Angelique on the QB Situation FTW

Angelique on the QB Situation FTW

Submitted by MGoShoe on August 28th, 2010 at 9:26 PM

Wouldn't you know it, but Angelique has the quarterback situation all figured out.

At some point toward the end of next week, Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez will inform his quarterbacks who will be the starter against Connecticut in the Sept. 4 opener.  And that is all well and good. After all, someone has to start. But the point Rodriguez keeps making is this: It shouldn't matter.

It shouldn't matter because Quarterback X could start the first game, and quarterbacks Y and Z also could take snaps. Perhaps Quarterback Y looks so solid during the opener, he gets the starting job at Notre Dame, and Quarterback X does some things that warrant another start in the third game, and Quarterback Z? Don't forget what Quarterback Z can do, and so on.

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The cool thing is that all three quarterbacks have seemed absolutely sincere when they've said while the starting job is their respective goal, they absolutely would support whomever that starter is if he is deemed the best choice for the team to win.  Why such an all-for-one, one-for-all approach?

Because all three, including Forcier, who started every game last season, and Gardner, the freshman who enrolled early and participated in spring practice, believe they will play even if they don't start.

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So while Rodriguez will be peppered this week with the who's-the-starting-quarterback question (me ask that? Never! Ha!), maybe the answer should be: Does it really matter?

Moral of the story: Stop obsessing about who starts at quarterback because it's likely that if your favorite doesn't start, he will get extensive playing time during the UConn game and beyond.  Instead, start worrying about perfecting your tailgating, television watch party or sports bar viewing plans. 

Dilithium Bloom

Dilithium Bloom

Submitted by MCalibur on July 23rd, 2010 at 3:32 PM

I am not a man. I began as one, but now I am becoming more than a man, as you will witness.

– Francis Dolarhyde, Red Dragon

reddragon1After the Iowa game last year, my nervous system instantaneously rushed to the precipice of meltdown every time Denard Robinson stepped onto the field. Mixing equal parts of anxiety and exhilaration yields a volatile cocktail. There were times when I couldn’t stand up because I was so nervous; only once or twice but, regardless of frequency, that ain’t right. Trembling calves, bated breath, dilated pupils, thumping heart. Then, a money Chewbacca impression; happy or sad, the reaction was the same. I can’t have been the only one.

There was good reason for such a strong pavlovian response. It seemed as though the outcome of  a play with Robinson under center was the random result of the flip of a coin—tails: utter disaster, heads: spectacular success, on edge: just another play. Denard threw interceptions at a nauseating 13% rate on 31 passes. However, he also scored touchdowns 7% of the time on 100 total touches. Forcier only produced TDs a little over 3% of the time. Think about that for a second, Forcier had 399 touches last year and scored 13 TDs…Denard, theoretically, could’ve had 28. Those numbers are ridiculous to quote because Denard touched the ball so infrequently last year, but it isn’t fair to quote his turnovers without also quoting his TDs.

Anyway, eight months later we are faced with another batch of the cocktail, this time with a twist. A full offseason and a spring practice session have apparently yielded a thrilling prospect, Denard can throw. Maybe we can actually stomach the elixir and keep it down. That prospect sparks at least two questions. The first, how much could he have realistically improved? I mean, there’s improvement, and then there’s being good; the latter is not guaranteed. The second question is, who do you play, Tate or Denard? In this diary I hope to rigorously estimate an answer to the first question and hopelessly flail at the second.