1997 Michigan vs. 1997 Nebraska Poll

1997 Michigan vs. 1997 Nebraska Poll

Submitted by GehBlau on March 22nd, 2012 at 9:09 AM

There's a poll over at ESPN for which team is better: 1997 Michigan or 1997 Nebraska. I don't know why, but this debate has always gotten me worked up. So go and vote or discuss below. Or get those voting drones we had for the football traditions poll. Yeah go get those drones.



-Michigan (AP Nat Champs, 12-0)- wins against 7 top-25, and 4 top-10 teams. 


-Nebraksa (Coaches Nat Champs, 13-0)- wins against 4 top-25, and 2 top-10 teams.


-Common opponents: Michigan beat Colorado 27-3 and Baylor 38-3. Nebraska beat Colorado 27-24 and Baylor 49-21.