This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2006: Who's #2?

This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2006: Who's #2?

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November 2006


December 1 - Friday


UFR: Offense vs. Ohio St. The bad field conditions were a big factor for the offense. Also:



Well, if you had told me we would score 39 points I would have kissed the man.


Recruiting Board Update. Looking back, the 2006 season has paralleled the 2016 season in many ways. Here is a huge divergence. Instead of have long lists of 4 and 5 stars ready to commit. We have this situation:


The most notable change is at linebacker, where Michigan appears to be scrambling. They've got offers out to a number of three stars who are considering teams like Nebraska and Wisconsin and Iowa, certainly not shabby but also not OSU or USC or Florida.


And this:


There is also the matter of Michigan's most recent commitment, Grand Rapids CC OT Mark Huyge, who Michigan snatched from the clutches of directional Michigan schools with an offer.


December 2 - Saturday


Inevitable USC Blowout Open Thread.


December 3 - Sunday


A comparison of ‘M’ against Florida in regard to who should go to the championship game.



Lloyd Carr, an eloquent public speaker, tireless defender of his players, and playoff advocate


Urban Meyer, a inveterate whiner who goes purse shopping when not running the local chapters of NAMBLA and the Communist Party. Also points too much.


Sided With Who During Civil War?





Brian wants to know if the world has gone crazy (because Florida was chosen to play in the championship game).


Two short posts with vague updates during the bowl selection show.


December 4 - Monday


Lots of reaction from the previous day’s decision to put Florida in the championship game. Lots of ridiculous explanations for votes.


On Notice: Fiasco Edition. I’ve never heard this about McDonough:


GARY DANIELSON: I can't summon my mental faculties to give him what he deserves. It would be a string of personal insults bordering on the obscene. So I'll let Braves & Birds say it:

Gary Danielson's performance last night was an absolute disgrace. I understand that he's reputedly a human being who is paid to have opinions, but I've rarely seen an announcer turn the fourth quarter of a football game into a 30-minute advertisement for one school. The fact that Danielson (a) was not recruited by Michigan (and thus went to Purdue) and (b) is working for the one network that exclusively covers the SEC surely had nothing to do with his open rooting for Florida and his subjective, idiotic comparison of the two team's schedules. Regardless of the result of the vote this afternoon, Danielson is going to go down in Michigan lore along with Sean McDonough, who performed a similar role in 1997 during CBS's broadcast of the Nebraska-Tennessee Orange Bowl to facilitate the Huskers picking up part of the national title.

Brian is looking for USC tape. I doubt he still needs it now.


December 5 - Tuesday


Blogpoll ballot week 15.


Unverified Voracity!!!!!With Exclamation!!!!! The Big Ten’s Saturday night games program went well, and it will be expanded in 2007. This might mean the ‘M’ will be forced to host night games.


New shirts, but the links are broken.


December 6 - Wednesday


Blogpoll week 15.


Hello: Austin Panter. First JUCO since Russell Shaw!


Excerpts from Gary Danielson and Kirk Herbstreit on 1270 (no actual content any more).


Hello: Brandon Herron. He’s a project and a redshirt is likely.


December 7 - Thursday


Hockey at the halfway point. The season seems mediocre so far. TJ Hensick and Jack Johnson have been the standouts. It’s likely they will compete for the CCHA title, but not much else beyond that.


Urban Meyer spent the past few weeks campaigning for Florida to get in the title game. He even said that if it was a ‘M’ vs. OSU rematch and ‘M’ won, OSU should go get rings made and still call themselves the champions. Lloyd Carr referred to this as inappropriate and...the media attacked Carr.


December 8 - Friday


Unverified Voracity Needs Shoulders. Post season awards have been given out,  and there is an interesting article about Mitch Mustain’s recruitment, and his dealings with ND and Weis.


December 11 - Monday


Brian begins reviews of his preseason predictions. He begins with the bottom of the Big 10. So far, his predictions for Illinois and Northwestern have been accurate.


Recruiting Board Update including news that Marell Evans committed.


New commitment is that of Evans, a two-star with no reasonable argument that he might have been overlooked. He doesn't play for an obscure high school (Varina is a state power), he hasn't been injured or forced to play out of position, and he doesn't have offers that belie his ranking. Michigan snatched him away from Temple, Buffalo, and Middle Tennessee.


Brian tried to make improvements to the blog, but it failed.


December 12 - Tuesday


Here is the 6 team playoff post that Brian referenced in UV a few days ago. I like these two aspects of it:


B. No autobids. As a natural consequence of things there will often be conference champions in the playoff, but as much as I think Wake Forest is a cute story, they would be dead weight in a tightly constrained playoff field like this one.


D. Pick your poison. Seed only as far as you have to, then let teams draft their opponents. In this current format, the #3 team would have a choice between the 5 and 6 teams with the #4 getting the leftovers. The #1 team would get its choice of the first round survivors.


December 13 - Wednesday


Blogger roundtable covering ‘M’ and the Rose Bowl. I didn’t realize that Tressel didn’t cast his vote in the final coaches’ poll.


Recruiting Board Update with a still working James Rogers highlight video. Still lots of confidence that OT Matt Romine will commit in January.


Unverified Voracity Still Talkin’ Playoffs. Renovations are in the works for Crisler, though it is rumored to go from 14,000 to 10,000. Also, an odd mention of ‘M’ history in an article about Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor.


On Sunday, Dolphins' coaches reached still further back into the past and let Taylor be a 1960s University of Michigan style "monster man," lining up wherever he pleased.


December 14 - Thursday


Freep has confirmed rumors that Jake Long will return.


CFB bloggers used to give each other awards (maybe they still do). Brian runs down some nominations.


Brian reviews his preseason predictions of MSU and Wisconsin.


December 15 - Friday


A very long post in response to another article about Brady Quinn’s Heisman candidacy and media bias in relation to Notre Dame.


December 18 - Monday


Brian’s believes he went too far in his attack in the previous posts and offers his retraction.


Recap of the basketball game against NIU. The team looked good; Courtney Sims looked explosive. Probably a sign of good things to come.


Post on why coaches aren’t more aggressive on 4th down. The conclusion?


When you get thrust into the poker of the NFL for the first time, the stakes are high, the depths dizzying, and the consequences of a gamble that backfires severe. The natural inclination of the n00b is to cower and make the safe play. Most of them never live long enough to get out of the kiddie pool and start making moves.


December 19 - Tuesday


Jason Bailey has left the hockey team for the Ottawa 67s. It wouldn’t be much of a loss, except bench is already thin.


Unverified Voracity Hires Wisely. Kerry Coombs has been hired from Colerain High School to be on Brian Kelly’s staff at Cincinnati. He has been friendly to Michigan (Corbani Mixon and Mister Simpson), but this is still seen as a good thing because it could help draw players away from OSU.


December 20 - Wednesday


Recruiting Board Update. Not much going on. OL recruiting is looking pretty weak. They’re offering middling recruits none of which will end up committing. For everything else that will go wrong in the coming years, the recruiting was not going well in these last years of Lloyd.  


Preview reviews continue with Penn St. and Purdue. Brian’s predictions remain fairly accurate, which he asks his readers to remember when he gets to Iowa.


December 21 - Thursday


Hockey Recruiting Overview. It’s going to be a very strong class with some familiar names.


Then there's Swede Carl Hagelin, a late pickup who would normally be Wyzygowski or a MacVoy, a grinder who's stapled to the fourth line or wearing a suit for the duration of his career. Not so for Hagelin. Says Elite Prospects:

Hyfsad driv i skridskoåkningen och fina offensiva instinkter. Okej målsinne.

See! Awesome.

Other members of the class are Louie Caporusso, Bryan Hogan, and Matt Rust.


Unverified Voracity Transfers to Delaware. Former ‘M’ QB Jim Harbaugh is now the coach at Stanford. Also, an interesting statistical discussion from I Blog for Cookies about which recent offensive coordinator (Parrish, DeBord, and Malone) had had the most success. The advantage goes to DeBord, but it’s highly likely that that has something to do with him being paired with two of the best defenses in recent memory.


December 22 - Friday


Recruiting update with lots of excitement. CA S Michael Williams is leaning toward ‘M’ over ND, but most importantly, he said he’s being recruited as a nickleback. Also, TX RB Sam McGuffie is very high on Michigan.


Brian’s taking some time off for the holidays.


December 29 - Friday


A drive by drive breakdown of how UCLA beat USC - First Half. I must admit to not reading all of this one.


December 30 - Saturday


Brian’s commitments to AOL Fanhouse, being in LA, and liveblogging the Alamo Bowl have made content slow in coming.


UCLA beating USC - Second Half.


December 31 - Sunday


Vicious Electronic Questioning with Brian Grummel on USC and the Rose Bowl. Here are some names you might have forgotten from this USC team: QB John David Booty, RBs Chauncey Washington and C.J. Gable, WRs Dewayne Jarrett and Steve Smith, OT Sam Baker, DE Lawrence Jackson, NT Sedrick Ellis, LB Brian Cushing, and S Taylor Mays.


Rose Bowl Preview.


Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Arrington has a big day.

  • Booty is sacked five times.

  • 27-20, Michigan.




This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2006: Death and Loss

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2006: Death and Loss

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on November 8th, 2016 at 12:22 PM
Michigan is 9-0, but is coming off a less than spectacular 17-3 win over Northwestern on October 28.  
November 1 - Wednesday
Maxwell poll week 9. Brian’s top 5: Troy Smith, Lamarr Woodley, Reggie Nelson, Marshawn Lynch, and Calvin Johnson.
UFR: Defense vs. Northwestern. They gave up some chunks of yards early, but settled down. Five turnovers helped as well. Woodley had a +12. Chris Graham was on the other end with a -2.
November 2 - Thursday
UFR: Offense vs. Northwestern. The struggles seemed to come from execution errors as much as DeBord. Greg Mathews played well; Justin Boren not so much.
Unverified Voracity Doesn’t Mention the War because some people think the proposed designs for the stadium renovations look too much like Nazi Germany.
Kirk Herbstreit called Steve Breaston worthless, but not in a bad way.
November 3 - Friday
Defense recruiting update. Martez Wilson is the top candidate to join on the DL, and Ron Johnson is still an essential pick up at CB.
Senior day haikus. A few highlights:
#19, S Willis Barringer
What's wrong with your hand?
I mean, I'm seriously:
It's always broken.
#26, RB Alijah Bradley
You're really, really
really, really, really, real-
-ly, really quite short.
#38, ST BJ Opong-Owusu
Hey, did you know this?
BJ Opong-Owusu
An entire line
#50, DE Jeremy Van Alstyne
You've got Barringer's
Hands in your knees, so it's hard
to play much football
#61, LS Turner Booth
You're the long snapper
I've never thought about you
Therefore: good job, Booth
Ball State preview. There is no preview.
November 4 - Saturday
Michigan beat Ball State 34-26. With the loss, this Brady Hoke coached team fell to 3-7. Highlights, box score, and Michigan Replay.
Ball State open thread. Open thread moderators might be coming.
November 6 - Monday
Don’t Covet Your Neighbor’s Unverified Voracity because there are rumors that MSU will go after Ron English as their next head coach.
November 7 - Tuesday
3. Did your team play any Division I-AA opponents this year? If so, do you think it benefited your team at all? If you were a coach or an NCAA official, what policy would you have toward scheduling D-IAAs?
Michigan's never scheduled a I-AA team and likely never will,
Unverified Voracity Must Die. Hockey gets a commit from D Kevin Quick.
Brian’s Maxwell Pundit Poll Ballot. Calvin, Woodley, Troy Smith, Marshawn Lynch, and Reggie Nelson.  
November 8 - Wednesday
Bret Bielema intentionally had his team offsides on a kickoff, and apparently, the CFB world was losing its mind. The video is broken though, so it’s unclear what the issue was exactly.
November 9 - Thursday
Unverified Voracity Hateses Comcast, Yes. UFRs are delayed because of Comcast. Also, this was the last line in the post, but Bruce Feldman mentions Jim Harbaugh as a candidate for the Iowa State job.
Basketball preview. The team is probably worse than the previous year after losing Daniel Horton and Graham Brown. There is some hope, but Jerrett Smith as PG is greatly concerning.
November 10 - Friday
Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:
  • Breaston touchdown. I have to be right about this eventually. (Take four.)
  • Henne has fewer than 20 attempts.
  • 30-13, Michigan. (Indiana cover! Look at the respect!)
Unverified Voracity Hearts Tom Brady. Brady’s history is being written at the expense of the ‘M’ football program.
November 11 - Saturday
Michigan beat Indiana 34-3. MGoBlue recap and highlights.  
November 13 - Monday
And so. Here we are, on the cusp of the biggest football-related event in any of our lives. Good is 11-0. Evil is 11-0. Good is #2. Evil is #1. I am a wordy, analogy-laden person and words and analogies fail. This is like what? Nothing. This can be described how? With some gaping, useless jaw-movements sans audio and a defeated shrug.
Blogpoll Ballot Week 12.
UFR: Defense vs. Indiana. Prescott Burgess being out was the biggest concern. David Harris had a +8, but Chris Graham and Willis Barringer each had -1. Against OSU…
  • Expect a lot of 3-3-5 against the Buckeye spread, a lot of instances where six guys threaten at the line and then random players back off at the snap, including Jamison and Woodley.
November 14 - Tuesday
As much as DeBord grinds my gears, one thing Michigan has always done is pull out the stops for OSU. I expect a fairly even run-pass balance unless our relative proficiency at one blows the other away. No more of this 80% rushes on first down.
A university email about how to stay safe at the game in Columbus.
Here is an excerpt from a book called Fever Pitch. It’s very relatable in the emotion and disappointment of sports fandom.
Unverified Voracity Thinks We Can Run. Tidbits about OSU injuries, but this is by far the most relevant news ten years later (re: Harbaugh to ISU):
This would be outstanding for Michigan. If Harbaugh succeeds at ISU he'll rocket towards the top of appealing head coach candidates when Carr retires.
November 15 - Wednesday
Unverified Voracity Beholds the Horrors of Bruthulu with lots of opinions on the upcoming game.
Things to learn from OSU vs. Texas (sorry, I confess to not reading all of this).
November 16 - Thursday
Brian gives several theories and axioms about the two teams. I don’t think ‘M’ football has this philosophy anymore:
Michigan's gameplans to date do not have relevance. Michigan is not going to run on 80% of its first downs, nor is it going to close up shop with a two-touchdown lead. I've tried to note the divergent philosophies Michigan employs against teams they respect and teams they think they can roll over. The comparative scores of, say, the Minnesota games (28-14 Michigan versus 44-0 Ohio State) are more a function of philosophy than ability.
Unverified Voracity AAAAAH. The ‘M’ and OSU library systems sent hate mail.
November 17- Friday
Vicious Electronic Questioning with Michigan Monday writer Tom Orr.  
This is what I think the game comes down to: who completes more bombs? Both teams have lived on the long ball this year. Both have receivers who can get open and quarterbacks who excel at the deep ball. Michigan has a tiny advantage here with Trent and Hall, both guys who can run stride-for-stride with anyone, and a defensive line that's more likely to prevent Smith from launching his deep balls. But the margin is razor thin.
Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:
  • Secret weapon TYLER ECKER.
  • I don't get the crap kicked out of me.
  • 20-17, Michigan.
Abbreviated UV with lots of links to game takes.
November 18 - Saturday
At some point, as David Harris reclines -- head against a wall, fixing his bayonet, passing the time -- the faint ratatat of drums will filter through the concrete, beating out a march. Harris will rise from his seat, take up his helmet, and stride forward. The future holds its breath for three hours.
Michigan lost to Ohio State 42-39. Box score and full game.  
November 20 - Monday
This blog has warped itself into something of a -- yuck -- personal diary of a sports fan almost against my will. I've tried to chronicle the emotions of a Michigan fan in this space, but I'm clean out. Anyone who needs to tell me some bad news, ("Brian, we've never met but this is definitely your baby") this is your opportunity. Lo, I am spent.
November 21 - Tuesday
A reporter lost his AP voting privileges because he didn’t pay attention to who was winning and losing.
November 22 - Wednesday
Recording of Lloyd’s remarks about Bo. The clip no longer works.
Jon Chait post on the field conditions during the game.
Thanksgiving break is upon us.  
November 27 - Monday
A look at the resumes of the candidates to play OSU in the championship game.
Brian does an all-Big Ten team (1st and 2nd teams - including Notre Dame). Here is the offense.
November 28 - Tuesday
Liveblog for the basketball game against NC State. It starts well, but ends terribly.
November 29 - Wednesday
Brian works through the “Billingsley Formula” for CFB polling. Specifically pointing out its kludge factors.
Unverified Voracity is Fresh and New. It’s rumored that the Rose Bowl will pick LSU. Also this:
Ferentz. Oft-rumored as a potential Carr replacement, the bloom has come off the rose a bit with these last couple disappointing years in Iowa City.
How are you feeling ten years later Iowa fans?
November 30 - Thursday
UFR: Defense vs. OSU. Woodley was +6. Unfortunately, the secondary looked like this: Tent - 5, Munday -5, Hall -4, Sears -2, Adams 0, Harrison 0.

This Month in MGoBlog History - October 2006: The Defense is Rolling and an Iconic Photo is Taken

This Month in MGoBlog History - October 2006: The Defense is Rolling and an Iconic Photo is Taken

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on October 4th, 2016 at 10:06 PM


September 2006


On September 30, Michigan beat Minnesota 28-14. WH highlights.

October 2 - Monday

Minnesota game open thread.

Minnesota game column. Brian has praise for DeBord! But Henne is still mystifying.

October 3 - Tuesday

On Notice Week 5.

Brian’s Blogpoll Ballot Week 6.

UFR: Defense vs. Minnesota. The performance was better than the final score indicated. Woodley had a +7, but Charles Stewart came in for a -6.

October 4 - Wednesday

Official Blogpoll Ballot.

Hennechart Legend. This is a helpful explanation of the different categories.

UFR: Offense vs. Minnesota. Again, mostly a discussion about the improvements of Henne and Debord.

So how do you like me now?

Uh... Mike? DeBord?

Darn tootin'.

Blogpoll Week 6.

October 5 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity is Brief. Max Martin has been kicked out of Alabama (after earlier being dismissed from Michigan). The football team’s injury situation is improving. Morgan Trent should be back, and Carson Butler will be back from suspension.

More on the blogpoll.

Brian challenges some recent mainstream media pieces. The first might have been sarcasm, but the second asserts that there is too much talk about 11-0 ‘M’ meeting 11-0 OSU, it will automatically send one of those teams to the national championship game and other teams won’t be considered.

October 6 - Friday

Blogpoll roundtable with questions about how much the blogger pays attention to the national CFB scene…

Well... no. I have long advocated finding a niche and becoming lord of that niche. My niche is Michigan and the Big Ten, so I do things like DVR Penn State-Northwestern and keep an eye on Wisconsin-Indiana.

And if their team needs better or different exposure…

Michigan doesn't exactly want for attention, but I would like it if Drew Sharp was reassigned to prep volleyball. And forced to dress up like a clown to attend games. And then spanked on the local news. By Madeline Albright.

Michigan State game preview. This could be the fourth straight year an ‘M’ running back rushes for more than 200 yards in this game. How things have changed…

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart: 159.

  • Breaston rips off a huge return.

  • 34-17, Michigan.

October 7 - Saturday

Michigan State open thread.

Michigan beat Michigan State 31-13. WH highlights.

October 9 - Monday

Brian’s Blogpoll ballot.

Michigan State Game Column.

Ever since college football entered my consciousness, Michigan State has been dangerous because of its stupidity. Sometimes they're a danger to others because they're too stupid to know they should lose. Sometimes they're a danger to themselves because they're too stupid, period. This was the latter.

Manningham is on crutches and likely out for the Penn St. game.

October 10 - Tuesday

Review of Penn St. vs. Minnesota film. The Nittany Lions don’t look too difficult. They are only getting a pass rush from Jay Alford, Anthony Morelli is only slightly less erratic, and Derrick Williams is about where Steve Breaston is.

Unverified Voracity Rips the Vote and analyzes reasons and theories of why voters vote the way they do.

Manningham will be out 2-3 weeks. Penn St. is still preparing for him to pay.

UFR: Defense vs. MSU. Hall had a +9, but Trent had -4. Overall, there are concerns that the defense might not be as amazing as it was earlier expected. I bet this wasn’t as spectacular as Jourdan Lewis:




3-3-5 Stack




Bomb (rollout) (2)

Um... okay, Jamar. Nice interception, but you cost us like 30 yards of field positon. Feel my wrath: -1. (Coverage +1)

Drive Notes: Interception, 31-7, 13 min 4th Q.

October 11 - Wednesday

Official blogpoll ballot week 7.

Blogpoll breakdown week 7.

Unverified Voracity Verbally Commits to Kicking Your Ass. Paterno continues to take shots at recruits who didn’t go to PSU, despite having a number of players who were committed to other schools before they signed with Penn St.

Offensive UFR will be delayed.

MGoBlog becomes affiliated with ArmChair GM. Sounds like it was similar to SB Nation.

October 12 - Thursday

Brian hates time of possession. He makes the point that TOP was more important when the game was primarily running based. Also, “per possession” is the key measure, not “per game”.

UFR: Offense vs. MSU. Henne was off compared to recent weeks, but the backup RBs showed good promise, including a TD from Brandon Minor.

October 13 - Friday

Penn St. game preview. This game isn’t expected to be too much of a challenge.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart out rushes Hunt by 60-70 yards.

  • Morelli throws at least one interception.

  • 24-10, Michigan.


You’re on Notice week 6.

On October 14, Michigan beat Penn St. 17-10. WH highlights part 1 and part 2.

October 15 - Sunday

Penn St. open thread.

October 16 - Monday

Penn St. game column, complete with iconic photo.  

Also, the “i post Morelli photo again” tag should get more use.

Some guy named Dan Steinberg wants to make polls based on the football analytics that oddsmakers receive to set lines on college games. Brian is not a fan.

Brian’s week 8 blog poll.

October 17 - Tuesday

What is Unverified Voracity? (Not Love). Brian highlights some choice comments from other blogs.

Brian parses an interview with Scoop Jackson. Also, a funny note that one of his roommates forgot to tape the Penn St. game so the UFR is going to be delayed.

October 18 - Wednesday

Maxwell Pundit ballot. Brian’s top three this week: Calvin Johnson, Alan Branch, and Troy Smith.

Official Blogpoll week 8 and voting breakdown.

UFR: Defense vs. Penn St. No surprise, the defense was dominating. Woodley led the way with +9. The CB opposite Hall is becoming worrisome. Both Morgan Trent and Johnny Sears received the lowest grade of -1.

October 19 - Thursday

Blogger roundtable with several questions about coaching hot seats and bad preseason predictions. Brian predicts that Walt Harris would lose his job at Stanford.

UFR: Offense vs. Penn St. Henne is starting to show John Navarre-like intangibles (this is a good thing). The interior OL is looking shaky.

October 20 - Friday

Reader Mailbag.

The mailbag: an cop-out piece that combines astounding arrogance ("listen to me answer your questions, peon!") with laziness (since mailers write half of it for you).

Unverified Sunshine of Spotless Voracity. Quote from Adrian Arrington’s mom:

"His goal this year was to prove himself in that number," Norma Arrington said. "He wants people to say, `I don't remember that much about the quarterback (John Navarre) who wore it. We remember that Arrington guy.'

Don’t worry, a new #16 will soon eclipse both of you.

Iowa game preview. Iowa is not living up to Brian’s preseason expectations.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Breaston touchdown. I have to be right about this eventually.

  • Hart does turn out to have some sort of minor ding and we see a lot of Grady and Minor.

  • 31-13, Michigan.

Bo had a medical issue on the set of the Big Ten Ticket program. It’s unknown how serious it was.

On October 21, Michigan beat Iowa. 20-6. The MGoBlue box score no longer exists, but here is the official recap.  Highlights.

October 22 - Sunday

Iowa game open thread with lots of pregame rumors.

October 23 - Monday

Are computer rankings useful? Yes, if you put good information into them.

Iowa game column. This was a dominating win.

October 24 - Tuesday

Brian’s week 9 blogpoll ballot.

Unverified Voracity is Totally Miserable. Adrian Arrington is having some legal issues.

October 26 - Thursday

Blogpoll week 9.

Brian is very sick so UFRs are delayed.  

UFR: Defense vs. Iowa. Woodley led with +10. Branch, Jamieson, and Crable all have +6. The only negative is Will Johnson with a -1.

UFR: Offense vs. Iowa. Henne was decently accurate, but it was all short throws. Greg Mathews and Carson Butler showed promise.

October 27 - Friday

Hello Toney Clemons (with still working highlight video!). Clemons’ time at ‘M’ would not end so well.

Northwestern game preview.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Breaston touchdown. I have to be right about this eventually.

  • Ohio State loses to Minnesota by 80 points.

  • 30-6, Michigan.

Unverified Voracity: OMG. LOL. OMG. The national media really wants to call the defense the “English Majors”.

On October 28, Michigan beat Northwestern 17-3. Highlights.

October 30 - Monday

Northwestern game open thread.

Northwestern game column. Brian is grumpy about the poncho he used during the game Everyone is grumpy about Mike DeBord’s offense.

DeBord's been OC here for four years and has had the good fortune to coach opposite two of the finest defenses in Michigan history. He's a pitcher who gets 8 runs a game from his offense: his win-loss record is virtually meaningless. If he didn't have a gaudy record it would be conclusive proof that he is inept.

Brian’s blogpoll ballot week 10.

October 31 - Tuesday

On Notice.

State of Recruiting: Offense. Not much here. This side of the ball is almost done. Marquis Maze is still committed. The OL is the only need, but there aren’t many recognizable names on the board.


This Month in MGoBlog History - September 2006: The Season Starts 4-0

This Month in MGoBlog History - September 2006: The Season Starts 4-0

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on September 8th, 2016 at 7:22 PM


August 2006

September 1 - Friday

It’s Christmas eve; football is almost here.

Unverified Voracity: Creepy Baby. Should be titled Links that Don’t Work. I would especially like to see the first one about Brian Kelly being crazy. What did that look like 10 years ago?

September 3 - Sunday

Game notes from the game 1 victory over Vanderbilt. Defense was very impressive, run game looked good, but the passing game was iffy.

September 4 - Monday

Somehow a game open thread two days after the game. Also included is a ‘M’ version of the Night Before Christmas.

Unverified Voracity: By S I Mean Herrmann with quotes about how much more simple and understandable the defense is this season for the players.

September 5 - Tuesday

UFR: Defense vs. Vanderbilt. English is better than Hermann.

English coaches like he's got a talent advantage. He swarmed Vandy instead of sitting back, waiting for them to make an error. Bend-but-don't-break is a rube's game suited for weaklings.

Woodley came in for a +12; Crable and Biggs each got +6s.

Blogpoll update. Tennessee is #1. Michigan is #9.

September 6 - Wednesday

Maxwell Pundit Week 1. Apparently, MGoBlog used to participate in a blogpoll equivalent of the Heisman. Brian’s top three are: Calvin Johnson, Garrett Wolfe, and Buster Davis.

Blogpoll week 2.

UFR: Offense vs. Vanderbilt. Things looked pretty good, except for maybe the right side of the line (Mitchell/Riley).

What did you like about the dawn of DeBord Era II?

Internet malcontents will be malcontents, but they did get a few of their wishes granted. Michigan's base formation was a three-wide set, something long desired by crabby message-boarders. The zone running game vastly reduced the prevalance of the fullback shuffle. The waggle re-emerged as a weapon.

Side note, it seems weird to me that Brandon Minor was in this game. I associate him with the Rodriguez years so much and forget that he was contributing two years before that.

September 7 - Thursday

Update on Brian’s work at AOL Fanhouse.

You’re on Notice: Week 2

An interview with CMU alum Brian Seymour about the upcoming game. It’s an interesting read with thoughts about the legacy of DeBord, Brian Kelly’s crazy play calling, and how a spread offense works.

A collection of links that Brian was not able to post during the last few days.

September 8 - Friday

Fearmeter: Week 2

I have a LeFevour and the only prescription is the most obvious reference available.

CMU Preview

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Jamison debuts and gets a sack.

  • Morgan Trent emerges as the starter opposite Hall.

  • 27-14; panic spreads like wildfire.


September 9 - Saturday

CMU game thread

September 11 - Monday

Blogpoll Ballot Week 2. OSU is #1. ‘M’ is #8.

Somebody submitted a ballot to the blogpoll with San Jose State on it. Brian believed this was done just to get attention and tossed the ballot. They weren’t happy.

You’re on Notice: Week 3

September 12 - Tuesday

Brian reviews film of Notre Dame’s game against Georgia Tech. His conclusions include: Brady Quinn isn’t that good, and ND played a very 2005 version of Lloydball.

Brian discusses the upcoming ND game with the House Rock Built blog. Lots of discussion on their mood for this game each year and about the history of the last few games.

Maxwell Pundit Week 2. Troy Smith #1 and Calvin Johnson #2.

September 13 - Wednesday

Brian reviews film of Notre Dame’s game against Penn St. His conclusions include: PSU’s coaching staff is dumb, Quinn is better but still not that good, and Victor Abiamiri is going to give Rueben Riley more problems.

Blogpoll Week 3.

UFR: Defense vs. Central. Good, but not as great as against Vanderbilt. Woodley got a +8, Branch +5, but Englemon -3.

September 14 - Thursday

UFR: Offense vs. Central. This is the first offensive UFR to use number grades. Kraus and Oluigbo both get +3, but Riley gets a -5. Brian admits it’s still a work in process.

September 15 - Friday

Brian does a podcast with House Rock Built. Apparently, he talked about when he puts on pants, which is ironic that he discussed this topic on the recent WTKA podcast (9/1/16).

Notre Dame Preview.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Woodley is neutralized.

  • Hart goes for 150.

  • 27-24, Michigan.

A link to “voracity-type substance” on Brian’s AOL site.

September 17 - Sunday

Notre Dame game thread with gleeful update.

Notre Dame game Column.

Brady Quinn spent the day attempting to remember where he was, then quickly attempting to pretend he was anywhere else. Sorry, kid: there's no happy place on this field. There are only angry places filled with men named Crable, Woodley, Branch, and Burgess.

September 18 - Monday

Some great ND schadenfreude.

As disappointing as this loss is/was/will be, do not forget how Pete Carroll struggled in years 1, 2 and 3.

In year two, Carroll struggled to an 11-2 record and Orange Bowl victory over Iowa. In year three, Carroll struggled his way to national championship.

Unverified Voracity: Victory. With lots of perspectives on the victory, including victory sandwiches and how MGoBlog shirts can make you prophetic.

Brady Quinn for Heisman highlight video! But sadly it no longer works.

September 19 - Tuesday

You’re on Notice: Week 3

Maxwell Pundit: Week 3 complete with Brian talking in pirate lingo. One through three is Troy Smith, Dwayne Jarrett, and Lamarr Woodley.

UFR: Defense vs. Notre Dame.

Quinn lets it rip on the first play from scrimmage. Weis is such a genius. It catches us so off guard that Morgan Trent(+2) is in better position than Samarwhatever and can slow up a bit to impede his progress.

This was a dominating performance and 1997 comparisons are beginning to be mentioned. No negatives were given. Crable was +9, Hall +8, and Branch +7.

September 20 - Wednesday

Blogpoll ballot week 4.

Unverified Voracity: Victory Edition the Sequel is just what it says, lots more takes on Michigan’s recent win.

Blogpoll week 4.

UFR: Offense vs. Notre Dame. A few concerns about the run game, but with putting up 47 points, there are obviously few concerns. Manningham with +9 and Hart with +7. Long and Eckert both had -3.

September 21 - Thursday

Brian interviews two Wisconsin bloggers about the upcoming game. Nothing earth-shattering in hindsight, but it’s still an interesting read.

Blogpoll Roundtable looks at the beginning of the season and predicts where things will go from here.

Brian takes up the fight against bad journalism by shredding a piece from Matt Hayes.

September 22 - Friday

Nobody Expects Unverified Voracity. A backup Wisconsin LB will miss the game because he stole a moped. Also, ‘M’ hockey gets a commit from Chris Brown.

Wisconsin game preview.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • PJ Hill averages 2.5 YPC.

  • Breaston scores.

  • 24-6, Michigan.

September 25 - Monday

Wisconsin game open thread.

Wisconsin game column.

make no mistake: this was nearly as beat-down-errific as the Notre Dame game, except in this game Michigan won going away with a -2 in the turnover margin column* instead of a +4.

Also, this is very prescient to the 2016 season; not unlike “The Story: 2016”.

And thus severe cognitive dissonance in the Michigan fanbase. Stung by the Year of Infinite Pain and previous Years of Unnecessary But Thankfully Finite Pain, there is a hestiancy to predict anything better than 10-2, to envision horrible losses to teams with no business on the same field as Michigan (I'm looking at you, Penn State), to prepare for the inevitable hammer blow to the chest courtesy a wacky punt formation or foolish confidence in a slim lead or the plain bloody-mindedness of the universe. We hesitate. We don't want to go through that again.

And yet... this team is not last year's team.

(i.e. any team from the last eight years)

Analysis of recent MSU and OSU games. Drew Stanton is running more, and Troy Smith looked fairly pedestrian against Penn State.

Blogpoll ballot week 4: Brian. Auburn is #1, followed by Michigan and Ohio State.  

September 26 - Tuesday

UFR: Defense vs. Wisconsin. Another stellar outing by the defense. The line was strong, led by +12 from Branch, +7 from Woodley, +6 for Taylor, and +5 from Will Johnson.

Brian interviews Jay Mariotti. Really.

Maxwell Pundit Ballot. Calvin Johnson is back to top, followed by Alan Branch, and Troy Smith.

Unverified Voracity: Kamoku Rage because some UW player named James Kamoku was twisting Breaston’s leg after a punt return tackle.

September 27 - Wednesday

Blogpoll ballot week 4: official. Top three OSU, Michigan, and Auburn.

And a closer look at individual blogpoll ballots.

Brian has gotten a couple reports that Morgan Trent’s hand is broken.

Unverified Voracity Has No Catchy Title. The defense is starting to get some national hype, and Mike Valenti rants.

September 28 - Thursday

You’re on Notice Week 4.

UFR: Offense vs. Wisconsin. Another strong performance by Manningham, but there are concerns about DeBord’s playcalling, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Brian decided to ditch the +/- system on offense for now until he can perfect it.

September 29 - Friday

Morgan Trent rumors are now determined to be false.

Brian takes a look at the Minnesota vs. Purdue game. Their passing game looks terrible, running game is ok, and the defense is solidly meh.

Brian backs off his Morgan Trent rumor back off, so no one is quite sure what’s going on. You think Counter-Strike rumors are bad, this one involved someone passing along Trent’s IM away message.

Minnesota preview. Doesn’t look like they are going to pose much of a threat.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Still many first-down runs into stacked fronts.

  • Arrington scores.

  • 30-10, Michigan.


This Month in MGoBlog History - August 2006

This Month in MGoBlog History - August 2006

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on August 5th, 2016 at 7:10 AM


July 2006

August 2 - Wednesday

The dream is over. Brian is indeed out of the World Series of Poker.  

As I exited the Rio, still stunned, I hear not one but two "pssts" from what turns out to be an attractive-in-a-way woman who asks me to come over to her. Despite being the picture of midwest innocence, hooker alarms go off in my head and I mumble something along the lines of "um, er, no... I have to go... over here. Over here."

August 3 - Thursday

A picture from the WSOP.

August 4 - Friday

One final poker post.

Hello David Molk. This is impressive:

Not blessed with the natural ginormity that most offensive linemen have, Molkworked his way up from pipsqueak:

As a freshman, Lemont's David Molk was a 5-6, 175-pounder who bench-pressed only 110 pounds and squatted 250.

As he prepares for his senior season, Molk is a 6-2, 270-pounder who bench-presses 370, squats 550 and power-cleans 320.

Unverified Voracity: Catch Up gives a recap of everything that has gone on while Brian was in Vegas. Ben Winnett has committed to the hockey team, and the NCAA is going away from I-A and I-AA designations to FBS and FCS.

August 5 - Saturday

A request for the blogpoll members to check in.

August 7 - Monday

The recap of the current recruiting picture for the offense. There isn’t a lot of surprising information here, but this is an interesting era to examine. This was definitely part of the “bare cupboard” issue going into the Rodriguez tenure. Take Tight End for instance:

Tight End

Needs Going In: Major. Instate sleeper Quintin Woods is the only tight end in last year's class and he hardly played varsity football until his senior year, when he starred... at defensive end. He's a project and with only Carson Butler in the year ahead of him Michigan needs a couple tight ends to make up the numbers.

Commitments To Date: Michigan jumped on sleeper Martell Webb before anyone got wind of his freakish 6'5" self, then picked up a second commitment from Denver's Steve Watson, son of current Broncos receivers coach and former Broncos reciever Steve Watson. Webb is the huge HS wide receiver with serious mismatch potential; Watson is the heady coach's son who might be a bit plodding.

Potential Commitments: Two tight ends should do it.

You Should Panic This Much: A little. Three straight years Michigan has swung for the fences with utterly raw, outrageously athletic basketball players and has only Watson in the "safe bet" category. With three cracks at a breakout player Michigan has a good chance of getting one, but it's still something of a risk. And it doesn't seem likely that Butler, Woods, and Webb are going to be crushing, Spaethian blockers.

I realize that this position wasn’t going to be utilized under Rodriguez, but look at those names, would this group have excelled under Carr or another coach of a similar philosophy?

Apparently, Go Blue Wolverine employed a guy who said of OSU commit and likely ‘M’ commit WR Taurian Washington…

Let us pray Washington goes elsewhere. Will never start here... doesn't affect Allen. He isn't that good.

Way to go Scout.

Bullet points from media day (I guess it was the first of fall camp). Highlights:

DT Marques Slocum is also not on campus, having failed to get a qualifying test score after a long struggle. Slocum is in the process of an appeal, but he is a longshot to enroll at this point.

First player out of Carr's mouth when asked about the WRs was "underrated" Carl Tabb.

Kevin Grady is going to be "much improved," having lost a bit of weight. Carr expects him to "hit the hole quicker and be better in the secondary."

Somewhat frighteningly, Ryan Mundy's name keeps popping up as a candidate for playing time. I suppose it's good if he can wade his way through the four guys who started games a year ago, but the dread spectre of Yards After Mundy lurks.

August 8 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Media Day. Morgan Trent is moving to CB, lots of weight loss across the whole team, and Mike DeBord says:

"In `97, our whole thing was we want to control the ball and really continue to get first downs, three yards here, four yards here, five yards here. We were really trying to control it. But now you have to score. You have to put the ball down the field a little bit more than what we did then."

A video of Braylon catching balls blindfolded.

South Bend Tribune reporter Jeff Carroll attacks ND and the recruitment of Jimmy Clausen; he then gets banned from asking Weis any further questions. Brian sides with Weis, offering this should-have-been-heeded-sometime-in-the-next-three-years pieces of advice:

I've often wondered why Drew Sharp doesn't get the same treatment from the Michigan program. Even though he's a columnist and therefore not beholden to said facts, his relentless negativity is a drag on both Detroit-area fans and the teams they support. Lloyd Carr hates the guy -- and can you find someone who doesn't? Personally, if I was AD I would ban all Free Press reporters from press conferences and give the News unprecedented access until Sharp was sent packing. But I have been told I'm somewhat combative.

August 9 - Wednesday

Copying a research tool that Carroll (from the previous post) used, Brian settles various arguments based on the number of Google search results.

Apparently, a ‘M’ football fantasy camp used to be a thing. This post includes a long recounting of the recent camp from Jon Chait who attended as a camper. This is a fascinating read.

Unverified Voracity: Coke Geyser. Antonio Bass is optimistic he can come back in 2007, and Anthony Thomas might have found new light with the Buffalo Bills.

The picture says it all, but Maurice Clarett has been arrested.



August 10 - Thursday

Larry Harrison will not be allowed to play a second year at North Carolina A&T. This was due largely because of attack pieces by the local newspaper.

Northwestern team preview. The season looks bleak after the death of Randy Walker and the graduation of starting QB Brett Basanez. Brian predicts 4-8. They would indeed finish 4-8.

August 11 - Friday

Snapshot of the defensive recruiting. I didn’t realize that Ronald Johnson was primarily considered a DB.

Allen's FSU commitment removes Michigan's margin for error. Insiders are confident on both Johnson and (Michael) Williams but were also making assurances that (Dionte) Allen would end up at Michigan right up until he committed to FSU. As long as Johnson continues looking good things will be all right, but you should be spooked.

Also this bit of hindsight:

Ryan Kerrigan from Indiana and Eric Thomas from Ohio were mentioned as Michigan possibilities a while ago but are marginal prospects who may not get offers.

Unverified Voracity: USC USC USC tells about Pete Carroll antics.

As an assistant coach gave the Trojans a tongue-lashing while watching video of a lackluster afternoon practice, Carroll--complete in an official Wonder Bread NASCAR racing uniform and helmet--appeared from the back of the room, accompanied by the roar of an engine and shrouded by the smoke of a fog machine. Carroll raced to the front of the room and, as the team howled in laughter, informed the Trojans that they were going to take a break from football and go to the campus theater to watch the nation's hottest movie, "Talladega Nights, The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby."

August 14 - Monday

Unverified Voracity: Stare at the Watch. Pat Kane is still trying to decide between college and the OHL.

A link to an interview with Zoltan Mesko which sadly doesn’t seem to exist any more.

Continuing a series from last month, here is the most loathsome people in sports 30-21. Highlights are 30. Dick Vitale, 24. Steve Spurrier, and 21. Larry Brown.

This year, Brown's morose press conferences were context appropriate as Brown openly wondered whether he should kill Stephon Marbury or himself.

OSU’s Alex Boone drinks a lot of beer.

And no wonder since -- estimating conservatively by pegging his average at, say, 32 and giving him 40 or 50 days off per year for Christmas, Lent, and days when Boone was so drunk from the night before he slept for 30 hours -- over the past two years Boone has consumed approximately 20,000 beers. That's approximately 1,875gallons, enough to drown a small Vietnamese village. Since Budwesier is 5% alcohol by weight, Boone has consumed 94 gallons of alcohol alone over the past two years.

But wait! There's more! At 140 calories per beer, that's a staggering 280,000 calories; at 3500 calories per pound, Alex Boone has ingested 800 pounds worth of beer in the past two years. Alex Boone would not exist if he did not drink beer. He would be -450 pounds.

Brian takes on Tom Dienhart’s Sporting News article about how Lloyd Carr is on the hot seat.

August 15 - Tuesday

Preseason Blogpoll Draft

Rumors that Justin Boren has a broken ankle and Mike Kolodziej has a career-threatening condition.

August 16 - Wednesday

Blogpoll ballot

Blogpoll coming after Brian kills bugs…

And the actual Blogpoll...which no longer has its useful parts.

Unverified Voracity: Man Fun which is what Terrance Taylor and Jason Kates are having.

August 17 - Thursday

Confirmation on  the Boren and Kolodziej rumors, though Boren’s sounds more like a sprain.

Unverified Voracity: Simmons is a Donkey. Bill Simmons has written a story on his own experiences in the WSOP.

A post about a video that no longer exists.

August 18 - Friday

Hello AL WR Marquis Maze. Seems like he would have been a nice player to have during the Rodriguez years.

Purdue team preview. They had a terrible year in ‘05 and lost several NFL players off their defense, so things don’t look great heading into this season. Everything hangs on the progress of Curtis Painter. Brian predicts 8-5. They would finish 8-6 with a bowl game loss to Maryland.

The Maurice Clarett saga turns humorous again. Apparently, he’s been bankrolled by Israeli gangsters.

Unverified Voracity: Hoep Cares. IU coach Terry Hoeppner has to use a media guide to identify his players.

August 21 - Monday

Highlights of a 13 play, 81 yard drive the from the 1989 OSU game, all running plays. It went Hoard, Bunch, Bunch, Bunch, Hoard, Bunch, Hoard, Bunch, Bunch, Taylor, Jefferson, Taylor, and finally Jefferson with the touchdown.

Brian’s answers to the blogger roundtable.

Unverified Voracity: Vote Zolton. Lamarr Woodley feels that his career has only been good, not great so far.  

August 22 - Tuesday

Brian is rejoicing that a helpful reader has identified the Across 110th Street music.

Recap of a Carr press conference. Long and Woodley will be captains. Alex Mitchell is likely the RG, and Jamar Adams is likely the SS. True freshmen Mathews, Minor, and Carlos Brown are likely play.

Brian goes after print journalists who attack blogs. Watching how Detroit media interacts with MGoBlog and other blogs now, I think we have come a long way in the last ten years. Of course, print media has taken some major hits. I think they’re more contrite these days.

August 23 - Wednesday

Shirts! Here is the beginning of the MGoStore. With a link that still works! Many great designs here.

Unverified Voracity: Jaren Hayes Returns. MSU’s defensive backfield is getting beaten up.

Brian references some ND piece of clothing, but the link is broken so who knows.

Already an update to the available shirts.

August 24 - Thursday

Brian fights against more “Carr is on the hotseat/there’s a coaching controversy in Ann Arbor” articles.

Tyler Swystun has left the hockey team.

Hello Junior Hemingway. Kind of rough career for him (injury, coaching changes, etc.), but there are such good memories of him in the Sugar Bowl.

Marques Slocum is on campus and enrolled. Let’s have a little primer on where things stand with him at this point in time.

For those not intimately familiar with the bizarre saga of Marques Slocum, he was a near-five star defensive tackle recruit who commited to Michigan for the '05 class, but he did not qualify academically. He then spent a semester at Milford Academy attempting to get his grades and test scores up, then another when the first semester didn't take. He spent this summer taking and retaking standardized tests, never quite getting the score he needed. All hope appeared to be lost after his last score came back, but Slocum appealed on grounds that some of his answers weren't counted or didn't show up or were misgraded or something. It's all very vague. Now he's around, but with a catch.

August 25 - Friday

Ohio St. team preview. Coming off a 10-2 season, OSU is commonly ranked #1. However, they have lost nine starters on defense, two 1st round picks on offense, and their kicker, so they can’t possibly be that good again this year (hmm, sounds familiar). Lots of familiar names here that have littered the NFL in the years since. Brian predicts 10-2; they would, of course, go undefeated until losing to Florida in the national championship game.

Unverified Voracity: Literally Shirtless referring to a shirtless picture of Braylon. Also, NU’s QB is out for the season so Mike Kafka is the starter.

August 26 - Saturday

MGoBlog will receive its one millionth hit at some point today.

Changes are a comin' to this space but they're made in the hope that this thing can become something of a profession. Perhaps this is a foolish goal but damn if it doesn't sound romantic, at least to me. We -- and I do mean "we" -- are going to give this a go. As anyone who saw "Michigan" placed in the tossup category of the OSU preview knows, I'm something of a romantic and I hope that this is but the beginning.

Second star to the right and straight on 'till morning. Go Blue.

I wonder how many hits it’s at today?

August 28 - Monday

Unverified Voracity: OL Ees Better. More “Carr is on the hot seat” articles with which Brian takes umbrage. This time Pat Forde claims that Carr, Larry Coker, Tubby Smith, and Phil Fulmer should all be worried about their jobs. Ironically, none of these would be coaching at the same school a little more than two years later. To Brian’s point though, Carr would leave on the best terms of any of these.

More hot seat articles.

Hello Avery Horn (who I’m struggling not to confuse with Avery Queen). This is a 3-star RB disappointment for fans hoping for John Clay or Robert Hughes.

Brian got a job! He will now be the lead Big Ten blogger for AOL Fanhouse. These are interesting details related to the history of the blog.

Also, this marks a transition point. Selling out is going to occur. A few months ago my job and I agreed to not have each other any more, partially due to the fact that instead of doing "things" I was "supposed to be doing" I was "posting on my blog." In the subsequent months I've come to two conclusions:

  • I like blogging.

  • I don't like engineering.


More shirt updates.

August 29 - Tuesday

Information on Avery Horn from someone connected to his high school.

Michigan team preview: Offense. This is the normal copious preview we’ve come to expect from Brian each August. It is long, but essentially, there are lot of questions about the offense coming out of 2005.

No idea on this one. (ed. the link within the link is NSFW)

August 30 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity: Not Dead Yet links to this fun Maize ‘n’ Brew post.

Michigan team preview: Defense. Again, a lot of content here. I didn’t remember that there was this much concern surrounding Leon Hall:

Magazines and Mel Kiper tell us that Leon Hall is an excellent player worthy of accolades, though he doesn't seem like Marlin Jackson to me. He enters his third year as a full-time starter on All-American lists and NFL mock drafts as the top corner in the country, which is something of a surprise since he's never exactly dominated.

MGoBlog’s On Notice Board.

August 31 - Thursday

Brian wants to know why the Northwestern vs. Miami OH game is on ESPNU. Yes, a post just to ask that question.

Prediction of how the members of the Big Ten will finish.

Michigan team preview: Special Teams and Conclusion.

Final Verdict

To recap: everything should be better and I have totally reasonable reasons for thinking so. Everyone we liked except Avant, Stenavich, and about a third of Watson returns, plus we get our best two players back and healthy. Incremental improvement from many plus wild improvement from a few -- my bets are Manningham, Crable, and Jamar Adams -- should see Michigan re-assert itself. On the other hand, this team is flawed on the offensive line, at linebacker, and in corner depth.

...but you know and I know that the key to the season wears #7 and has a goofy haircut. If he plays like he did last year, we have a season similar to last year but slightly better. From 8-4 to 9-3. If he plays like he did at the tail end of last year, um, yeah. There's a chance.

Wins: Vandy, CMU, Ball State, @Indiana, Northwestern

Probable Wins: @ Minnesota, Drew Stanton, @ PSU, Wisconsin

Tossups: @ ND, @ OSU, Iowa

Probable Losses:

Losses: None.

Split the difference: 10-2.

The first game is three days away, so here are highlights of the 2004 MSU game to get you in the mood.


This Month in MGoBlog History - July 2006

This Month in MGoBlog History - July 2006

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on July 15th, 2016 at 1:44 PM


June 2006

July 3 - Monday

The month starts off with a July 4th break.

July 5 - Wednesday

Penn State preview. They went 11-1 the previous year; their only loss came from Michigan. However, the biggest concern is going to Anthony Morelli at QB. Brian predicts 8-4. They would finish the year at 9-4.

July 6 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity: Ack Math. Brian immediately warns mathophobes to stay and away, so I’m hesitant to comment too much on this post. He looks at a Smart Football article, the gist of which is that a balanced offensive attack should be viewed with a weighted value on pass plays. The conclusion is the Texas Tech had a balanced attack.

July 7 - Friday

Blogpoll memberships for the upcoming season is opening up. There is some criteria this year about who can get in.

Unverified Voracity: SI for Kids Rules because that publication has ranked Michigan #2 for the upcoming season. Also, Pat Fitzgerald has become Northwestern’s new coach, and NCAA Hockey is requiring more boarding calls.

July 10 - Monday

Illinois preview. They went 2-9 in their first year under Ron Zook.

By the midpoint of the season the only people watching Illinois games were pissed-off Florida fans, who traded tapes of the debacles and watched them intently in pitch-dark rooms full of unpleasant, familiar noises best left unspeculated upon.

And not much hope of improvement is available. However, a certain freshman QB named Isiah Williams is mentioned and a sophomore running back named Rashard Mendenhall is on the team. Brian predicts 3-9. They finish the year at 2-10.

July 11 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Orange Seizure. I think I have seen this stat in recent years, but something called “I Blog for Cookies” came up with this:

That's right ... in the last 6 years, we are more likely to lose a game than to win it if we go into the 4th quarter with a small lead.


Hello: Manny Harris. This is a great improvement over recent recruiting news (Reed Baker and Zach Gibson), but there is a concern that there won’t be enough roster spots left, specifically for another Michigan high school guard, Laval Lucas-Perry.

July 12 - Wednesday

Hello: Steve Watson, a recruit about whom not much is known, but he has decent offers so who knows.

July 13 - Thursday

Wisconsin preview. Lots of uncertainty here, starting with a new coach. Bret Bielema was the youngest coach in the country...until Pat Fitzgerald was hired. They return QB John Stocco and LT Joe Thomas, but not too much else. New starters are expected to be RB P.J. Hill and LB DeAndre Levy. Also, I didn’t remember that there was another Randle El.

Randle-El proves the old maxim "Mothers, don't name your younger son 'Marcus' when your older son is a ridiculously exciting mobile quarterback because he is guaranteed to be a knucklehead if you do."

Brian predicts 9-3. They would finish 12-1, only losing to Michigan.

Unverified Voracity: Z Agrees. Minnesota has worked a deal with TCF Bank for naming rights to a new stadium that is being planned.

The corporate naming of stadium has always been a mystery to me, as whenever I hear something like "Comerica Park" I make a little note to myself to never, ever bank with Comerica. I can't be alone in this, can I?

July 14 - Friday

A collection of videos of the Zidane headbutt. Most of them work!

At the invitation of another blogger, Brian participated in a “commissioner for a day” post. His ideas:

1. Eight team playoff.

2. No I-AA games.

3. No more than one guarantee game per year.

4. Drop the Sun Belt to I-AA.

5. Tweak OT.

6. Fix the fumble-out-of-endzone rule.

7. Add a flagrant pass interference foul.

8. Implement NFL-style challenges.

9. Crack down on this facilities ridiculousness.

10. Assign Mark May and Lou Holtz to the WNBA.

Of course he elaborates more on all of these.

Unverified Voracity: Auburn College-like Substance because Auburn has found a way to make school very easy for their athletes. Also, the Kings have signed hockey prospect Trevor Lewis before he could even reach Ann Arbor.

July 17 - Monday

Unverified Voracity: Diamond Dallas Page. A Nebraska blog is incorrectly trying to prove east coast bias in CFB balloting, as compared to computer voting. Also, Georgia Tech has its players doing “commando yoga” with a former pro wrestler.

Brian addresses an email about Michigan’s talent advantage. Allegedly, a common complaint at the time was that ‘M’ had superior talent, but the coaches were not that good. He works through several theories and looks at NFL draft data. Little did anyone know how soon this (raw skill vs. getting coached up) would become an even bigger issue.

July 18 - Tuesday

A ranking of the top 50 “Most Loathsome People in Sports.” This post is 50-41. Coming in at #50: Brian Cook, #49 Bill Simmons, #44 Colin Cowherd, and  #42 Sean Avery.

July 19 - Wednesday

Surprise, surprise Alex Legion has committed again.

Unverified Voracity: Piref Edition: HHYYAAAR. Apparently a referee worked in CFB for five years with only one eye...and no one knew about it. Further, his performance reviews improved. Also, Pat Kane might go to college and it will either be ‘M’ or BU.

July 20 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity: More NCAA with reviews of the NCAA ‘07 game. After evaluating these, Brian has decided against purchasing it.

July 21 - Friday

Penn State blogs/fans have taken umbrage at Brian’s preview, so he responds to their emails in this post. Alan Branch would make this statement prophetic:

A night game at the Beav will be Edmonton-Stanley-Cup-Finals insane, granted, but the game is still played on the field. On said field, I think the Michigan defensive line will give PSU all kinds of problems.

A few recruiting notes about Toney Clemons, Steve Watson, and Donovan Warren (some in his family want him to go to Ohio State, but he seems destined to go to USC).

July 24 - Monday

The next installment of loathsome people (40-31). Highlights include: #40 Jason Whitlock, #39 Jacques Lemaire, #37 The Sun Belt Conference, and #33 Lou “Holth”.

Unverified Voracity: Apocalypse. Bill Martin says that the basketball team needs better facilities. Donors might be hard to locate.

July 25 - Tuesday

Iowa preview. Big concerns in the secondary and the receiving corps, but they have Drew Tate and a favorable schedule, so expectations are high. Brian predicts 11-1. Unfortunately...all is not well, and they finish 6-7.

July 26 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity: Bird of Frank Thomas. Ryan Mallett is looking decent at Elite 11, and Brian takes a look at some of his old sports cards.

A panoply of Lindros cards... thanks for nothing, Eric! You and your stupid concussions cost me some "clams" or "bones" or whatever you people call them! Don't get me started on your stupid "knee injury," Pavel Bure!

Also, Mallett won the EA Sports NCAA ‘07 title, so that has to be a good sign right?

July 27 - Thursday

Brian is preparing to head out to Las Vegas to participate in the World Series of Poker.

Unverified Voracity: Dragon Up. Apparently, there used to be a Disney cartoon called American Dragon: Jake Long (IMDB). This has to mean good things for our offensive line.

July 30 - Sunday

Update from the WSOP. Brian is still alive, but only seems to be just surviving.

A second WSOP post, this in much greater detail. Brian describes his experience in Vegas…

Percentage Of Professionally Hot Girls Who Would Actually Be Attractive In Something That Covered, Say, 60% Of Their Bodies

Hovering at about 30%. But that 30% is impressive. Also: irritating. I think it's worse when an impossibly hot girl is showing obviously fake enthusiasm towards you for money instead of the usual scoffing. I pointedly ignore them.

...and gives specifics about each of his hands during the game.


This Month in MGoBlog History - June 2006

This Month in MGoBlog History - June 2006

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on June 12th, 2016 at 8:16 PM


May 2006

June 1 - Thursday

Liveblog from game 5 of the Pistons vs. Heat Eastern Conference finals. Here is the box score if anyone is interested. Lots of good stuff here, but I will just add this early autobench gripe:

Then some other stuff happens... Wade gets his second and is yanked with 12 seconds let in the half, which brings me to a pet peeve of mine: why is it verboten to play Wade with 12 seconds left in the half but okay at the start of the third? Do you get spanked if you have a player with three fouls before the half?

A game recap to accompany the liveblog.

If -- and I want to stress "if," as the chances the Pistons win the next two are certainly below 50 percent -- the Pistons manage to win this series, then no matter what happens in the Finals they'll have cemented their reputation as best Rasputins in the history of the NBA*. Shot, stabbed, drowned, maimed, assaulted with hamburgers, attacked by leering gangs of bicyclists, thrown from a balloon, shot across the Channel in a V2 rocket, beaten, locked in a room with Stephen A. Smith on speed, run over by extremely determined ant skateboarders, abducted, or stuffed into the overhead compartment on a flight to hell: it matters not. What yesterday seemed like an insurmountable challenge is now just one slightly improbable road win followed by game seven in the Palace. It could happen. Maybe. Probably not. But maybe.

June 2 - Friday

Recruiting board update. Steve Paskorz commits to ND. Toney Clemons is Steve Breaston’s cousin.

June 3 - Saturday

The Pistons lost game 6 and the series. Brian says it was because they were out coached. Now, speculation begins on what Ben will do in the offseason.

June 5 - Monday

Brian gives fair warning that if you hate soccer, you’re not going to enjoy the upcoming contents of the blog (World Cup coverage). I must admit to only following soccer peripherally, so my comments on the soccer posts will be pretty light.

Brief recruiting board update mentioning John Ditto and Taurian Washington.

Technical issues.

June 6 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Yee Haw Hee Haw includes a comparison of top 100 rankings for Rivals and Scout. Also this is of interest to Lions’ fans:

Something you must know: Tennessee's Jim Bob Cooter was arrested for DUI. God willing, this was a moonshine incident.

June 7 - Wednesday

Brian gives a defense of soccer.

It seems the best way to shore up your average comment count is to declare that the World Cup is of interest and that you intend to post on it. It also helps if you then mis-date the next day's post so that the shocking revelation that you are some sort of hippie euro-snob fairy remains at or near the top of the blog for all red-white-and-blue blooded to see and fret over. If you, the blogger, do this, then you will return to see the soccer-sucks-no-it-doesn't sniping has bloomed like algae across any surface it can attach itself to. It's so bad that other noted college football bloggers have retreated to obscurer interwebs in a (thwarted) attempt to avoid serious loss of street cred.

June 8 - Thursday

There is a new MSU blog call Spartan Bob who is attacking the gameday atmosphere at the Big House. Brian’s assessment?

I do know that Spartan Stadium has all the atmosphere of your local Walmart and the class of the woman selling herself outside of it.

June 9 - Friday

The internet is down.

Unverified Voracity: Better Late. Chris Summers and Mark Mitera are looking good to join the hockey team.

June 10 - Saturday

Game recap of Trinidad and Tobago’s tie against Sweden.

June 12 - Monday

USA loses to the Czech Republic 3-0.

June 13 - Tuesday

Recruiting Board Update. Added David Molk and Troy Woolfolk. A few more notes about Molk camping at ND.

Zach Gibson is transferring to the basketball team from Rutgers, and Bryan Hogan has committed to the hockey team.

June 14 - Wednesday

There seems to be some progress in the attitude toward soccer in the US. There were various moments of outrage over the loss to the Czechs.

More hockey notes on Chris Summers and Mark Mitera.

June 15 - Thursday

A post containing various, murky insider tidbits. Some prove accurate (Junior Hemingway); some prove very murky (Ronald Johnson).

Edmonton beats Carolina to force game 6 in the Stanley Cup Finals (In case you didn’t read the May edition, Brian has become a huge Oilers fan).

June 16 - Friday

Updates and corrections on the recruiting tidbits from the previous day. Taurian Washington is likely to commit soon.

Brian’s answers for an offseason roundtable on another blog. Most interesting is that Brian has never purchased any CFB preview magazines.

June 17 - Saturday

USA vs. Italy open thread.

The game ends in a tie. Sounds like the US scored a goal that was called off because of offsides. Brian is not happy.

June 19 - Monday

Unverified Voracity: Fried Ice Cream. There is a new ‘M’ blog (Michigan Football Saturdays). One of the first posts is to highlight the 3rd annual “Carr Wash”. Apparently, this was a regular thing where players would wash cars at the stadium to raise money for charity. The link to the original post is still active, and I would recommend it for some great pictures of Alan Branch.

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals is about to begin. Brian pays tribute to the Cup and recaps Edmonton’s run through the playoffs.

June 20 - Tuesday

The Oilers lose game 7.

Still, today I'm going to shave the playoff beard and I will not be putting it in a plastic baggie carefully labeled Playoff Beard 2006(!) WOO! GOILERS! WOO! In times of stress I will not remove the baggie from its secure location, gingerly open it, and stroke the hairs therein as Michigan plays Notre Dame or my sixth wife says she wants to divorce me because I watch too much football or someone close to me is gravely ill or Michigan plays Ohio State.

June 21 - Wednesday

World Cup news and notes.

Unverified Voracity: They Will Suffer has details of the Big Ten’s renegotiated TV contract. Also this:

Also, the rumored Big Ten Channel is official. Coming next summer

June 22 - Thursday

USA vs. Ghana open thread (no content is still available).

Hello James Rogers and Troy Woolfolk.

Woolfolk is some sort of defensive back but is still sixteen and growing, so whether he ends up at corner or safety is yet to be determined.

Four years of college wouldn’t help to figure this out.

The US lost 2-1. Brian tries to figure out who to blame. I think soccer fans will find this line interesting:

Maybe the fault lies more at Donovan and Reyna and Beasley's feet than in Arena's head, but at this point I just want a Dutchman. Or Klinsmann. Or just anyone who doesn't remind me very strongly of Lloyd Carr with a two-touchdown lead.

June 23 - Friday

More NHL draft news regarding incoming ‘M’ freshmen.

June 26 - Monday

Recruiting Board Update. Lots about a legacy recruit named David Arnold. I couldn’t find much about him on the internet, but it looks like he might have ended up at Northwestern.

June 27 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Seriously. Trevor Lewis, Mitera, and Summers were all taken in the 1st round of the NHL draft. Also, some quotes from Uni Watch about how the outrageous Oregon uniforms came to be.

Link to a helmet being auctioned off on Ebay. It has been signed by many current players and proceeds will go to charity.

June 28 - Wednesday

The first of the opponent previews. Up first: Michigan State.

On a micro level MSU is completely unpredictable week-to-week. On a macro level it's always Same Old Spartans.


In short, Stanton and Ringer are good. The O line, D line, and DBs are terrible. The linebackers are okay. (Also, a Josh Thornhill mention, so shoutout to his uncle Nay, a former co-worker of mine.)

June 29 - Thursday

Hello Reed Baker, and Brian is not pleased. It does sound pretty sketchy. He was dropped by the Citadel after their coach left, committed to Birmingham Southern but then they dropped from D-I to D-III because of finances, was offered a scholarship by the Air Force but couldn’t commit because of a severe peanut allergy, and finally was offered a scholarship by Amaker...who never saw him play in person. (It is interesting to contrast this to the leeway that Beilein still gets and deservedly so. “Oh, I guess he’s the next Spike Albrecht.”)

The Big 10 only had three team defenses give up fewer than 400 yards per game. Too much spread? Too many experienced QBs?

June 30 - Friday

Brian was born in Saudi Arabia? Here’s another offseason roundtable of bloggers, this one focusing on biographical information.

Also...Brian was in the World Series of Poker. Apparently we’re going to find out more in July.

If I get far enough to actually be on TV, and find myself in a big TV-worthy hand, I will tell the world that Lloyd Carr needs to stop punting on fourth and medium when a first down seals the game.

Unverified Voracity: Bakermania. Randy Walker has passed away. Also, more complaints about Reed Baker. Brian is fully on board with firing Amaker.


This Month in MGoBlog History - May 2006

This Month in MGoBlog History - May 2006

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on May 9th, 2016 at 10:40 PM


April 2006

May 1 – Monday

The NFL draft happened over the past week and apparently the ‘M’ blogosphere is in a panic because only three players were taken, especially in comparison to many Buckeyes drafted. Brian says don’t worry about this; be rational. This could be a good mission statement for the blog:

This space strives to be reasonably balanced about all things largely because relentless neg- or pos-itivity is almost always irrational and therefore infuriating; I find this desire places me in the 95th percentile of Michigan (Internet) fans on the Pollyanna scale. I find this extraordinarily annoying.

May 2 – Tuesday

This appears to the first use of the MGoMailbag. This edition addresses the use of Carlos Brown. Will he play on defense or offense?

Ah Michigan football in 2006, when our biggest concern could be laughing at ridiculous, middle-aged, Notre Dame fans dancing during a tailgate. I think we’ve lost some innocence since then.

May 3 – Wednesday

Hello from Martell Webb. Reported that he wants to be a WR.

Here is a look back at Rivals top 50 from 2002. Brian rates each player based on college performance and determines that their rankings were fairly accurate. Top 5 were: Vince Young, Haloti Ngata, Lorenzo Booker, Ben Olson, and Reggie McNeal.

May 4 – Thursday

Recruiting Board Update. Brandon Saine has likely committed to the Buckeyes. This is surprising news.

May 8 – Monday

Hello from Epke Udoh. This is sort of prophetic:

Oklahoma post Epke Udoh has committed to Tommy Amaker and the star-crossed Michigan basketball program. Normally this would be grounds for massive skepticism and cynical jokes about his decommit ETA, but he's actually signed a letter of intent so the chances of that are slim.

May 9 – Tuesday

Ben Huff died. If I knew this at the time, I didn’t remember it. I mainly remember Huff for being one of those players who seemed like he was around forever (I think this was due to getting a 6th year, but I could be wrong).

A round up of hockey news. Trevor Lewis continues to impress.

May 10 – Wednesday

The Pistons are up 2-0 on the Cavs, and Brian is losing his mind. Looking back, I think of these as the frustrating years after the championship, but I forget how good this team continued to be. I guess they were frustrating because they were so good, but couldn’t get to the finals again. Also, Brian loves the TNT studio show (which is amazingly still going 10 years later):

More Barkley: "I took some good players over to Europe to play, and he [Dirk Nowitski] dropped 50 on us.... so I ask him 'How old are you' and he says '19' so I tell him 'I'll give you any amount of money in the world if you go to Auburn"

Kenny Smith: "Isn't that cheating?"

Charles Barkley: "We're in the SEC, if you aren't cheatin, you ain't tryin. We got Alabama, Georgia, Florida..."

May 11 – Thursday

Unverified Voracity: Hockey Drinking looks at how the new NHL is doing in the playoffs, specifically the Oilers-Sharks series. Also, there are plans to expand the student section, move the band back into the student section, and possibly…add microphones on the band so it can be heard throughout the stadium.

Recruiting Board Update with a Boubacar Cissko mention!

May 12 – Friday

Jerimy Finch says ‘M’ is his school of choice, and he looks like a great prospect to pick up.

Unverified Voracity: My Name is Bill Rock features the results of a caption contest of a no-longer-existing picture of Bill Laimbeer and Kid Rock. Also, Finch did indeed commit, though he’s going to take other visits and there is a small chance the commitment won’t stick (spoiler: it doesn’t).

May 15 – Monday

Unverified Voracity: links to a MSU preview. The prediction is 6-5, like normal.

May 16 – Tuesday

After winning the first two games, the Pistons have lost two in Cleveland. Defense isn’t a problem, but the offense is struggling.

May 17 – Wednesday

Brian will be gone to NYC.

May 22 – Monday

The Pistons finish off the Cavs, holding them to only 61 points.

·         I continue to insist that Tayshaun Prince is one of the most underrated players in the league. He was probably the best player the Pistons had over the course of the series; in game seven he was killing the Cavs everywhere he went. Flip Murray couldn't check toast and got abused; Lebron ate a few layups, and whatever Prince missed he rebounded. Carmelo? Whatever.

I know the Darko pick will forever be seen as one of the worst ever, but that pick in light of what Dumars knew he had in Prince (and the faith in him), makes sense. I wouldn’t trade the ’04 championship and the following conference title round run for several years of a malcontent Carmelo (tough in hindsight I would have traded that 3rd pick for parts that could have furthered the run).

May 23 – Tuesday

Brian recaps all he’s missed the in the last week or so. Of note ten years later, the regents have approved Bill Martin’s plan for stadium renovation.

May 24 - Wednesday

Recruiting Board Update.

Added a set new offers: PA TE/WR John Ditto, NY TE Rob Gronkowski, CA CB Donovan Warren, and CA OL Mitchell Shwartz. Removed Josh Marks (Penn State).

May 25 – Thursday

Posts mainly about  videos that longer work ten years later are mysterious.

May 26 – Friday

Bullets from the Pistons’ game, though no mention of what the score was. And yes this was written ten years ago, not three months ago after a certain ‘M’ basketball game.

·         We all know ESPN is violent death as a sports broadcast, but really, that awful camera angle with the sliding camera that's way too close to see the corners and at an angle in which you can't understand anyone's movement is beyond even my expectations for their stupidity. As King Kaufman always says, "show the game."

May 29 – Monday

The Pistons lost to the Heat and are now down 2-1 in the Conference Finals. Interesting ideas about judgement over knowledge in making good decisions. Brian sides with judgement.

Prince struggles against Walker like he does against most players who are 50 pounds heavier than him. None of this makes any sense. Gladwell sounds the bell for the sports fan who can't believe how... why... aaargh:

The point is that knowledge and the ability to make a good decision correlate only sporadically, and there are plenty of times when knowledge gets in the way of judgement.

It's a cold comfort.

May 30 – Tuesday

The Pistons are now down 3-1.

I hate this losing stuff on a variety of levels, but since people actually started reading this thing the worst part is having to sit down and not call for assassinations. I try to keep an artificially even keel when things are in progress but going badly; when the need for a post-mortem arises one shall be given. This is not that time. Yet.

Unfortunately, Brian would be able to hone his skill of writing post-mortems in the coming years.

May 31 – Wednesday

The second half of Brian’s answers from a roundtable with Burnt Orange Nation.

Your head coach comes down with a mystery illness and has to step aside. You get to hand pick the replacement for the 2006 season. Who gets your vote?

Spurrier. Not only would Spurrier bring his frenetic offensive game, hilarious comments directed at opposing coaches, and visor, but he would probably cause noted anti-luxury-box crusader John Pollack's head to explode, Total Recall-style. I have nearly as much of a mancrush on Spurrier as the lads at EDSBS, and seeing phosphorus and water get together could be... wait for it... explosive. H!IKM*


This Month in MGoBlog History - April 2006

This Month in MGoBlog History - April 2006

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on April 5th, 2016 at 6:44 AM


March 2006

April 1 – Saturday

Brian previews the Top Five Freaky Stud Freaks For ‘06. Here’s an appropriate statement to start every offseason.

Massive year-to-year roster turnover, somewhere between 30 and 40 major contributors per team, and the every-game-a-playoff regular season conspire to make the beginning of a college football season a uniquely stressful event for the fan. Across the nation, the mental well-being of slightly unbalanced folk depends on an array of unknown players like That Guy Wearing #21, Wait, That's Not Jason Avant, and Number 65 Is A Bit Of A Fatty, Isn't He(?). Every team has an set of unseen players suddenly thrust into the spotlight due to the graduation (or, in the case of Tennessee, arrest) of seniors that have gone before them. Some have more thrust upon them than others.

Here is his top 5:

5. Terrance Taylor

4. Adrian Arrington

3. Tim Jamison

2. Carson Butler

1. Johnny Sears

Well, numbers 5-3 weren’t too bad.

April 4 – Tuesday

PWO Commit from QB Jeff Ziegler.

Unverified Voracity: It’s Okay, There’s a Policy about OSU OL Alex Boone getting a DUI and receiving no punishment. Tressel says that they told their players to set their clocks an hour ahead, but the “message did not get through to everyone.” What?

April 5 – Wednesday

Hello Ryan Van Bergen. Some uncertainty of whether he will be a TE or DE. Probably a good thing he stuck at DE, given the future.

Recruiting Board Update still discussing running backs. Mostly Brandon Saine, but Robert Hughes and John Clay are also mentioned.

Uh oh, bad news about Alex Legion. He’s transferring from Country Day and reopening his recruitment.

If I hadn't had my basketball will to live beaten out of me already, this would probably spur some "aaargh." As it is: looks like Crawford/Horford redux.

April 6 – Thursday

Brian warns of a light posting day, but…Patrick Beverly is close to committing!

He follows that up with a post about the seedy nature of college basketball recruiting and how the main stream media doesn’t do anything to expose it. He also explains some of Alex Legion’s odd living circumstances. This sounds like it could be reposted today and could be completely accurate.

Meanwhile in college basketball, the conventional wisdom is not that a few coaches are bending, breaking, or flaunting the rules -- it's that all of them are.

April 7 – Friday

Unverified Voracity: Forbidden Donut. More details on how Braylon’s scholarship for the #1 jersey will happen. This is viewed as a good thing. Also, a great video of a Mike Hart TD run from high school. Incredible play.

A couple new blogs in the ‘M’ blogosphere. Including one (Stadium & Main) that still has available content, specifically an interesting recap of the 2001 season.

April 10 – Monday

The New York Times has taken up a story about a group protesting the potential addition of luxury boxes. Brian believes luxury boxes are a win-win. Here is his perspective from the different stakeholders:

·         Loaded old people: Muffy and I no longer have to risk death by frostbite every fall. We obviously enjoy the idea of boxes, as we've voluntarily shelled out the GDP of Belize to sit here. I do sort of miss screaming "down in front" at impudent 50-year-olds with their crazy hair and stupid pet rocks and hula hoops and music videos applesauce applesauce let's sing the applesauce song.

·         Joe Plebian in the stands: My, this extra 1.5 inches does make a difference... and there are many fewer crotchety old people yelling at me to sit down during exciting plays.

·         Bill Martin: Now I have even more money I can roll around in, Demi-Moore style.

·         Michigan players: Yes, it does seem somewhat louder in here, as the higher walls tend to keep in a bit more sound and those displaced to the luxury boxes never said peep in the first place.

·         The basketball team: Yay, if Martin ever stops rubbing the money all over his naughty bits, we get the facilities we need to compete with George Mason.


April 11 – Tuesday

Recruiting Board Update. Jason Forcier is removed. He’s going to UCLA.

Spring Tea Leaves from Lloyd’s spring presser. Highlights include that Antonio Bass should only miss the 2006 season, Kevin Grady had “the best day of his career”…in practice, flipping Jake Long to LT is seen as “scrambling”, LB is “up for grabs” after Shawn Crable, and Charles Stewart has surprisingly shown himself as a candidate to start opposite of Leon Hall.

Unverified Voracity: Callooh, Callay. ‘M’ hockey might escape the offseason with no defections to the pros (re: Johnson, Hunwick, and Hensick).

April 12 – Wednesday

Brian is taking a day off.

April 13 – Thursday

So this is how MGoBlog works…

The industrious beaver-elf mulattos that sit next to the forge in my basement pumping out analysis after analysis of football/basketball/hockey minutiae dread the arrival of this coming Saturday more than any other, for it is then that I have no further use for them and set them free -- "set free," of course, being another way of putting "sell into Keebler slavery." I will then spend the summer tending their larva; in August the next generation will hatch and be introduced to their cruel half-cat, half-man taskmasters. Fettered, blindered, and abandoned, they will spend the next six to eight months of their lives painstakingly assembling the sentences offered in this space for your amusement

…now they are called Ace, Seth, BISB, Adam…

The point of the post is that the offseason is coming (after Saturday’s spring game), and posting will be light.

Unverified Voracity: Get Hed about the unintended meanings of poorly written headlines.

April 14 – Friday

What makes MGoBlog great? Using Nietsche to determine the ideal Heisman Trophy winner.

The ideal Heisman candidate is frightening to behold unless he is on your side, in which case he is your flagbearer and protector. The ideal candidate is a force of nature that rolls through his opposition against tremendous odds. His name is graven on the tombstone of instant replay's creator as a justification. He is not sunnily efficient, or competent, or a great fat beast who crushes only the weak. He is slightly terrifying. There is a small but real possibility that he is the escaped prototype of a CIA-developed breed of unkillable soldiers; he is not man; he is overman.

Brian gets interviewed on a Texas blog.

April 17 – Monday

Spring Game Impression. Most notably, it was 69 degrees and sunny. Also, this is pretty late in the semester for this to happen. The other thing that stood out to me is that EE Carlos Brown got an entire series as a QB doing zone read. That just seems weird considering that Mike DeBord was the new OC, Rodriguez was coming in another two years, and all that would come with the deep gulf between the various factions, highlighted by types of offenses.

April 18 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Those Are Cat Eyes with links to more spring game reactions and concern on the Patrick Beverly front.

April 19 – Wednesday

And Beverly commits to Arkansas.

Amaker: am-a-ker, verb. To blow something long considered a fait accompli, especially in an unsually humiliating and frustrating fashion.

April 20 – Thursday

Brian recaps his dream about being enslaved on an alien planet, but awakening when he realized it would mean he couldn’t be at football games in the fall.

Brian then begins a discussion on CFB scheduling, outlining the current problems.

The ultimate test here is what teams eventually do with the twelfth game, since it's pure profit. The women's crew team is already provided for. The toilets, as mentioned, are golden and come with robotic servants that wipe for you. ADs should get a free pass for this year, as the 12th game was thrust upon them somewhat suddenly and the constricted schedule means that teams with championship games and the Big Ten have to find someone, anyone, to plug into the hole on their schedule. Going forward, however, there's another chance to test your mettle -- assuming you have some.

April 21 – Friday

Highlight video from the 2005 Iowa game. Video still exists!

Now the Detroit News writes an article on John Pollack and the anti-luxury box campaign. Brian goes off, and it’s entertaining.

You'll see that this grass-roots movement is so devoid of actual ideas that they resort to hilarious lies constantly. The idea that a football game with 50 dollar tickets and 500 dollar PSLs for the excellent seats which are doled out to people who write huge checks to the university is some sort of proletarian rally where all men are created equally patchouli- scented and be-dreadlocked is beyond inane. And standing? When I stand, I am crabbed at. What Pollack describes is Michigan Stadium in the mirror universe where Paris Hilton is a nuclear engineer, Dennis Dodd is competent, and Ohio State is a university. It's not just wrong: it's the exact opposite of reality.

April 24 – Monday

Here’s something you don’t see around MGoBlog any more, professional sports game recaps. The Pistons win their first game of the playoffs.

Ryan Mallett might make his decision within the next week, and things are looking very good.

April 25 – Tuesday

Mallett commits! The post doesn’t actually state this explicitly, but it does link to a Rivals article that is still available.

Active during the war. On August 4th, 1941, a U-boat sunk a critical shipment of gunpowder destined for the shipyards of London. Private First Class Ryan Mallett was enlisted to hurl flak at incoming bombers, downing six and preserving an orphanage full of strippers. Four years later, he killed Hitler with a well-placed fifteen-yard out.

April 26 – Wednesday

An Edmonton Oilers game recap post. Oilers? Most of the post is Brian explaining how he came to dislike the Red Wings and root for the Oilers. Edmonton is up 2 games to 1 over Detroit, by the way.

April 27 – Thursday

Torrents of old ‘M’ football games! Links that no longer work…

Unverified Voracity: Elderly Cheese. There’s a note that Mallett is going to be an early enrollee. The interesting part is that Brian compares this to Grady, Boren, and Brown. From the impression I get and my foggy memory, this didn’t happen often. Hard to believe now that there are regularly 4-5 players a year who do this.

April 28 – Friday

The second part of the scheduling discussion. The two solutions given are either the NCAA requiring teams to honor scheduling contracts with one another or a playoff that would “preserve the tension of the regular season,” thereby encouraging teams to schedule better opponents.

Recruiting Board Update. Here is an interesting look at ESPN’s still-developing ranking system:

ESPN has started their recruit grading process and likes both VanBergen and Chambers fairly well, giving them both 79 -- all numbers this year are out of 100 instead of 10 for some reason -- but are less sold on Mallett than most, giving him an 82. For comparison, last year Cobrani Mixon, Brandon Minor, and Greg Mathews all got 79s from ESPN; there were no 82s but Adam Patterson got an 83 and Mouton, Schilling, and Brown all got 81s.


This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2006

This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2006

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on March 5th, 2016 at 11:29 PM


February 2006

March 1 – Wednesday

Unverified Voracity: Nothing to Hear Here. Sport Illustrated poll says Graham Brown is the dirtiest player in the Big Ten. Paul Davis is the most overrated. I think he still qualifies ten years later.

MI QBs Justin Siller and Steven Threet and California CB Michael Williams added to the Recruiting Board.

March 2 – Thursday

An article about APR numbers and how the NCAA isn’t going after those who fall under 925. This was before the “yikes our APR is in terrible condition” era.

March 3 – Friday

Brian gives an analysis of his football season preview of defense and special teams from the previous August. A few highlights:

Jamison is the official Ron English canary in a coalmine: if he starts over steady, lumbering Biggs and Van Alstyne, the defense is shedding the bellbottoms and buying itself an iPod.

The good bit: David Harris was a revelation at middle linebacker. He was one of the few players to receive less credit than he deserved:

Harris pushing him [McClintock] to the bench means that the coaching staff is willing to give a player who has little experience the nod over a senior who would normally have an unholy death grip on the position, which is not a vote of confidence in McClintock. The fact that neither player has asserted himself has to be a concern, especially since Harris is dinged up again. Average production from this spot would be great.

The instant Harris shook off that minor injury, he stapled McClintock to the bench and started thumping people far and wide. Though he faded somewhat late, Harris was a solid tackler who had surprising range for such a big dude. He was consistent and intelligent. He made plays in zone coverage. He was the best player on the defense not named "Branch" or "Woodley." Not bad for an in-state sleeper recruit.

March 6 – Monday

Unverified Voracity: Mostly APR Bitching is true to its name, following the arguments of a couple more articles about APR numbers and graduation rates.

A post about Reader Interaction Day. I can’t quite figure out what this was, but it mostly centered on the decision to bring DeBord back as OC. It’s interesting to see different perspectives about his first tenure.

In sum: On the surface, DeBord is a ridiculous choice for offensive coordinator. He was unimpressive during his first three years; he failed at CMU; he is not particularly exciting. But there are extenuating circumstances that provide hope that the second time will be better. Loeffler is more heavily involved with the game planning ever year. Lloyd Carr is adapting to college football's offensive renaissance -- with painful slowness at times, granted. The defense is not a rock to fall back upon. DeBord's made some noises in interviews the echo these sentiments, but we won't have a clear idea how meaningful those noises are until the Notre Dame game.

March 7 – Tuesday

Brian considers the recent football staff hires in light of a proposition that when in doubt you hire the fat, bald guy.

The chances of someone who looks like Stripling doing something other than plumbing or lounging around auto factories, destroying the Big Three one three-hour lunchbreak at a time, are astronomical. Bonus points for the Captain Picard-style 'do, which--unlike the shave-everything technique--emphasizes the lack of hair atop Stripling's grizzled pate. The overall impression: this man is probably killing polar bears with his bare hands right now.

Unverified Voracity: Must Play. The basketball team is still being talked about as a tournament team, but at this point that is looking doubtful.

March 8 – Wednesday

PA WR Toney Clemons and MI TE Martell Webb added to the recruiting board. Also, Mike Williams puts ‘M’ in a top two, probably with USC.

March 9 – Thursday

Brian gives a short tutorial on how to use a blog; he also talks about desiring to move to Wordpress.

A liveblog of the Michigan/Minnesota basketball game. A liveblog of the radio feed. Of the Minnesota radio feed? Not sure why this had to happen, but I guess that was life before BTN. Oh, and turnovers doomed this game and effectively move ‘M’ out of the tournament.

3:09 PM:

PBP: A ton of action with little significance.

Color: Sounds like my life.

March 10 – Friday

Are they in or not, no one is sure.

The overall impression is that Michigan is the bubbliest of bubble teams

March 13 – Monday

Posting/vacation update from Brian.

February 14 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: John Kerry breaks the news that ‘M’ will not be in the tournament. Also, there’s rumblings that Alex Legion might be transferring to a high school out of state.

Recruiting board update. Ryan Mallet is looking like more of a possibility with Texas picking up a commitment from John Chiles, plus with the situation in Texas…

Mallet would already be trying to unseat a sophomore with a year's worth of starting experience (either Colt McCoy or Jevan Snead); now he (likely) faces another highly regarded quarterback in his class.

March 15 – Wednesday

An obituary for Faz Husain.

Unverified Voracity: Not It shares some NIT coverage from Maize ‘n’ Brew talking about how important signing Patrick Beverly is to Amaker’s future.

March 16 – Thursday

A hockey tournament preview and a look at possible destinations for ‘M’.

March 17 – Friday

Actual football news!  I’m as excited about this happening 10 years ago as I am now. Some highlights:

·         Antonio Bass hurt his knee and is out for the year

·         Mike Hart is healthy

I will sacrifice most of the population of Laos if this remains true for the duration of the season

·         Jake Long is switching to the left side

·         Carlos Brown is working at RB and DB

·         Chris Singletary has been hired as recruiting coordinator

·         Lots of praise for Kevin Grady

·         Antonio Bass was supposed play more QB in the spring, but that’s not happening now

March 19 – Sunday

‘M’ did not get a good hockey tournament bracket.

March 20 – Monday

Unverified Voracity: Worst Blog in Scotland. Neither the Big 10 nor the CCHA are faring well in their respective tournaments. Also, it’s such a bad year for ‘M’ sports that a wrestler was robbed of a national title.

March 21 – Tuesday

The basketball team advances in the NIT in a double OT win.

Unverified Voracity: Yes Yes Oh Yes. NCAA issues seem about the same in 2006 as they do now. This comes from a glowing interview with Myles Brand by Dennis Dodd:

I've advised patience re: APR enforcement before and still think that it is a step in the right direction, but it's hard to not abandon that position in favor of radical fire-breathing when confronted with the torrent of corporate-speak that comes from the NCAA at all hours of the night and day. Such nonstop doublespeak is reminscent (sic) of campus activist groups who were incoherent but very, very angry and very, very noisy. Sensing that any cross-examination of their position would result in the swift and permanent loss of credibility and an awful lot of stammering, the bullhorn types flooded the zone with so much noise that actual thought was impossible. (Yes, sort of like the White House -- now I have bashed both Republicans and campus lefties and may continue unmolested, si?)

March 22 – Wednesday

Video of a Dion Harris buzzer beater from the previous night. I can’t believe there is content that still exists.

Announcement about a memorial service for Faz Husain.

March 23 – Thursday

A hockey bracket preview. Michigan is going into a bracket that included Jonathan Toews and Phil Kessel.

The Prediction


Colin Cowherd steals material from The M Zone. Sounds about right.

March 24 – Friday

Recruiting Board Update doesn’t add any familiar names. However, there is a discussion about John Clay making favorable comments, but that might be hampered by a Brandon Saine (a lifelong ‘M’ fan) commitment. Also, it’s not surprising that Chris Forcier won’t be pursued because of Ryan Mallet.

Unverified Voracity: NIT Perspective with football pro day stats. Also, more articles about blogosphere vs. mainstream media, with Bill Simmons saying bloggers just sit back and attack people, but then complaining that he gets in trouble if he tries to attack anyone with ESPN. Ironic.

March 27 – Monday

The hockey team did indeed lose to North Dakota.

Unverified Voracity: Yip Yip Yip. Buena Vista High School basketball star and Notre Dame recruit Tory Jackson is not happy about not being Mr. Basketball (David Kool was the winner that year) and not signing with Michigan. Speculation on Jack Johnson’s future has begun.

March 28 – Tuesday

Things are not looking positive for Johnson returning.

Courtney Viney has been removed from the Recruiting Board. Ironic since he was reportedly just considered for a coaching job 10 years later. Also highlights of an article on Ronald Johnson and discussion on whether Chris Rucker and Ryan Van Bergen would receive offers.

March 29 – Wednesday

Have no fear. Jack Johnson is coming back!

Unverified Voracity: Ministry of Silly Analysis. Patrick Beverly is still looking like a strong possibility. Growing opposition to luxury boxes. And an updated roster!

A favorite pastime of the deranged is to read far too much into listed positions, heights, and weights, as getting information out of Fort Schembechler is harder than a contrived similie that references hilarious pop culture.

(Brian, it’s normal ten years later; read this Jimmystats post.) Highlights:

·         Any worry that Michigan would senselessly put Alan Branch at DE should be put to bed: he's listed at 330 pounds. It should then be awoken: his position is listed as DE/DT.

·         Redshirt freshmen James McKinney (279 lbs.) and Eugene Germany (ditto) are both bulking up to the point where DT may be a possiblity.

·         McKinney, Tim Jamison, and Chris McLaurin are all listed at the anachronistic RLB position... as is Lamarr Woodley. Hopefully that does not imply those three guys get to watch Biggs and Van Alstyne play unsexy librarian at DE. Quiero dual headhunters. Also of note: both Jamison and McLaurin are up to that 240-250 range at which you're leery about every additional pound robbing them of explosiveness.

·         Grady's down to 216. No word on whether he's gotten contacts.

·         Wasn't Brandon Harrison listed at 5'10" last year? I seem to remember many jokes about lifts and such coming from OSU fans. Apparently that fanciful notion has been discarded: he's back down to a Bob Sanders-esque 5'8". Now if he could only play like Sanders.

·         Marques Walton's problem was supposed to be mondo-overweightness, but he's listed at a (relatively) svelte 291.

Finally, Braylon Edwards is endowing a scholarship for the #1 jersey. In case you didn’t know.

‘M’ basketball beats Old Dominion to advance to the NIT final. Brian isn’t sure if this is a good thing or not.

Another Recruiting Board update with discussion on Mallet and John Clay.

March 30 – Thursday

Unverified Voracity: Clash of the Titans readies for the NIT final. Also some things never change:

A note: yes, I saw the Sharp article, and yes, it is beneath comment. If you subscribe to the Free Press, you support this man's salary. You should stop.

CA QB Lee Mondol commits. Likely as a walk on, also class of 2006.

Brian’s portion of a Blogpoll roundtable. I have no idea who else contributed, but only Brian’s answer to the questions are included here anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter. In response to the question: what things about your team are causing you anxiety during spring practice, Brian gives this response -

2. The offensive line

...was repulsive. Jake Long's moved to left tackle, which makes me nervous about

both tackles spots instead of just one.

A video of Mike Legg’s goal, for no reason particular.

March 31 – Friday

Someone decided to write a book about Bobby Williams.

Where to even begin? This can only be a book that attempts to convince the reader that Bobby Williams' tumultuous career as Michigan State's head coach was ended prematurely by insidious racism instead of

·         losing your starting quarterback to cocaine or alcohol or weed or all of the above, depending on who you talk to,

·         having your captain drag a cop down the street during what was, until then, a routine traffic stop,

·         having two other contributors quit the team,

·         taking a team thought to be a Big Ten contender and turning in a 3-8 record

·         losing to your main rival 49-3,

·         responding to the question "have you lost control of this team?" with a thrilling rhetorical gambit: "I don't know*," aaaaand

·         looking likely to burst into tears at any moment.

Unverified Voracity: Redirect. The hockey team might manage to not lose anyone to the pros this off season; however:

Spath says '07 prospect Pat Kane -- the NTDP U17 team's leading scorer last year -- is leaning towards the OHL over Michigan.

(Also, Brian doesn’t mention it directly, but ‘M’ lost to South Carolina in the NIT the previous night.