This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2005

This Month in MGoBlog History - December 2005

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on December 11th, 2015 at 6:58 AM


November 2005


December 1 - Thursday

A guest post from Jon Chait about the state of the defense. TL;DR The Carr/Herrmann plan to play a defense that just limits big plays has failed and will continue to fail. 

Unverified Voracity Yay University College with speculation on bowl games and lamentations about hockey players recruiting others, but never playing with them (Cammalleri to Tambellini to Cogliano). Also, I never realized that Brian was a big Pistons fan.

December 2 – Friday

A look at what the football team would lose on offense because of graduation. The biggest concern is from losing Avant and Stenavich, but overall, there shouldn’t be a lot of damage going into 2006.

December 4 – Sunday

The bowl game has been announced. ‘M’ will face perennial Big XII power Nebraska (that already looks weird) in the Alamo Bowl.

December 5 – Monday

Blogpoll ballot box.

Michigan basketball beats Notre Dame. Graham Brown is very important to this team.

Unverified Voracity Red Raider on the Black Sea with a spectacularly terrible rendering of Lloyd Carr in wood. Also, Mike Leach likes pirates.

Football Recruiting Board update. Demarco Murray drops ‘M’. Ricky Stanzi added to the board. Perry Dorrestein commits.

December 6 – Tuesday

A look at how graduation will damage the defense. Conclusion? Not much. Cornerback depth was a concern. Maybe Johnny Sears and Chris Richards will be the answer! (Also, Brian went to Sunday School for 10 years. Who knew?)

Unverified Voracity Sarcastic Hurray discusses hockey players being pulled away during the GLI, and Nick Mangold and A.J. Hawk having normal, everyday college student stuff stolen from their apartment.

UFR: Offense vs. Ohio St.  Yikes, up 21-12 with 8 minutes left in the 4th. Poor interior play and a desire to punt doomed this game.

December 7 – Wednesday

Blogpoll programming note and a blogpoll roundtable that provides some interesting background on Brian.

December 8 – Thursday

Regular blogpoll items.

Unverified Voracity No Rebounds for You (!) recounting bad plays on Courtney Sims name. I guess that’s something that happens when you have a good game against Delaware St. Also, Louie Caporusso commits.

UFR: Defense vs. Ohio St. This is an interesting take going into a very good 2006:

What does it mean for next year?

I don't know. Watson is the only player who we'll miss, but if Michigan doesn't take advantage of an experienced secondary with two fast corners by playing a more aggressive brand of defense it won't matter. Other than the outside linebackers, everyone on the team executed what they were supposed to do.

The caveat: their tasks were designed to minimize their shortcomings instead of take advantage of their talents. It's obvious that the Michigan coaches did not trust their team to play both aggressively and responsibly, so they went with the responsible, cut off the big plays, and superficially improved the defense by slowing the game down. The truth is somewhat murkier (and something I hope to explore in the offseason).

The good news is that Michigan does seem to swing towards more aggressive play when they have veterans at their disposal, something which will be true of both the offense and defense next year.

December 10 – Saturday

MGoBlog turns 1. What have we learned?

The colon and its bastard cousin the semicolon are useful for breaking up the monotony of "clause, yay more sentence, but what if not sentence?"

When you're down on your luck, kitten idolatry is a pick-me-up and how. Especially when one of 'em's got a rifle.

Brian accurately predicts where the next 10 years would lead…

In short, hurray football! Hurray blog! I hope you thought this enterprise was worthwhile and useful... at least parts of it, anyway. The future holds many things, probably tables and ALL CAPS EXCLAMATIONS!!! and zone-bemoaning. I hope you'll, you know, read it and stuff.

December 12 – Monday

Unverified Voracity: I Feel Much Better. The basketball team beat South Florida, and it’s possible they might have a good year. Can they muster the defense they need?

December 13 – Tuesday

Brian rants about the problems with analyzing NCAA football data.

An update on how the hockey team has progressed thus far.

And for whatever reason, a picture of Tim Tebow, slightly shirtless.

December 14 – Wednesday

Recruiting update. ‘M’ might have a great shot with Ryan Mallet in the ’07 class. Also of interest is that Brandon Minor was listed as the #1 Fullback in the country.

December 15 – Thursday

Unverified Voracity: Stop Being Nice To Us. National optimism continues to grow about the basketball team’s 7-0 start.

December 16 – Friday

A Pistons post about how much they changed since Larry Brown left. Not sure what it has to do with Clinton Portis in the title; I think there is a picture that has been lost that would help explain it.

Unverified Voracity: Disappointment is Tennessee. The title comes from a Pierre Woods quote referring to Tennessee missing the playoffs for the first time in many, many years. If only everyone knew what was to come in three short years… Also, Lloyd Carr advocates for a 16 team playoff.

December 19 – Monday

Ha, Brian didn’t check the tip time of the Michigan-UCLA basketball game and missed it. He didn’t miss much though.


Brian continues his work on an analysis of every play from the college football season. Unfortunately, the pictures are not available, so there’s not much relevant info left.

Unverified Voracity: THEY ARE FIRE NOW!!!! talks about how ‘M’ wouldn’t be playing Minnesota or Northwestern in 2009 and 2010, and how because of that, those two would probably be the worst teams in the conference. Again, little did anyone know what was to come.

To the surprise of everyone, “uber-recruit” Carlos Brown commits.

Recruiting board update. What will Jonas Mouton do? Will Aaron Gant commit? (spoiler, he goes to OSU) If he does, it will likely mean Dionte Allen is coming in ’07.

December 21 – Wednesday

Unverified Voracity: Madness, Baby. What do to without college football? Also, bowl game gift allotments are bumped up to $500.

College football as characters from South Park. I can’t say I’ve ever watched the show, so I leave it here without comment.

UV Addendum.

December 22 – Thursday

Game preview, Alamo Bowl vs. Nebraska. NU came in ranked 110th in rushing yards, but…

Michigan is not exactly Ohio State in the rush defense department, however, finishing the year a thoroughly meh 43rd nationally. Undoubtedly you've heard this before: Massey, weak tackling secondary, outside linebackers who think outside the box but run inside of it, etc, etc.

December 25 – Sunday

Christmas break.

December 30 – Friday

The Alamo Bowl did not go well. The refs were a big reason why:

I'm at a loss as to why the Alamo Bowl couldn't have found some illegal immigrants from Botswana who thought they were watching a bizarre form of rugby to officiate. Or a pack of ravenous hyenas prone to consuming wounded participants. Or people who enjoy "Everybody Loves Raymond." I don't want to go too far: none of these three groups of totally incompetent, unqualified people would have been an improvement. But they wouldn't have been any worse, and they would have come cheaper.

The bigger deal here though is just how awful 2005 was, but in comparison to what 2008 would bring, it seems pretty ok. Now it just looks like an off-year, a reset. We have come through so much since then that when I read the following, I partly feel like scoffing at it, but I also want to go back and plead with 2005 ‘M’ fans to not take it for granted. Mostly I want to curl up in a ball and not think about what was soon to follow.

Here's your UFR: screw 2005

So: here lies 2005, killed by its own incompetence and that of others. Its gift to future generations is the phrase "well, at least it wasn't 2005." Try it: "well, we may have lost to MSU, but at least it wasn't 2005." "Well, I may have inoperable pancreatic cancer, but at least it isn't 2005." "Well, that rapture thing happened, my bet on Hinduism came up craps, and now I'm faced with hell on earth during Armageddon, but at least it isn't 2005."

December 31 – Saturday

After that, it seems the appropriate way to end the year is a post about possible nicknames for a Tulsa player named Germany.


This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2005

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2005

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on November 6th, 2015 at 10:26 PM

I thought it might be fun to go back and take a look at the blog's history. This probably should have been started a year ago because it looks like the blog began at the beginning of December, 2004. I would like to keep this up once a month, but this took awhile to put together, so we'll see. 

November 1 - Tuesday

The first post from this month was week 10 BlogPoll Ballot Box. I had forgotten about this feature of the blog. It seems to have disappeared; I’m not sure when.

Unverified Voracity with the boring title of “11/1”. I didn’t bother to look back to find out when UV started, but I noticed that earlier in the year Brian posted a lot, like several times a day with a link or an update to a story. Sometime in 2005 he must have had enough with that and decided to collect everything in one post. UV here complete with Uniformz concerns. Also, an addendum.

November 2 – Wednesday

Brian goes after Jason Witlock for comments on a 10-year extension for Charlie Weis. I think at this point we can agree that the contract was a terrible idea, racial issues aside.

BlogPoll Week 10 results and here.

Follow up to the Witlock stuff. I’m confused about the connections between Witlock and Elvis Grbac in 1992. Anyone know that story?

A brief Unverified Voracity.

November 3 – Thursday

More about the Witlock issue with an entire Unverified Voracity dedicated to it.

Northwestern game offensive UFR. Henne could only throw screens and Matt Lentz was not living up the hype of a three-year starter/5th year senior. Also, Mike Hart needed to come back from injury.

November 4 – Friday

An aptly named post, And Now Something Completely Different, wherein Brian talks about what CFB coaches he would like to drink with and…hooking up with Kirk Ferentz’ daughter.

In this UV, Brian talks about how ridiculous it is to say one conference is better than another, mainly because you can’t compare when there are so few non-conference games. He includes a quote about how the SEC is going to win lots of games, but not dominate national powers like Michigan. Ten years later it’s strange to think of anyone saying that. Also a reference to Harbaugh getting a DUI.

Northwestern game defensive UFR. The highlights were a +7 from Tim Jamison and a +6 from Shawn Crable.

Also: welcome to Michigan football, Shawn Crable. I don't know if he'll ever find a role against teams like Wisconsin, but he's been a really effective pass rusher.’

November 5 – Sunday

Early equivalent to a bye week open thread.

November 7 – Monday

Week 11 BlogPoll Ballot Box

Unverified Voracity with a link to a blog post that Brian spawned with a more in depth discussion of coaches’ daughters.

November 8 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Totally Bats Edition. Great quote:

Amaker's main problem seems to be that he's a really nice guy who often seems less like a coach and more like an interested observer on the receiving end of questionable advice re: turtlenecks and their relation to sportcoats.

Hockey commit Brian Lebler.

November 9 – Wednesday

Blogpoll stuff.

I must admit I’m not too up on ‘M’ hockey, either now or 10 years ago, but here’s an early season update.

November 10 – Thursday

Unverified Voracity: Penis==Ratings (!). Nice quote included from Jeremy Van Alstyne in reference to upcoming opponent Indiana:

"You know, they have some really good skill players,'' the redshirt junior said with a serious expression. "They're able to make big plays and stuff like that."

And who, exactly, are those skill players?

"I don't know," Van Alstyne said, admitting he hadn't watched much film yet.

I’m not sure I remember any off-topic front page posts, but here’s one about Sony and computer related issues. Has this had much effect on life as we know it in the last 10 years?

November 11 – Friday

Unverified Voracity: The Nirvana Topic which is primarily about game theory and attacking older ways of thinking about said theories, hence the nirvana topic.

Indiana preview.

Ah, Indiana, how I love you. Whereas other members of the Big Ten get uppity and attempt to win games, go to bowls, and even claim championships, you continue to send out crippled ferrets at defensive back.


The kittens are enjoying some much needed R&R and installing a new offensive package heavily featuring the black kitten who was an option quarterback in high school.

November 12 – Saturday

Indiana Open Thread

November 14 – Monday

The first Ohio State week for the blog, and Brian does a tale of the tape series. First up is a comparison of the states. Too good not to include here.





"The one with all the lakes?"

Reaction of Snobby Coastal People When Informed You Come From Said State

"Are you applying for asylum?"

Advantage: Michigan

Kwame Kilpatrick

Embarassing Current or Former Mayor

Jerry Springer

Advantage: Push

"If you seek a pleasant penninsula, look around you."

State Motto

"Probably not Indiana."

Advantage: Michigan

Magnificent fall foliage

Notable Local Features

Rock And Roll "Hall of Fame"

Advantage: Michigan

Upper Penninsula

Spoils From Battle Of Toledo


Advantage: Michigan

Blow by people going 90

Traffic Cops

Ticket Big Wheels for speeding

Advantage: Michigan


Linchpin of Local Economy

Consumed Souls

Advantage: Michigan

Relentless work ethic, afros.

NBA Teams Known For

Losing Lebron James to Free Agency... soon.

Advantage: Michigan


NFL Teams Known For

Moving out of the state like any logical person would; sucking.

Advantage: Push


NHL Teams Known For

Stupid Name

Advantage: Michigan


Unverified Voracity: Briefly and Moving on serves as the Indiana game column, including calming fears that Johnny Sears redshirt was not burned.

November 15 – Tuesday

Ballot Box Week 12

Brian relates a story from attending The Game in 2002 at the Horseshoe. Hard to believe this is true, but then again it isn’t.

Tale of the Tape: Coaches

Oh look, Alex Legion has committed. I’m guessing this isn’t the last we hear of the recruitment.

November 16 – Wednesday

Week 12 Blogpoll stuff.

Unverified Voracity: Kazakh Solidarity about rivalry week ramping up.

Brian does an interview with Tom Orr, author of Michigan Monday at the Ozone. Here is part 1.

November 17 – Thursday

An updated injury report, with the names of Hart, Manningham, Long, and Woodley appearing on this list, things were looking pretty bleak heading into the OSU game.

Part 2 of the interview with Tom Orr. How good is Troy Smith anyway?

Indiana gave offensive UFR. Brian is worrying about all the trickish plays used against Indiana and how that really does nothing to set them up for success against OSU.

Tale of the Tape: Alumni

November 18 – Friday

Unverified Voracity: The Game. Several notes about the next day’s game and thoughts on basketball team members from a recent open practice.

Ohio State preview.

Loss will cause me to... have nightmares where John Cooper and Lloyd Carr turn out to be my parents.

I assume this was a reciprocal interview that Brian did at the Ozone, but alas, the link is now dead.

November 19 – Saturday

Ohio State open thread.

November 21 – Monday

BlogPoll ballot box week 13.

Ohio State game column.

The entire year had led up to this futile point when the coaching staff consciously decided to use the same strategy that failed every time it was pressed into service to date, including the most recent Ohio State drive.

 I think that’s all that needs to be said about that…

Unverified Voracity: The Sudden Appeal of Basketball where Brian tries to forget The Game by talking about a basketball win over CMU, but football comes back in as he includes quotes from several other blogs about the loss.

Here is an offensive recruiting update. To me, the most interesting part of going back 10 years is to look at the names involved in recruiting back then. For instance, at this point ‘M’ was still pursuing Tim Tebow, though it looked likely that David Cone would be the only QB in the class. Also, Brian said that commit Greg Mathews speed “speed does seem almost caucasian in its paucity”. I think that was borne out.

November 22 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Be! Be! Excited (!) eeh, not excited for Eugene Germany getting arrested.

November 23 – Wednesday

BlogPoll items.

Hello Bryan Wright.

Basketball beats Boston U. but it doesn’t look great doing it.

I could see Amaker in a Care Bearsepisode as Friendly Mr. Coachy.

Here is the defensive half of the recruiting update. Lots of little nuggets here, such as will they land Jonas Mouton? When will Obi Ezeh commit?

Thanksgiving break

November 28 – Monday

Back from the break. The basketball team barely beating Butler was an ok thing, even before Butler became Butler.

BlogPoll Ballot Box.

November 29 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Dodging a Bulldog with speculation about ‘M’ playing South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, this is a better possibility than playing Georgia.

This is a follow up to an EDSBS post with 32 more reasons that ESPN/ABC/Disney is the devil.

November 30 – Wednesday

Here is a live blog of the ‘M’ vs. Miami (YTM) basketball game, not a live blog like we’re used to now, but it’s actually Brian’s running commentary throughout. Interesting reference to one of Miami’s players:

Miami's starting center just got his third foul on a Sims runout. His name is Jimmy Graham. Just sayin'. Miami's coach gives them a slap folowed by a "come on." Good advice.

BlogPoll stuff.

Unverified Voracity: Is Scoop Jackson the Girl I Dated in High School with more thoughts on ESPN.




Tailgating @ MICHIGAN... The story of theBLUELOTCREW and a dream to do it right!

Tailgating @ MICHIGAN... The story of theBLUELOTCREW and a dream to do it right!

Submitted by inthebluelot on September 9th, 2012 at 5:45 PM

Tailgating in the Blue Lot:

SInce 2005, my band of misfits and I have been patrolling the confines of the Blue Lot adjacent to Crisler Arena trying to ignite the type of passion that we feel for Michigan in the souls of others.  The Blue Lot was known for being an area of despair and gloom with no real atmosphere or energy.  

Over the past few years, the scene in the Blue Lot has improved markedly both in our own efforts as well as by those who have been tailgating there, however, yesterday served as a stark reminder that things can change literally overnight.  More on that in a minute, first, a brief history.

Tailgating 101: The Early Years

In our earliest feeble attempts at tailgating, we arrived around 9AM regardless of gametime.  Our spread was very humbling considering that the majority of the tailgaters in the Blue Lot arrived in motorhomes and RVs that cost 5X what I paid for my first house.  With that said, we were a young group of avid fans, and we were determined to stake our claim and bring the atmosphere up to the levels that we had seen in our road game travels to venues across the Big Ten.  Initially, we were equipped with the black SUV shown above... meager beginnings to what would eventually materialize.  We were but a group of 4 who travelled to every home game and the term "Cornhole" had not yet been grasped by the American Lexicon... at least in A2.  So, we were armed with 4 folding chairs, a portable propane grill, a cooler and a football.  We played tunes through the open doors of the car we drove down in, and the playlists were in CD form.  But the music attracted the UM dance team... and they were good cooks!

We had no protection from the elements, but were blessed with good weather most of the time.  A brisk chill was the worst things ever really got.  We had a blast nonetheless, but we knew that we had to step our game up, and soon.  We had grand ideas of one day, creating a bastion of tailgating excellence.  A spot where we could comfortably host dozens of our friends and be prepared for any type of weather.  For now, we would just enjoy scores like these.

2007: Enter High Hopes, Crushing Defeats and CORNHOLE

2007 Henne is an All American, Hart is up for the Heisman, Long, Manningham and Arrington are back and UM is ranked #5. As for us, we debut our own custom made Cornhole boards.

A glorious day in early fall with an FCS opponent from Boone, NC headed to town.  Just a tune-up for our next 3 games against Oregon, Notre Dame and Penn State, right?  Sure, things started out on a high note that season, and tailgating was no exception.  We were armed with a larger SUV which meant a 21" portable LCD TV, a generator, and a pop-up canopy tent were now part of our arsenal from 2007-2010.

Additionally, as music lovers, we upped the ante on the sound system too.  At first, there was resistance to the volume levels, but once we allowed others to plug in their favorite playlists and let the tunes roll, we became a popular group in the lot as everyone wanted their favorite songs played at 105 dB.  

The Blue Lot was livening up, too.  With the announced renovations to the stadium, season ticket holders were allowed for the first time to transfer ownership of their tickets and parking passes to younger family members.  This was a huge deal for many, and the dynamics of our lot were changing as well.  All of the sudden, the lot that would be 80% empty until 2 hours prior to kick-off was filling up earlier... much earlier.  For the first time ever, we arrived at 8AM and our spot was taken.  That was unfortunate and forced us to reconsider our dedication to the tailgating scene.  Although the lot was filling sooner and with younger fans ready to have a good time, we needed to step our game up.  We had to arrive earlier to ensure we would never again lose our spot.  The new plan, arrive at 6AM... the minute the lot opens.  That season was the best yet in terms of tailgating atmosphere.  The Blue Lot was every bit as good as anything we had seen on the golf course, at Pioneer, or on the road.

2008 "Why settle for Les when you can get Rich quick?"

The spread offense was coming to Michigan and we felt obligated to bring something new to the party.  We had to celebrate this new era of UM football and tailgating was the area we could directly impact.  There was a newly erected "bus stop" on the corner where our former tailgating spot resided, so, we had to head east about 150 yards to our current address.

2008 was a rough season.  Weather seemed to be getting colder and there was much more rain than in previous seasons... so much for Global warming.  We had to adapt, so, we did.  Enter thermal canopy sides and our 50,000 btu propane heater.  

Any of you who recall the 2008 Northwestern game know that driving sleet would wreak havoc on the field, but not in the Blue Lot.  We were in climate controlled heaven with our TV, our heater and our beverage cooler.

Soon, UM celebrities were stopping by to see what we were up to.  Jamie Morris, come on in!

The shining beacon of defensive light of the Rodriguez era... Good Luck to you Brandon Graham.

2011: Hoke for tomorrow... a new beginning... of tailgating excellence.

OK, despite our best efforts and undying support, the Rich Rod experiment did not go as planned.  We needed to wipe the slate clean.  All we had known was lost, we were a rudderless ship, and we just hired an unknown commodity to lead the UM program.  This was big, and we needed to do it big.  

A trailer and a dream

Our core group of 4 had grown to a dozen, but the initial goal had remained the same.  We need to build a Tailgating Trailer unlike anything we have ever seen at UM before.  The essentials needed to be addressed... full size grill and stove.  We needed a microwave oven, convection oven, deep fryer, indoor kitchen with butler's pantry and storage for all the food and necessities one could imagine.  A 184 qt. ice chest for beverages was a minimum requirement as well.  It needed to be portable, yet easy to transport.  It needed to scream MICHIGAN FOOTBALL.  We needed a huge LCD HDTV, we needed DIRECTV with all the hi def content we could summon.  We needed internet connectivity, and video games.  We needed DVD, for when the kids are restless, and we needed POWER.  Lots and lots of POWER.  It seemed impossible, yet, it was our mission. We are talking the kind of power to allow the entire east side of campus and the golf course to know we have arrived.  We needed to go where no tailgating operation had dared to go before, but how would we do it?  The audio equipment alone required a 2500 watt generator just to turn on.  12 speakers, a 1200 watt receiver, a 1,000 watt subwoofer amplifier... the numbers were staggering.  How can you do this and make it portable and efficient enough to operate for 12-16 hours on a Saturday with no electrical outlet within miles?  Well, this is what we came up with...

The first season went smoothly, and the trailer was a big hit with all of our friends in the Blue Lot.  We had roughly 20-30 people per game want to take tours of it, get photographed with it, and just ask questions about it.  One guy, an engineering professor, once asked me how we figured out how to wire it all and provide enough stable power with portable generators.  I admit, I left engineering school after 2 years and became a business major.  He smiled and said, well, you obviously learned enough anyway.  I took that as a compliment.  However, when you are rocking out with that many speakers and that much juice, you sometimes get noticed by individuals you would rather avoid.  Luckily, these guys thought it was as cool as anything they'd seen in a long time.  And after playing a few requested songs, and racing them on our electric razor scooter through a cone obstacle course while they rode their motorcycles, they were cool with us.


2012: Current Day State of Affairs

We added some additional graphics to the exterior, beefed up the power a bit to handle more electric appliances, and tweaked everything just enough to where we think it is almost complete.  We were eager tio hit the Blue Lot at our normal 6AM arrival time, which seems earlier now that my wife and 7 year old son want to attend every game.  

We leave our home at 3:30 AM with trailer in tow every game day and look forward to the best that Michigan Football Tailgating has to offer, but this year, things would be different.

Over the years, we had befriended many fellow UM fans in the Blue Lot who had been tailgating there for several years and in some cases, decades.  There were always 30-40 RVs in our area, as well as several others who came by car, and we all knew and appreciated seeing eachother every year.  Especially the home openers, where we would reunite and talk about what we had been up to over the spring and summer months.  It's always been like a reunion of old friends and as you can imagine, there was always someone who forgot to bring something that morning.  It was never a problem since we all were a community united by our love of football, tailgating and just having fun together on Saturday mornings.  One of us always had the item that the other was missing, so it worked out.  The lot was nearly always full by 10AM, regardless of the 3:30 kickoff times, and the atmosphere was perfect.  

That was until Saturday.  You see, the Blue Lot is a reserved space for long-time season ticket holders and donors who have supported the program. It was very similar to other schools where you would be hard pressed to find rival fans having access.  Not that it's a bad thing, but since it is reserved for UM Victors Club members, you expect to see mainly Michigan fans there.  Well, this year, Dave Brandon has made a critical error.  If not he, then the person in charge of facilities management needs to revisit the decisions made regarding the prime tailgating location on campus.  This Saturday was a complete joke.  We were the first to arrive by 3 hours.  The next RV wasn't there until after 9AM, and at 1PM, the lot was only 20% full.  By 3PM, when we wrapped things up and headed for our seats, the lot was still less than half full.  The atmosphere has been destroyed and many of our fellow MGoTailgaters have been banished from the lot for reasons unknown to them.  I talked to several people that day both in the lot and ones who were relocated and nobody had any answers.  The idea seems to be that there is now a minimum number of Victors Club points necessary to obtain a parking pass for this lot.  That number is presumed to be 400-500 points.  To put this into perspective, you would need to have been a regular season ticket holder for decades to accumulate enough points, and even then, it wasn't a guarantee.  We squeeked in simply because we have had season tickets in our family for 41 years, However, we barely made it.  Our neighbors in the lot who were banished had been parking in the same spot for 17 years, and were asked to move to the Purple Lot, some 1.5 miles from the stadium.  There is not a supply and demand function at play here, so what is going on?  Rumor has it, visitor parking passes will be issed for this area in the future, but these rumors are both unsubstantiated as well as totally asinine, so I refuse to ponder them.

My hope is that this new policy is examined and corrected very soon.  The lot is a ghost town, the atmosphere is gone, and the reason seems to be a mystery.  If they are selling all of the spots in this lot, I find it hard to believe that with a crowd of 112,574 this weekend, they all car pooled.  The lot was less than half full and people who had been parking there for decades have been moved and for what?  That is the question I would like answered,  Until then, I will continue to do my part to promote an atmosphere of fun and support for my Wolverines and fellow UM fans, in hopes that one day, this issue will be corrected.  We are calling on you Dave Brandon, please, save the Blue Lot.


SIncerely yours, The Breakfast Club The Blue Lot Crew!

Beware History

Beware History

Submitted by Blazefire on May 16th, 2012 at 12:04 AM

This isn't exactly an exhaustively researched report, but there has been nothing in the diaries lately, and I thought I'd bring up a foreboding bit of Michigan history for you all. As we prepare to enter the 2012 season, I got just a minor sense of foreboding thinking of a few parallels to another well known season.

The year is 2006. Michigan football rebounds from an extremely disappointing 7-5 2005 campaign that sees losses to OSU and the bowl game to have a breakout year. The juniors on the team finally seem to gel completely and Michigan storms to an 11-2 record, including playing one of the most epic games in one of the most storied rivalries ever.

The following season, the pundits say, if there were ever a Michigan team that was primed to make a big run, it was the 2007 Wolverines. A truly gifted senior QB entering his 4th year of starting, who looks poised to make that leap to true stardom. A lockdown left tackle clearly produced by the NFL's most crack genetic engineers. A tailback that had emerged from a rash of injuries the previous season to prove a star, and a defense that had lost a few pieces but had improved so vastly from the seaon before that an upward trajectory could only be expected to continue.

Of course, we all know how that went.


Consider the 2011 Wolverines. Fresh off an extremely disappointing 7-5 campaign that sees losses to OSU and in the bowl game, the Wolverines put together a breakout year. The team seems to gel and Michigan storms to an 11-2 season including playing in one of the most epic games in one of the most storied rivalries ever.

For the 2012 season, Michigan will feature a truly gifted senior QB entering his 4th year of starting. He seems primed to make the leap from extremely talented to true stardom. Michigan features a lockdown left tackle seemingly produced by the NFL's most crack genetic engineers. We even have a tailback that emerged from a rash of injuries last season to prove a star, and a defense that made a stratospheric leap that bodes extremely well for the future.

Now, I'm not saying that Michigan 2012 is Michigan 2007. These teams are extremely different. But, it is the middle of the off season, and with Hoke heading things up, it's all sunshine and lollipops. What fun is that? Maybe it's good to be a little scared?

Lessons from the Year of Infinite Pain?

Lessons from the Year of Infinite Pain?

Submitted by Brady2Terrell on November 28th, 2010 at 8:32 PM

In an effort to stay out of the "RichRod sucks/Harbaugh is God" or "Harbaugh is a hack traitor/RichRod will win 20 MNCs" camps, I decided to refocus my attention on a possibly relevant topic: given the completed 2010 season, what should our expectations for 2011 be?  More specifically, is there hope in recent Michigan history?

I began by comparing Michigan's results from 2010 with those from another recent 7-5 year, the 2005 Year of Infinite Pain (little did we know), a season that was widely heralded as Michigan's "once per score years down-year."

  2005 2010
Win #1 NIU, 33-17 UConn, 30-10
Win #2 EMU, 55-0 ND, 28-24
Win #3 MSU, 34-31 UMass, 42-37
Win #4 PSU, 27-25 BG, 65-21
Win #5 Iowa, 23-20 Indiana, 42-35
Win #6 Northwestern, 33-17 Illinois, 67-65
Win #7 Indiana, 41-14 Purdue, 27-16
Loss #1 ND, 10-17 MSU, 17-34
Loss #2 Wisconsin, 20-23 Iowa, 28-38
Loss #3 Minnesota, 20-23 PSU, 31-41
Loss #4 OSU, 21-25 Wisconsin, 28-48
Loss #5 Nebraska, 21-25 OSU, 7-37














While at first glance I want to be able to look at this and say "we followed that 2005 season with a 2006 season led by a beast of a defense and a powerful offense, and came within a late-hit penalty of playing for the national championship," I can't see a similar turn-around for 2011.  Outside of the records, these teams were night-and-day.

It's true that the 2011 team will be bringing back more guys than we did in 2006, but that's where the comparison ends.  The 2005 team didn't lose a game by more than seven points, and lost their five games by a combined 21 points while outscoring their opponents in their wins by 122.  The 2010 team suffered each loss by at least ten points and lost the five by a combined 87 points, while only outscoring their opponents by 83 in the wins.  For those of you keeping track at home, that's a +101 scoring differential versus a -4.

So if we can't learn from 2005, what does progress really look like year-on-year from 2009?

  2009 2010
Win #1 WMU, 31-7 UConn, 30-10
Win #2 ND, 38-34 ND, 28-24
Win #3 EMU, 45-17 UMass, 42-37
Win #4 Delaware St., 63-6 BG, 65-21
Win #5 Indiana, 36-33 Indiana, 42-35
Loss/Win Illinois, 13-38 Illinois, 67-65
Loss/Win Purdue, 36-38 Purdue, 27-16
Loss #3/1 MSU, 20-26 MSU, 17-34
Loss #4/2 Iowa, 28-30 Iowa, 28-38
Loss #5/3 PSU, 10-35 PSU, 31-41
Loss #6/4 Wisconsin, 24-45 Wisconsin, 28-48
Loss #7/5 Ohio State, 10-21 OSU, 7-37














Other than UConn being a marginally tougher opponent than WMU, we ran the table against ND and some cupcakes in the non-conference schedule.  In both years we beat Indiana close and lost to Wisconsin by about 20.

In the positive column, we turned a 25 point Illinois loss into a 2 point win, and turned a 2 point Purdue loss into an 11 point win.  We closed the gap with PSU from 25 points to 10 points.

On the negative, however, our three conference losses against the better Big Ten teams got much worse.  Instead of losing in OT to MSU, we lost by 17.  Instead of losing by 2 to Iowa, we lost by 10.  Instead of an 11 point loss to OSU with five Tate Forcier turnovers, we lost by 30 in a game wherein OSU ran the ball on the final 16 plays and didn't attempt a pass in the 4th quarter (mimicking Wisconsin's performance the week before).

A sad stat for those arguing that 2010 was a strong step forward - the 2009 team was actually a +24 in scoring differential, which is four touchdowns favorable to the 2010 team that supposedly took a big step forward.  If David Brandon keeps Rich Rodriguez on for a fourth year I'm rooting hard for him to succeed and for us to compete for a championship, but it appears he'll be doing it without the benefit of recent trends or history.

Go Blue!