Unverified Voracity AAAAAAH

Unverified Voracity AAAAAAH

Submitted by Brian on November 16th, 2006 at 4:46 PM

Sort of like "Your Next." Apparently there's a geeky trash-talking tradition in the Michigan and Ohio State library systems: during the week of the game when they send books to each other smack is included. Michigan's contribution: a neatly typewritten letter pointing out various things about Ohio State -- like fire and electricity and indoor plumbing, though the latter seems to be suffering a slow adoption rate -- that they would not have without Michigan.

Ohio State's response?

There you have it folks: these people work for the library system. They're the ones who can read. Presumably. They might have hired a homeless man and dictated.



SMQB caught in the crossfire. One article detailing the relative strengths and weaknesses of Ohio State == instant reply from a Buckeye fan LOLing at any suggestion Ohio State has anything resembling a weakness. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

Radio killed the blogger star. the MZone guys are doing a radio show tonight about the game. Will Leitch! Some guy from the OZone and those Geico commercials with cavemen! Details!

Etc.: USA Today on past games; Big Ten announcers are surveyed about stuff; they're still pissed about 1973; Wojo (DetNews) on Carr; The House Rock Built advises you to stay out of the killzone; will NBCSports get banned from NDNation for posting this article about a father-son Michigan-Ohio State rivalry?

Unverfied Voracity Beholds The Horror Of Bruthulu

Unverfied Voracity Beholds The Horror Of Bruthulu

Submitted by Brian on November 15th, 2006 at 3:08 PM

(Via Suds & Soliloquies.)

You know... this is also something close to what it's like: From the Onion.

One last note on a rematch: I am not in favor of it unless there are no other viable options. Viable options include undefeated Rutgers, a one loss USC, or a one loss SEC Champion. Viable options do not include Notre Dame. It would be impossible to stomach either a rematch versus a team we hammered at home or, worse, watching them play for the national championship over us. Here ends all discussion of it until The Game is over.

Johnny! Woo! Look...

And so they find themselves with everything to play for and nothing to lose, on borrowed time, with house money, in God's hands – rugged riders on a trite voyage so familiar to us all: hopes gone long ago, souls worn to dust through a half-decade of ridicule and scattered in Autumn's afternoon gusts by the collective, jaded, sigh of a loyalist nation, only so it could all to be captured after everyone swore it couldn't be.

...just read the damn thing. Seriously.

Vijay! Woo! He's got an attempt to grasp the enormity of the thing and an innnovative look at the statistics. Money shots from the latter:

The yards/pass is interesting, though. Michigan's passing attack has largely been characterized by stubborn running to force a favorable defensive alignment and then throwing over the top. A power running & big play passing attack. Yet in the air we average a full yard/attempt less than Ohio State.

Yuck. Aaaand:

Against the common "feature backs" listed, Ohio State gave up 369 yards on 81 carries (4.6 yards/carry). Michigan gave up 198 yards on 70 carries (2.8 yards/carry).

Thanks for playing. First reason OSU will beat Michigan on MOTSAG:

First, The Wolverines' defense has not been spread out all season long. It has not faced a single spread offense. Everyone knows about UM's success against a pounding rushing attack, but there's no way the Michigan defense can stay in the 4-3 and not get eaten alive by the spread. If UM stubbornly sticks with the 4-3, then it'll have linebackers trying to line up man-to-man against the deepest receiving corps in college football. When Sweatervest spreads out Carr's defense, Carr will have to make a choice: Go with the nickel to slow down the OSU pass game, which removes his advantage against the run; or stick with the 4-3 and hope that your backfield can cover OSU man-to-man.

(Emphasis in original.) Uh... what? No, seriously, that's deranged. Michigan has played the spread offenses of Vanderbilt, Central Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ball State, and Indiana. In those games they've consistently deployed a nickel package and have crooshed silly bug running backs. If you're scoring at home, over half of Michigan's opponents to date have run a spread. Ladies and gentlemen, Ohio State bloggers!

Blast from the past: A Daily article from the 1950 Snow Bowl. Sweet.


Many many links: Wojo (ESPN Wojo) on Ufer. The M Zone and Maize 'n' Brew on the growing crisis in Columbus. The Hoover Street Rag all went to Indiana and stuff. SMQB gets deep. Some MSNBC guy way smarter than HatGuy says Carr's legacy isn't on the line... but I hope we win anyway. Maisel on Henne. The Apologists' Den on game keys. USA Today on Woodley. Northwestern Scout guy says "I dunno". Joey rounds up Buckeye Youtube and asks "what is wrong with you people?" J. Brady McCullough -- Daily sports editor back in the day when I was a student -- tells us why he hates Ohio State. The AJC on Michigan preparation for the game; some good quotes on the difference between Ann Arbor and Pandemonium. Godzilla-Mothra undercard for the game is in doubt. At least Michigan and Ohio State have a common enemy: Nickelback. The Hoover Street Rag does some recappin'.