Most Important Mid-season Improvement/Development?

Most Important Mid-season Improvement/Development?

Submitted by Space Coyote on March 10th, 2014 at 8:36 AM

The ways in which the Michigan basketball team developed over the course of the year are very impressive, and are obviously a huge reason that Michigan is currently in position to at worst get a three seed, likely get a two seed, and still has a puncher's chance at a one seed. Oh, and not to mention that Michigan won the B1G by three games.

My question, up for discussion, is which mid-season improvement/development was the most important, not just in terms of immediate results, but also heading into the tournaments?

I think the revitalization of Nik will be a big emphasis, but I'm going to go a bit different direction. While Michigan still struggles a bit on defense (the start of the Indiana game was nauseating), I think the improvement and development of the 1-3-1 zone has directly lead to 2-3 wins in the second half of B1G play. Early in the B1G, it seemed like every time they went zone it was free buckets for the other team. But MSU and Indiana I remember off hand really struggling against it and that allowing Michigan to get big stops at big times.

For a team that sometimes struggles to get stops, but doesn't necessarily need a ton of stops to be successful, I think the development of that different look and little extra thing for opposing teams to have to prepare for on short notice is a huge benefit going into the tournament, and I think may be the biggest and overlooked development this year.

So what say you guys? Nik's reemergence? Morgan's improved low-post play and patience when he gets the ball in his hands? GRIII turning the corner? The two-headed PG monster and their continued development?