Friday Night Lights 2010: 10-26

Friday Night Lights 2010: 10-26

Submitted by Tim on October 26th, 2010 at 3:32 PM

For live updates of the games I'm attending, follow me on Twitter @varsityblue. If you can help out finding articles on any of the commits, @reply me on Twitter or e-mail me, and I'll try to include your contribution.

MI DE/LB Brennen Beyer

Last week: Plymouth defeated Adrian 48-7. I was there, so enjoy some MGoBlog original video:

Beyer had 2 catches for 50 yards (and another 29-yarder, a would-be touchdown, called back on an illegal formation penalty). Defensively, he had 3 QB hurries, 3 tackles (1 for loss), and a pass deflection.


For scouting purposes, the video is only semi-useful. Adrian mostly stayed away from Beyer defensively until the game was out of reach, running to the opposite side of the field and rolling their quarterback out in that direction. On the other side of the ball, Plymouth was having no problem moving on the ground, so they didn't pass a whole lot.

The effort shown in the video is sometimes underwhelming, but the vast majority of the clips are from when the game was already in hand, so Beyer was taking it a little easier to avoid injury.

One thing that I noticed in this game (that I hadn't noticed last time I saw Brennen play) is that he has a pretty odd physique, with short legs but a very long torso. I'm no scout, so I can't tell you how that translates to defensive end at the next level (I would guess it's a good thing), but it does make him look a little funny running routes as a WR.

This week: The 7-2 Wildcats host Saline in Round 1 of the State Playoffs on Saturday at 1pm.

FL RB Demetrius Hart

Last Week: Dr Phillips beats Oak Ridge 56-28.

Dee Hart scored four touchdowns for the Panthers (7-0, 3-0 in 6A, Dist. 6) and Nick Patti threw for two touchdowns and ran for another. Hart finished with 120 yards on 20 carries.

That rushing performance takes Hart over 1,000 yards on the year. The article also included video:

Stats below from the Dr. Phillips website.

Demetrius Hart 2010
Game Rushing Receiving Returns
Opponent Result Att Yds TD Avg Rec Yds TD Avg Ret Yds TD Avg
Edgewater W 48-7 20 79 2 3.95 1 8 0 8.00 3 47 0 15.67
Osceola W 49-7 19 98 3 5.16 3 47 0 15.67 2 23 0 11.50
Olympia W 49-0 17 224 3 13.18 5 68 1 13.60 1 20 0 20.00
Cypress Creek W 52-0 14 168 4 12.00 1 7 0 7.00 3 24 0 8.00
Boone W 45-0 18 142 3 7.89 5 132 1 26.40 1 0 0 0.00
Evans W 62-6 8 178 3 22.25 1 5 0 5.00 3 57 0 19.00
Oak Ridge W 56-28 21 126 3 6.00 4 37 1 9.25 1 5 0 5.00
Totals 7-0 117 1015 18 8.68 20 304 2 15.20 14 176 0 12.57

This week: Dr. Phillips travels to Gateway on Friday at 7:30.

MI WR Shawn Conway

Last Week: In the season finale, Seaholm defeated rival Groves 21-7.

No mention of Conway in the game article, and Misopogon reported that Seaholm didn't even throw his way. [Ed-M: In the first half, during plays when a gaggle of teeny boppers weren't trying to shove past each other in front of me -- I missed plenty of plays]

Shawn Conway 2010
  Offense Special Teams
Opponent Result Rec Yds Avg. TD Ret Yds Avg.  
N Farmington W 26-6 4 32 8.00 1 3 137 45.67
Andover W 35-21 6 134 22.33 1 1 65 65.00
Lahser W 35-17 5 98 19.60 2 1 35 35.00
Country Day L 21-28 3 62 20.67 0 3 32 10.67
Avondale L 24-52       2      
Hazel Park L 10-30 2 7 3.50 0      
Berkley L 21-48 1 23 23.00 1      
Ferndale L 21-28 1 19 19.00 0 3 124 41.33
Groves W 21-7 0 0 0.00        
Totals 4-5 22 375 17.05 7 11 393 35.73

This week: Seaholm's season is over, with a 4-5 record. Conway finished the year with about 22 catches for 375 yards, and 11 kick/punt returns for 393 yards.

OH OL Jack Miller

Last week: St. John's defeated Toledo Waite 42-6.

This week: 8-1 St. John's travels to Toledo Central Catholic on Friday at 7.

FL OL Tony Posada

Last week: Plant defeated Alonso 34-7.

Plant offensive tackle Tony Posada sat for the first quarter on what Weiner termed a "coach's decision," and then was pulled from the game at halftime for precautionary reasons after tweaking the MCL in the right knee he recently came back from.

No word on the nature of the "coach's decision," but from the sounds of things it may have been injury-related.

This week: 6-2 Plant has a bye week. They'll face Chamberlain in a couple weeks.

MI OL Jake Fisher

Last week: In the regular season finale, TC West bested rival TC Central 51-42.

"What a redemption," defensive end Jake Fisher said. "It feels really good."

Video. Fisher also scored an interception in the game. The win lands TC West in the playoffs after a loss to Central in last year's finale left them with a sub-.500 record.

This week: 6-3 Traverse City West travels to (heavy favorite) Rockford in Round 1 of the State Playoffs on Friday at 7pm.

OH DE Chris Rock

Last week: DeSales falls to Cincinnati LaSalle 30-33. Rock got on the scoresheet by blocking a punt:

In the first half, DeSales leaned on its special teams. Midway through the first quarter, Chris Rock blocked a LaSalle punt, giving DeSales the ball on the 11-yard line

This week: 5-5 DeSales travels to Cleveland Benedictine on Saturday at 7pm.

TX LB Kellen Jones

Last week: St. Pius X beat Kelly 35-7 in a rematch of a game from earlier this year. Jones had 9 tackles, 2 for loss, and a sack, his coach tells Tom. Kellen's dad also e-mailed Tom a local news feature from earlier this season:

Kellen Jones 2010
Opponent Result Tackles TFL Sack FFum  
Trinity Christian W 33-7 11 5 1 0
Sealy L 7-56 13 3 0 2
Episcopal W 31-27 6 3 1 0
Worthing W 20-12 DNP - ankle
St. Thomas W 28-10 11 3 1 0
Kelly W 28-0 14 4 1 1
Houston Christian W 37-13 9 3 1 0
Kelly W35-7 9 2 1 0
Totals 7-1 73 23 6 3

This week: St. Pius rematches Houston Christian on Friday at 7:30.

OH CB/S Greg Brown

Last week: Fremont Ross defeated Lima Senior 28-3. Brown caught a touchdown:

Ross would get the ball back once again, as Kori Campbell would recover a fumble, and the Little Giants would cap the scoring with a 21-yard touchdown pass from Tyler Wolf to Greg Brown to put the game away.

The Fremont Ross Forum Blog has no mention of Brown.

This week: Ross hosts Sandusky Friday at 7:30.

MI CB Delonte Hollowell

Last week: Pregame fluff. Cass Tech blasted Detroit Crockett 41-7. Hollowell mention (for the first time this year?):

Crockett (8-1) threw a scare into Cass on its first play when it completed a double pass for 59 yards. Defensive back Delonte Hollowell, who committed to Michigan, caught receiver James White from behind.

“We had to ball up after that,” Hollowell said. “We were expecting them to give us competition but we came back hard.”

Next Week: The Technicians host Detroit Southeastern in Round 1 of the State Playoffs on Friday at 5. Cass Tech won the teams' previous meeting this season 42-0.

FL QB Kevin Sousa

Last week: Lake Nona had a bye week.

Kevin Sousa 2010
  Passing Rushing
Opponent Result Comp Att % Yds Yds/Att TD Int Rush Yds Yds/Att TD
Harmony L 17-50 17 39 43.59 256 6.56 2 0 15 184 12.27 0
Oak Ridge L 0-48 6 13 46.15 34 2.62 0 1 7 31 4.43 0
University L 21-59 9 24 37.50 151 6.29 2 3 9 67 7.44 1
Sebring L 7-41 8 17 47.06 126 7.41 1 4 ? 20   0
Lake Wales L 6-42 14 21 66.67 199 9.48 0 1 13 64 4.92 1
Auburndale L 31-35 13 20 65.00 197 9.85 3 0 17 150 8.82 1
Celebration W 34-14 14 26 53.83 247 9.50 2 1 16 131 8.19 1
Totals 1-6 81 160 50.63 1210 7.56 10 10 77 627 8.14 4

This week: Lake Nona visits Tenoroc on Friday at 7:00.

Friday Night Lights 2010: 9-21

Friday Night Lights 2010: 9-21

Submitted by Tim on September 21st, 2010 at 1:11 PM

For live updates of the games I'm attending, follow me on Twitter @varsityblue. If you can help out finding articles on any of the commits, @reply me on Twitter or e-mail me, and I'll try to include your contribution.

FL QB Kevin Sousa

Last week: RB Jarius Pace made his debut for Lake Nona, but couldn't prevent the Lions from losing to University 21-59:

Sousa had 151 yards passing but threw three interceptions. He was 9-of-24 and was hurried quite often by the University defense.

Sousa had 2 TDs through the air, and added an 8-yarder on the ground (on 9 carries for 67 yards, according to what he told Tom), but two of those picks were true Stanziballs:

...things appeared to get to Sousa after that as the senior Michigan commitment threw back-to-back interceptions that Johnnie Griffin and Jachary Baldwin each ran in for touchdowns.

This was University's first win on the year, so Lake Nona is still very bad. Sousa clearly doesn't have much help around him.

Kevin Sousa 2010
  Passing Rushing
Opponent Result Att Comp % Yds Yds/Att TD Int Rush Yds Yds/Att TD  
Harmony L 17-50 17 39 43.59 256 6.56 2 0 15 184 12.27 0
Oak Ridge L 0-48 6 13 46.15 34 2.62 0 1 7 31 4.43 0
University L 21-59 9 24 37.50 151 6.29 2 3 9 67 7.44 1
Totals 0-3 32 76 42.11 441 5.80 4 4 31 282 9.10 1

This week: Lake Nona hosts Sebring on Friday at 7:30.

MI WR Shawn Conway

Last Week: Seaholm fell to Detroit Country Day 21-28. Conway tweaked his ankle covering a punt early in the game, and Seaholm's starting QB was also out. These factors, along with the weather, limited his production, though he still did some stuff through the air. I was there, so enjoy the (mostly unedited) highlights:

And the scouting report: Don't be too alarmed by the defensive play where Kenny Knight (#8 on Country Day, considering Minnesota and others) ran right by him. It was the play immediately after the ankle injury - probably why DCD decided to test him - and Conway fell for a pump-fake. He won't be playing defense at the next level, so it isn't much of a concern.

Offensively, the backup QB for the Maples couldn't throw a bubble screen to save his life, and those are typically a pretty big part of the Seaholm offense (and Conway's involvement in it). He did get chewed out on the sidelines by head coach Chris Fahr (his stepdad) for giving up on routes during the game, so with a 100% effort, he might have had a bit more success.

In all, this definitely wasn't his best performance (it's a shame this had to be the one Rod Smith and Tony Dews saw in person), but there are enough reasons to explain it, so I don't think it's anything to worry about. I would also point out that Country Day has five or six Division-1 prospects over the next couple classes, whereas Seaholm has... one. Conway was a big part of the Maples even staying in this game. has comprehensive highlights, as usual.

Shawn Conway 2010
  Offense Special Teams
Opponent Result Rec Yds Avg. TD Ret Yds Avg.  
North Farmington W 26-6 4 32 8.00 1 3 137 45.67
Andover W 35-21 6 134 22.33 1 1 65 65.00
Lahser W 35-17 5 98 19.60 2 1 35 35.00
Country Day L 21-28 3 62 20.67 0 3 32 10.67
Totals 3-1 18 326 18.11 4 8 269 33.63

This week: The Maples host Auburn Hills Avondale on Friday at 7.

OH OL Jack Miller

Last week: St. John's pasted rival St. Francis 42-10. The Titans scored nearly every time they touched the ball, and rushed for nearly 200 yards.

This week: St. John's heads to Toledo Whitmer on Friday at 7. Jack will be tested by elite defensive ends Kenny Hayes (2011 OSU commit) and Chris Wormley (2012 Michigan prospect).

FL OL Tony Posada

Last week: Plant traveled to Abilene, TX to take on the Abilene Eagles. ESPN pregame breakdown, and Posada-focused pregame fluff:

"I told some people if it appears it's shady out there Thursday night, it's because of this lineman," said [Abilene coach Steve] Warren of the 6-foot-5, 295-pound Michigan commitment. "He's the biggest person I've ever seen. Why doesn't he just go on to the NFL instead of Michigan? He's huge."

The game didn't go so well for the Panthers, as they fell 17-27. It was on ESPNU, so I got a chance to watch. The story on Posada remains the same: he's massive, but will need to work on his conditioning before he's able to contribute at the next level.

This week: Plant takes on Riverview at home on Friday night.

MI OL Jake Fisher

Last week: Traverse City West lost to Cadillac 35-58.

This week: TC West hosts winless Gaylord on Friday at 7:00.

OH DE Chris Rock

Last week: DeSales avenged their 2009 State Championship lost to Cardinal Mooney, beating the Cardinals 41-31. Article 2.

This week: DeSales heads North to take on Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Mary's on Friday at 7:30. I should be in attendance, though I make no guarantees.

MI DE/LB Brennen Beyer

Last week: Plymouth beat Livonia Churchill 41-27.

Michigan-bound Brennan [sic] Beyer led the Plymouth defense with 10 tackles, including three sacks.

This week: 3-1 Plymouth heads to Livonia Franklin on Friday at 7:00.

TX LB Kellen Jones

Last week: St. Pius X defeated Worthing 20-12. Jones didn't play, because he's resting his ankle injury from last week, and wants to be healthy for conference play.

Kellen Jones 2010
Opponent Result Tackles TFL Sack FFum  
Trinity Christian W 33-7 11 5 1 0
Sealy L 7-56 13 3 0 2
Episcopal W 31-27 6 3 1 0
Worthing W 20-12 DNP - ankle
Totals 3-1 30 11 2 2

This week:

OH CB/S Greg Brown

Last week: Ross defeated Cleveland Benedictine 47-7:

The Little Giants even came together early Friday night, racing to a 7-0 lead on Greg Brown's 85-yard touchdown reception on Ross's first offensive play. Wolf skied a pass to Benedictine's 45-yard line, Brown reeled it in and then raced to the end zone for the game's first points...

Fremont head coach Derek Kidwell said, "Greg Brown started the game off well for us."

The proprietor of the Fremont Ross Forum blog mentioned Brown's TD:

From the first quarter when Tyler Wolf hit Greg Brown on an 85 yard TD pass to the runback of a fumble by JJ Moreno in the fourth quarter, Ross was hitting on all cylinders last night.

This week: The Little Giants host University School on Saturday night.

MI CB Delonte Hollowell

Last week: Cass Tech dominated Detroit Southeastern 42-0. No mention of Hollowell.

Next Week: Cass Tech faces Detroit King on Friday.

Friday Night Lights 2010: 8-30

Friday Night Lights 2010: 8-30

Submitted by Tim on August 30th, 2010 at 4:21 PM

For live updates of the games I'm attending, follow me on Twitter @varsityblue. If you can help out finding articles on any of the commits, @reply me on Twitter or e-mail me, and I'll try to include your contribution.

Performance of the Week:

MI DE/LB Brennen Beyer

Last week: Plymouth pasted Salem, 48-0. Beyer - from the start of the second quarter through the end of the game - had 2 receiving touchdowns for 43 yards, and a blocked punt, which he returned for a touchdown, to go along with several tackles. HD video highlights:

Seemed like a "man amongst boys" situation for the most part. Beyer is the standout performer this week.

This week: Plymouth takes on Howell on Thursday at 7pm.

FL QB Kevin Sousa

Last week: Lake Nona lost to Citrus, 0-14. This "Kickoff Classic" was a preseason game, not the start of the regular season. MGoReader Bob took in the game, and gave his impressions:

Even though half of the game was played in the rain, Sousa didn't look very sharp. Frankly, Lake Nona is not a very good football team. Citrus was equally as bad. Kevin had zero O- line blocking and was tackled many times for losses. His passes had zip but the wet conditions made them nearly uncatchable. I'm glad he fared well at the camps because the team he plays with is pretty sad.

Tom got in touch with Sousa's high school coach, and Kevin's approximate stats were: 15/34 for 136 yards and a pick, and 54 yards on 12 carries on the ground. The weather was a big factor as well.

This week: Lake Nona hosts Harmony at 7:30pm.

MI WR Shawn Conway

Last Week: Seaholm defeated North Farmington by a score of 26-6. Conway, predictably, was the star of the show:

Shawn Conway's 74-yard return on the opening kickoff proved to be a sign of good things to come for Birmingham Seaholm in their high school football season opener Thursday against North Farmington.

Conway added touchdown receptions of 6 and 15 yards, as Seaholm built a 26-0 lead heading into the fourth quarter. The Maples held on to win by a score of 26-6 in the Oakland Activities Association game.

He finished with 169 all-purpose yards, and given his 4 catches for 32 yards, he his other returns totaled 63 yards. One more article. You can see video highlights from the game here, and Conway looks very impressive (the quarterback... not so much).

This week: The Maples take on Bloomfield Hills Andover on Thursday at 7pm at Seaholm High School.

OH OL Jack Miller

Last week: Paul and I were there (for the first half) as Miller's St. John's Jesuit team pasted an overmatched Toledo Scott squad 49-7, after holding a 49-0 halftime lead. Miller only played sparingly on either side of the ball after a couple offensive and defensive series. Here's the HD video:

By my count, Miller had 3 tackles, including two for loss, and nearly came up with a fumble recovery on defense. Offensively, he had pancake blocks on nearly every running play. I was more impressed with him on that side of the ball.

This week: St. John's travels North to take on Birmingham Brother Rice on Saturday at 1:30 PM at Farmington Hills Harrison. Alas, it is during the UConn game, so I'll be missing it.

MI OL Jake Fisher

Last week: Traverse City West fell to Grand Haven by a 48-28 score. No mention of Fisher in the article. Video highlights.

This week: TC West welcomes Grandville to the Great North at 7pm on Thursday.

FL OL Tony Posada

Last week: Plant got killed by Manatee 10-48 in their preseason game on ESPN.

From what I saw, the criticisms we've heard on Posada are accurate. He will have to get into much better shape if he's going to be a contributor at the next level. At this point, he's much better as a mauler than a pass blocker, as well. He did get a little nicked up during the game, but nothing seemed serious. He showed off his versatility by playing both tackle positions, as well as guard.

This week: Plant heads to Tampa Bay Tech (the only team to beat them last year) on Friday at 7:30.

OH DE Chris Rock

Last week: St. Francis DeSales beat Gahanna Lincoln 28-14. No word on Rock's stats.

This week: DeSales welcomes New Albany at 7:30 on Friday.

TX LB Kellen Jones

Last week: St. Pius X defeated Trinity Christian Academy 33-7. I couldn't find stats, or even a game article.

This week: St. Pius X travels to Sealy on Friday at 7:30.

OH CB/S Greg Brown

Last week: Ross shut out Toledo Start 17-0. Brown had 45 yards on 19 carries. The Fremont Ross Forum's thoughts:

Also very workman-like last night was Greg Brown. The future Wolverine was hammered by Spartan defenders every time he got near the ball. Greg kept his wits about him, got up, walked back to the huddle and played ball.

This week: The Little Giants take on Toledo Whitmer on Friday at 7:30.

MI CB Delonte Hollowell

Last week: Paul and I were at Eastern Michigan as Cass Tech escaped Ann Arbor Pioneer by a score of 44-42. Here's the HD video:

Hollowell had a handful of tackles and a pair of pass breakups. He didn't play on offense, and looked like he may have been dinged up, which could explain his "meh" performance (also explaining it - Pioneer's gameplan placed an emphasis on avoiding his side of the field). His younger teammates 2012 LB Royce Jenkins-Stone and CB Terry Richardson also impressed, with Jenkins-Stone pounding away as a fullback (though he was inconsistent at linebacker), and Richardson playing well at both corner and receiver. Richardson returned a fumble 60-pluys yards for one of Cass Tech's scores.

Next Week: Cass Tech plays Detroit Central at 6pm Friday at Cass Tech.

Friday Night Lights 2010: An Offensive Primer

Friday Night Lights 2010: An Offensive Primer

Submitted by Tim on August 26th, 2010 at 10:57 AM

For those who are new around here, I chronicle the high school exploits of Michigan commitments over the course of their seasons in Friday Night Lights. It includes statistical recaps, game stories, and even some original video. Here's a primer on the offensive side of the ball.

Lake Nona Schedule 2010
Date Time Team
8-27 6:00 Lake Howell
9-10 7:00 @ Lake Placid
9-17 7:00 Palm Bay Heritage
9-24 7:30 @ Lake Wales
10-1 7:00 Auburndale
10-8 7:00 @ Tenoroc
10-22 7:00 Sebring
10-29 7:30 @ Winter Haven
11-5 7:30 Lakeland Christian

Kevin Sousa


Lake Nona, FL
Lake Nona High School
HS position: quarterback
Projects as: quarterback

Lake Nona had a rough inaugural season of high school ball, winning a single game on their way to a 1-9 record. Their only victory came over fellow 1-9 squad Celebration. That's understandable in their first season, one without many (or possibly any) seniors on the team as well. Sousa passed for 1346 yards and eight TDs, while rushing for 916 yards and an another five scores.

In year two of Lake Nona's existence, there's a good chance that they take a leap forward. Just like year two of a coaching change, the players are used to the coaches now (and are even used to each other, after coming from different high schools as sophomores and younger). Sousa will also be in his third year of football after growing up a soccer player. Lake Nona has added some talent as well, including RB Jarius Pace, so Sousa won't have to be a one-man show. That should mean more openings and better stats for him. I think Sousa has a chance to improve his rankings (currently a consensus 3-star) with a good year statistically.

I won't be able to catch any of Sousa's games live, but plan to follow his progress this year very closely.

Birmingham Seaholm Schedule 2010
Date Time Team
8-26 7:00 North Farmington
9-2 7:00 Bloomfield Hills Andover
9-10 7:00 @ Bloomfield Hills Lahser
9-16 7:00 Detroit Country Day
9-24 7:00 Auburn Hills Avondale
10-1 7:00 @ Hazel Park
10-8 7:00 @ Berkley
10-15 7:00 Ferndale
10-22 7:00 @ Birgmingham Groves

Shawn Conway


Birmingham, MI
Seaholm High School
HS postion: wide receiver/safety
Projects as: wide receiver

Last year, Seaholm started the season by losing their first six games, before rebounding to finish with a 3-6 record. They missed the state playoffs, though they typically make it into the state tournament. Their quarterback issues prevented Conway from racking up gaudy stats. He finished the year with 79 receptions for about 800 yards with ten touchdowns.

Seaholm should be improved this year as Conway has the opportunity to star in his senior season, and their coach is on record expecting to win the league. Mick McCabe calls Conway the #17 player in the state of Michigan, and notes that his size/speed combo makes him a tough matchup. Still, unless Seaholm's quarterback situation get much better, he might not rack up serious stats. The lack of numbers will likely prevent Conway from seeing his ratings improve.

Seaholm is close enough to Ann Arbor that I should be able to make it out to a couple of Conway's games this year.

Traverse City West Schedule 2010
Date Time Team
8-27 7:00 Grand Haven
9-2 7:00 Grandville
9-10 5:00 Essex (CAN)
9-17 7:00 Cadillac
9-24 7:00 Gaylord
10-2 6:00 @ Dearborn Edsel Ford
10-8 7:00 @ Petoskey
10-15 7:00 @ Alpena
10-22 7:00 @ Traverse City Central

Jake Fisher


Traverse City, MI
TC West High School
HS position: tight end/defensive end
Projects as: offensive tackle

Last season, Traverse City West went 4-5 in the regular season, missing out on the state playoffs. They run an option-based ground attack. Fisher played primarily tight end and defensive end for the Titans, accumulating 10 receptions (out of only 38 for his entire team) for 185 yards and a touchdown on offense, with four tackles for loss on D.

This season, Fisher will remain at tight end, though he's added plenty of size in the offseason (three inches and 20some pounds), so he might be more of a mauler up front and slightly less of a receiving threat. The TC West coach is dropping platitudes about character being important, so the team probably won't be that good. They received just one out of about 100 first-place votes for conference champions among local media. Since Fisher's still playing out of position in high school, he probably won't see his ratings get that much better.

I might get a chance to check out one or two of Fisher's games this year, but probably not.

St. John's Jesuit Schedule 2010
Date Time Team
8-26 7:30 Toledo Scott
9-4 1:30 @ Birmingham (MI) Brother Rice
9-11 7:00 Sandusky
9-24 7:00 @ Toledo Whitmer
10-1 7:00 Toledo Start
10-15 7:00 Oregon Clay
10-22 7:00 @ Toledo Waite
10-29 7:00 @ Toledo Central Catholic

Jack Miller


Toledo, OH
St. John's Jesuit High School
HS position: defensive end/guard
Projects as: center

Last year, St. John's Jesuit went 6-4, but that wasn't good enough for them to make the state playoffs. The season included a heartbreaking 6-7 loss to crosstown rival Toledo St. Francis DeSales. [Update: your editor got confused by St. Francis DeSales claimed that was where Omameh and Rock were from; they're from Columbus. Not Tim's error.]  Miller had 12 sacks for his team, but obviously didn't accrue any stats as an offensive lineman.

St. John's Jesuit is in their final year of the City League, and will be competing in a new conference by next season, so this is their Nebraska-like last chance to win. Miller will play on both sides of the ball for his team. The recruiting sites can't even agree on what position Miller will play, so if he excels on the offensive line this year, he could see his ratings move up a bit.

I should have a couple opportunities to see Miller play in person (including tonight! Follow me on Twitter @varsityblue for updates) and plan to take some original mgoblog video.

Tampa Plant Schedule 2010
Date Time Team
8-27 7:00 @ Manatee (ESPNU)
9-3 7:30 @ Tampa Bay Tech
9-10 7:30 Hillsborough
9-16 7:00 @ Abilene, TX
10-1 7:30 Armwood
10-8 7:30 @ Gaither
10-15 7:30 Spoto
10-22 7:30 @ Alonso
11-5 7:30 Chamberlain
11-12 7:30 @ Robinson

Tony Posada


Tampa, FL
Plant High School
HS position: offensive tackle
Projects as: offensive guard/tackle

Last year, Plant was loaded, running up a 13-1 record and winning the Florida Class 5A State Championship. Posada was key a member of a line that racked up 2945 team rushing yards.

Plant is still loaded in 2010, with RB James Wilder and QB Phillip Ely committed to big time programs (Florida State and Alabama, respectively). They're the odds-on favorite to win a third consecutive state title. Posada should once again be a bookend for the line. With the amount of exposure that Plant gets, Posada will have to show some improvement in technique (and an ability to keep his weight down) if he wants to see his rankings move up.

I won't be able to see Tony play in person, however his team will be playing Manatee this Friday in a rematch of the 2009 state title game. The matchup will air on ESPNU.

Thursday Recruitin' Sorts Out Visits

Thursday Recruitin' Sorts Out Visits

Submitted by Tim on August 19th, 2010 at 10:57 AM

Remember, all-time updates can be found on the 2011 Michigan Football Recruiting Board. If you have any recruiting tips or questions, you can e-mail them to me at [email protected] or tweet @varsityblue.

Trimming Lists, Planning Visits


WI RB Melvin Gordon (pictured at right, via the Kenosha News) may take an official visit to Michigan. It had previously seemed like the Wolverines were out of the running for Melvin, and this could be a sign that they definitely want a big back in this class.

Michigan is in FL RB Devondrick Nealy's top five ($, info in header). He's similar to FL RB Demetrius Hart, so if all goes well with Dee, I wouldn't expect Nealy to end up in this class.

NJ Slot WR Miles Shuler-Foster has a top 7 that includes Michigan. He seems to be one of only two slots (along with FL Slot WR Prince Holloway) that Michigan is pursuing. It's not a position of need, but Shuler's speed would be hard to turn down.

NJ TE Jack Tabb (who recently visited Ann Arbor) is ready to cut his list of more than 20 offers. Six schools, including Michigan, are guaranteed to make that cut, making up a de facto top six.

Last week, PA DE Deion Barnes named a top 5 ($, info in header) including Michigan. There might be another positive development in that recruitment, as Pitt, also in his top 5, picked up commitments from three defensive ends last week.

OH LB Sean Duggan has a top five that includes Michigan (along with Wisconsin, Boston College, Duke, and Virginia).

NJ S Sheldon Royster will try to visit Michigan before his senior season starts ($, info in header).

FL S Jonathan Aiken is considering a visit to Ann Arbor. Rutgers and UCLA sound like his top two. A Rivals header ($) is much higher on Michigan's chances, but I'll trust the neutral source.

LA CB Daren Kitchen, who has long favored Michigan, will take an official visit for the Connecticut game ($, info in header). If receives a commitable offer on that visit, he could drop for the Wolverines.

Happy Trails

PA DE Desimon Green committed to Pitt.

MD OL Donovan Smith has narrowed to a top 12 that does not include Michigan.

PA CB Kyshoen Jarrett committed to Pitt.

Other covered the commitment of Tony Posada last week:

Leaving the state was a major factor, Posada said, as was Michigan’s reputation of producing offensive linemen. Two weeks ago, Posada said his mind was “99 percent” made up.

“That day I walked outside and it felt like it was 100 degrees out and I told myself, ‘I want to go to the snow,’ ” Posada said. “And when you go to Michigan and they ask what did you play and you say offensive tackle, people say, ‘Man, you must be good to play tackle at Michigan.’ ”

It sounds like the staff is planning to play him at tackle, which means any more OL commits will probably come from guards.

Tom spoke with FL OL James Elliott following his Michigan visit, and Elliott had nothing but positive things to say:

JAMES: Man, that was the most amazing school I've ever seen in person... We actually stayed a little longer than expected just so we could see everything, and meet Coach Rodriguez. We didn't realize he was in Seattle, so we wanted to stay to meet him. We got to see practice and talk with him about the visit. It was just great.

He named Michigan his leader ($, info in header), so what's the next step for Elliott? He holds an offer, but not yet a committable (i.e. Rodriguez-issued) one. With a few good OL targets remaining on the board, Elliott may have to wait to see how things shake out before he receives one.

FL DT Tim Jernigan, who has Michigan in his top five, is also Facebook friends with a couple of Michigan's coaches.

Local Fluff on KY LB Lamar Dawson. He's a longshot for Michigan, but a good season on the field could turn a lot of top prospects' heads toward Ann Arbor.


FL WR/S Sammy Watkins and his teammate, CB/QB Dallas Crawford (pictured at right), are both very interested in Michigan still:

Watkins is still considering a long list of schools, but says he was very impressed during visits to Michigan and Clemson.

Crawford says he'll wait until the end of the season to make a decision, but lists Michigan, LSU, Miami, Wake Forest, North Carolina, and West Virginia as his leaders right now.

Watkins plans to announce a top 5 before his season, and then put recruiting on the back burner for a while. Crawford was willing to go on the record and say the Wolverines stand atop his list. Landing him would help Michigan with Watkins.

MI CB Valdez Showers will announce a decision next week. The Wolverines are in his top four ($, info in header), along with Michigan State, Northwestern, and Florida. Though Showers grew up a Michigan fan, I don't think they're the favorite to land him at this time.

For more on several prospects, including GA S Avery Walls, check out Tom's weekly recruiting update.

The Distant Future. The Year 2016(!)

A physically imposing offensive lineman from Illinois grew up loving Michigan:

Swenson’s dream school is Michigan, but he also has his priorities straight. “The first thing is to get a good education,” Swenson said. “I want to go to a good school and play football. I’d like to study engineering or business.”

The issue? Kid's not even in high school yet. Erik Swenson's recruitment is a long way off, but assuming we all survive Mayan apocalypse, he's one to keep an eye on in the future.


In slightly-less-distant news, 2012 OH S Allen Gant (at right) is the latest prospect profiled by Sam Webb in the Detroit News.

Said Allen, "Before I just didn't have a very good idea of what Rich Rod and his staff were about, but after (the visit) I feel a lot more comfortable with them. I know that they're interested in me. They're on my radar with all the other schools that were recruiting me."

Gant is the son of former Wolverine Tony Gant, but he grew up a fan of the Buckeyes.

Thursday Recruitin' Welcomes Tony Posada

Thursday Recruitin' Welcomes Tony Posada

Submitted by Tim on August 12th, 2010 at 11:24 AM

Remember, all-time updates can be found on the 2011 Michigan Football Recruiting Board. If you have any recruiting tips or questions, you can e-mail them to me at [email protected] or tweet @varsityblue.

Tony Posada Goes Blue


FL OL Tony Posada became the 10th member of Michigan's class last night, and third offensive lineman. Michigan is looking for another one or two (plus potential offensive lineman Anthony Zettel).

Here's ESPN's commitment article for Posada, and a local article. From ESPN:

"Tony's best football is ahead of him," said Plant coach Robert Weiner. "I mean he is on the upswing for sure and has gotten so much better year to year, even the last few months. He's a student of the game and has all the physical traits to be another great lineman at Michigan. We are all real excited for him."

And finally, video of the commitment itself:

Welcome to the Maize and Blue family, Tony.

Happy Trails

IL OL Jordan Walsh committed to Iowa. Michigan had seemed to be the favorite until this, so it's a big blow. Michigan needs at least one guard commit in the class and he was a highly rated one. Best chance there seems like IL OL Christian Bryant.

OH LB Antonio Poole never got a Michigan offer, so it's no surprise that the Wolverines are out of his final 3. He's making a decision soon, but if a Michigan offer comes...

PA S Mike Caputo committed to Wisconsin.


The Orlando Sentinel previews Dr. Phillips high school, home of FL RB Demetrius Hart and all the other D-1 prospects in the Panthers' lineup. As recruiting news goes, Auburn is back in the mix for Hart. His is becoming the kind of recruitment that followers shouldn't invest too much in on a day-to-day basis, and just see how it all shakes out in the end. Hopefully, that end will come in 23 days.

FL TE/WR Kelvin Benjamin plans to take an official visit to Michigan:

His plan as of now is to take all of his official visits to out of state schools. “I fixing to set one up with West Virginia coming up, so West Virginia will be the first one I take. Then, I’ll take one to Michigan, the (USC) Trojans, Oregon and probably Marshall.”

At the very least, that vindicates my insistence on leaving him on the board. If he does make it onto campus, there's always a chance at him.

Tom talked to FL OL James Elliott, who is visiting Ann Arbor tomorrow. Rich Rodriguez will be on his way to Seattle immediately after practice, but Elliott will have a chance to meet the headman when he returns for an official visit. He knows numbers along the offensive line are starting to get tight, and if he wants to pick Michigan, he'd better pick up the pace.

I'd removed him from the board long ago, but apparently NJ OL Keith Lumpkin has Michigan in his top group. He's trimmed his list to ten, including the Wolverines. Michigan's recruiting along the offensive line might get wrapped up pretty soon, so Lumpkin will have to visit soon if he's serious about Michigan.

MI DE/DT Damon Knox picked up three Big Ten offers last week ($, info in header), and his Rivals profile now shows that Illinois, Michigan, and Michigan State are those three. Knox reportedly has issues with his grades, so those offers are probably conditional upon improvement in the classroom. His film is impressive:

Knox was also a top performer at the Michigan Football Showcase (video), and is he can get his academics in order, he could fill out to be one of the defensive tackles in Michigan's class.

(Re-)Added CA LB/DE Woodson Greer, who holds a Michigan offer. Despite that, he seems unlikely to leave the West Coast.

IL DE James Adeyanju has locked in official visits to Wisconsin, Boston College, Nebraska, and Illinois. Michigan is in a group of six schools vying for his fifth and final visit. As of now, he's a backup prospect for Michigan, and will likely take that visit elsewhere.

OH CB Commit Greg Brown intends to enroll early at Michigan ($, info in header). He's the only current commit that has publicly mentioned early enrollment.


FL CB Dallas Crawford isn't naming favorites, but which school does he list first?

“I plan on making my decision before signing day but not before the season ends... I have my top schools, Michigan, Miami, LSU, Wake Forest, North Carolina, West Virginia and Tennessee.”

That's a positive sign, but we'll have to wait until December or January to find out whether he likes Michigan enough to come up North. Crawford's teammate, WR/S Sammy Watkins, missed the team's first practice, and is a much longer shot for the Wolverines. If Rich Rod can land Crawford, however, it can only help.

OH CB Doran Grant is the subject of the latest Sam Webb profile in the Detroit News. He's down to a final 10 including Michigan, and will trim to a final 5 soon, also likely to include Michigan.

"It is a good vibe (at Michigan)," Grant later added. "I'll probably say that they are going to get an official visit. I'll say that now. Michigan is going to get one, hands-down."

Ohio State ad Michigan State are still on top, but the Wolverines remain in the hunt. He will make his decision a couple weeks after his senior season ends.

Tom's weekly update contains new info on FL Slot Prince Holloway, MI DE/OL Anthony Zettel, FL CB Dallas Crawford, and a few 2012 prospects. Check it out for the latest.


Has OH RB Warren Ball committed to Ohio State? He's playing it coy, but even if he hasn't committed, his tone ("that's my dream school") makes it seem like only a matter of time. Maybe his teammate, 2011 Michigan Commit Chris Rock, can convince him otherwise?

Fluff on MO WR Dorial Green-Beckham. He's now on a "no fluff links" policy, so until there's actual recruiting news about him, he won't appear in this space again.

Hello: Tony Posada

Hello: Tony Posada

Submitted by Tim on August 11th, 2010 at 5:44 PM

After a brief server outage, here come the Hello. GBW is reporting that FL OL Tony Posada out of Tampa Plant High School has committed to become the 10th member of Michigan's 2011 recruiting class.




Scout Rivals ESPN
3*, #75 OT NR OL 3*, 78, #34 OT

At 6-5 and already over 320 pounds, Posada is expected to be an offensive tackle at the next level. We'll get started with the ESPN evaluation:

Posada has great size along with enough explosion and playing strength to dominate defenders at his present level of play. Has the height and weight we like to see for the offensive tackle spot at the major level of competition.

He has a number of strengths:

Flashes explosion off the ball with good pad level and fit for his height; brings his hips with a good base and the leg drive necessary to sustain contact.

His agility is also singled out as a positive, though they say that quicker pass rushers, primarily from the linebacker position, could give him trouble. Other points to work on:

Will need to work on all aspects of punch, location and extension however his arm length and quick hands should be an asset.

Uh, that's actually really brief. ESPN, per usual, gives the above raving review, then follows it up with a lofty... #34 offensive tackle ranking. How can a guy whose only weaknesses are "might have trouble picking up a blitzing linebacker" and "has a little technique work to do on his hands" be ranked so low?

Elite Scouting Services puts a decidedly non-elite effort into breaking down his game:

Up front the offensive line for Plant will be led by Tony Posada. He is a big kid who moves well. Posada also played very well in their state title game. He will have the chance to really blow up this fall if his play on the football field continues to improve.

UMGoBlog's Jon Jennings notes that he has a great nasty streak and excels in run blocking. GBMWolverine breaks down his game as well:

Tony also has enough flexibility to move inside and play offensive guard, which is always a plus when recruiting offensive linemen. The more spots a recruit can play, the more opportunities he might have with a program. Coaches like linemen who provide multiple possibilities instead of being tied to one position and having to then recruit other linemen to fill a specific need.

Tony is a bulldozer; think somewhat of a taller Justin Boren. The biggest difference is stength.

Despite "stength" being listed as one of his weaknesses, he has shown impressive strength in winning a regional title in the shot put, then finishing sixth in the state. Still, if there's even the slightest question about his strength, that 320-some pounds is not all good weight.


Posada was offered early, at least back in February. Kansas, USF, and Wake had also offered at that time. According to his Rivals profile, his other BCS-level offers included the likes of Duke, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisvulle, Missouri, Rutgers, South Florida, Tennessee, and Texas Tech.

The conventional wisdom on Posada was always that a Florida offer would be nearly impossible for him to turn down. When it became clear that an offer from the Gators was never going to come (despite performing impressively at their camp), Michigan became the heavy favorite. However, South Florida came on strong in the end, causing Michigan to stave them off down to the finish line.


Posada is an offensive lineman, and therefore doesn't have stats. He was, however, part of a dominant Tampa Plant running game last year (more on Plant in a moment). TJ Glover and James Wilder both ran for nearly 1,000 yards, and the team on the whole rushed for 2,945 yards on their way to a state title.


Rivals credits him with a 5.39-second 40-yard dash time. That doesn't sound FAKE at all, but given the fact that he's well over 300 pounds, it still qualifies for one FAKE out of five.


There are no Posada-specific highlight reels available, but a bunch of Tampa Plant material is out there (Posada is #75):

Here's another game, and you can peruse Youtube for more.


There's a huge disparity between descriptions of Posada and his actual rankings. He's certainly not under-the-radar, playing at one of the most visible programs in the nation. So what does it all mean? I would guess based on photographic evidence and measureables that he has to get in much better shape to be ready to play in college, in addition to the technique work mentioned above.

Tony's an offensive lineman, so he would probably be a lock to redshirt even if he didn't have conditioning and technique question marks. During his first year in Ann Arbor, he'll work to rectify those issues.

After a redshirt, Tony would hopefully be in decent shape to play (he certainly has good size). There will be more playing time available at tackle than guard, and he's a combo prospect who projects at either position. As a redshirt freshman and sophomore, he could get some playing time before sliding into a starting position as a junior and senior.


Posada is offensive lineman #3 of four or five in the class. That means there's only room for a couple more. Chris Bryant, Jordan Walsh, and Nick Martin seem like some of the most realistic prospects to fill any remaining OL spots.

Offensive recruiting is almost completed (a tight end, and outside receiver, and Dee Hart are probably the only three positions left on that side of the ball). Defensive tackles, another linebacker or two, and defensive backs are the emphasis from here on out.


Plant is a powerhouse program, routinely pumping out tons of talent. In this year's class alone, 5-star RB James Wilder and 4-star QB Phillip Ely will graduate from Plant. Getting a foot in the door for future years can't hurt Michigan's recruiting efforts. The Panthers will play on ESPN on August 27, against Manatee in a preseason state title rematch.

Thursday Recruitin' Welcomes Kellen Jones

Thursday Recruitin' Welcomes Kellen Jones

Submitted by Tim on August 5th, 2010 at 1:02 PM

Remember that you can check out the 2011 Michigan Football Recruiting Board for the updates over time.

Kellen Jones Goes Blue

TX LB Kellen Jones has been moved to committed. For some details on his game, check out Hello: Kellen Jones. Tom interviewed Kellen shortly after his commitment:

"We were in Coach Rodriguez' office, and my family was in there with me. I told Coach that I was committing, and my whole family broke into the Michigan fight song. My Dad, Uncle, me, everybody was singing the fight song. Coach Rodriguez laughed and said he had never seen that before. He was shocked."

He also told Tom about getting to see the Big House. For video evidence, you can see a Youtube video that a family member (I presume) uploaded. I'll warn you in advance that it's not particularly interesting:

Other outlets have covered Jones's commitment as well. Check out breakdowns from GBMWolverine:

He is an outstanding blitzer, shows excellent timing getting to the ball, and has a nice closing burst. Kellen will need to improve his scraping and coverage skills.

The Wolverine Blog:

[T]he thing that jumps out at me about Jones is his playmaking ability and athleticism. He uses his speed and quickness to get into the backfield, and has a great nose for the football once he’s in position to make a play

Jones takes a bit of pressure off linebacker recruiting, though there are still a couple spots open in the class.

Happy Trails

Happy Trails from the future for FL S LaQuentin Smith? He's close to a decision, and Michigan gets no mention other than as one of his offers. I'll leave him on the board until we have a better idea how the Dr. Phillips recruits shake out. His teammate, fellow safety Roderick Ryles, has committed to Arkansas, but will visit other schools ($, info in header).

More Updates

Rivals' Michael Langston caught up with FL RB Demetrius Hart at Gridiron Kings, and Dee talked about Michigan and Alabama, his decision timeframe, and what other Florida players he finds impressive:

That decision could come as early as the UConn game, and it's encouraging to hear how much he gushes about his friendship with current Wolverine Ricardo Miller. Brice's Recruiting has the highlights from Hart's performance at Gridiron Kings.

OH WR AJ Jordan has pushed back his timeframe for making a final decision ($, info in header). He's planning to announce a favorites list soon, and Michigan is likely to be on it.

Added FL WR Quinta Funderburk. He's a possibility for Michigan's second receiver spot in the class, and according to MGoRecruit, Michigan is in his final five, along with Arkansas, West Virginia, Penn State, and Florida.

FL Slot WR Prince Holloway wants to take an official to Michigan ($, info in header). He's the only true slot receiver Michigan has given an offer, to the best of my recollection.

NJ TE Jack Tabb was offered by Michigan last week, and promptly made a visit to Ann Arbor. Following the visit, Michigan moved into his top group ($, info in header). Tabb was under the radar until recently, as he didn't put up big stats his junior year.

FL OL Tony Posada will be announcing his decision August 11th at 4:30. Michigan USF, Missouri, and Texas Tech are his finalists.

Michigan: "I have been talking with Michigan about their offense. It's the kind of offense I would like to play in and I am used to playing in. I know things haven't been the best up there but they have been recruiting well and I think this team is ready. They are close and this will be their breakout year."

Prevailing wisdom had been that he'd pick the Wolverines, but South Florida has made a strong push lately. Keep an eye out next Wednesday to see if Hello: Tony Posada comes to fruition.

Added NJ OL Josue Matias. I'd seen a few semi-credible reports of a Michigan offer, and now it seems legit. He's still wide open, and plans to make a commitment in December.

Kentucky-oriented fluff on IN OL Nick Martin, who recently visited campus ($, info in header). The offensive tackle plans to narrow his list within a couple weeks, and make a decision shortly thereafter.

Rivals says OH LB/DE Austin Traylor is a similar player to recently-departed Ed Davis, and briefly breaks down his game:

Traylor can play a hybrid defensive end/linebacker role in a 3-4 defense... With Traylor’s unique skills, Ohio’s defensive coordinator can switch formations without having to change personnel much

Traylor told Tom that's he'll narrow his list soon, and Tom thinks Michigan will make that list.

VA LBs Travis Hughes and Curtis Grant are both "considering" Michigan, but neither is likely to become a Wolverine any time soon. Grant did talk to Sam Webb about Michigan ($, info in header), so maybe he more interest than it seems.

Local fluff on FL S Wayne Lyons. Michigan is in his final 14, and he'll announce at the Army All-American game.

Lyons, who raised his GPA entering his senior year to a 5.0 by getting straight A's in every one of his classes except Biology (one of his classes at BCC), doesn't need anyone to put a positive spin on anything he does.

Sounds like he'll be a great asset on and off the field to whichever program he ultimately chooses.

averywalls.jpgGA S Avery Walls has transferred high schools to seek out a christian-oriented education. Michigan still has a great shot at landing him, but he's no longer playing for Wolverines in high school (as he had been at Union Grove, pictured to the right).

MI CB Valdez Showers has announced a top 6 of Florida, Michigan State, Michigan, Northwestern, Auburn, and Iowa, in no particular order. He plans to make a decision at the end of August.

Local fluff on PA LB Branden Jackson and PA DT Delvon Simmons. Simmons doesn't mention the Wolverines among the schools he intend to visit, and the Wolverines have a much better chance with Jackson.


MI DT Danny O'Brien grew up an Ohio State fan, mostly to rib his older brother:

"I've always loved Ohio State," O'Brien said. "I was a Michigan fan when I was really young. Me and Pat had a little rivalry. He'd go for Michigan and I went to Ohio State. We'd always talk trash to each other during games. Pat and I could never like the same teams."

That doesn't seem like the most deep-seated fandom in the world, and Michigan is reportedly among his early favorites. He's already holding a Tennessee offer, so he's likely to be a big-time prospect down the road.

Thursday Recruitin'

Thursday Recruitin'

Submitted by Tim on July 29th, 2010 at 11:19 AM

Don't forget, The 2011 Michigan Football Recruiting Board is your headquarters for recruiting updates.

Your Weekly Breathless Dee Hart Update


The Gridiron Kings event in Florida last weekend brought out a ton of big-name talent, including top Michigan target FL RB Demetrius Hart (with an enormous HT to MGoShoe, who was all over this topic). ESPN's Jamie Newberg:

Hart, a small and compact running back who is ultraquick and explosive, was impressive in each game for the Southeast. He made a ton of big plays and some great catches.

"It was a couple of great days," Hart said. "I think the key was that we, as a team, bonded early. I was just happy I got to contribute the way I did."

The Orlando Sentinel says:

Hart, who earlier in pool play had nine receptions in one game for 99 yards and six receptions for 91 yards in another, had a 15-yard touchdown reception in the championship game.

Hart merely fell in SoFlaFootball's "Other Players to Catch My Eye" category:

Running back Dee Hart (Dr. Phillips) excels catching the ball out of the backfield and has some shake to him with the ball in his hands. I can see him being very versatile running back lining up both in the backfield and in the slot at the next level.

For more on Hart's performances, check out MGoShoe's stream-of-Twitter-consciousness on mgoboard. In recruiting updates, Hart has now dropped Auburn from consideration, and is willing to go on the record that Michigan leads for his services. A neutral party putting that in writing is a big deal:

"I would say Michigan is 75 percent," Hart said. Leaving the possibility that he might commit to Alabama at 25 percent. "I like the area at Michigan," Hart said. "You know I'm from Florida, so I've never really had all four seasons and I like that. I like the fans. They have a great fan base up there. They also have great programs up there, like their business program and that's what I want to go into is business management."

A decision on his visit for the UConn or Iowa/Michigan State is possible. Dee was recently interviewed by local news. The most important quote:

"Football means the most. Girls gonna come and go, but football, that's something forever. Football; hands down."

So I guess that's what Rich Rodriguez means when he says he wants guys who "love football." Dee also gives a shoutout to FL QB commit Kevin Sousa in the interview.

Other Camp and Combine News

A bunch of other targets, some of them surprising, were also in attendance. FL S Karlos Williams may visit Michigan, potentially with Hart (and Clinton-Dix?!), which would be a major coup for the Wolverines. FL S HaSean Clinton-Dix still maintains that he is solid to Bama:

"Still 100 percent. I'm committed to that," he said. "I respect the fact they still recruit me and I give them my full attention when they call. You never know what can happen and I might need something back on."

Though Clinton-Dix says he's solid, you never know what can happen if you get these kids on campus. MI WR DeAnthony Arnett, who has dropped Michigan, also impressed at Gridirion Kings.

In other camp/combine/competition news, Florida's annual Friday Night Lights summer camp happened over the weekend as well. FL QB Commit Kevin Sousa showed up to compete, and the Gainesville Sun's Edward Aschoff says he looked good:

Yeah he looked real sharp liked him a lot RT @varsityblue @EdAschoffGSUN Did you see#Michigan commit Kevin Sousa at FNL? How did he look?

Victors_Valiant and's Chad Simmons also liked Sousa's performance. VV noted that his footwork was good, and Simmons said he threw some good passes.

Visits and Decisions

MI RB Justice Hayes announces tomorrow at 11am, as I told you in last week's Recruitin' post. Michigan and Notre Dame are the top contenders, but I think he'll pick the Irish.

IL OL Chris Bryant had a positive visit to Ann Arbor over the weekend, as he told Tom. Tom predicts that a commitment may be coming soon, so keep an eye out for Hello: Christ Bryant. IN OL Nick Martin was on campus at the same time, though no commitment is expected.

FL OL Tony Posada should be announcing a college choice soon, along with his teammate, FL QB Phillip Ely, and possibly FL RB James Wilder.  Posada blew off FNL camp last weekend, and the Gators picked up a couple linemen, so the Florida offer that he covets won't come. Michigan should to be Tony's choice:

The word is you really like Michigan.

They're one of my top four but I haven't made my final decision on them yet. Right now, until about two weeks from now, it's going to be an open game, an open game for anyone.

He claims to be open-ish, but his preference for Michigan shines through.

In upcoming visit news, TX LB Kellen Jones should be hitting campus this weekend. He's a top Michigan linebacker target, and a lifelong fan. If the visit goes well, there's a chance he'll commit to the maize-and-blue. Either way, he'll make a commitment before September.


conway.jpg The Oakland Press's Kosmo says that MI WR Commit Shawn Conway's Seaholm team should be vastly improved this year - if he's eligible to play. Hopefully he'll get to play some high school ball for the Maples this fall. Brian talked a bit about Conway (and his disciplinary issue this spring) yesterday.

FL WR/S Sammy Watkins has been spending lots of time at Clemson lately, but he's still feelin' the Wolverines:

[Watkins's coach Grant Redhead] expects Watkins to take his official visits from the group of Clemson, Miami, Florida, LSU, Alabama and Michigan. "I know he loved Michigan when he went up there. I’m thinking mid season he’ll commit. He’ll probably take at least three officials to his favorites. If not mid-season, then after the season."

An official visit before his decision would be a very good thing, especially if the Wolverines can get his teammate, FL CB Dallas Crawford, in town at the same time.

Michigan is in the top two for FL WR Prince Holloway ($, info in header).

Local fluff on PA OL Paul Gaughan, who Michigan has looked at.

Michigan has offered NJ OL Josue Matias.

GA S Avery Walls enjoyed his Michigan visit a while back, and now, thanks to California Golden Blogs, we know how much:

"Yes sir, because I'm talking to a couple players that are being recruited by Michigan, like Avery Walls. I've had a chance to befriend him. We've been talking about them and he's been talking about how Michigan is a place I need to check out, and maybe set up an official with him so we can get up there at the same time. We're good friends now and we talk on the phone. He's trying to recruit me there I guess (laughing)."

That's elite GA DE Ray Drew. It sounds like Avery Walls is likely to end up in this class as long as the year goes according to plan, and he'll do everything in his power to get some other top prospects to commit. Drew said he'll be receptive to Walls's overtures should he commit to Michigan (H/T touchdown chad henne).

I've added FL LB Ramik Wilson to the board, as GBW finds him relevant enough to post his Youtube highlight:

He's a run-stuffer, but he doesn't look his listed 6-3, 220 on the tape.

I forgot to mention this last week, but according to ESPN, CA CB/RB DeAnthony Thomas, a USC commit, plans to visit Michigan and Ohio State. Tom confirmed that he'll take on official if Rich Rodriguez offers, and once you get a kid on campus etc etc.

VA CB Demetrious Nicholson holds a Michigan offer.

Mini-Happy Trails

Though he said last week that he hasn't eliminated any schools, SC DE Gerald Dixon wants to stay in the Southeast.

FL WR Tacoi Sumler narrowed to a top 5 that does not include Michigan and then picked Oregon.


Dorial Green-Beckham isn't the only wide receiver Michigan's looking at in Missouri. MO WR Jehu Chesson is also "high on Michigan" ($, info in header).

Local fluff on MI OL Kelby Latta, who already holds offers from Michigan State and Wisconsin.

MI CB Terry Richardson has received offers from Alabama and LSU ($, info in header). The hometown Wolverines have yet to offer the Cass Tech prospect, because he didn't make it to Michigan's summer camp. Once the coaches get the chance to evaluate some junior film, don't be surprised if he get an offer.

Thursday Recruitin' Welcomes Jake Fisher

Thursday Recruitin' Welcomes Jake Fisher

Submitted by Tim on July 22nd, 2010 at 9:55 AM

Remember, for past updates, you can check out the 2011 Michigan Football Recruiting Board any time. It will be updated with information form this post later today.

Jake Fisher Goes Blue


As covered in the Hello: Jake Fisher post, the offensive lineman from Traverse City is the newest addition to the Michigan family. Local paper article:

On Fisher's first visit to Ann Arbor, he met a number of former U-M standouts and current NFL players. Then on his second trip, he and Wooer also got a campus tour with Rodriguez on a golf cart during the visit.

"It was after I left I thought 'that's it,'" said Fisher of when he realized he'd be going to Michigan. "I just didn't want to blow off everything else in case something happened."

One of our outstanding mgoboard members, 913Vaughn, dug up junior year stats for Jake Fisher at tight end. He had 10 receptions for 185 yards and a TD on an offense that only had 38 completed passes the whole season. A free Rivals story shows his potential as a college tight end... and beyond:

Michigan State initially recruited Fisher as a tight end, where he'll see plenty of time this fall (while switching to offensive tackle during spread situations and seeing extensive time on defense, as well). With Fisher's decision looming, MSU coaches broke down film for the standout and told him they'd bring him in as a tackle, too, unless he kept his weight down enough to play tight end. "That wasn't likely to happen," Fisher noted...

Fisher's admittedly made huge strides in the weight room, spending three days a week on heavy lifting and conditioning with a full body workout. He's packed on 24 pounds since the end of basketball season and is carrying the weight well, maintaining his quickness. His athleticism was on display at the Michigan summer camp when he went up (and held his own) against some of the top defensive ends in the Midwest, including U-M commitment Brennen Beyer.

The story also says that he received a Notre Dame offer, but after he was sold on Michigan. Magnus breaks down his game on Touch The Banner, and the crew at GBMW does the same.

Happy Trails

OH OL Ryan Kelly committed to Alabama. The writing was on the wall for this one as soon as Michigan picked up Jack Miller as a center.

PA CB Dondi Kirby has narrowed his list to a top 7 that does not include Michigan.

Visits! With Decisions!


MI RB Justice Hayes (at right) visited Ann Arbor last weekend, and will now push his decision forward ($, info in header). He'll officially announce his decision on July 30th (next Friday) at 11am. Michigan and Notre Dame appear to be a strong top two for him, but - unless Fred Jackson worked magic on last week's visit - I'd be surprised if his choice was something other than Notre Dame. UMGoBlog says this is bad news, but you only have 25 scholarships each year (significantly fewer this year). You can't take every kid, and you can't beat yourself up when one of them picks another school.

FL RB Demetrius Hart has been on campus plenty of times before, and his most recent trek was another positive experience:

Demetrius: It went real well. I've been up there plenty of times now, and every time I go up there I just like it that much more. The changes they're making, and the things they're going are really good. I really liked it.

Demetrius also managed to take a potshot at the press for their artistic license on reality, and said he'll be back in town for the UConn game. A commitment could come that weekend, but don't be surprised if takes takes a couple other visits first.

Nobody is expected to visit this weekend unless IL OL Chris Bryant makes it in. The next big visit planned is the 29th, when TX LB Kellen Jones hits campus.

FL OL Tony Posada plans to decide soon, possibly at a ceremony with fellow Plant Panthers QB Phillip Ely and RB/DE James Wilder. If Florida doesn't offer, there's a good chance he ends up in the winged helmet.

MI LB Ed Davis has reached a soft decision ($, info in header), and he's set to announce it at the end of August. Michigan was his first offer, and led for him earlier in the process, but that may no longer be the case. Iowa, Michigan State, and Cincinnati are the other finalists.


FL QB Commit Kevin Sousa is named Central Florida's 2nd-best signal-caller, behind UF commit Jeff Driskel. With a productive season, Sousa could be a 4-star prospect by Signing Day.

Is Michigan soon to offer OH TE Frank Clark? ($, info in header). They seem to be set on taking a tight end in this class, and Clark reportedly impressed at Michigan's summer camp. He's a product of Cleveland Glenville, and Rodriguez has been trying to get back into that school ever since he's been in Ann Arbor.

MI OL/DE Anthony Zettel is down to 247 pounds. That's making the defensive end talk sound much more realistic, though he doesn't care which side of the ball colleges want him to play. Since he hasn't said otherwise, I assume Michigan still leads for him.

Tom's weekly recruiting post has updates on FL S/CB Jonathan Aiken, MD DT Darian Cooper, and more. Check it out for the latest.

Phil Kornblut's latest recruiting column contains a couple tidbits of interest to Michigan: The Wolverines are showing in interest in NJ Ath Sheldon Royster (and have extended an offer?) and TN DT Terry Redden. They're also still on the list of SC DE Gerald Dixon. I've added the first pair to the board, and have updated Dixon's section.

PA RB Collin Hegarty is also hearing from Michigan, but he doesn't have any offers yet, and it sounds like he's a longshot for one from the Wolverines.


On Dee Hart's visit (more detail above), 2012 FL QB Nick Patti, a teammate at Orlando Dr. Phillips, tagged along. Tom caught up with Patti, who liked what he saw:

NICK: You meet the coaches, and you meet Rich Rodriguez, and when ever you meet a head coach you're meeting an important person. But, he's so down to earth. You can talk to him about anything. With Coach Smith it was all about business, but you still feel really comfortable. It's really easy to be around all of them.

Patti compared his game to Tate Forcier's, and you can see for yourself as his sophomore highlights are embedded in Tom's post.


Update from last week's post, which brought up MO WR Dorial Green-Beckham (OMG shirtless at right). Tom pointed out a fluff article from MaxPreps that discusses Dorial on the field, on the basketball court, and in life

Green-Beckham grew up the son of a single mother with a history of substance abuse problems. He bounced around a lot as a child, through his early high school career. This winter, his high school coach adopted Dorial and his brothers, and hopefully it's the stability he needs to excel on the field and in the classroom.

As one of the top prospects in the 2012 class, Michigan will have a ton of competition if they hope to land this guy. He's the type of kid that you'll root for at the next level, wherever he ends up.

MI WR David Perkins, who was going to be one of the state's top prospects next year, has moved to Indiana.

Michigan is "very interested" in 2012 PA OL/DE Tyler Alt. He's a high school defensive end who will likely play offense in college.

Believe it or not, I've had my eye on a number of 2012 prospects already, and I'm going to start putting 2012 notes in the Thursday Recruitin' posts more regularly. A 2012 Michigan Football Recruiting Board will likely not be unveiled until Michigan gets their first commit in the class.