This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2007: A Spinning Coaching Carousel Ends in Rich Rodriguez

This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2007: A Spinning Coaching Carousel Ends in Rich Rodriguez

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on December 2nd, 2017 at 10:18 PM


November 2007


December 1 - Saturday

Well the month starts with an ESPN Gameday report from Kirk Herbsteit that Les Miles to Michigan with Jon Tenuta as DC is official. The rest of the month must be all about finalizing the details, right?

Wait...what? Miles has signed a contract...extension with LSU.

Yep, it’s over. Press conferences are scheduled.

Angelique was on ESPN News to say it’s over. Bill Martin didn’t talk with Miles’ agent that morning.

Press conference video. Maybe it’s not over?

More statements from Miles, these unequivocal. It’s over.

December 3 - Monday

So what happened? Best guess is that LSU gave Miles an ultimatum, but he had not gotten any assurance from Martin. Once Herbstreit broke the “Miles to Michigan” news, Miles had to commit one way or another. If that hadn’t happened so quickly, he might have had time to use his contract extension with LSU as leverage.

Schiano has not been contacted! But ‘M’ has reportedly shown interest in Brady Hoke. This can’t be believed though.

December 4 - Tuesday

Maybe Miles will be in play after the national championship game? Maybe Ron English will have a one year internship as head coach? Brian doesn’t believe that Martin was unavailable on Saturday because he was sailing. That’s too far fetched.

So Miles’ contract extension hasn’t been signed yet, so maybe there’s a sliver of a chance?

Unverified Voracity Writes Open Letters. At least encourages open letters to Martin. The fires are stoked by a letter from a former player regarding the Miles debacle. Also, no one has a clue about who will be considered next.

Profiles in Heroism: Paul Johnson.

Kirk Ferentz is the leading candidate...again.

December 5 - Wednesday

So the rumor that Martin was sailing over the weekend has been moved to “likely”.

If Martin was a president, he would be William Henry Harrison. If he was a world-changing invention, he would be a Segway. If he was a football coach, he would be Charlie Weis.

Tom Dienhart says Brady Hoke is the leading candidate, so that’s obviously wrong.

Blogpoll will be delayed for technical reasons.

Profiles in Heroism: Kirk Ferentz.

Ferentz would not be a disaster of a hire, but he would be a disappointing one. He's no more moral than dozens of coaches across the country. He's increasingly incapable of keeping the kids he recruits under control. He lost to Iowa State and Western Michigan this year. He represents the closest thing to an extension of the Carr era available out there

And now the sailing rumor has been moved to confirmed.

December 6 - Thursday

Martin says he’s following a process, and he’s confident in the direct it’s going.

For Martin to simultaneously go "well, I never!" when LSU made their dastardly offer before the agreed-upon speaking-time and claim he's being "very aggressive" is ridiculous. It's ludicrously ridiculous and many other words that end in "ous" and generally indicate something improbable.

Profiles in Heroism: Greg Schiano.

December 7 - Friday

Schiano met with Martin in New York, was basically offered, and...turned the job down.

Brian is bothered that it has come to this.

So now what? Schiano's out, Ferentz is out twice, Miles is (probably) out, and Brian Kelly is allergic to cats and Carr is demanding his pet Siamese Wuffles be appointed offensive coordinator. Or something. Jeff Tedford would probably say "thanks, but no" and Michigan is looking at... who? Brady Hoke or an interim Ron English? Someone shoot me. If it comes down to that, there's one clear choice: make a run at Miles. If that requires firing Martin, then fire Martin.

Profiles in Heroism: Chris Peterson.

Broken link to something in this post, but Brian says that if you’ve been living under a rock, stay there.

Blogpoll Week 16.

Sean Payton is a candidate? No, that’s already shot down.  

Recap of Miles interview with Dan Patrick.

December 10 - Monday

Well, Miles is in play again. Apparently, Mary Sue Coleman has gotten involved, and there is an offer on the table. The anti-Miles faction is pushing Brady Hoke.

Unverified Voracity Has Flashbacks because App St. is playing winged helmets (Delaware) in the national championship game. Also, John Wienke is looking around at other schools.

Steve Sarkisian gets mentioned, and to Brian’s delight, Jeff Tedford.

Profiles in Cronyism: Brady Hoke. There are a lot of different emotions going on in the comments that have been left over the years.

Overall Attractiveness: Awful. Awful, awful, awful. The worst possible candidate. The mere idea this guy -- who's never even been a coordinator anywhere and has his MAC team performing at a level well below the program's historical baseline -- could get the job is infuriating. Only at Michigan could this happen, and if it does I guarantee you that Bo is going to haunt the mofo that signs the contract.

December 11 - Tuesday

Despite renewed interest between ‘M’ and Miles, the LSU AD is saying no way; who would want move out of the south?

Terry Foster says Marvin Lewis is a candidate which is obviously false. This is partly because he is expected to be fired before the end of the season.

And again, Miles is no longer a candidate.

An imagined phone conversation between Miles, Martin, and Coleman.

December 12 - Wednesday

Again, what is going on? Also, Jim Grobe is a hot new rumor.

I would like to believe in the magic of smokescreens, but when a phone call with Les Miles, Mary Sue Coleman, and Bill Martin that should remain secret hits WTKA, then here, then the Free Press the problem with the search is not its obscurity but its transparency. And it's transparent that Michigan is flailing, divided amongst itself, and rapidly running out of plausible options.

December 13 - Thursday

Adrift. Here is a good recap of where things stand:

  • Carr retires, claiming the timing of said retirement has nothing to do with helping or harming anyone's chances at the job.


  • Kirk Ferentz is the first hot candidate. I still believe if he was willing to accept a paycut (and, possibly, Carrassistantpalooza) he'd be the coach and the search would have been brief. A few days after Carr retires, he's out again.


  • Les Miles is now a "done deal" for about a week.


  • ESPN and Kirk Herbsreit create the brief Miles-Tenuta era. Flowers sprout across the state. Wolves stop their eternal thirst for deer meat and sit down to have a nice cup of tea with representatives of the local ungulate population. GM announces six plant openings. Honda declares bankruptcy.


  • Sailboat Bill Martin sails on sailboat as Frantic Telephoning Agent Guy frantically telephones Sailboat Bill.


  • Miles announces he's staying at LSU. Flowers die. Honda buys ad space on Jennifer Granholm's forehead, tatoos "Suck It, America" on said forehead, crushes auto industry wholesale. Deer viscera everywhere.


  • New hot candidate: Kirk Ferentz. That dies again.


  • Actual new hot candidate: Greg Schiano, who reportedly turns down a contract offer comparable to the one he turned down from Miami last year. Reports that Schiano had tentatively accepted an offer before reversing course twist the knife.


  • Another new old hot candidate: Miles, who has a conference call with Mary Sue Coleman and Martin.


  • Miles shoots down hopes once more with a tersely-worded press release. Off camera, Skip Bertman holds a gun to his wife's head, Jack Bauer-style. Flowers die again.


  • Toyota tatoos something unspeakable on Granholm's butt. Wolves start eating people.

Andy Moeller got a DUI.

Next rumor up: Delaware head coach KC Keeler. This went so far that he had to deny reports. If anyone is interested, he is 44-11 over the last four seasons at Sam Houston St.

December 14 - Friday

And in the midst of all this, Brian decided it was a good time to switch things up and start using WordPress.

Mailbag covers Brian’s thoughts on Jim Harbaugh, Jim Grobe, and how he would have handled things if he were in charge.

Next rumor up: Rich Rodriguez. Apparently, Coleman and Martin were in Toledo negotiating with Rodriguez.

December 15 - Saturday

Rodriguez has legs.

What a weird guy to come up: Rodriguez was a WVU player under Don Nehlen, a name that may not ring bells among Michigan fans of my age or younger. Nehlen, however, was a Schembechler assistant and retains ties to the program. So he's got a tenuous connection. However: Pac Man Jones, Chris Henry, etc. If there's a guy with obvious skeletons in the closet, it's Rodriguez, who's walked a fine line with guys of questionable character at WVU.

Brian goes to WVU Scout board to find a poster who had reliable information during the Rodriguez-to-Bama deal the previous year and the Beilein hire. This guy is fed up with Rodriguez and sounds like he expects him to be gone.

Rodriguez and his agent are refusing to talk or giving unlikely excuses. WVU posters are now saying he is slightly leaning toward staying.

Now the Scout insider is saying that Rodriguez is staying.

December 16 - Sunday

John Wienke has decommitted and will likely go to Iowa.

And now message boards have fully reversed course.

The rest of the board is either getting slammed with trolls or stuff is leaking out all over the place. Bob Lichtenfels at Scout is also reporting Rodriguez to Michigan based on a phone call from OMG shirtless mobile QB recruit Terrelle Pryor. I think this might be done.

Rodriguez to Michigan is official. He met with the WVU team earlier in the day.

December 17 - Monday

WVU fans camped out at the airport and got a few (terrible) pictures of the Rodriguez family leaving. Most importantly, the pictures included Calvin Magee and Tony Gibson, obviously indicating that they will be joining Rodriguez in Ann Arbor.

More big staff news as a recruit shares that Mike Barwis will also be coming to Michigan.

Unverified Butter Voracity Time. This post hasn’t aged well with comments on Rodrigues being “Bo’s last gift to the program”, he will adapt to Ryan Mallett, and he will be here for more than three years.

Profiles in Heroism: Rich Rodriguez.

Overall Attractiveness: There were three, maybe four, obvious A-list candidates who seemed feasible going into the year: Miles, Tedford, Rodriguez, and possibly Schiano. After flailing about for a solid month, they locked down an A-list candidate. There are no complaints from this sector. There is an apology pending.

Rodriguez is everything a Michigan fan could want in a hire; to get him after the month-long disappointment train that was the coaching search is manna from heaven.

Along with Magee and Gibson, Rodriguez also wants to retain Jeff Casteel, Bruce Tall, and Bill Stewart.

Buy shirts!

December 18 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Replaces Signs. Apparently, Rodriguez would have stayed at WVU if certain demands were met. These were fairly reasonable, but the athletic department did not agree.

Recruiting recap. The class has been kept together very well; however, all uncommitted prospects have faded away. The biggest news is Terrelle Pryor.

When Rodriguez left for Michigan, Pryor might have been the first guy to know. Pryor called up Bob Lichtenfels, told him the news, and said "put Michigan on my list." Some low-level internet buzz suggests he's not just interested, but likely to commit.

Basketball Recruiting. MI F Jordan Morgan has committed. It is also likely that SG Laval Lucas-Perry will transfer from Arizona.

December 19 - Wednesday

Apparently, there were rumors on WVU boards that Rodriguez would still come back. These have been put to rest with his immediate firing (his resignation was effective January 3).

Brian’s behind on his day.

K’len Morris is transferring from the basketball team.  

Brian culls other blogs for Rodriguez reaction. It’s a lot of sour grapes, which is retrospect sound sadly prophetic.

December 20 - Thursday

Brian gives an introspective, self-depreciating post as an apology and recap of the events of the last month.

A question: was this blog useful at all during the coaching search?

The traffic numbers indicate that it was at least interesting, but in the end the stuff on this blog couldn't have been more wrong. There was a ten minute window during which

  • MGoBlog had a post in which it noted the WVU message boards had done a sudden 180, and

  • said 180 had not reached the mainstream media.

If you managed to visit the blog in this brief window you had accurate insight into Michigan's next coach you could not have gotten elsewhere. The cost was a nonstop avalanche of stuff that induced panic, made Bill Martin a sailboat pariah, and made everyone depressed for the better part of a month.

Then, bam: Rodriguez! Don't we all look foolish. Most especially me.

 December 21 - Friday

To everyone’s surprised, Rodriguez has fired all current assistant coaches. Maybe Steve Stripling will be retained.

Brian’s Christmas and New Year schedule.

A “stocking stuffer” post of various Michigan college football articles. Also, Varsity Blue reports that Fred Jackson will be retained.

December 27 - Thursday

Content for the rest of the month will be delayed by a day.

December 29 - Saturday

UFR: Offense vs. OSU.

What does it mean for Florida?

If Henne is not healthy we have no chance. If he playing at his apex we have a shot. Our running game is uncreative and full of fail and, like everything Mike Debord does, makes babies cry. We should use our killer wideouts and attack the Florida secondary, the Gators' weak point, but we might have to do so with the burned out husk of Henne or Mallett's suck festival.

December 30 - Sunday

UFR: Defense vs. OSU. Big day from Tim Jamieson with a +7.

December 31 - Monday

Florida Preview.

Loss will cause me to... UFR WVU games.

Win will cause me to... UFR WVU games.

The strictures and conventions of sportswriting compel me to predict:

We lose bad. This team has been disjointed and disinterested most of the year, and now they know they're in this bowl they don't deserve to be in against a team that's probably a lot better than them; the coaching staff is getting replaced wholesale, to boot.

And we're playing some sort of awful hybrid Michigan kryptonite, and it's a 100% road game, and it appears that one or both of Hart/Henne will not be 100%. Woo! Shoot me.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • 4 Michigan fans attend.

  • They're pretty pissed off.

  • Florida, 35-17.

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2007: Goodbye, Lloyd Carr

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2007: Goodbye, Lloyd Carr

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on November 13th, 2017 at 10:48 PM


October 2007

November 1 - Thursday

A pretty boring recruiting post. Given the coming coaching situation, it’s not surprising that there aren’t any recruits on the board right now who would end up in the class.

UFR: Defense vs. Minnesota. The use of a “5-3-1-7 tech split” and the 3-3-5 seem inadvisable given how poorly they have defended the run. Good days from both Johnson and Taylor with +7 each.

A long copy paste from The Victors message board regarding stadium finances.

November 2 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Clarifies the OMD. Hart and Henne are both doubtful for MSU on Saturday. Also, apparently there was a Russian company on the field during the last game to measure decibels.

Preview: Michigan State.  

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart plays.


  • Henne... doesn't.


  • Prediction One (With Henne, Hart): 35-10, Michigan.

  • Prediction Two (Without Henne, Hart): 21-13, Michigan.

  • Prediction Three(With Hart, Without Henne): 28-13, Michigan

November 3 - Saturday

Michigan State open thread.

Michigan beat Michigan State 28-24. WH highlights part 1 and part 2.

November 4 - Sunday

A schadenfreude Notre Dame post Brian copy/pasted.

November 5 - Monday

Michigan State torrent.

Unverified Voracity Shows You How to Win including pictures of a giant “Bow Down Sparty” sign that was hung in Spartan Stadium at the end of the game.

Michigan State game column.

Caulcrick forgot one thing: Chad Henne is a robot.

On the last two drives he was 12-14 for 129 yards, flinging wide open outs, finding Mathews on a critical third and long, and looping perfect touchdown passes to Greg Mathews and Mario Manningham. He was ruthless, precise, and busy calculating digits of pi deep into the millions. He has a heart of nails and lungs made from old tires; his hair consists of pipe cleaners cropped short and his bones are discarded pipes. You have to whack him in just the right spot at just the right time to get his late-model Soviet guidance chip to seat itself in his shoddy southeast Asian motherboard.

New Shirts!

November 6 - Tuesday

The old Blogspot site seems to disappear here. This next post just redirects to a Youtube video? Anyway, back to the modern site...

Spartans, Your Profession is “Loser”. This post looks about as as you would expect ten years later.

Blogpoll Ballot Week Ten.

Unverified Voracity Isn’t Missing Anything. Should Hart and Henne be held out against Wisconsin in order to be ready for OSU? Probably not, but they might be out anyway.

November 7 - Wednesday

Revised Blogpoll Ballot.

Blogpoll Week 10.

UFR: Defense vs. MSU. A good day from Terrance Taylor and Shawn Crable, but overall things were a little scarier than one would hope.

November 8 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity Wants Blood, Penalties. Things are humming along on the coaching front.

Astute (== not in coma) readers may have noticed a long hiatus in the "Profiles In Heroism" series; this is mostly because further explorations of the coaching pool seem utterly pointless given the sustained buzz about Miles to Michigan. Thus weekly evaluations of LSU.

UFR: Offense vs. MSU.


Robot Henne, Mike Hart's one good leg, and Mario. And Long, always Long.


Evil Henne, Mike Hart's one bad leg, and Mario. And OH MY GOD CARSON BUTLER BLOCK SOMEBODY. Seriously, I would not be surprised to see a lot of Criswell coming up. We don't really need a dynamic receiver at TE. We do need someone who can block.

November 9 - Friday

Vicious Electronic Questioning: Wisconsin with Bruce Ciskie. UW has a lot of injuries, most notably RB P.J. Hill. And their safeties are supposed to be terrible.

Preview: Wisconsin.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Michigan racks up five sacks.

  • Hart gets 15 carries.

  • Michigan, 28-20.

Unverified Voracity A Snake A Snake. The Sparty statue got spray painted.

I love "unknown assailant," like Sparty is going to need counseling about this or something.

November 10 - Saturday

Wisconsin beat Michigan 37-21. Highlights.

Wisconsin open thread.

November 12 - Monday

Wisconsin game column. So Henne and Hart were mostly kept out of the game.

Could either have played? Absolutely. If Wisconsin was Ohio State they both would have, but it was not and they did not. You can debate the wisdom of this move, but not the result: the Wisconsin game was a glorified exhibition to Michigan. Both lines took their cues from the stars on the sidelines and took the game off. So did Ryan Mallett's brain. The kick coverage team, way ahead of the curve, continued its season-long vacation. In ways literal and metaphorical, Michigan did not show up.

Brian has sources that say Carr’s retiring is official and will be announced after the OSU game.

November 13 - Tuesday

Blogpoll Ballot Week 11.

Mailbag. How to honor Lloyd at the stadium? Does Mallett not play well with his teammates?

Brian is under some fire for posting that Carr will be retiring. It looks like it was specifically from Rivals. However, others like the Ann Arbor News are citing the post without attribution.

Unverified Voracity Gears Up with lots of info on the upcoming OSU game.

November 14 - Wednesday

Blogpoll Ballot Week 11 Updated.

UFR: Offense vs. Wisconsin. This was the worst game by a QB in UFR history, but hey! DeBord called a good game.

Blogpoll Week 11.

Apparently there was a Bow Down Sparty shirt.

Unverified Voracity Ministers Information that everything is just fine at LSU, Miles is happy and will never be going anywhere...probably.

November 15 - Thursday

UFR: Defense vs. Wisconsin. A rough day. The only bright spot was Terrance Taylor with a +8. On the opposite side, Obi Ezeh came in with a -7.

Ohio State: Where Even Smart People are Dumb. An OSU economic professor tries to debunk common college football statements.

Picture Pages: Reach Blocking Fails.

Vicious Electronic Questioning: Ohio St. with Tom Orr.

November 16 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Directs Traffic. The timing of Carr’s retirement might give a hint about who the next coach will be (say, if there’s a candidate who is in the midst of a national championship run).

Preview: Ohio St.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • I've already provided plenty of predictions specific enough to look dumb later.

  • So leave me be.

  • Ohio State, 27-20.

Empire of the Fallen.

I am done thinking. Michigan is listless in the last days of a dying empire, but Mike Hart will run out of the tunnel and I will believe until I can't or I don't have to anymore. Go Blue.

Minivoracity with a couple links on the legacy of the senior class. Also, reports are that Hart is pessimistic about playing, but Brian is confident that Hart wouldn’t miss this game.

November 17 - Saturday

Ohio St. beat Michigan 14-3. Highlights.

Ohio St. Open Thread.

November 19 - Monday

Lloyd’s retirement is official. Players were told on Sunday afternoon.

Link to the retirement press.

Ohio St. Game Column.

Carr was stubborn, arrogant, and loyal to a fault. There is no Carr coaching tree because the program is inbred.

He was a tireless advocate for his players and his program. Last November I sat in Michigan Stadium and listened to him eulogize Bo and wanted no one else to coach Michigan.

There is an obvious split here. The first section is about Carr the coach; the second about Carr the man. I'll miss him sometimes, but mostly on Monday, not Saturday.

Unverified Voracity is Buried in the Backfield, nevermind that’s Chad Henne who is buried as the entire OL wiffs. Also, lots of talk about Miles and how the timing is going to work. His hiring very much seems like a foregone conclusion at this point.

November 20 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Disassembles and parses Carr’s retirement presser. Also some Bill Martin shots at Harbaugh. Currently it seems like Michigan might be asking Miles to commit to coming after the SEC championship game.

Links to the eulogy of Bo that Lloyd gave last year.

Mailbag covering Bill Cowher and when should Lloyd have retired.

Blogpoll Ballot Week 12.

November 21 - Wednesday

New favorite internet rumor...Kirk Ferentz! Brian evaluates and rejects.

Unverified Voracity Builds a Culture of Stupids. The coordinators are going to be interviewed and DeBord is defending his record at CMU.

Maybe this would be slightly plausible if Debord had been forced out at CMU, but he did not. He packed up his 12-34 record and quit, quit like a little girl whose piano lessons are too hard.

Blogpoll Week 12.

LSU seems to have conceded losing Miles. Their AD said that in the event that Miles leaves, they would like him to coach through the national championship game.

Another post on mainstream media vs. blogs and how badly the former handles rumors.

November 25 - Sunday

Brian confidently says that Ferentz has been offered. Also, Lloyd has contacted the GVSU AD about Brian Kelly. Also, Notre Dame has contacted GVSU about Brian Kelly.

November 26 - Monday

Now it sounds like Ferentz has accepted.

Game column for two ‘M’ hockey victories from the weekend.

And...maybe Brian was too hasty about Ferentz.

November 27 - Tuesday

But on the other hand, flight tracker has a flight from Willow Run to Cedar Rapids.

Unverified Voracity Talks About Other Stuff including hockey recruiting and why the band was quieter this year.

No one was aboard the plane yesterday; just a coincidence.

Ferentz’s weekly press conference has been canceled which may or may not be legit. Also, Fred Jackson is a candidate for the Duke head coaching job. So obligatory joke goes: Fred Jackson is Mike Krzyzewski

 November 28 - Wednesday

Blogpoll will be delayed.

Ferentz is out, so back to Miles.

We'll see; he has support from a lot of important people but obviously not the most important one who's not Bill Martin: Lloyd Carr. The Ferentz thing is a solid indicator of that. (And, yes, there was most definitely a Ferentz thing getting pushed very hard by Carr and others -- this is "Ferentz is no longer a candidate," not "was never.")

November 29 - Thursday

Michigan has requested permission to speak to Miles.

A significant number of people have sent in the same story: there is an old guard at Michigan strongly opposed to Miles' candidacy, while younger folk, big money donors, and those not as closely connected to the current regime support it. I get stuff from people on side A skeptical about Miles' chances; I get stuff from people on side B saying it's done. Like, done-done-done and going to be announced Monday. I lean towards the latter, and expect Miles will be the guy in a few days.

Blogpoll Week 13.

Unverified Voracity Has Permission. Michigan can talk to Miles after the SEC championship game. However, all the details could be worked out before that with intermediaries.

November 30 - Friday

Miles has told his players that he is leaving for Michigan. Brian puts it happening at 90%.

Coaching search recap.

It seems that Bo was always fond of Les, recalling Miles visiting him after his open heart surgery in his book. If Moeller had coached another 5-10 years, Miles would have been the successor (either directly promoted as a UofM assistant or from Oklahoma State/Dallas Cowboys) with Bo's public blessing. If we're talking anywhere between 2000-2005, Lloyd probably would have been too old at that point to start a head coaching tenure. Lloyd actually interviewed for the Wisconsin job after the '89 season, but the job went to Barry Alvarez.

The upshot: given everything out there at the moment, I would be very surprised if it was anyone other than Miles; the aggressive timeline is a bit shakier given what looks like real resistance to the idea from some camps in the athletic department.

IMO: Miles expects an offer and will take it if he gets one; he told the team as much. Pro-Miles people in the AD expect to offer him Sunday after the SECCG and announce early in the week; Anti-Miles people in the AD are hoping to delay, interview some other guys, and possibly find someone else.

This Month in MGoBlog History - October 2007: Maybe this Defense will Turn Out Okay

This Month in MGoBlog History - October 2007: Maybe this Defense will Turn Out Okay

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on October 15th, 2017 at 10:02 PM


September 2007


On Saturday, September 29 Michigan beat Northwestern 28-16. WH Highlights.

October 1 - Monday

Northwestern game post.

When Mike Debord plays rock-paper-scissors, he always picks rock.

Rock totally beats scissors. Why would anyone pick anything else? Sure, occasionally someone will throw his own rock, but this is Michigan. We can out-execute their rock. And there are rumors of this thing called "paper". Apparently it beats rock, which seems darned unsporting, but Mike Debord will believe that when Mike Debord sees it. We can probably out-execute paper, too. Some people will hypothesize that the potential existence of paper warrants the occasional scissors throw, but only three things can happen when you throw scissors and two of them are bad. The idea of throwing "paper" is to be regarded with naught but scorn. Oooh, a Snickers bar! Mike Debord likes Snickers and will let pet monkey Bonzo call a series as he enjoys a candy bar.

Hey, Bonzo scored a touchdown. Now we're ahead. Let's go back to rock. Rock beats scissors.

Rock, rock. Definitely rock. Rock. Judge Wapner's on at ten.

Best Unverified Voracity Ever because Brian met Zoltan Mesko’s parents. Picture included in the post.

The Michigan vs. Purdue game will be on BTN. In case you didn’t read any of this diary series from the summer, BTN is still a hard to find thing.

October 2 - Tuesday

Tuesday Recruitin’ serves as the Kenny Demens Hello Post.

Blogpoll Ballot Week 4.

October 3 - Wednesday

Blogpoll Ballot Week 4 Updated.

Blogpoll Week 4.

UFR: Offense vs. Northwestern. Bad OL play and even worse playcalling.

Can you express my seething rage in a numerical fashion?


  • Average yards on first down passes: 8.7.

  • Average yards on first down runs: 1.6.

  • Number of first down passes: 14.

  • Number of first down runs: 16.

October 4 - Thursday

UFR: Defense vs. Northwestern. Big days from Terrance Taylor and Shawn Crable. ‘M’ gave up lots of yards, but the player grades were mostly positive. The players were not helped by the implementation of a 3-3-5 designed to stop the running spread offense, but which in fact fell flat. Relatedly, Don Brown was currently in a conference-winning season with UMASS.

Unverified Voracity, Cowed By Birth. One of the NU lineman who just dominated ‘M’s Oline is being ranked as the 2nd best junior DTs, so that’s...good?

For some reason there was the possibility that some of the 2007 games would have to be forfeited? The MGOBlue link doesn’t work any more. Anyone remember this?  

October 5 - Friday

Preview vs. EMU.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Mike Hart sets the record at the end of the first quarter.


  • 6 sacks.


  • 42-17, Michigan.

Coaching Candidate: Les Miles. There is a lot to like with Miles, but also a number of concerns.

Potential Catches: There are many. One: the maelstrom of rumor and innuendo suggesting that Miles is a nefarious win-at-all-costs type who will tie Michigan's virtue to the train tracks and skitter off into the night.

October 6 - Saturday

EMU Open Thread.

Michigan defeated Eastern Michigan 33-22. Highlights.

October 7 - Sunday

Florida Game Post. Ah...that’s the post for LSU’s game from Saturday. Yep, that’s where things were in 2007.  

Miles and his staff were brilliant in one of the marquee games of the season, and LSU is #1.

I am sold. I will sign on the line that is dotted. Get some coffee, Les.

Harbaugh also beat USC the day before, but Miles seems too good to pass up at this point.

October 8 - Monday

Videos of players post EMU press conferences.

Unverified Voracity Welcomes Wontario. Lots of chatter that Miles has always been a Michigan man no matter where he coached and that he would take the job if offered, no matter what he says.

Blogpoll Ballot Week 6.

October 9 - Tuesday

Tuesday Recriutin’ has a few good notes about NJ S Brandon Smith.

Unverified Voracity Needs Tickets. The Illinois game is going to be at night and not on BTN. Brian needs some tickets though.

October 10 - Wednesday

Blogpoll Week 5.

UFR: Offense vs. EMU. Not great, but not terrible. Stephen Schilling and Justin Boren struggled with Jason Jones all day. The latest theory on Debord:

he's setting up foes down the road by actively trying to look like a predictable idiot. Then Michigan ditches the staid stuff in the big games. This might explain both Michigan's tendency to play down to its opponent and its typically better than expected results against top competition.

October 11 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity Rides the Short Bus. Basketball media day has lots of quotes that reveal the terrible condition of the program in the final year of Amaker. Also, Harbaugh quoted Bo’s “Team” phrase after the USC win; this is particularly grating after his comments from the summer.

UFR: Defense vs. EMU. The defense...might be coming together finally. Several personnel changes seem to have made a big change since the beginning of the year. Morgan Trent led the way in this game with a +6.

October 12 - Friday

Purdue Preview.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart: 35-208-2


  • We yield one ugly, long touchdown.


  • 32-27, Michigan.

META Post. Brian now owns “”. He is planning to move the blog to a new hosting site next summer.

Unverified Voracity is Shoddy, Quick. Les Miles hires assistants based on their ability to strategize and how much their players like playing for them. What a novel idea. Also, more comments from basketball players about how terrible the culture was the previous season.

October 13 - Saturday

Purdue Open Thread.

Michigan beat Purdue 48-21. WH Highlights.

Not sure what is going on with this post. I guess trying to launch a Hart for Heisman campaign.

October 14 - Sunday

Link to a torrent of the Purdue game.

Press conference videos.

October 15 - Monday

Unverified Voracity and Stuff. Michigan's defense is improving in part because the team is second in the nation in forcing turnovers. Not necessarily a sustainable stat.

Purdue Game Post. Perhaps the first appearance of Henri?

It's nice not to suck. It is. But we've seen this script before. It ends poorly. To get excited is to be vulnerable; caution and forced boredom is the order of the day. I am buying a beret and some urchins to smash upon my tummy. I will watch some reality television and complain about the weather. I may remark on the fact that the urchins these days don't taste as good as urchins used to. No quality in these urchins.

It's a front, but it's a useful one. Otter Lucy is holding the otterball for Otter Charlie Brown; get back to me in November to see whether we rush towards the cliff, hopes aloft, in 2007.

The Minnesota game is going to be on ESPN Classic. An effective BTN can’t come too soon.

Mike Hart is expected to play this coming Saturday after hurting his ankle in the first half of the Purdue game.

Blogpoll Ballot Week 7.

October 16 - Tuesday

Injuries were so rampant that they got their own post with spreadsheet.

Tuesday Recruitin’ is concerned because Sam McGuffie has been seen wearing a USC hat.

Unverified Voraci--DUCK IT’S CREEPILY TAN SKELETOR. In other words, Lindsay Lohan is wearing a ‘M’ sweatshirt.

Blogpoll Ballot Week 7 Updated.

October 17 - Wednesday

Blogpoll Week 6.

UFR: Offense vs. Purdue. It was great. Everything went well. In particular, Carlos Brown looks like he could be set to take over for Hart.

October 18 - Thursday

Content will be late today!

UFR: Defense vs. Purdue. Brandon Graham has turned into the best player on this defense and that was evident in this game with a +8.

Unverified Voracity, Saturday at Noon. Mike Hart might be good to go for the next game, maybe.

Sam McGuffie is on national television, so liveblog!

October 19 - Friday

Vicious Electronic Questioning, but since there is no Illinois blog to speak of at this point, it’s with Black Heart, Gold Pants. Illinois has just played Iowa.

Preview: Illinois.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart does play a bit, mostly on third downs as a blitz pickup guy.


  • Henne busts 300 yards and hits a season-high in attempts.


  • 31-21, Michigan.

Maybe Hart is out; maybe Juice Williams is out. Either way the line on the game is moving all over the place.

Unverified Voracity Defends Rock. Brian has to defend himself for not criticizing Les Miles for a game theory decision that everyone believes he would have criticized Lloyd for.

There are still conflicting reports about Hart. Ultimately, Brian thinks he is either out or severely limited.

On Saturday, October 20 Michigan beat 27-17. WH highlights.

October 21 - Sunday

Illinois liveblog.

Illinois torrent.

October 22 - Monday

Illinois game post.

Not so impressed was the person accompanying me, a baseball enthusiast at her first football game with little tolerance for the ad-hoc and often arcane set of rules cobbled together to make the sport clatter along without imploding. (Attempting to explain what, exactly, constituted holding proved too baffling a concept for both explainer and explain-ee; eventually I just said it was like pornography -- I knew it when I saw it -- and left it at that.) To her, the whole series of events that had just transpired was sordid and cheap and wide receivers can throw the ball? So why don't they throw it always? And what's with the random events? Where is the storyline? Why is this so ugly? Etc etc etc.

More LSU analysis. Miles passed up the a game winning field goal to take a shot at the endzone. Brian defends him.

October 23 - Tuesday

Mailbag says Brian was too negative after the Illinois game.  

Blogpoll Ballot Week 8.

October 24 - Wednesday

Blogpoll Week 8.

UFR: Defense vs. Illinois. A big day for Shawn Crable, and in general, the defense has come a long way since Appalachian St.

October 25 - Thursday

UFR: Offense vs. Illinois. Mallett is struggling and Stephen Schilling hasn’t been playing particularly well.

Unverified happy because channel 7 will also be carrying the Minnesota game this weekend. Also, ominous rumors about the maturity of Ryan Mallett:

FWIW, I've also received a couple notes along these lines, one about as well-sourced as these things get. The situation here is precarious; without a major attitude adjustment things could be very sketchy at quarterback next year.

October 26 - Friday

Preview: Minnesota.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • No Hart, no Henne, no Manningham.


  • No problem.


  • 38-14, Michigan.

Unverified Voracity Not Charged with Felony. Actually it’s Manningham who wasn’t charged with a felony from a traffic stop over the summer.

October 27 - Saturday

Minnesota Open Thread.

Michigan beat Minnesota 34-10. WH highlights.

October 28 - Sunday

Minnesota game torrent.

October 29 - Monday

Unverified Voracity’s Running Around in Hurricane Katrina.  David Cone completed a pass at the end of the Minnesota game, and Minnesota coach Tim Brewster was not happy with Lloyd. Turns out this won’t be his last spat with a Michigan head coach.

Minnesota game column. Comments in the game thread were aflame. This was so bad that it elicited an apology to Brian.

I wanted to drop you an apology for the flame war that took place in the game comment thread. I got pretty pissed off at something that was said and unleashed a barrage of f-bombs and inappropriate insults. I know you like to keep that stuff to a minimum. I know you'll end up deleting the posts, but please don't ban me. It won't happen again. I won't comment for a few days and will come back with a clean mouth and without the anger.


The university is under scrutiny because there is allegedly not enough handicap access in the stadium.  

October 30 - Tuesday

Blogpoll Ballot Week 9.

A long post on Lloyd’s career against different levels of opponents, and compared to other coaches.

Unverified Voracity Suddenly Hates Cartoons. Hart says he is going to play on Saturday against MSU.

October 31 - Wednesday

Blogpoll ballot updated.

Blogpoll Week 9.

UFR will be coming this afternoon.

UFR: Offense vs. Minnesota. Mallett is still struggling. Thankfully, RB looks in good shape for ‘08 with the combination of Minor and Brown.  

This Month in MGoBlog History - September 2007: Kittens, so Many Kittens

This Month in MGoBlog History - September 2007: Kittens, so Many Kittens

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on September 21st, 2017 at 7:10 PM


August 2007

September 1 - Saturday

Michigan lost to Appalachian St. 34-32. Highlights.

Appalachian St. open thread.

September 2 - Sunday

Aww look, a post with kittens.

More kittens!

Kittens in cups.

Um, another kitten.


A note from a former life.

a couple complaints about yesterday's technical difficulties. if you're an non-michigan fan, whatever. if you're a michigan fan... sorry. but what is there to say?...the internet is not your friend. i'll be back tuesday.

now... KITTENS!

September 4 - Tuesday

Emo week on MGoBlog. Ten years later it’s hard to tell what this meant, but I’ve heard rumors that the blog was pink for a week?

Unconditional Surrender.

Let the record show that Lloyd Carr never learns, and that you are right. We suck. We promise not to hope or expect anything except misery until someone named Tedford or Rodriguez or Schiano is coaching the team and to regard all good events as mere preludes to a fall. We are a defeated people. Give us your treaty. We will sign it.

A UFR is coming. I’m surprised this happened.

September 5 - Wednesday

UFR: Offense vs. Appalachian St.

Blogpoll Week 1.

September 6 - Thursday

Brian spilled liquid on his keyboard. He’s having problems.

UFR: Defense vs. Appalachian St. Here’s the first touchdown:

Ugh. Johnny Sears(-1) turns his hips to the outside as this guy fakes going on a fade route and then cuts it back for a little slant designed to get the first down. Stevie Brown(-5) takes the worst angle in the history of angles, waving at this kid's ankles and turning an eight-yard first down into a touchdown. Welcome to Michigan Safety Hell. (CA, 3, cover -3)

September 7 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Re-Emerges. Lovely quotes…

Aigh. USA Today talks to the Appalachian State coach. Quotes of interest/disgust follow. How easy are we to prepare for?

Coaches and players did not begin looking at video of Michigan until the third week of August, Moore said.


<Brian - Maybe our DTs should have done lots better?>


"My center (Brett Irvin) is a redshirt freshman who hasn't played a game in more than a year. Will he be able get any movement on their tackles? And he hadn't played in front of more than 15,000 people."


<Brian - Do we not have a dime package?>


"We noticed that four- and five-wideout sets caused matchup problems for" Michigan's secondary, Jackson said. "It enabled us to create gaps in the defense."

Preview: Oregon.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Oregon goes with the neon yellow helmets, green jerseys, and white pants.


  • Henne looks much better, like 65% plus Manningham touchdown better.


  • 34-32, Oregon.

A closer look at a blocked field goal from the previous week. Who was culpable, Shawn Crable or Greg Banks?

September 8 - Saturday

Oregon open thread. Also, Brian’s appearances on channel 4 got canceled.

Michigan lost to Oregon 39-7. Highlights.

The Sweet Morphine of Low Expectations.  

So I'm all out of rage. The reaction at this point: whatever. Who's the next coach? For the first time since 1968, Michigan is going to go looking; chances are the next guy isn't currently working at a MAC school. Unless it's Brady Hoke. Maybe he can bring back Stan Parrish! Oh, the tingly bits are tingling at the mere possibility.

One thing: yes, Les Miles is back on the table. I know I wrote a big long post claiming he was not a candidate for anything, and I still remain fairly skeptical, but a large portion of the "not a candidate for anything" post rested on the dual assumptions that

  • Michigan would not be looking for a drastic change in the tenor of the program, and

  • Lloyd Carr's personal enmity would be a major negative.

IE: it was written in the expectation that Carr was going out on a high note instead of as Bump Elliot with a national title. Obviously this is not the case and Carr's opinion is likely to carry little weight with an athletic director already inclined towards national searches that acquire proven winners instead of, say, Mike DeBord. So Miles is no longer a longshot. I got a solid tip from someone claiming that he would jump at the job if offered, FWIW, and his public non-statements in the past week about the Michigan job tend to reinforce that vision. He has a specific $1.2 million buyout for Michigan, but that's nothing. Someone will step forward and donate that much if it comes to that.

September 10 - Monday

Game post: Oregon.

Bo is dead.

And, apparently, when he died the spirit of the program went with him. I don't know where it went. Probably Tibet. There is probably a 9-month-old child somewhere in Tibet who has the spirit of the Michigan football program. What a dick, hoarding all that spirit we need. I hope his yak butter goes rancid. But here we are.

Ten years later, I didn’t remember how much of a death knell the Oregon game was for Lloyd’s career. While his retirement was a hot and constant rumor, this game seems to have confirmed what will happen at the end of the year. So, here is the first look at a potential replacement: Jeff Tedford. He was known for offensive prowess and creating star QBs who subsequently flopped in the NFL (Aaron Rodgers notwithstanding). 2007 would be the beginning of the end for Tedford at Cal. He is currently in his first year as head coach at Fresno St.

September 11 - Tuesday

Grumpy mailbag. Brian got some criticism for being so down after the first two weeks, so he has changed the blog theme from Emo week to Emu week because, after all, ‘M’ plays Notre Dame and Jimmy Clausen next.

Blogpoll Ballot Week 2.

Unverified Vor--CRIPPLE FIGHT! ND fans are chirping about how their program isn’t as bad as ours. Also, Les Miles is already having to take questions about the ‘M’ job.

September 12 - Wednesday

ND blogs are very upbeat and positive about Jimmy Clausen. They shouldn’t be.

Blogpoll Week 2.

Both UFRs will be coming tomorrow.

September 13 - Thursday

A couple guest commentators offer their thoughts on how to stop the spread. It’s amazing the journey the Michigan fanbase will take with the spread offense from 2007 (and a few games before App St.) until Denard left in 2012.

UFR: Offense vs. Oregon. A lot of time is spent looking at Ryan Mallett. Henne was hurt during the game, and it’s possible he will be out 2-3 weeks.

Vicious Electronic Questioning with House Rock Built on the upcoming game with ND. His thought is that if the ND offense can do enough, the defense can win them the game.

September 14 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Goes Back to the Well. George W. Bush’s numbers on Iraq have improved, and this is compared to ‘M’ beating ND. Can it really be considered an improvement?

...I mean, ouch. Yeah. In this metaphor Jeff Tedford = Barack Obama; Mike Debord = Hillary Clinton, by the way.

UFR: Defense vs. Oregon. This one is rough too. -9 for Chris Graham; -6 for both safties Jamar Adams and Brandon Harrison.

Preview: Notre Dame.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart beats Notre Dame to death with their own limbs. Also goes for 165 and two touchdowns.


  • Mallett throws two picks; so does Jimmah.


  • 24-17, Michigan.

September 15 - Saturday

Notre Dame Open Thread.

Michigan beat Notre Dame 38-0. WH highlights 1. Part 2.  And of course, Yakety Sax version.

September 16 - Sunday

Post game player’s press conference videos.

Separate post for the yakety sax highlight video, aka the Jimmy Clausen Heisman campaign.

September 17 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’. So far most of the 2008 class remains solid despite the losses and the coaching rumors. Also, NJ LB JB Fitzgerald has been moved to committed.

Game Column: Notre Dame. Notre Dame is bad, so this game isn’t indicative of much. Also, a picture of Russell Crowe in a ‘M’ hat from the game.

Unverified Voracity Unveils the Time Portal. Henne isn’t on the two deep for the PSU game, and the shine is wearing off the star of Kirk Ferentz’s coaching candidacy.

Blogpoll Ballot Week 3.

September 18 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Blows up the Five Year Myth. Johnny Sears has apparently failed a drug test and is off the team.

Blogpoll Roundtable.

3. We're only three games in to the season, but teams and storylines are starting to take shape. Compare your team to a character or theme from a fable or children's tale.

Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall.

Lloyd makes it sound like Henne is practicing.

September 19 - Wednesday

Blogpoll Week 3.

UFR: Offense vs. Notre Dame. All things are looking great with Mallett.

Also (not to go all NDNation on you): the kid has an infectious confidence. His joy for the game that was a delight to see when I reviewed the tape. With Hart gone after the year, Michigan will need a focal point and he seems like the kind of kid to take up that mantle.

Vicious Electronic Questioning with Penn St. blog Run Up the Score.

September 20 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity is The New Yorker with lots of cartoons. One of the contributing factors to the woes of this season is the ‘04 defense recruits.

These are the guys who are contributing in any way:

  • starting DT Terrance Taylor

  • Nickelback Brandon Harrison.

Yuck. (If you want to count Marques Slocum in this class, it's likely he contributes something eventually, but not now.) The rest of the defenders:


  • OLB Chris McLaurin: moved to TE.

  • DE Eugene Germany: knucklehead. Off team.

  • DE James McKinney: transfer to Louisville after undisclosed medical issue.

  • CB Chris Richards: booted in aftermath of St Patrick's Day Nerd Massacre.

  • CB Johnny Sears: booted for never covering anyone failing a drug test.


Mmm, that's ugly.

UFR: Defense vs. Notre Dame. Shawn Crable and Brandon Graham led the way with +7 each.

September 21 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Hates Them Hates Them aaaah. Hockey is going to be on BTN. Still no idea if Henne will be playing against PSU.

Preview: Penn St.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart: 35-180-2


  • Four sacks, two interceptions of Morelli.


  • 23-14, Michigan.

September 22 - Saturday

Penn St. Open Thread.

Michigan beat Penn St. 14-9. WH highlights.

September 23 - Sunday

Post game press conference videos.


September 24 - Monday

Game column: Penn St. Mallett played and was 8/9 in the second half, but the story was Mike Hart.

Mike Hart does not care. He does not care that he is the size of Toad and runs about as fast as Richard Nixon, who is dead. He does not care that Michigan ruined everything the first two games of the season as he rode a bike on the sideline. He does not care that some people think he should shut up. He does not care that his legs are on someone else's legs and there is no possible way he can worm the ball to the goal line. It takes someone like this to pull you back from despair and ennui, to turn emo week into something other than emo year.

Also, MGoBlog has made some advancements in the last ten years.

  • UFR will be Wed-Thurs this week if all goes well... I forgot to tape it and the MGoVideo guy's kid changed the channel. So tape is delayed but coming.

Unverified Voracity is Looking at Your Face, Promise because new cheerleading uniforms give options. Also, potential top NHL pick Luke Moffat has committed.

Monday Recruitin’. PA QB Terrelle Pryor has dropped dropped us. TN CB JT Floyd is a soft Tennessee commit but has scheduled an official to ‘M’.

September 25 - Tuesday

Mailbag featuring another contribution from an intelligent guy named Alan Weymouth. Are you still out there Alan? Also, someone asks if Brady Hoke really shouldn’t be considered as a coaching candidate.

Blogpoll Ballot Week 4.

September 26 - Wednesday

Blogpoll Ballot Week 3 (updated).

Here are three 1997 videos that found their way to Youtube ten years later. Only two still work.

Blogpoll Week 3.

UFR: Defense vs. Penn St. Lots of positives after a game without giving up a touchdown. +8 from Brandon Graham and +7 from Will Johnson. Also, Anthony Morelli is bad.

September 27 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity Goes Ooh Ooh Ooh and Then Does a Stupid Neck Choppy Thing including a video of Manningham doing the worm on the field at the end of the PSU game.

Vicious Electronic Questioning with Northwestern blog Lake the Posts.

UFR: Offense vs. Penn St. Mallett had a shaky game, especially the first half. Brian even gave him a “bad read” on a TD scramble after Mallett admitted post-game that he should have thrown it.

September 28 - Friday

Mailbag with lots of coaching talk. Les Miles? Cam Cameron? Are recruits being told that Lloyd is a 100% coming back?

Preview: Northwestern

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Manningham finally catches a deep ball.


  • Our defense gives everyone the heebie-jeebies.


  • 27-17, Michigan.

Northwestern Open Thread.

On Saturday, September 29 Michigan beat Northwestern 28-16. WH Highlights.


This Month in MGoBlog History - August 2007: One Last Month of Blissful Ignorance

This Month in MGoBlog History - August 2007: One Last Month of Blissful Ignorance

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on August 17th, 2017 at 7:57 PM


July 2007

August 1 - Wednesday

With the recent talk of conference expansion (and the inevitability of conference title game), Brian examines the last 13 years in the Big Ten to determine if a title game would be helpful. Ultimately, he advocates for an optional title game when necessary.

Unverified Voracity [Titled]. Lots of Carr presser tidbits. Obi Ezeh is expected to push for the starting MLB. And Marques Slocum?

  • is not quite cleared. He has "one thing left to do with one class"; Carr "expects him to be" cleared for fall camp.

August 2 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity...Lighting Round! Includes a couple of Rivals videos of Chad Henne and Mike Hart (playing defense!) from high school.

Lloyd and Mike Hart both react to Jim Harbaugh’s earlier comments about academic standards at ‘M’. Notably, Mike Hart inadvertently implies that Harbaugh could have come to be the head coach after one year, meaning that Carr only has a year left.

August 3 - Friday

Michigan football will begin the season at #5 in the coaches poll.

Hockey gets a likely commit from Kevin Lynch.

A follow up post to a July mailbag about ESPN Gameplan and how best everyone can see every Michigan game.

August 6 - Monday

Unverified Voracity Solicits a Tight End. Carson Butler is back on the team, and Utah has been added to the 2008 schedule.

Monday Recruitin’. Two instate prospects have committed elsewhere. One (WR Fred Smith to MSU was heavily recruited, the other (RB Jonas Gray to Nebraska) was not.

August 7 - Tuesday

After having a conversation with BTN headhancho Mark Silverman last month, Brian was now contacted by Comcast executive Bill Connors. There is still much uncertainty about how many people will be able to see football games next month. The main sticking point seems to be that BTN wants to be on basic cable. Comcast says it is a regional sports network that does not belong on basic.

August 8 - Wednesday

Give Unverified Voracity Some Sugar, Baby. Brian Kelly and Cincinnati want to schedule home and homes with major opponents, like Michigan. This is not going to happen.

August 9 - Thursday

Opponent previews continue with Illinois. Juice Williams, Rashard Mendenhall, and J Leman headline the team. Brian predicts 6-6. They would finish 9-4, losing to USC in the Rose Bowl.  

Unverified Voracity Never Graduates. Things have been quiet on the basketball front, but Beilein says he is still looking for another ‘08 recruit. If not, he will turn his eyes toward ‘09.

August 10 - Friday

Two legal issues have arisen with the football team members. LeTerryal Savoy has been accused of exposing himself (in Michigan Stadium!), and Obi Ezeh got a DUI.

Unverified Voracity has Shark Week Analogies. BTN and Time Warner might be getting closer to an agreement. OSU’s opener against Youngstown St. will likely be shown free of charge in Ohio.   

August 11 - Saturday

This has been rumored, but DT James McKinney is off the team. He is transferring to Louisville.

August 13 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’. PA RB Michael Shaw has committed to Penn St. The post also includes lots of block quotes from an interview with Mike Cox on the “new media” of Facebook.

Opponent preview: Michigan St. who have had some big changes.

Yeah... about that. Unsurprisingly but much to the chagrin of everyone except Michigan State fans, John L is gone. Into his cowboy boots steps Mark Dantonio, formerly of Cincinnati and Ohio State. He is the antithesis of JLS: a defensive coordinator from a traditional power who is as exciting as toast. JLS spent his offseasons climbing Kilimanjaro or jumping out of planes; Dantonio's summer was highlighted by an appearance in Faith Magazine, which is unfortunately not a Georgie Michael fanzine but rather a bonafide religious magazine my mother gets.

Brian Hoyer and Javon Ringer lead the team that Brian predicts will go 4-8. They finished the year at 7-6.

Unverified Voracity Braces for Accusation. Sam McGuffie hurdling people highlights, and Jimmy Clausen is either hurt or not that good because he might not be the starter for ND.

August 14 - Tuesday

Carlos Brown has broken his hand. No timetable for his return yet.

Blogpoll is coming.

August 15 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity Casts First Stone. Sometimes Brian writes stuff about the mainstream media and regrets it…

Sometimes even I wince at the nasty things I write even before I publish them. But once the red mist has lifted it's like 1:30 and I've got this screed and my blog has seven mouths and no bottom so up it goes.

But then he goes back and rereads the piece that Stewart Mandel put out and doesn’t feel bad anymore.

I’m slightly confused by what happened here. Apparently, earlier in August Brian did a piece called Destroy Harbaugh (a very long, pointed attack) in response to a Pat Forde article where Harbaugh reaffirmed his earlier comments. This was republished in March 2008 and that’s where it sits chronologically now.

Now comes a post in response to comments from the Harbaugh post to refute a fictional statistic.

August 16 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity Wishes for No More Lawyers. More legal troubles with Quintin Patilla and Robert Thorbladh accused of beating someone up. Also, Carlos Brown should be back sooner than expected.

Initial blogpoll.

Coaches and players have been hitting the airwaves. Saything things like, “we have implemented the shotgun” and “Avery Horn is impressive” and “Johnny Sears has had a really good fall”.

August 17 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Fears Zoltan’s Terrible Wrath. BTN and Comcast are still struggling, as evidenced by this Jim Delany quote:

"We remain in discussions with five major distributors," Delany said. "Some negotiations are pretty mature. Some are pretty immature, in particular those with Comcast. We're in the fourth quarter for our launch, but we're in the first quarter (in negotiations) with Comcast.

August 20 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’ is devoid of any names that are still noteworthy.

Unverified Voracity Wants Tootsie Pop Rolls.

Gap filling. There is not going to be an appreciable Appalachian State preview in this space, though after last year's Ball State near-debacle I assure you there will be a few brief, respectful paragraphs expressing deep concern at the possibility of humiliating defeat. So I encourage you to visit Varsity Blue or NKOTB Maize and Blog for your Mountaineer knowledge needs. 5'7" starting corner! Must... remain... respectful... Spock.

Hello: Christian Wilson a HB/LB out of North Carolina.

August 21 - Tuesday

Informative Christian Wilson post.

Unverified Voracity is Hard Like Ned. Interesting stuff from an article on former ‘M’ DB turned WVU DB Ryan Mundy.

As far as the strength and conditioning program is concerned, Mundy says West Virginia’s program is much more intense than Michigan’s. Other players that have transferred to West Virginia have said similar things in the past, explaining that at some other places the players coming into the program are physically bigger and more explosive. West Virginia develops it.

Blogpoll ballot.

August 22 - Wednesday

Press conference bits. Stephen Schilling appears to have RT locked down and more praise for Johnny Sears.

Blogpoll is coming.

Preseason Blogpoll #1.

Unverified Voracity Killed the Internet Star. Brian says he will be making weekly appearances on Channel 4’s “Sports Final Edition”. That’s a lot of exposure in this blog’s young life. Also Marques Slocoum posts on Facebook...not that post (but maybe it exposes “that” post?).

Announcement of an upcoming blogpoll roundtable.

August 23 - Thursday

Team preview: Purdue. Interesting names include Curtis Painter, Dustin Keller, and Cliff Avril. Brian predicts 8-4 and the Alamo Bowl. They would finish 8-5, winning the Motor City Bowl.

It is very likely that there will be no deal between BTN and Comcast for the start of the season.

Mailbag post that is mostly about BTN vs. Comcast. Although there is also an interesting discussion of Diallo Johnson’s return ability. Interesting that Charles Woodson’s kick returning was remembered as the most exciting 2 yards in football.

August 24 - Friday

Blogpoll Roundtable looks at the most overrated and underrated teams for the coming season. Mostly interesting, at this point in time is a link to this post about Matthew Stafford.

Brian offers some contingency plans in case there is no agreement with Comcast for the first game, but does it really matter?

it's not like Appalachian State or EMU is really in doubt anyway.

August 25 - Saturday

Short recap from fan day. Most significantly, Jason Gingell will be kicking field goals.

August 27 - Monday

Monday recruitin’ has excerpts from an OLSM vs. Cass Tech recap from Varsity Blue. The game Featured commits Will Campbell and Boubacar Cissoko and ‘09 target Dion Sims.

Unverified Voracity has Three First Names. Basically, lots of poking fun at Appalachian St.

An official depth chart! The first team looks decent, but there is not much beyond that.

Wisconsin preview. They return a lot of starters, but not many names live on aside from P.J. Hill, Deandre Levy, and Travis Beckum. Brian predicts 10-2; they would finish 9-4.

August 28 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Hates Tennessee Again. If you live in Cleveland, Milwaukee, or Metro Toledo, you will get BTN! Everyone else, keep waiting…

Preseason Blogpoll Ballot week 2.

More roundtable recap.

Ohio St. preview. Lots of familiar names here, but this team did lose a lot from ‘06. Brian predicts 9-3. They would finish 11-2, losing to LSU in the championship game.

August 29 - Wednesday

Preseason Blogpoll week 2.

August 30 - Thursday

Michigan preview: Offense. This starts with an interesting telling of Brian’s experience in Columbus the previous November. As far as the offense, there is much hope and confidence in Henne, Hart, Manningham, and Long.

Stupid Predictions

  • Brandon Minor gets 20% of the available carries.


  • Alex Mitchell manages to fend off challengers for his job.


  • Henne is invited to New York for the Heisman thingy, but does not win.


  • Massey spends most of the year in front of Butler on the depth chart but Butler ends up with more catches and is the defacto starter by Wisconsin.

  • Manningham: 1340, 15 TD.


  • Michigan is 15th in total offense; 12th in scoring.

Unverified Voracity Preps. So it’s been at least ten years since Miss South Carolina eloquently spoke about education in the Iraq. She is going to Appalachian St. This is seen as another reason to poke fun at this week’s opponent.

Hello: J.B. Fitzgerald.

August 31 - Friday

Michigan preview: Defense. There is resignation that there will be a drop off from 2006; the hope is that this won’t be a repeat of 2005.

Stupid Predictions

  • Jamison equals Woodley's sack numbers but is much worse against the run.

  • Aw, hell: Brown has a great debut and gets everyone totally excited about his potential. The safeties are good.

  • Run defense remains resilient, finishing second to Wisconsin in the league

  • Tight ends do very well against us all season.


  • The 3-3-5 is way more frequent than a conventional nickel.


  • 23rd in scoring defense.

Michigan preview: Special Teams and Conclusion.

This is the reality of every season. Predicting the top three teams in the Big Ten to go 10-2 every year would probably be more accurate in the long run but it would also be a soulless exercise... and if college football has anything, it's got soul. Official on the record offering: 11-1. You have my permission to round up a posse and hunt me down if the team implodes.

The team would of course finish 9-4.

Aww, what a nice way to finish out the month, lots of neat pictures of Bo. I bet tomorrow will just be all flowers and rainbows...


What were we talking about 10 years ago? Jim Harbaugh of course

What were we talking about 10 years ago? Jim Harbaugh of course

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on August 4th, 2017 at 11:49 PM

I'm working on This Month in MGoBlog History and couldn't help but share this already. It was the beginning of camp in 2007 when Mike Hart reacted to Harbaugh's earlier comments about academic standards at Michigan. 

The comments on this MVictors post are entertaining. 

As a Michigan alumnus and former member of the track team, I wholeheartedly endorse the “excomminucation” of Jim Harbaugh. Everyone makes decisions in life. Harbaugh decided to divorce himself from the Michgan family when he threw our school under the bus to make himself and his current employer look better.

I’ve hated USC ever since I was a kid, and I’ve never once rooted for them in any game in 45 years of watching college football. I will make an exception this fall when they play Stanford.

Harbaugh is a douche bag and he deserves all he is getting. I doubt he will last at Stanford, as I am sure these antics are not really appreciated by the Stanford trustees, afterall the last thing they want is a douche bag coming and ruining a legacy setup by the likes of Bill Walsh.

Brian mostly focused on how Hart inadvertantly told everyone that this would be Carr's last year. but he unfortunately had to add this:

So, for the record, I have no respect left for Harbaugh either. The only person he's looking out for is himself, and in doing so he's harming the program that put him in a position to lose by 80 to USC this fall.

Yikes, on October 6 Stanford would beat USC 24-23.

By the end of the month, this would be far from the minds of the football team and the fans...


This Month in MGoBlog History - July 2007: Les Miles? Expansion! The First HTTV! McGuffaggedon!

This Month in MGoBlog History - July 2007: Les Miles? Expansion! The First HTTV! McGuffaggedon!

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on July 18th, 2017 at 10:27 PM


June 2007

July 1 - Sunday

Hello John Weinke. So I always thought he was a younger brother of Chris, but I can’t find any evidence of that now.

July 2 - Monday

Hello Darryl Stonum.

Monday Recruitin’ with updates on Michael Shaw, Jonathan Baldwin, and Christian Wilson.

Unverified Voracity Approaches the Matrix. Quotes from a Toney Clemons profile. His mother’s name is Tonie. Also, Sam McGuffie is looking like more of a sure thing.

July 3 - Tuesday

A little more information on  newest commit Darryl Stonum.

July 6 - Friday

Is Les Miles the best candidate to replace Carr? Brian says no way.

July 9 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’ without much news. However, Sam McGuffie is expected to announce his decision next week.

July 10 - Tuesday

More Miles discussion:

LSU seems to be a ramshackle train of enormous talent that implodes on a regular basis because it is lax, undisiciplined, and plain dumb. Take Miles away from the ridiculously fertile recruiting grounds of Louisiana and slap his hand when he tries to import guys who can't spell "cat" in three tries and visions of Michigan State dance in front of my eyes. My personal preference is for either a proven tactical expert like Jeff Tedford or someone who will just recruit his ass off. What, exactly, is Les Miles good at? He must be good at something, but I don't know what it is.

July 11 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity Bids Nike Adieu. The announcement has been made, Adidas is coming. Also, the McGuffie announcement date is off for now.

Kevin Porter is planning to come back for another year.

Sketchy rumor at this point, but it looks like QB Steven Threet will be transferring to ‘M’. He will be eligible to play in 2008.

July 12 - Thursday

A scouting report on Threet. This will be great for the 2008 season:

He is indeed 6'6" and criticisms leveled at him are usually along the lines of "graceful as a water buffalo"; he offsets said criticisms with a big arm

July 13 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Identifies Crackheads, Owls. Brian goes after an ND preview from Blue Ribbon that struggles with meaningful content.

The idea of moving a player stuck behind an established starter to another, nearly identical, position? While still having him take some reps at his previous, nearly identical, position? I... wow. Let's just say that never would have occurred to anyone else in the history of coaching.

Junior Mike Turkovich (6-6, 299) is the starting left guard, but he is also a candidate to move to tackle if anything happens to either sophomore right tackle Sam Young (6-8, 315) or junior left tackle Paul Duncan (6-7, 292).


Um... no?


N... no?

But it's necessary, Weis says.

I wonder if he can explain this mystery to us.

"[Wenger] is not beating out Sullivan at center, so if he's going to get on the field it's going to be at guard," Weis said.

July 14 - Saturday

OH TE Kevin Koger could commit at any time. Right now it looks like it will be OSU, and that would be somewhat of an upset because of how early ‘M’ was in on him.

July 16 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’. MN WR Michael Floyd has a top four of Florida, ND, Michigan, and OSU. It’s strongly expected that he will choose ND.

July 17 - Tuesday

Fall opponent previews start with Minnesota and their new coach Tim Brewster.

Brewster, at the very least, has a wicked talent for hyperbole. He also claimed Minnesota's coming corporately-named stadium "will be the finest on-campus stadium in America today" and that he would take "the Gopher Nation" to the Rose Bowl. If you were to point out the analogue of Gopher Nation on a map, what would it be? Andorra?

The only name of note is Sophomore WR Eric Decker. Brian predicts a 4-7 season. They would finish 1-11.

July 18 - Wednesday

A review of NCAA ‘08. First impressions are positive. There are a number of good changes from the previous year’s edition.  

Hello Kevin Koger.

July 19 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity is All About the Ladies. A Penn St. blog roundtable is asking each other who they would rather be a fan of: OSU, Michigan, or ND. It’s unanimously Michigan with this being the best reason:

Michigan hands down. Buckeyes think winning national championships is their birth right. Notre Dame fans think your respect is their birth right. Michigan fans think not having to talk to stupid people is their birth right.

July 20 - Friday

Penn St. preview. Not many familiar names, except for the LBs of course: Dan Connor, Sean Lee, and Navarro Bowman. Brian predicts 10-2. They would finish the season at 9-4.

July 21 - Saturday

‘M’ vs. ND series is going to take a break. Sounds like it’s ND’s choice. No big name replacements have been announced.

July 23 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’. ‘M’ leads for NJ LB JB Fitzgerald.

July 24 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Wonders if the FCC Thinks the BTN is an RSN LOL. No, don’t say this!

Game of the Century of the Year. We had a #1-#2 matchup last year that didn't work out so well. If voters see fit to place Michigan #2 to start the year, we'll have another: Appalachian State is #1 in I-AA. Slightly higher probability we come out on the right end of this one.

Hail to the Victors 2007. Interestingly, all the non-Brian writing was done by other bloggers. This sounds like a good read:

Christopher P. Anderson on Jim Harbaugh's rapid rise to the Stanford HC position, complete with speculation about whether he'll be the new HC here. Yes, written before his multiple outbursts. Still a great article.

July 25 - Wednesday

Before there was Draftaggeddon, there was McGuffaggeddon.

Brian got a Skype interview with BTN President Mark Silverman. It seemed like satire at first, but apparently it’s real, and it also changes Brian’s opinions of the network somewhat.

July 26 - Thursday

More details on the legal fight over whether or not the BTN is a regional sports network.

Unverified Voracity Vicariously Sexes Duff because Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie are a couple. Also, Hail to the Victors will be sold at Borders and Barnes and Noble.

July 27 - Friday

Pros and cons of Big 10 Expansion. Lots of interesting stuff here, regarding Rutgers...

PROs: Also an academic fit. Better location than Syracuse; has the only program in the universe that could get New York City interested in college football even a little; even if it doesn't still brings in New Jersey. Provides a real rival for Penn State.

As potential world domination plans go, "conquer New York" is third only to capturing Notre Dame or audaciously (and mildly senselessly) picking off Texas from the Big Twelve.

CONs: Has been a total doormat for the enter non-Schiano existence of their program. Last year's Texas Bowl win was great... but as a 40 year high point not so much. Basketball program also bleah.

Verdict: A high stakes gamble, and how. Michigan's in on a ton of New Jersey recruits this year, so I've noticed a new trend: these guys are actually listing and seriously considering Rutgers. Safety Brandon Smith has them slightly trailing us. JB Fitzgerald has them in his top group with UF and us. Witherspoon listed them. They're probably going to get offensive lineman Art Forst. This is a new development, and even if they're striking out on the kinds of guys that get offers from Michigan and UF they're probably going to recruit better than a lot of mid-level Big Ten schools this year. Joining the Big Ten would probably be another boost. So... I don't think this is a flash in the pan. As long as Schiano stays.

That's the bet here: that Schiano can be a program patriarch for the Scarlet Knights. That Rutgers success can be sustained. That when Joe Paterno finally retires, he stays. That the move to the Big Ten provides a further boost. That the program is relevant enough to retain people's interest. Because the downside here is stark: my God, we've admitted Temple.

...and West Virginia...

PROs: Darling of the moment with Rich Rodriguez staying, and if he turns down 'Bama's millions he's probably in for the long haul. Will have a good, if sleazy, basketball team with Huggins around.

CONs: Isn't WVU a really crap school? Huggins should be a net negative. Football program has strong flash-in-the-pan characteristics.

Verdict: Academics are a dealbreaker, I think.

...and Nebraska...

PROs: Rich football tradition. Would be competitive and bring cachet. Nebraska fans travel like mofos and would probably be fun to have around.

CONs: No other sports of note. Geographically distant. Nebraska is not a rich area to pluck recruits from. They would remind us of [BOWL REDACTED] and force us to strangle them and then we would be in jail.

Verdict: Nebraska fans occasionally bring this up as a possible escape hatch from the Big Twelve and their unbalanced TV contracts. An interesting possibility, but the geography is a negative and they don't bring anything except football. Tempting, but no.

Ultimately, here is Brian’s wish list:

1. Texas

2. Notre Dame

3. Louisville

4. Rutgers

5. Boston College

6. Nebraska

7. Missouri

8. Pitt

...the rest I don't care for.

July 29 - Sunday

McGuffaggedon is nigh. It’s down to ‘M’ or Texas A&M. Lots of highlight videos here.

July 30 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’. So McGuffie committed, but no hello post apparently.

Unverified Voracity is Small, Feisty. An interesting note on the troubles that newspapers are having with reporting on an issue like McGuffie where the most interesting item (Youtube videos) aren’t something they know what to do with. They reference the videos but provide no links or embedded videos.

Now the Notre Dame series is back on...for another 25 years. There had been a lot of back and forth with ND fans about who was responsible for not renewing the rivalry, but apparently none of that was true.

July 31 - Tuesday

Mailbag covering what ‘M’ fans should do with ESPN Gameplan package, scheduling  non-conference opponents, how much McGuffie will play in 2008, freshman uniform numbers, and if Carson Butler will be reinstated.

More roster notes. LB/FB Qunitin Patilla, DL James McKinney, and OL Justin Schifano are out of the program.

Hello Mike Cox. The CT RB is a surprise take, especially since (based on other recruiting pieces) in-state RB Jonas Gray is still un-offered.


This Month in MGoBlog History - June 2007: Will anyone be able to see the Big Ten Network?

This Month in MGoBlog History - June 2007: Will anyone be able to see the Big Ten Network?

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on June 19th, 2017 at 1:43 PM



May 2007



June 1 - Friday


The Pistons lost to the Cavs to go down 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Brian is not happy with Flip Saunders.


I mean... what can you say? I decided to repress the sputtering rage by sleeping on it and then writing about the game, but here it is. Sputtering Rage says "hi, honey, I'm home," takes off its hat, talks about what a hard day he had -- lot of work in Detroit today, lot of work -- and settles in for a nice long rest that is 75-80% likely to start in the next few days and last for the summer. It's back, and I can only delete so many sentences that contain elaborate punishments for Saunders and his Charlie Weis-like ability to get far too clever for his own good. A sampler:


  • Forced to eat own organs.

  • Locked into party chit-chat with tools who came up with Heineken ad campaign that runs incessantly all hours of the night and day on TNT.

  • Elaborate scenario staged wherein he is drugged, and carefully made up to look and sound like Bill Walton -- sort of "The Hot Chick" except "The Worst Person On The Planet" -- until on the verge of self-immolation, say, 10-15 minutes

  • Forced to watch his favorite basketball team coached by Flip Saunders.


Baseball recap of win over Memphis. Looks like Zach Putnam pitched a complete game.


June 2 - Saturday


Hello NJ LB Marcus Witherspoon.


June 4 - Monday


Recruiting Board Update with a lot of names that aren’t too familiar any more. One item of note is a scholarship offer to OH RB Michael Shaw.


Unverified Voracity Swings and Misses; Tries Again. The baseball team beat Memphis and Vanderbilt, but then lost to Vanderbilt, so they play one more time. David Price looms again though.


June 5 - Tuesday


Michigan beat Vandy. They’re going to the super-regional for the first time since 1989.


Hello Mike Martin.


June 6 - Wednesday


Voracity like post with lots of baseball news. Also, Brian is part of the hot bloggers bracket. No indication about who won.


June 7 - Thursday


A post to let everyone know that Brian had nothing to post about. The one comment says that he should just post Sam McGuffie highlights again. That was life 10 years ago.


Next season’s hockey schedule is out.


June 8 - Friday


An interview with an Oregon State blog about the upcoming baseball game.


June 11 - Monday


Michigan loses game one to Oregon State.


If you were searching for the exact opposite of a Kirk Gibson moment off the #1 pick in the MLB draft delivered by a pinch hitter with a .188 average, you could hardly do better (worse?) than watching Michigan's star pitcher lose his no hitter with two outs in the ninth. One single, one run, and... that sucked big time.




Recruiting Board Update. Terrelle Pryor won’t be coming to Michigan, but...he might visit. Other schools in play are OSU, PSU, and Georgia Tech (imagine that). Also, the one comment on this post is: “uh, Mike Glennon?”


Brian lives blogs the next baseball game until it’s 7-0 Beavers in the bottom of the 5th.


June 12 - Tuesday


Unverified Voracity Says Goodbye Omaha. Pictures of the annual Carr car wash for charity and post-mortem on the baseball team that isn’t losing much and should be favored in the Big 10 next season.


June 13 - Wednesday


More speculation and concern on Big Ten Network.


June 14 - Thursday


Unverified Voracity has Dubious Youtube. There is one slot still open in the football schedule. Apparently, Bill Martin would prefer Rutgers, but the encouraging news is that it sounds like it will be a major conference opponent.


Sidenote: It's somewhat surreal that Rutgers is suddenly being bandied about as a potential schedule upgrade after years and years of being one of those teams you pick in Dynasty mode when you want to spend a few years toiling before your eight national championship run. When Michigan State managed to coug it against Rutgers a few years ago, everyone laughed at the Spartans for falling to lowly Rutgers. Now the shoe would be on the other hypothetical foot.


June 15 - Friday


Brian opines on why offsides rule in hockey should be ended.


A picture of Ryan Mallett from the car wash is photoshopped into a picture from Top Gun.


June 18 - Monday


Unverified Voracity Introduces Head to Wall. MGoVideo debuts. Also, Delaney says he’s not confident about anything in regards to the upcoming Big Ten Network.


June 19 - Tuesday


Recruiting Board Update. Michael Shaw comments on his visit and says it was great, especially since there are no pro teams in the area.


Someone just got liowned.


June 20 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity Wishes Ill on Orange. After a successful season, baseball coach Rich Maloney is being courted by Tennessee for their manager opening. Also, Max Pacioretty, a freshman in the coming season, is ranked 16 for the upcoming NHL draft.


June 21 - Thursday


Maloney is staying.


Unverified Voracity Says Go Play in Traffic. This serves as the Hello post for William Campbell, yes Cass Tech sophomore William Campbell.


Campbell is 6'5", 298, and (kind of obviously) a DT. He's Michigan's earliest public commitment ever and should be one of the headliners of what looks like a strong 2009 Michigan crop headlined by Battle Creek running back Larry Capers, who is -- wait for it -- grrrrrreat. Since Campbell is a junior defensive tackle at a PSL school this the sum total knowledge about him to date:

  • He committed to Michigan.

There won't be a googlestalk here; there's nothing to stalk yet.


Meanwhile, Varsity Blue takes a look at the very early returns for that '09 class.


June 22 - Friday


Jim Delaney says Comcast needs to apologize to the Big 10 schools for calling their sporting events 2nd and 3rd tier. Unfortunately, there’s still no guarantee that many people will be able to see the new network.


June 23 - Saturday


Cobrani Mixon is leaving the football program. Probably the most interesting thing about this post is a view of what Facebook looked like in 2007.


June 25 - Monday


Recruiting Board Update.


Nasty rumors: The recruiting year we were (are?) experiencing seemed to good to be true given the widely assumed post-season Carr retirement, but there are now internet rumblings that, um, are bad. Jim Stefani:

I’ve heard from three separate sources that Michigan has fallen behind Notre Dame in the Jonathan Baldwin sweepstakes. This is the first bit of REAL bad news in the recruiting front this year. The other prospects Notre Dame has beaten U-M out for this year are all solid kids, but none are the difference-maker type of prospects that Baldwin is. Wolverine fans won’t be able to spin this one away should Baldwin go Irish.


The feeling that Michigan State could really make a big push when it comes to in-state recruiting. Michigan may have waited too long to offer Jones Gray, and with teammate Kenny Demens not yet sporting a Wolverine offer, I would not be surprised to see both verbal to the Spartans sooner rather than later. The longer this thing plays out the better for Michigan. I also think Michigan has a battle on their hands with Michigan State for both Fred Smith and Nick Perry.

Yikes. Michigan State can promise both -- hell, they can promise virtually anyone -- immediate playing time and an opportunity to meet a new head coach your senior year. And they've totally got a clock that counts down to the Michigan game. We'll see how these things pan out, but losing Perry and Smith would revive all those "can't recruit instate" stories from a year ago.


Hello Rocko Khoury.


June 26 - Tuesday


Brian lists the top 7 players for upcoming opponents that he would draft for ‘M’. Number one is Justin King.


June 27 - Wednesday


Brian is behind.


Unverified Voracity Blogs Blogs Blogs. An ND alum and Minnesota fan says that he spoke to new Gopher coach Tim Brewster and joked about ND recruiting in Minnesota (namely, Michael Floyd). Allegedly, Brewster went off on him and said things about how Charlie Weis was a slob, bad for the school, etc. No one is sure if this happened, but it doesn’t seem surprising ten years later.


June 28 - Thursday


Unverified Voracity Has a Headache. Mixon is gone to Kent State for sure. Also, a Biakabutuka highlight video.


Draymond Green has committed to MSU.


June 29 - Friday


Offseason blog roundtable. Brian wants Joe Stalin to be in charge of the NCAA.




This Month in MGoBlog History - May 2007: Jim Harbaugh Says Something Controversial

This Month in MGoBlog History - May 2007: Jim Harbaugh Says Something Controversial

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on May 6th, 2017 at 12:22 PM


April 2007

May 1 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Identifies Counterpunt. CB Chris Richards is in legal trouble. His representation happens to be Nicholas Roumel aka Counterpunt on the back of the program.

Until I was twelve I thought he was one of the six coolest people on the planet.

May 2 - Wednesday

Andrew Cogliano has signed with the Edmonton Oilers and won’t be returning to the hockey team.

Unverified Voracity is Dynomite (!). Beilein is looking at a Vermont transfer named Joe Trapani. He would eventually choose Boston College and go on to be a three year starter.

May 3 - Thursday

The APR has been released. In only its third year, the APR is widely decried  for how it punishes small schools. This isn’t equitable, but Brian says many of these schools shouldn’t be I-A anyway.

Those who can't hack it shouldn't be playing. Personally, anything the NCAA can do to nuke FIU and their ilk out of I-A is a good thing. Florida International in no way deserves a Division I football team, but because they want to blow a bunch of money to have one they do. Every game the Panthers play detracts from college football. Hell, the entire Sun Belt fits in this category. Each pitiful Buffalo or FIU or Temple in the D-IA ranks is four or five opportunities for real football teams to avoid playing each other. They're miserable on and off the field. They're a blight on the game. No one will mourn their passing or even notice that they're gone. I-A football is not a right.

May 7 - Monday

Recruiting Board Update. Two recognizable last names have been offered. MD RB Josh Haden (Joe’s younger brother) and IL OL Graham Pocic (older brother to Ethan).

May 8 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity and Such and Such. Jake Long is the #1 rated prospect for next year’s draft by one source and #4 to another. Mike Hart is showing up in the 1st round in certain mocks, but that seems dubious. Also, Jerry Dunn has been added to Beilein’s staff.

May 9 - Wednesday

Now we are reminded of what Jim Harbaugh was doing ten years ago. Making this  statement:

"Michigan is a good school and I got a good education there, but the athletic department has ways to get borderline guys in and, when they’re in, they steer them to courses in sports communications. They’re adulated when they’re playing, but when they get out, the people who adulated them won’t hire them."

This makes Michigan fans distraught and ND fans gleeful. Brian doesn’t disagree though, but this is who Harbaugh is

This marks the second controversial thing he's said in the past few months, and given his history we can expect more uncensored, potentially unconsidered comments from him in the future.


This affects Harbaugh's chances for the job in no way. The presumption Carr is retiring after the season is universal and Harbaugh just can't be a candidate after one year at Stanford. Anything multiplied by zero is zero.

Basketball recruit DJ Wright has been released from LSU his LOI. Might be a fit for Beilein.

May 10 - Thursday

Rudimentary CFB mems.

Unverified Voracity No So Happy. BTN is either going to be amazing...or it will be available to no one. Also, the college 3 point line might be moved out a bit.

ESPN has named ‘M’ basketball the most underachieving team of the last ten years. Jay Bilas didn’t include Michigan on his ballot because, Tommy Amaker.

May 14 - Monday

Brian has been visiting Canada over the weekend.

May 15 - Tuesday

Recruiting Board Update. It includes a link to an impressively detailed list of the top players in Michigan.

May 16 - Wednesday

Likely Hello Ben Cronin.

Unverified VoraussityOi Oi Oi. Lloyd Carr is doing his best Jim Harbaugh impersonation by spending a week with Russell Crowe in Australia. If this were ten years later, the entire team would have gone.

May 17 - Thursday

More Ben Cronin background information. Also, this comment is interesting in retrospect:

The instate crop for '08 is very bad anyway, especially with Anthony Crater already committed to OSU. The only other guy who appears to be on the radar of Michigan or MSU is SF/PF Draymond Green, the one-time Kentucky commit who opened it back up when Tubby went away. There have been some breathless headlines re: Green of late on GBW, so maybe he's making headway there.


Hello Kurt Wermers. You won’t be remembered fondly.

May 18 - Friday

Hello Brandon Moore. He was a top 100 guy to Scout and Rivals. Probably will be the last player to wear #87.

May 20 - Sunday

Goalie Steve Jakiel is leaving the hockey team.

May 21 - Monday

Recruiting Board Update. There will likely be 5 or 6 O-Linemen in the class. Also, because it’s still likely MI RB Jonas Gray doesn’t have an offer, it is likely that the coaches already know that Sam McGuffie is going to be a commit.

May 22 - Tuesday

Pistons beat the Cavs in game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. Apparently, Lebron James passed up a late shot to Donyell Marshall. But it was the right play.

Toledo will fill a spot in the 2008 schedule. This is a depressing post.

May 23 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity Goes Ping. Michigan baseball is Big10 champs.

May 24 - Thursday

Bill Martin says he wants to continue the ND series, but move it so that OSU and ND aren’t home and home in the same year. ND has the same problem with USC. However, ND fans believe that Michigan is being, um...chicken.

May 25 - Friday

Hey, the Pistons beat the Cavs again. They’re up 2-0.

May 28 - Monday

Recruiting Board Update. OH RB Michael Shaw has been added. GA S Omar Hunter is expected to be in the class; he would end up at Florida.

May 29 - Tuesday

Brian picks apart a Mark Snyder blog post about how amazing the BTN is going to be. Since there is still much uncertainty about how many people will be able to get the network, it is looking more like it will be a disaster.

Rivals 2008 top 100. Here are some highlights:


They have committed.

  • #49 Boubacar Cissoko

  • #53 Brandon Moore

  • #62 Dann O'Neil


They should commit.

  • #54 Daryl Stonum

  • #65 Brandon Smith

In With A Shot

They could commit. It would be nice to pick up two from this category.

  • #2 Darrell Scott

  • #7 Will Hill

  • #12 Shayne Hale

  • #28 Jonathan Baldwin (almost in the "favored" column.)

  • #34 Stephen Filer

  • #83 Jon Major


Token Offers

Guys we've offered that have given no indication they're considering Michigan and live far away and stuff. Guys in this category could end up interested but haven't given any indication they are yet; probability dictates we aren't likely to get any of these guys. One if we're lucky.

  • #15 Arthur Brown

  • #20 Deion Walker

  • #25 Brandon Barnes

  • #48 Ethan Johnson

  • #52 Michael Floyd

  • #69 Antoine McClain

  • #33 Matt Patchan



Ticketed elsewhere but I've heard of them as Michigan recruits.

  • #1 Terrelle Pryor

  • #26 Lucas Nix

  • #42 Rahim Moore

  • #87 Kavario Middleton

  • #100 Robert Blanton

May 30 - Wednesday

The Pistons lose and the series is tied 2-2. Chauncey seems to be broken.

May 31 - Thursday

Unverified Vor--Not this Again? This was really the beginning of a decade of arrogance and domination for the SEC. It was starting with things like Phil Fulmer saying that Michigan doesn’t play a very tough schedule.  

This Month in MGoBlog History - April 2007: Welcome John Beilein

This Month in MGoBlog History - April 2007: Welcome John Beilein

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on April 22nd, 2017 at 8:13 AM


March 2007


April 1 - Sunday

Reports that John Beilein has been officially offered.

April 2 - Monday

No news yet, but internet chatter points to Beilein being a done deal.

A post updated through the day. By the end, major networks are reporting that it’s official.

April 3 - Tuesday

Brian accidently deleted the NIT championship game (Beilein’s last game at WVU), so no post recapping that game. There is good news that all the players are indicating that they will return.

Google brings up an instructional video led by Tom Izzo when you search for 1-3-1 zone.

A 1-3-1 zone primer which is expected to be implemented under Beilein. Ten years later this seems fairly obsolete. Interesting, none-the-less.

April 4 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity is Making a...Nah. Contract details have been released, and Beilein will be getting 1.3 million a year after all compensation is added in. However, apparently the contract doesn’t include anything about a buyout.

Beilein presser liveblog.

Has recruited a number of Michigan kids over the course of his career.

PSL? Has recruited there at Cansisus but hasn't had any recent ties in the state.

Facilities? Beautiful locker room, beautiful film room... wouldn't want to walk in to Crisler and try to win. Maize Rage noted as a distinctive feature.

Practice facility? General mutterings about the future, didn't offer anything concrete.

[I hate the way these questions go. Where is the "do you plan to continue with the 1-3-1 if you get the sort of athletes who can play tough man-to-man?"]

Conversations with recruits? Dodges it, basically. Manny Harris is one of ten(!) kids; Beilein one of nine(!!!).

Buyout? "The University of Michigan has nothing to do with my buyout. My lawyers and WVU are working on it." !!!

April 5 - Thursday

Recruiting Board Update. Names of note that have been added to the board: CA QB Dayne Crist, TX DE Kapron Lewis-Moore, and TE Kevin Koger.

Terry Foster is a lazy journalist.

April 6 - Friday

Post with various WVU videos (they still work!) that involve John Beilein in some way.

Colin Cowherd is stealing information from bloggers. This could probably be a post from last week.

Unverified Voracity is Like No Way. New WVU coach Bob Huggins is telling his recruits from KSU that several West Virginia spots will be opening up (i.e. transferring), so if the current ‘M’ class doesn’t stick, there could be some WVU players coming.

April 9 - Monday

Mailbag with questions on how out-of-state scholarships work and more Beilein questions and reactions.

Mike Jackson is the first member of Beilein’s staff.

April 10 - Tuesday

Kelvin Grady is sticking with his commitment.

A banner contest! Voting doesn’t work any more though. There are a few good submissions, including this:

April 11 - Wednesday

Manny Harris is sticking with his commitment!

Unverified Voracity Brings the Noise, Funk Pending. There are two current football rumors that seem credible: Kevin Grady has torn his ACL and will miss the 2007 season and Carlos Brown has been missing practice and will transfer back to the south.

As always, there is a nonzero chance both of these things are false, especially the latter since there is a chance Brown could change his mind. (It's unlikely a hypothetically torn Grady ACL leaps into self-mending action.)

Also, there are several newcomers to the ‘M’ Blogosphere, including this one…

And improbably-named freshman Ace Anbender covers the entire Detroit scene at the Ace of Sports.

Kurt Vonnegut has died.

April 12 - Thursday

Recruiting Board Update. Elliott Mealer added to the board. Also, WR Fred Smith has an offer and is very high on Michigan.

Varsity Blue (Tim and Paul) will be at the spring game with cameras, taking notes, and interviewing players. Requests and suggestions for areas to focus on are welcome.

April 13 - Friday

Kevin Grady has torn his ACL, but it sounds like Carlos Brown is staying. Brown had moved to CB this spring, so the sudden need for more running backs might be playing a part in persuading him to stay.

Alpena basketball player Eric Puls is coming to ‘M’ as a PWO. He’s 6’9” and can shoot, so maybe he’s a fit for Beilein’s system?

April 14 - Saturday

Spring game notes. There are no Tight Ends, and anyone who cares to remember ‘09-’10 won’t feel as optimistic about the LBs as this paragraph does:

  • The first string linebackers were Ezeh, Panter, and Mouton. Though reports from practice have been a little down on Panter's readiness, I thought he looked fine to good out there, a solid tackler with good enough speed. He was mostly tackling Vince Helmuth and Moundros, though. Mouton was physically reminiscent of Larry Foote. I have my money on him in the WLB competition against Graham. Ezeh was at SAM and did okay.

So this happened at the spring game:

Also in the category of “what a different world we live in”:

Anyway: Patilla was switched to fullback this spring once the backfield situation got dire, which bodes unwell for his future. Fullback is a black hole of a position that sucks in the underwhelming from other positions and holds them in its gravitational clutches forevermore.

April 16 - Monday

Jay Bilas says that Tommy Amaker turned around the basketball program and do you really think John Beilein is going to put them in contention for Big 10 titles? Jay Bilas and Tommy Amaker are best friends.

Unverified Voracity is Heresy-errific because Brian confesses that he doesn’t like EA’s NCAA football games. Also, apparently Lloyd went to WVU to coach under Don Nehlen, but only lasted about six weeks before Bo called him back. Maybe he would have replaced Nehlen, and then…

Alex Legion is opening up his recruitment. Also, Reed Baker will not be back.

April 17 - Tuesday

Recruiting Board Update. Mike Martin has been added to the board, but he might have to wait until camp to get an offer.

April 18 - Wednesday

Maybe there’s still hope with Legion. His mom is giving interviews about how terrible his handler (Tim Green) is.

April 19 - Thursday

Richard Bernstein and disabled veterans are suing ‘M’ because of the lack of disabled seating in the plans for the renovations at Michigan Stadium. After talking with future Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bernstein, Brian’s feelings on the matter are still mixed. Somehow he isn’t sure if Bernstein is related to Sam; apparently, the kids weren’t on all the commercials yet at that point. The post ends with another diatribe against luxury-suite hater John Pollack.

April 20 - Friday

The post doesn’t say it directly, but I assume the colors were changed to orange and maroon in solidarity with VT after their campus shooting.

An emailer asks for Brian’s explanation on why he is pro-luxury suites. He refutes several popular arguments, and then states his case for them.

April 23 - Monday

Unverified Voracity...A New Car! Legion is down to ‘M’, UCLA, and Kentucky. Also, Scott Dreisbach is a backup QB in the Arena League...and playing some LB.

April 24 - Tuesday

Recruiting Board Update. Elliott Mealer has committed.

A recap of the PSU, ND, and OSU spring games. How did Ohio State do so well with QB recruiting this bad (obviously Pryor comes in 2008):

  • 2007: no recruits.

  • 2006: Antonio Henton, a three star who was Rivals #9 "dual-threat QB" and only the 25th best recruit in Georgia. Committed to OSU over Illinois, Maryland, and Louisville.

  • 2005: Rob Schoenhoft. Four-star who was Rivals' #6 pro-style QB. Committed to OSU over Michigan.

  • 2004: no recruits.

  • 2003: Todd Boeckman, a three-star and Rivals #19 pro-style QB. Committed to OSU over Pitt and Maryland.

April 25 - Wednesday

Rumors are coming out of Texarkana that Mallett is going to transfer and won’t be in Ann Arbor for the upcoming season. Hindsight says this was probably very close to becoming reality.

Unverified Voracity is Like That’s My Dad’s Name. Matt Gutierrez is getting some draft hype, but no, he is not the next Tom Brady.

April 26 - Thursday

The 2006 class one year retrospect. The results are fairly accurate so far. Perry Dorrestein probably performed better than expected, and Justin Boren, well… Overall not much out of this class aside from Brandon Graham. But it would be a rough next few years for these guys.

Unverified Voracity Craves Gel. Mallett is staying put, Ryan Mundy is using the grand transfer program to go to WVU, and James Ferentz has committed to Iowa. Why is that big news? The thought is this will keep Father Ferentz in Iowa and not allow him to succeed Lloyd at ‘M’.

April 27 - Friday

Unverified Voracity and Such and Such. John Beilein has managed to avoid 40% of his buyout. Also, coaches have been banned from using text messages to recruit.

April 30 - Monday

Banner contest winner!

Recruiting Board Update. ‘M’ is looking very strong for OH TE Kevin Koger.

Brian is working on a new football annual (essentially the first HTTV), so posting will be light the next few weeks.  

And to end the month...we have two football players caught in a car with drugs. Brian has a strong enough source to say that one of them is Mario Manningham. Details are still very sketchy.