season and CF generally

RR talks big ten teams this season and CF generally

Submitted by michfan4borw on August 16th, 2011 at 10:01 AM

This is not a thread intended to debate the merits of Rich Rodriguez as a coach at Michigan whatsoever.  RR's tone in the interview suggests to me that he's gotten over having been removed as Michigan's coach, so hopefully we all have too. 


This interview is interesting, because he talks about his predictions within the big ten based on his coaching experience.  FWIW, he has high expectations for Michigan, but I also think picking Michigan to have any other type of season (poor or average) would not come off well at all.



I tried to embed.  I hope it worked. [EDIT: please help by embedding the video; a reminder on how to do it would be nice also but not expected.  thanks.]