This Month in MGoBlog History: October 2008 - The Civil War Within the Fanbase Begins

This Month in MGoBlog History: October 2008 - The Civil War Within the Fanbase Begins

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This Month in MGoBlog History: September 2008 - The Football Team goes 2-1 (that's the most positive headline I can come up with)

This Month in MGoBlog History: September 2008 - The Football Team goes 2-1 (that's the most positive headline I can come up with)

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This Month in MGoBlog History: August 2008 - Here Goes Nothing

This Month in MGoBlog History: August 2008 - Here Goes Nothing

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July 2008

August 1 - Friday

Unverified Voracity, Sponsored by the Letter H. The football team is ranked 24th in the preseason coaches’ poll. Probably means 8-4...seems about right.

Hello Mike Jones.

This Month in MGoBlog History: June 2008 - The End of the Blogspot Era

This Month in MGoBlog History: June 2008 - The End of the Blogspot Era

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May 2008

June 2 - Monday

A very short and unremarkable Recruiting Board update. An article added on OH OL Marcus Hall.

The baseball team had a very successful season, but they were eliminated this past weekend.

June 3 - Tuesday

This Month in MGoBlog History - May 2008: Let's Give #1 to a CB

This Month in MGoBlog History - May 2008: Let's Give #1 to a CB

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April 2008

May 1 - Thursday

Brian realizes that he was premature in announcing that MN WR Bryce McNeal had committed. He likely will soon though.

Yep, looks like McNeal is in based on his Myspace page.

May 2 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Seeks Novelty. There’s a picture of the $290,000 personal check that Beilein wrote to WVU for his buyout. Also, he is in on a CA PG named Darius Morris.

Mailbag: How do Rodriguez’s recruits compare to those at WVU? And will ‘M’ produce as much pro talent and if not will that hurt the brand? Will there ever be a playoff and wouldn’t it diminish the regular season?  

May 5 - Monday

Recruiting update. VA RB David Wilson’s recruitment is heating up. ‘M’ is in on him, but VA Tech seems likely.

Good news from the OHL draft as both Jon Merrill and Jared Knight were both picked on what appear to be flier picks.

Ekpe Udoh is transferring.

May 6 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Thinks He’s Younger than Hannah Montana. The 2010 hockey class is shaping up nicely. The basketball team now has the funding for a practice facility.

APR numbers are out. Football is down slightly, but basketball is in a dangerous place.

May 7 - Wednesday

Charlie Weis doesn’t like excuses, but all he does is make them.

Unverified Voracity Drop its H. Uh oh, Rodriguez has given #1 to JT Floyd, and Braylon isn’t happy. In hindsight, this sounds more like sarcasm, but apparently not in 2008.

Edwards, poised to be one of the dominant NFL receivers of the next ten years, is going to be a resource both financial and otherwise no matter what happens here. But there's no reason to annoy him, or annoy fans who like a tradition that dates back 30 years (Tyrone Butterfield excepted), or remove whatever small recruiting juju exists when you dangle the 1 in front of a kid who knows what it means.


May 8 - Thursday

Rodriguez has been touring as many alumni club meetings as he can, and attendee reports are gathered here.  

I asked him what the strongest position group on the team is so far; I was hoping he'd reply "defensive line" or "tailback" because that'd at least confirm my hope that U-M will be kickass at something this year. He leaned back and scratched his chin and told me he'd not thought about it like that, but he'd have to say: linebackers. I was a little surprised. My girlfriend told him that I'd been expecting he'd say "defensive line." He said, "Yeah, but your boyfriend's not thinking about some of those freshmen we have coming in." How to take that? I don't know. Either the whole team blows worse than I'd feared or he's extremely impressed with that handful of four-stars he and Lloyd scored.

May 9 - Friday

A long post explaining and refuting various playoff criticisms.

May 12 - Monday

Recruiting Update. Things seemed done at QB with Newsome and Beaver; however, there are persistent rumors that Tate Forcier will still commit. Rumors almost as persistent as Brian calling him Jason. Also, Keith Nichol is transferring from Oklahoma and might end of up ‘M’ too.

May 13 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Remembers Wolverine Great Chris Carter. In other Michigan prep star coming home news, SG Laval Lucas-Perry is transferring from Arizona and will join the basketball program in January 2009.

May 14 - Wednesday

Banner contest time! Unfortunately, last year’s winner only lasted a few days before the Horror. The nice thing is that the post includes a screen shot of pink MGoBlog in those early days of September.

The NCAA tries to fix APR. Fails.

EDSBS Charity Bowl. I think it’s the first. Michigan leads so far.

Brian is going to be out of town for a few days. Light posting ahead.

May 15 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity Defeats Tornados and wins the charity bowl.

Orson's moral is "never get in a fundraising war with Michigan"; mine is "I really should be asking for more donations."

May 16 - Friday

No content; Brian is in New York.

May 19 - Monday

Recruiting Update. Bryce McNeal is officially committed. IL OL Michael Schofield added to the board.  

Unverified Voracity Attends Other Sports because they’re all (Baseball, Softball, Men’s Track and Field, and Men’s Tennis) doing very well. Also, Braylon won the battle of the #1.

May 20 - Tuesday

UFR WVU Offense vs. Rutgers.

May 21 - Wednesday

Mailbag. Is Michigan now a hot destination for recruits? Is OSU hotter? CMU has trouble retaining players, and how many possessions will the offense use to put up all the points they will score?

May 22 - Thursday

The All-Carr Team: Offense. This is fun look back, but here is just the first team:

QB - Drew Henson (2000)

WR - Braylon Edwards (2004)

WR - David Terrell (2000)

RB - Tshimunga Biakabutuka (1995)

FB - Chris Floyd (1997)

TE - Bennie Joppru (2002)

LT - Jake Long (2007)

LG - Steve Hutchinson (2000)

C - Rod Payne (1996)

RG - David Baas (2003)

RT - Jon Runyan (1995)

May 23 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Lists Insultees. Brian lists them all, but Cris Carter isn’t one of them.

May 26 - Monday

Memorial Day. No posting.

May 27 - Tuesday

The All-Carr Team: Defense.

DE - Lamarr Woodley (2006)

DE - Glen Steele (1997)

DT - Alan Branch (2006)

DT - Jason Horn (1995)

LB - David Harris (2006)

LB - Larry Foote (2001)

LB - Victor Hobson (2002)

CB - Charles Woodson (1997)

CB - Leon Hall (2006)

S - Marcus Ray (1997)

S - Jamar Adams (2007)

May 28 - Wednesday

Recruiting Update. FL LB Brandin Hawthorne added to the board. Keith Nichol is headed to MSU.

Unverified Voracity Seeks Help because MGoBlog 3.0 is coming soon!

After a few days pounding away at MGoBlog 3.0, my initial reaction is: this is going to be so cool if I don't go insane and do something rash like challenge Charlie Weis to deep-fried-butter-eating contest or try to dunk on Jason Maxiell. If you've got mad Drupal chops and can answer questions like "Images: wtf?" and "WYSIWIG editors: wtf?" and "am I going to kill performance by enabling like 600 modules, wtf?" please drop me a line.

May 29 - Thursday

Brian needs to get some things off his chest regarding sports blogs. His grievances are:

  1. Creepily Stalking Hotties

  2. Erin Andrews (this is specific to the first)

  3. Picks Column

  4. “Blank Nation”

  5. Countdown Posts

May 30 - Friday

So the baseball team is in the NCAA tournament. They are a #2 but actually hosting their regional. They are joined by Arizona, Kentucky, and EMU.

May 31 - Saturday

Baseball regional open thread. ‘M’ lost to Arizona and will play Kentucky in the elimination game.

This Month in MGoBlog History - April 2008: No Spring Game at the Big House! Hockey loses to ND in the Frozen Four!

This Month in MGoBlog History - April 2008: No Spring Game at the Big House! Hockey loses to ND in the Frozen Four!

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March 2008

April 1 - Tuesday

The first hello post after a flurry of commits at the end of March. Hello Teric Jones.

Hello Isaiah Bell.

April 2 - Wednesday

Unverifie--YEEAAAAAGH HORRIBLE BOR-INFANT because of a great Boren-head-on-baby photoshop effort. Also, some spring football news with LBs John Thompson, Obi Ezeh, and Marell Evans getting good reviews.

April 3 - Thursday

Hello Justin Turner.

While Isaiah Bell and Teric Jones are "under the radar" "sleepers" at this point in time, Justin Turner is "wicked sweet" and "maybe the best prospect in Ohio." He's currently #42 in the Rivals 100, and #137 at Scout.

April 4 - Friday

Unverified Voracity is Like a Free Ride. Football spring practice is way more open than it used to be. Also, it turns out the Ann Arbor News was less than ethical in its reporting on academics and ‘M’ student-athletes.

April 7 - Monday

Brian copies an EDSBS feature with Stuff Green and White People Like, including “talking about how hot the chicks are.”

Even the women will do this. It does not matter that this fan, grad, or provost might, say, be a 180 pound 5'2" woman, or, more commonly, a moderately in-shape girl with a blond dye job and a face Sarah Jessica Parker would find unpleasantly equine.

April 8 - Tuesday

Recruiting update with a  brief run down on each position group. MN WR Bryce McNeal is a possibility to commit soon. NJ DE Anthony LaLota, OH RB Fitzgerald Toussaint, and AZ DE Craig Roh have been added to the board.

Brian is heading to Denver for the Frozen Four, so he gives a programming update.

April 9 - Wednesday

UV. Mario Manningham has sent a letter to NFL teams to admit that he has used marijuana but is no longer.

April 10 - Thursday

Brian is in Denver.

Mailbag. Will ‘M’ football have a night game? Which is better, Rivals or Scout?

I must confess to having considerably less experience with Scout than one might expect. I was briefly a subscriber there but let it lapse. (Subscribing to two separate recruiting websites is a bridge too far even for me.) Also, I've never gotten either site's magazine. I've leafed through a copy of The Wolverine or two and it seemed fine for something on "paper" or whatever you call it. From what I've gathered, Scout's mag is weak sauce that only exists so the U can't turn them down for press credentials and the like.

Scout and Rivals are extremely different sites. The Wolverine is amongst the most professional recruiting sites out there. Go Blue Wolverine is a cult. This isn't all bad for GBW, since the cult is based around Tom Beaver, the chief koolaid purveyor* in all of Wolverine land. Name a personality disorder and Beaver probably has it: megalomania, workaholism, ellipses fetishization, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Slightly over half of these are very annoying; the other half are useful.

April 14 - Monday

Game column for Michigan’s loss to Notre Dame in the Frozen Four. It’s a very poignant piece, as Brian relates his observations of Billy Sauer’s mother.

April 15 - Tuesday

A look ahead at the 2009 hockey team with possible departures, incoming freshmen, and wild stabs at line combinations.

April 16 - Wednesday

A recap of various observers from the spring game, including Craig Ross. The QBs look awful, and the Offensive Line wasn’t far behind.

Justin Boren is a communist. Past that, the threat level here is pink or orange or whatever is equivalent to "the nukes are on their way." Virtually every observer has called the offensive line a Sauer -- zing -- this spring, and when Rodriguez made the quarterbacks live for a brief period Threet was immediately knocked out with a minor injury.

April 17 - Thursday

Unverified WHAT? Voracity YEAH. Tressel is back to bringing up “gentlemen’s agreements” within the Big 10. Now Rodriguez is being asked about it again, and Brian thinks this type of journalism is terrible.

April 18 - Friday

D Mark Mitera might make the jump to the NHL. Sources seem to be split.

Hello Fitzgerald Toussaint.

Mitera is staying and has been named the captain for the ‘09 team.

April 21 - Monday

Unverified Voracity Does Unusual Things at Cedar Point. Spring hype at WVU means being excited that your team is going to throw more and how much better the offense is going to be.

Hey! They're just like us. Except their team finished 50th, 5th and15th in total offense the past two years while Michigan was 55th, 38th and 68th. It's surreal to see these guys complaining about "DickFraud" (LOL!!1!) like he's Mike Debord.

Apparently EDSBS posted a picture of Mark Mangino’s for sale house and got in trouble?

April 22 - Tuesday

Wizard Hat and Snake Oil memes are dead. Roy Roundtree says switching his commitment was his choice.

Recruiting update. Fun names added: FL QB Eugene Smith, FL RB Vincent Smith, and TX QB Shavodrick Beaver. QB Kevin Newsome seems close to committing (if hints from his Myspace page are to be believed).

April 23 - Wednesday

Jake Long was the first overall pick in the NFL draft. Brian takes the occasion to run down recent ‘M’ OLs, and try to figure out why that position group got really bad around 2001/2002. Andy Moeller maybe?

Unverified Voracity Desperately Seeking RBUAS. It sounds like Newsome is likely committed, and Tate Forcier is talking to him on Myspace about going to ‘M’ together.

April 24 - Thursday

Football recruit and Mose Schrute look alike Andrew Russell challenges J Lehman for best CFB head shot.

Hello Kevin Newsome.

April 25 - Friday

Saginaw native and St. Johns’ basketball player Larry Wright is transferring to be closer to family and ‘M’ seems like a fit. Looks like he ended up at OU.

April 28 - Monday

Unverified Voracity and Stuff. Bill Belicheck weighs in on Pierre Woods and proverbially scratches his head about the lack of playing time in Woods’ senior year.

April 29 - Tuesday

Recruiting update. All signs pointing to ‘M’ taking a second QB. Candidates are Shavodrick Beaver, Tate Forcier, and Geno Smith. Also TX WR Josh Gordon says he will commit to ‘M’ if he gets an offer.

Hello Shavodrick Beaver.

April 30 - Wednesday

Informative part of the Beaver commit. Rodriguez has two athletic QBs to build his future on.


This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2008: Pryor isn't coming, Boren has left, and some academic fraud allegations sprinkled in

This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2008: Pryor isn't coming, Boren has left, and some academic fraud allegations sprinkled in

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on March 21st, 2018 at 7:02 AM


February 2008

March 3 - Monday

CFB Blogger Awards: Best Post - Analysis

Brian was off for awhile at the end of February, so he gives a recap of what’s been happening. The hockey team has scuffled a bit at the end of their season. The basketball team has had an inglorious end to their inglorious season.

CFB Blogger Awards: Best Analysis

March 4 - Tuesday

CFB Blogger Awards: Best Big 10 Blog

Hockey bracketology post. ‘M’ should be the number two overall team, but things are “jittery”.

CFB Blogger Awards: Best non-BCS Blog

March 5 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity, Terrified of Pasties. Rumors abound about some athletic/academic problems that are about to break. The rumors are:

  • A sizable number of UM athletes have been taking spring and summer term independent study courses in kinesiology and sociology under a few specific professors.


  • In the late 80s and early 90s, Michigan bent its admissions standards for athletes(!).


March 6 - Thursday


Depth chart by class.


March 7 - Friday


Unverified Voracity has Daddy Issues. Actually Terrelle Pryor has daddy issues, but otherwise his recruitment has been very quiet. He has offered some optimism by floating a possible visit but that doesn’t seem likely.


March 10 - Monday

Weekend recap. Hockey had a bye in the first weekend of the CCHA tournament, and their situation hasn’t changed much. The basketball team is struggling, and they haven’t shown much improvement throughout the year. However, Hello Zack Novak!


Unverified Voracity Snaps Depression-Era Necks. Rumors that the Comcast/BTN standoff has ended and the year old network will now be seen on many more TVs. Also, lots more about Novak.


March 11 - Tuesday


Mailbag covering how the change in offensive philosophy will affect in-state recruiting, the success of the women’s gymnastic team, and some reminiscing about the 1959 ‘M’ vs. OSU game.


Unverified Voracity is #2 because Michigan Stadium is going to be the second biggest in the country, due to university settling a lawsuit to create more handicap access seating. I’m only beginning to remember how bad 2008 was…


Also, this is an interesting note regarding the current state of basketball recruiting at Michigan:


  • Michigan is still scared to death of the Ed Martin thing from ten years ago and is running a program so squeaky-clean they've basically written themselves out of every high profile basketball recruit ever. All you need to know about Michigan's paranoia is this: Tommy Amaker was hired by Harvard and immediately ratcheted up the skeeziness.


March 12 - Wednesday


2008 Recruiting Grades. RB, WR, and TE all get an A, but QB and DL (no DEs taken) get an F.


March 13 - Thursday


Five guys who are going to be glad that Rich Rodriguez came:


5. Corey Zirbel

4. Avery Horn

3. Marcus Witherspoon

2. The DL (because Gittleson was having them eat Pizza as a condition program)

1. Sam McGuffie


Also, Brian anticipates the scourge that is clickbait:


Lists are one of the hackiest forms of writing anything, but I, too, succumb to the occasional bout of offseason glazomania.


Unverified Voracity Says Stop Breaking Bones. Matt Rust has suffered a serious injury in an on ice collision. This adds to the already injured Chad Kolarik and Scooter Vaughn.


March 14 - Friday


Five guys who are going to dislike them some Rich Rodriguez:


5. Vince Helmuth and Mark Moundros (i.e. Fullbacks)

5. The DL (because they’re going to be doing something other than eating piazza)

4. Darryl Stonum

3. Mike Massey

2. Brandon Minor

1. Ryan Mallett


Hockey playoffs are starting, and Brian tries to figure out how good Manny Harris really is.


March 16 - Sunday


The potential athletic scandal previously rumored has broken, and it is indeed lots of independent studies for athletes. MLive article.


March 17 - Monday


Brian posts a number of data points related to the independent study issue. He doesn’t seem to know what to make of it at this point.


He goes back and interrupts the data, basically concluding that he is ok with the academic helps for athletes, but especially thinks that the athletes should be able to major in their sports.


Repost of a critical piece on Harbaugh from last summer, regarding academics at ‘M’.  


Hockey update. Things are still murky regarding the NCAA tournament. They play NMU on Friday in the CCHA semi-finals.


March 18 - Tuesday


Unverified Voracity Talks About Other Things. Lots of excitement about how former WVU players (like Steve Slaton) are traveling to Michigan to work with Barwis. This did not happen with former ‘M’ players in the past.


March 19 - Wednesday


Mailbag with lots of academic discussions, and Brian defending his views.


Pryor signs with OSU.


March 20 - Thursday


Unverified Voracity is Relatively Unsurprised by Cage Fighting. Barwis was 36-0 as a cage fighter.


March 21 - Friday


2009 Recruiting Board. Lots of fun names here.


2009 Recruiting Overview. There’s a slight concern that there are no QBs yet, but there are options.


Who's left? Lots of kids, most prominently CA QB Tate Forcier and VA QB Kevin Newsome. Both are top-100 types who have spoken favorably about Michigan. Tate, of course, is Jason's little brother and is supposed to be the best of the flingin' Forcier clan (the middle brother is entering his freshman year at UCLA). Newsome showed very well at the Army All-American game. Both maintain they're open to anyone at this point. Forcier seems really interested in Penn State as well, which means 1) distance is not a factor and 2) wooo recruiting against Jay Paterno. Newsome is reportedly looking at VT hard.


Also, Jay Hopson’s influence has been immediate with lots of Mississippi offers.


March 22 - Saturday


A few, final hockey seeding notes and projections. ‘M’ can’t be worse than second overall.


March 24 - Monday


The hockey team got a very favorable draw. They play Niagara and then the winner of St. Cloud/Clarkson.


A note on hockey tickets.


A closer look at common opponents for St. Cloud and Clarkson.


March 25 - Tuesday


Unverified Voracity Fears Biff. Lots of rumors that two O-Linemen might be leaving the program. Nothing concrete yet, but Justin Boren has been mentioned as a possibility.


ESPN has rights to the hockey tournament, and this year there will be very few syndicated games. If you don’t have ESPNU, too bad.


Confirmed, Boren is gone.


March 26 - Wednesday


Mailbag covers the process of selecting tournament teams, just what Boren’s departure means, tickets for Dearborn and Flint students, and a look back at a regional game at Yost in 2002.


March 27 - Thursday


Brian tries to figure out who is responsible for West Virginia being so good this season.


West Virginia is currently in the Sweet Sixteen. Michigan would not have made the Sweet Sixteen in a seventeen team tournament that featured M versus

  1. Northwestern

  2. the 0-29 New Jersey Institute of Technology

  3. the Glendale School for Headless Boys

  4. Courtney Sims International Toughness Academy

  5. Five Separate Mounds of Animal Crackers Ranging from Six-Two to Seven-Foot-Even

  6. Mary Kate Olsen

  7. Feral Chicken State University

  8. the Armenian National Team

  9. Strippers Killed By Kwame Kilpatrick

  10. Superintelligent Mutated Algae

  11. Team Oompa-Loompa

  12. Nihilists

  13. Bill Simmons, his dad, his infant child, "J-Bug," and "House"

  14. the Knicks

  15. Avery Queen, Maurice Searight, Josh Moore, Gavin Groninger, and Jerrett Smith, aaaaand

  16. Duke.

One team is coached by John Beilein. Correction: John Beilein looks at one team with a visage of perfect exasperation and incredulity. It was recruited and assembled by Tommy Amaker. The other team was recruited and assembled by John Beilein. It is coached by Bob Huggins.

The question for beleaguered Michigan basketball fans: how much of West Virginia's current success can John Beilein take credit for? The answer is somewhere between "all" and "none."

March 28 - Friday


More Boren updates and analysis.


It sucks that Boren hated the new staff so much he wanted to transfer, and that's his prerogative. A multi-day campaign of offense against the University when the only statement it issued on the matter was a factual "Boren has left the program" is grounds for excommunication. Stone the witches!


Preview of the hockey game against Niagara.


March 29 - Saturday


Lots of good news. The hockey team beat Niagara! Top 50 OH DB Justin Turner has committed! Also, MI RB Teric Jones!


March 31 - Monday


Michigan ended up winning both games during the weekend. 5-1 against Niagara, and 2-0 against Clarkson. Game column.


Boren says the football team lacks family values, and then not only do Turner and Jones commit, but also OH S Isaiah Bell.













This Month in MGoBlog History - February 2008: Snake Oil For Sale

This Month in MGoBlog History - February 2008: Snake Oil For Sale

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on February 6th, 2018 at 6:58 AM


January 2008

February 1 - Friday

The basketball team is regressing. Brian gives a few observations from half of a particularly rough outing against Minnesota.

February 3 - Sunday

Sunday Recruitin’. Hey, Trotwood Madison might yield some great recruiting results.

February 4 - Monday

Unverified Voracity, Now with Really Long Categories and a youtube link of a Big House tour with Bo.

Monday Recruitin’ says FL QB Justin Feagin and TX WR Terrance Robinson are committed. Also, Terrelle Pryor is now likely to announce on signing day, probably.

February 5 - Tuesday

The Leopold Brothers are leaving Ann Arbor.

Tuesday Recruitin’ with lots of Pryor talk. Where will he go, when will he announce, etc. Also, Roy Roundtree has been removed from the board.

CFB Blogging award nominees.

Yep, Pryor will sign tomorrow.

Hello Patrick Omameh.

A few sources popping up that are saying Pryor will commit to Michigan. Including an OSU fan who sat next to Jerome Bettis on a plane who was in turn with Charlie Batch the night before. Sounds legit.

February 6 - Wednesday

Signing Day is here! And what a haul: FL OL Ricky Barnum, OH WR Roy Roundtree, and FL RB Michael Shaw. Also, Pryor’s commitment is off again. No word on when it will happen.

Allegedly, Pryor is leading toward Penn St.

What? Seriously? I mean... we all understand that the surest way to murder your prospects for the NFL is to get "coached" by Jay Paterno, right?

I think we're out, bizarrely. At this point Penn State is a much better option for Michigan fans, as PSU's class outside of Pryor is pretty crappy everywhere except linebacker, especially if this Shaw switch is legit (upon which more later). If there's any school in the country guaranteed to staple Pryor's butt to the bench for two years and then concoct an offensive scheme that minimizes his talents, it's Penn State.

Nick Perry has committed to USC.

Despite some wavering earlier, Shaw is for sure in. However, now there is panic over McGuffie who has not yet sent in his LOI.

Signing day recap. Rodriguez did a good job in just filling the class with anyone, let alone getting a number of highly rated, potential contributors. This is reflected in how the overall ranking was maintained throughout the coaching transition. There are concerns though that there is only one DL and three DBs.

Rodriguez presser notes. Still waiting on 1 to 3 players: Pryor, McGuffie, and Demens. But the post is updated that Demens LOI is in.

February 7 - Thursday

McGuffie LOI is in!

Is there a German word like schadenfreude that means making fun of someone else's future but it actually turns out just fine for them and then you want to forget you ever said anything in the first place? Cause that’s what happens when you write a post about how Michigan State brought in a terrible recruiting class and they’re claiming they’re going to play in the Rose Bowl and isn’t that just ridiculous? No? Ok, let’s move on.

February 8 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Takes Nine Steps, Then Shoots. Joe Tiller is not happy with Rodriguez for violating a “gentlemen’s agreement” about poaching recruits from other Big Ten programs. Brian shreds this idea. Also, FL WR Martavious Odoms still hasn’t signed and could yet join Michigan’s class.

More shredding of the gentlemen’s agreement idea. Almost every coach in the Big Ten has poached players from within the conference.

February 9 - Saturday

#1 ‘M’ hockey is in the midst of a weekend series with #2 Miami. They won the first game. A second win would really strengthen their position for the rest of the season.

February 10 - Sunday

Hello Martavious Odoms.

February 11 - Monday

The Stupidity of Hope. Boy if that doesn’t sum up the last decade. This very long post deals with Pryor and parses the various rumors and statements from the last few days.

Unverified Voracity Ducks. Lots more about snake oil and refuting arguments about Rodriguez’s dishonorable tactics. Apparently, Tiller was trying to take one of Brady Hoke’s Ball St. commits on the morning of signing day.

February 12 - Tuesday

Recruiting review of QBs and RBs. Here are  the fun YMRMFSPAs:

QB Justin Feagin : Pat White

RB Sam McGuffie : Noel Devine

RB Mike Cox : Mister Simpson

RB Michael Shaw : Antonio Pittman (although everyone expects Shaw to play WR)

February 13 - Wednesday

Recruiting review of TEs.

Brandon Moore : Mario Urrutia

Kevin Koger : Carson Butler, minus the attitude

February 14 - Thursday

Recruiting review WRs.

Darryl Stonum : Mario Manningham

Terrance Robinson : Steve Breaston

Martavious Odoms : Devin Hester

Roy Roundtree : Jason Avant, on a starvation diet

February 15 - Friday

Hockey recap of last weekend’s series with Miami and the upcoming games against a very bad LSSU team.

Brian wrote a piece for Fanhouse criticizing Alabama’s oversigning practices. This made a lot of Alabama fans mad. He responds to them here.

Unverified Voracity BEHDL DEH TOOTH. Rodriguez shocked many by holding an open, undergrad try out. Some interesting tidbits were shared.

What I can vouch for is that Barwis is amazing. His presence is absolutely terrifying, he's so incredibly motivating that even in the brief time I was there I would have done absolutely any drill he made me do as hard as I could. He's a very, very special coach - you want to do exactly as he says because you're so very sure that it'll make you better. During the suicides that we did at the end, he singled me out because I was lagging and screamed at me; I've never willed my body to go faster ever in my life. Awesome.

February 18 - Monday

The basketball team has won three straight, and there is mild excitement for the program. So much so that the court was rushed after a win against a mediocre OSU team.  

Unverified Voracity Briefly. Pryor is looking more and more like a OSU vs. PSU battle.

More back and forth with Alabama fans about oversigning.

February 19 - Tuesday

Another hockey recap. ‘M’ is now up five points on Miami in the CCHA. More importantly:

PWR Breakdown

Hokay. It's like this. By virtue of Michigan's performance to date they have locked up a tournament bid and will be no worse than a two seed no matter what happens from here on out. Michigan could go 0-6 the rest of the way and be a two seed.

Recruiting review OL:

Dann O’Neill : Jake Long

Kurt Wermers : Matt Lentz?

Elliott Mealer : Matt Stenavich?

Rocko Khoury : “uh, that other un-touted guard person”

Ricky Barnum : Rod Payne?

Patrick Omameh : ????

February 20 - Wednesday

Recruiting review DBs:

Boubacar Cissoko : Chris Houston

JT Floyd : Charles Stewart

Brandon Smith : Jamar Adams

February 21 - Thursday

Mailbag. Lots of smoke about bad news coming from the athletic department. Maybe something along the lines of players being funnelled into easy classes.

Unverified Voracity was Going to Wonder about the Sky but it’s Obviously Green. Varsity Blue looks at Rodriguez’s ‘99 Clemson team to try to determine how a big, slow, white QB (ie Threet) will perform.

February 22 - Friday

Brian is heading to NYC for a rest. Posting will be sporadic for awhile.

February 25 - Monday

Recruiting review DL and LBs:

Taylor Hill : Larry Foote

Marcus Witherspoon : Shawn Crable

JB Fitzgerald : Victor Hobson

Kenny Demens : Chris Graham

Mike Martin : Terrance Taylor