Justin Turner Is Officially A Go

Justin Turner Is Officially A Go

Submitted by Brian on August 12th, 2009 at 6:53 PM

Very Web 2.5 way to find this out but here you go via the twitters:

RT: @umhoops: RT @mikerothstein: RR: minor didn't practice, headache. Turner cleared. #michigan

Waiting on Witty now.

Also, Helmuth and Evans "may look to transfer" and did not practice today, which would be further blows to defensive depth, albeit ones that weren't looking to play unless there were no other options.

UPDATE: The Free Press is reporting that Evans and Helmuth are transferring:

“Good young men,” he said. “Sometimes that happens, guys think maybe I can (play elsewhere), I’m not getting a lot of reps and not up on the depth chart or something. I try to remind the guys the depth chart is not going to be solid until the first week.”

Also, Teric Jones has moved to cornerback.

Initial takes on that: once Helmuth moved from FB his chances of ever seeing the field without injury Armageddon were very low. Evans started the first game last year but was immediately displaced; neither were touted recruits and if the defense wasn't already very short on bodies it would be No Big Deal. But it is, and wow the number of scholarship players on D is vanishingly small. Jones' move, then, is a very good idea.

UPDATE UPDATE: News is saying "may"; next presser we'll be at so this interpretation dance won't be an issue:

Michigan's football team could be down two more players.

Junior linebacker Marell Evans and junior defensive tackle Vince Helmuth have asked to look in to playing at other programs, Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez confirmed on Wednesday.