This Week's Obsession: Ridikuhlis

This Week's Obsession: Ridikuhlis

Submitted by Seth on November 12th, 2014 at 12:05 PM

A man in my position cannot afford to be made to look ridikuhlis.

Ace: Brian and I did a segment on this week's podcast in which we each listed our top five most ridiculous games of the Hoke era. Not only were our bottom three picks entirely different, but between Twitter and the comments at least a dozen games that didn't make the cut were suggested as meriting inclusion, and... it was really hard to argue with a lot of them.

So let's try this again. List and explain your top five, perhaps mention a few dishonorable mentions, and feel free to explain your methodology—I'm intentionally leaving "ridiculous" open to interpretation.


BiSB: I just drew up a quick list of candidates. There are 16 games on that list. I HATE ALL THE THINGS.


Ace: Now remember that the very first game Hoke coached featured two Brandon Herron touchdowns and was called due to a biblical storm before the third quarter ended...

Even the wins, man. Even the wins.


[After the jump: we discuss 60% of the games under Hoke]

Photos from Michigan vs. Notre Dame

Photos from Michigan vs. Notre Dame

Submitted by Eric on September 8th, 2013 at 1:50 PM

Photos from Michigan vs. Notre Dame. (Eric Upchurch)



Devin Gardner



Jeremy Gallon (I'll never know how he spun out of this)



This drum major loves his job

Full Gallery from the game. 


Galleries from the MGoEvent and various photos from UTL and College Gameday courtesy of Bryan Fuller.

Gameday and Under the Lights


Go Blue!!

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