Hello: Tom Strobel

Hello: Tom Strobel

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Does that mean you loan Terrelle Pryor cars?

Tom reports that OH DE Tom Strobel has committed to Michigan. Strobel is a four-star to Scout and Rivals and on the edge of four at ESPN; he had an Ohio State offer in March; Tim will be filling you in shortly, this is just a placeholder.

Wednesday Recruitin' Welcomes Allen Gant

Wednesday Recruitin' Welcomes Allen Gant

Submitted by Tim on June 1st, 2011 at 2:36 PM

I wrote a long intro for this post about how Michigan finally had a week without any commits, and Allen Gant just had to go spoil it. No complaints here, of course.

Allen Gant Goes Blue

OH S Allen Gant became the 13th member of Michigan's 2012 class with his public announcement on WTKA yesterday morning. The son of former Wolverine Tony Gant was the top 2012 player in Ohio as a freshman, but his profile has fallen off in the past couple years, thanks in part to injuries.

The Wolverine Blog on Gant:

I’m not sure he’s going to be able to cover as much space as would be necessary to be a highly functional collegiate player, even if he can thump his man when he gets there. Perhaps he’s not done developing physically, but right now I’m a little skeptical of this offer.

Yikes. Maybe Touch the Banner can provide a little bit more optimism?:

The bottom line for his high school team is that he made the play, which is kind of the point of playing football. But when the receivers are faster and the quarterbacks are better, Gant won't be able to get away with plays like that

Eh, not really. For what it's worth, I've seen conflicting reports of injury over the past two years (with the sophomore hamstring issue confirmed), and a couple message boarders have stumped for his athleticism. For more on Allen, check out the Hello: Allen Gant post.

Who's Next?

There's one blindingly obvious option here, and that's because he has a commitment date already scheduled: NY CB/S Wayne Morgan will pick between Rutgers and Michigan tomorrow. He had originally planned to make his choice today.

There have also been some rumblings about CA OL Erik Magnuson. He recently named Michigan his favorite ($, info in header), and is visiting next weekend. If everything goes well, the trip to Ann Arbor could be just the first of many.

IL CB Anthony Standifer is visiting today, and although Michigan is at or near the top of his list, I don't think we should be expecting a commitment.

Buckeye Fallout

Rivals Michigan and Ohio State often pursue many of the same prospects, so it's no surprise that the ongoing Armageddon situation down in Columbus has some effect on Michigan's recruiting. The Sporting News caught up with IL OL Jordan Diamond:

"From a personal standpoint, Coach Tress was a great guy, we had a good conversation every time we talked. It’s hard to say if I will change my thoughts about OSU because the opportunity is still there to play early in my position, but seeing a good guy like Tress leave is hard for any recruit to handle.”

It sounds like this will damage OSU - but not too much - in his recruitment. SN also talked to OH DE Tom Strobel:

“What? No way. Well, regardless, Ohio State is still a great school. And I still believe Coach Tressel was a great coach and a great person. It was unfortunate that all this happened. My respect for him hasn’t changed. I still have a lot.”

Tom caught up with Strobel following his visit to Ann Arbor last week (of course, this was before the news came out):

"To be honest I didn't expect much going there, but then when I got there it was just an eye opener... I'm starting to narrow schools down now. Michigan's in the top with schools like Ohio State, Stanford, and Notre Dame. Academics are big for me."

It remains to be seen what will happen with Ohio State's spot on that list (they were considered the heavy leader previously). More from Strobel in the local paper.

Tom Lemming talks about the Tressel resignation's effect on recruiting.

OH RB Bri'onte Dunn is still committed to Ohio State "for now" ($, info in header). His dad told Tom that they've yet to discuss re-opening his recruitment, but several weeks back, there was mention of Dunn going back on the market if something catastrophic (I think this qualifies) were to happen to Ohio State - a bowl ban is 99% certain to come down, and that's a "big deal" to Bri'onte. Considering how different the news is than what's coming directly from the source, it seems like Dunn's high school coach is pushing him to remain a Buckeye.

OH WR Dwayne Stanford says this hurts Ohio State with him, and OH OL Kyle Dodson is "shocked," though he doesn't mention any impact on his recruitment (he'll narrow his list soon). More impact

Big Section for Big Dudes


So, MO DT Ondre Pipkins, you've just won the Defensive Line MVP at the Columbus Nike Camp, what are you going to do next?

"I'm going to Disneyland pick up a ton of offers!" Ohio State and Oklahoma are among the recent entries to the Ondre Pipkins sweepstakes, though until further notice, I'd assume the Wolverines and Spartans have as good a shot as anybody.

Allen Trieu gives his take on Pipkins from the camp in a free Scout article:

We knew he was good, but I don't think anyone expected the big man to be as dominant as he was. At 6'4, 322-lbs, he showed power, quickness, and all the makings of a big time defensive tackle. As I said before, he can play for anyone in the country and his offer list is starting to match that. We had limited film on him before, so he was ranked conservatively, but I think a big jump is possible for him.

5-star is probably out of the question for now, but it's sounding like he'll come damn close next time Scout updates their rankings. ESPN named him t their all-camp team, along with Michigan commits Shane Morris ('13), James Ross, and Terry Richardson, along with a few Wolverine targets.

Going from big (6-2, 320) to bigger (6-9, 300), WA OL Zach Banner was the subject of this week's Sam Webb column in the Detroit News. The kid insists he wants to be a 2-sport athlete, but more useful for our purpose is the recruiting info he drops on Sam:

"I guarantee that I will be taking an official visit to Michigan," he said emphatically. "I have already scheduled an official visit to Notre Dame and that is going to be Oct. 22, and that is going to be their first night game in 25 years (against USC). I am also going to take an official to Michigan. I want to come to a rivalry game where it is primetime football."

He plans to narrow his list of 30+ schools to a more manageable Top 10 over the summer, and it definitely sounds like both Michigan and Notre Dame are locks to be included.

Banner isn't the only Evergreen State blocker getting Michigan interest, as WA OL Joshua Garnett is also hearing from the maize-and-blue:

JOSHUA: Michigan has a great football tradition and is also one of the top academic schools in the nation.

TOM: Are you interested enough that you think you'll take a visit to Michigan?

JOSHUA: Yes definitely. It will most likely be an official visit... I have always wanted to play in that Michigan - Ohio State game. I think that is a big reason why I like Michigan. That game is probably the biggest in college football, and the rivalry is unexplainable.

Despite considerably less hype, Garnett is actually more highly rated than Banner.

AZ OL Andrus Peat has cut his list to 13 schools, and Michigan makes the grade. Nebraska, USC, Notre Dame, Florida State, Arkansas, Texas, Auburn, Florida, Oregon, Stanford, Miami (YTM), and Alabama are the other lucky suitors.

Tom's Weekly Update is heavy on offensive linemen.

Michigan might be close to offering OH DT Alex Pace. He's a product of Glenville High School.

Michigan was in-school with Stanford commit CA DT Aziz Shittu last week. Despite his Cardinal pledge, he may take an official visit to Ann Arbor.

Happy Trails

Happy Trails, CA QB Jake Rodrigues. He committed to Oregon.

CO OL Shane Callahan committed to Auburn.

Happy trails, FL OL John Theus, who trimmed his list to 6 (non-Michigan) schools.

Happy Trails, CA OL Max Tuerk has committed to USC.

CA LB Scott Starr also committed to USC. The Trojans have already filled 9 of their NCAA-mandated 15 slots in this class. I bet you infinity dollars that Lane Kiffin goes well over 15 and the NCAA does nothing about it.

Caution: Bleacher Report article do not click! Michigan is not in the final 5 for GA CB Geno Smith.


MI LB Commit Royce Jenkins-Stone has been selected to the 2012 Army All-American Game (H/T: Blue_in_Cleveland).

I'm pretty wary of the source, but OH S Jarrod Wilson is reportedly high on Michigan State, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Illinois. Gant's commitment could be a factor there, as well.

TN OL Blake Bars picked up a Michigan offer ($).

Tennessee still leads for MI DT Danny O'Brien - though a second article states he has no favorites, but will visit Knoxville this summer ($, info in headers).


Keep an eye on MI OL Steven Elmer, one of the state's top prospects next year. He already holds a MIssissippi State offer ($, info in header).

PA TE Adam Breneman has picked up a Michigan offer ($).

MD TE/DE Henry Poggi is showing a Michigan offer. His older brother attends Iowa, where he was one of the players hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis.

Michigan is "turning up the heat" on IL RB Ty Isaac ($, info in header).

Duane Long releases an early 2013 top 25 for the state of Ohio.

Wednesday Recruitin' Surveys the Competition

Wednesday Recruitin' Surveys the Competition

Submitted by Tim on March 9th, 2011 at 12:36 PM

The mgouniverse is growing restless with a lack of commits in Michigan's class of 2012, so before digging deeper, let's see how some comparable schools stack up.

National Powers Big Ten
School Commits School Commits
Alabama 9 Ohio State 5
Auburn 1 Minnesota 4
Boise State 1 Indiana 1
Clemson 1 Nebraska 1
Florida 5 Northwestern 1
Florida State 6 Iowa 1*
Georgia 2 Illinois 0
LSU 5 Michigan State 0
Miami (YTM) 6 Penn State 0
North Carolina 1 Purdue 0
Notre Dame 1 Wisconsin 0
Oklahoma 3

* Iowa's commit is Mike Orloff,
who committed to the Hawkeyes'
class of 2011 but did not qualify
academically. He is not a new
commit for the class of 2012.

Oregon 0
South Carolina 1
Stanford 1
Tennessee 1
Texas 13
Utah 0
Virginia Tech 4
West Virginia 1

Within the B1G, Michigan isn't behind the curve at all. Only a few schools have commits, and among them only Ohio State and Nebraska have the same recruiting profile as the Wolverines. Nationally, they're a bit behind, but that seems to happen every year.

They haven't even had a single junior day yet - and started way behind the curve, as an all-new staff - so it's a little early to be worrying too much about a small class. At this time last year, there were only 2 commits (Greg Brown and Delonte Hollowell) that ultimately signed with Michigan, the second of whom committed after a junior day.

On With the Show

Michigan is looking at KY RB Ronjae Morris "pretty hard." Tennessee and UCLA are his top two, and he doesn't yet have a Michigan offer.

Beware with a Bleacher Report link, but CA WR Malik Gilmore appears to have Notre Dame and Michigan atop his list.

Michigan is recruiting ($, info in header) OH OL Caleb Stacey.

NC TE/OL Mark Harrell called his Notre Dame offer "a dream come true" ($, info in header). Early in the process, it seems like every kid is really high on the Irish.

Tom talked to NC OL Brock Stadnik about his recruiting process:

"I was really excited about the Michigan offer because Michigan is pretty huge, and I really liked Jake Long growing up," he said. "As far as visits go, it's tough to get up there right now with school and everything, so I'm not sure when I'll make it up... Michigan is a big offer too because it came from that far away this early. It's exciting to hear my name reaching places like that, and being talked about by those coaches."

Brock has a twin brother, Clayton Stadnik, who is not as highly-coveted a prospect. The two will consider going to school together, but they plan to make individual decisions. Brock will form a top 5 during the summer.

A tidbit on FL OL Avery Young: his brother plays for the Lions, which means he has some family close to Ann Arbor. Still doesn't mention Michigan in the article, of course.

PA OL JJ Denman has a top 5 that includes USC, Notre Dame, Michigan, Penn State, and Boston College.

Stanford leads for CA DT Aziz Shittu ($, info in header).

tomstrobel.jpegOH DE Tom Strobel was the focus of last week's recruiting column for the Detroit News by Sam Webb. Scout's Ohio analyst Bill Greene breaks down his game:

"He is a true 6-6, with long arms, and probably weighs 240 pounds. He could probably carry another 30-35 pounds easily on that frame. I think he has the chance to maybe be great someday. I think he's a guy who is kind of growing into his body right now."

...and Strobel talks about himself:

"I've got a really good work ethic," Strobel stated. "I'm always hustling to the ball no matter what. Even if it seems the play is already made, I'm always going to be there right behind the tackle or I'll be making the tackle. I'm always hustling to the ball. I think that's the biggest thing you'll notice -- hustle."

As for recruiting news, Strobel insists that his recent Ohio State offer does not mean an immediate end to his recruitment, though it is a big deal. Michigan and Michigan State will be contenders for his services, and he's academically-focused, which will help the Wolverines. Click through for the whole scoop.

Tom talked to OH DE Ifeadi Odenigbo about where he stands in the recruiting process. Stanford, Ohio State, Northwestern, and Notre Dame make up his current top 4, but he's going to take some visits in june - including to Ann Arbor and East Lansing - before coming up with a firm list of favorites.

Michigan is among the schools showing the most interest in CA LB Scott Starr. He currently holds offers from Colorado and the Arizona schools.

You may recall that OH LB Kaleb Ringer was on Michigan's campus last week. He left town with an offer, and is now having 2-part Michigan dreams ($, info in header). Unless those dreams involve Brady Hoke dressed as the Stay-Puft marshmallow man, that seems like a good thing. Sam rhetorically asks "is Michigan now the team to beat?" in the header, and I think it's safe to answer "yes." This seems like a situation to keep an eye on.

The presence of defensive coordinator Greg Mattison is a big boost to Michigan's chances with FL S Deon Bush ($, info in header).

MI CB LEVITICUS PAYNE is "working to improve." He is starting to get interest from BCS-conference schools, but doesn't mention Michigan.

The Package?

Tom talked to Good Counsel (MD) assistant coach Kevin McFadden about a number of prospects from 2011 Commit Blake Countess's team, including:

The Michigan coaches have targeted and offered DB Stefon Diggs, RB Wes Brown, DE Ryan Watson, and OL Mike Madaras so far from Good Counsel.

...but net yet a couple more:

"We have a couple other kids Michigan should offer, we have DL Rod Chungong (6'3", 240 lbs), 2013 DB Kendall Fuller (6'0", 175 lbs), and 2013 DB Kirk Garner (5'10", 165 lbs) that will get some looks from Michigan," he said.

I'm not ready to worry about 2013 guys quiiiite yet. McFadden says Countess has been talking up the maize-and-blue to his friends, and that they're serious players:

"These kids are NFL kids, they're good. They're right up there with some of the best kids we've had. They've seen the kids before them, and the appropriate measures they've had to put in place with academics, perseverance, and they've seen the outcome with those other guys."

It's no novelty to see a high school coach say "omg best players I've ever had," so take it with a grain of salt - though Diggs is considered a likely 5-star. GC's head coach talked with Gazette.net about Diggs in particular:

"He's just such a natural talent, not only the speed but the way he understands things; he's just very, very, very smart, football-wise," Milloy said. "Some kids, you have to rep them up, but he just understands what we're trying to do quickly.

Michigan has a shot with all of the Good Counsel kids, and they'll start taking visits this spring. Rivals talks with Diggs and Brown about life and recruiting.

In other possible packages, MA LB Camren Williams and CB Armani Reeves have a teammate in QB AJ Doyle who could become a target down the line. Reeves plans to visit Ann Arbor in the next few weeks, and Tom mhad an interview with Williams, wherein he discusses his favorites, visits, and decision timeline.

MI LB Royce Jenkins-Stone has picked up an offer from Miami YTM ($, info in header). A rivals header ($ article) certainly makes it sound like Michigan is slipping as he gets more national interest. He was originally the highest on Michigan of the trio that also includes LB James Ross and CB Terry Richardson, so we'll have to see what transpires.

Upcoming Visits

Though no official junior day has been set, a number of prospects have made or will make their way through ann Arbor early in March. As for recent visits, TX LB Jeremiah Tshimanga didn't make it to A2 this past weekend, but MI DT/DE Matt Godin did. Going forward, a tentative visit list for this weekend:

  • IL OL Dan Voltz (possibly not until the following week). His decision isn't far off.
  • WI LB Vince Biegel.
  • MI LB Royce Jenkins-Stone. This visit isn't definite. As mentioned above, Michigan may have some work to do with RJS.
  • OH S Allen Gant will make it to town before the weekend. He's looking for his Michigan offer. Video on Gant:

It looks like every weekend in March will have at least a few visitors, including March 19th:

  • OH TE AJ Williams, for whom Michigan is "in the mix." ($, info in header).
  • OH DE Pharoah Brown.

The further out we project, the less definite visits become, so stay tuned for the latest updates. Among others planning spring visits are IN TE Pierre Aka, in addition to KY QB Zeke Pike and MI TE/WR Ron Thompson.

Happy Trails

Notre Dame led for OH OL Taylor Decker last week, and and it's no surprise that he has since committed to the Irish.

Michigan has offered CA LB/S Jabari Ruffin, but he committed to USC shortly thereafter.

CA CB Tee Shepard has committed to Notre Dame. The Army All-American holds a Michigan offer.

CA S Shaquille Thompson committed to Cal ($, info in header).


CA OL Erik Magnuson has a Michigan offer. He was also a target of Hoke's staff at SDSU.

He's mentioned in an above section, but MD OL Mike Madaras has received a Michigan offer.

NY DT Jarron Jones has picked up a Michigan offer ($, info in header).

GA DT Jonathan Taylor has a Michigan offer.

GA DE Jarontay Jones has a "home state" that is not in the South ($, info in header). Since the interview is with GBW, dollars to donuts said home state is Michigan. Jones is a recent Michigan offeree. Not content to offer only one Stone Mountain product, the Wolverines sent them to DT Jafar Mann and LB Raphael Kirby as well.

MD DE Brent Wilkerson was offered by Michigan a couple weeks back (of course the article became available for free moments after I published the next Wednesday Recruitin').

“It’s definitely a big offer, I’m really happy that they are willing to offer me a scholarship. I’m very interested. I called their defensive coordinator and defensive line coach. I spoke to the recruiter in my area too, I’m very interested in them and they are after me pretty hard. I plan to get down there to see the place and get to know the coaches.”

His other favorites include LSU, Miami (YTM), and the better half of the Big East. He wants to visit Michigan sometime this summer.

Michigan has offered PA DE Noah Spence. Spence is a likely 5-star, so it was a head-scratcher that he wasn't holding a Michigan offer (until now).

OH DE LaTroy Lewis has received a Michigan offer, and has moved Michigan up his list accordingly ($, info in header).

TX LB Dalton Santos has added a Michigan offer.


CA OL Jordan Simmons is mentored by a former Wolverine ($, info in header), which could help Michigan's chances. GA WR Jaquay Williams also has a Michigan connection ($, info in header). MD CB Kenny Crawley "wants to stay local" ($, info in header). MI WR Tyree Monroe is hearing from Michigan a bit. Rutgers leads for NJ LB Jazzmar Clax. IL DT Vincent Valentine is "building ties" with Michigan's staff ($, info in header). Michigan is not in the top 5 for NJ WR Leonte Carroo.

Wednesday Recruitin' Knows There's Always Next Year

Wednesday Recruitin' Knows There's Always Next Year

Submitted by Tim on February 9th, 2011 at 2:48 PM

The 2011 class is over, so it's time to look ahead to next year. But first...

...A Denouement

As you may recall, Michigan signed 19 talented high schoolers last Wednesday, including a signing Day surprise(ish) in TX TE Chris Barnett. Yes, I mostly just wanted an excuse to use this picture again.

Of course, OH S Greg Brown was already enrolled in Ann Arbor, and didn't need to fax his LOI.

As for the other prospects who were still on the table:

  • MI OL Jake Fisher signed with Oregon. The former commit switched to the Ducks.
  • MD DT Darian Cooper signed with Iowa. He had been favoring the Hawkeyes for some time, and a late push by Michigan (courtesy of defensive coordinator Greg Mattison) couldn't sway him to be blue.
  • CO LB Leilon Wilingham signed with UCF. He committed to Texas A&M without ever visiting, and then had reported silent commitments to Colorado and Michigan before switching to the Knights on Signing Day. He's a loss for Michigan's class, but sounds like a kid who can't make up his mind, either.
  • For those who can't stop asking about FL WR Prince Holloway despite repeated claims he wouldn't come to Michigan, he signed a letter of intent to a Junior College in Kansas.

The Wolverines' 2011 recruting class may not be completed yet, as IL OL Graham Glasgow will visit Ann Arbor this weekend. As Brian noted yesterday, he seems more like a preferred walkon-type.

Tom expands on Touch the Banner's exploration of where Michigan offerees signed.

On to the Next One

Since I've been actively neglecting the 2012 class in favor of in-depth coverage of 2011 for the past couple weeks, updates from rising seniors should be hectic throughout the month of February. Things should settle down by the end of the month, and look for a recruiting board (with revamped format) by that time.

First, let's look at a list of 2012 recruits with offers:

Michigan offered FL QB Bennie Coney in the fall, and they're currently in his top 6. As I said at the time, he has character question marks, so we'll see if his offer from the Wolverines holds up with the new staff.

KY QB Zeke Pike has a Michigan offer ($). He's one of the top QBs in the country, a mobile pro-style guy.

Michigan has offered ($) IN QB Gunner Kiel. Offer confirmed by a free source. ESPN's Chris Pool says he may be one of the top quarterbacks in the nation.

Michigan - along with the rest of the country - has extended an offer to MO WR Dorial Green-Beckham. He has a good shot at being the #1 overall recruit in the 2012 class, so he's a definite longshot.

OH WR Dwayne Stanford holds a Michigan offer ($), along with Ohio State and a number of other top programs.

MD WR Stefon Diggs - a teammate of 2011 CB signee Blake Countess - has an impressive highlight reel:

He was named MVP of the Army Combine, and has already been invited to next year's Army All-American game. He told Rivals that he wants to hear from Michigan, and though the Wolverines took a while to offer, he sees himself as a "Charles Woodson type" at the next level, which certainly doesn't hurt Michigan in his mind.

Michigan has offered ($, info in header) OH TE Sam Grant. He's a big tight end who could be a devastating blocker at the next level.

FL TE Sean Price also has a Michigan offer.

OL Jordan Diamond - one of 2011 signee Chris Bryant's good friends - may be a package deal with his teammate, QB Robert Gregory (more about him below). Diamond already holds an Ohio State offer, and will be on Michigan's campus next weekend. I don't have confirmation yet, but it's sounding like that may be the Wolverines' first junior day. Diamond will decide early(ish) in the process ($, info in header).

Michigan has an offer out to WA OL Zach Banner, who has already committed to participate in next year's Army All-American Bowl. He's one of the top prospects in the nation, and is probably a longshot for the Wolverines.

Scout's Allen Trieu says it'll probably boil down to Michigan or Tennessee for MI DT Danny O'Brien - whom he thinks is the top prospect in the state at this point. Tennessee has the slight edge at this point.

Michigan has an offer out to IN DT Sheldon Day, and it sounds as though he really likes the Wolverines.

IL DT Vincent Valentine, who holds a Michigan offer, was recently profiled by STLToday.com.

Jim Stefani gets back on his blogging game, and shared that Michigan has offered OH DT Greg Kuhar.

DC DT Eddie Goldman, one of the nation's top defensive linemen, holds a Michigan offer, but is probably a longshot.

Ohio State-centric recruiting experts are already conceding OH DE Chris Wormley to the Wolverines. His reasoning gets a little muddled, but if Ohio State will give up Wormley in order to land Adolphus Washington and Greg McMullen, more power to them.

Yes, I want Wormley. No, I am not going to lose any sleep over his decision to go to Michigan should be choose to do so. Great kid and I wish him all the best should that be where he chooses to spend the next four or five years of his life.

Wormley is going to be a solid 4-star or borderline 5-star guy, so Michigan's recruiting class should get a great early boost should he decide for the Wolverines.

Looks like the Wolverines are pounding the pavement on defensive ends from Ohio. OH DE Ifeadi Odenigbo recently received a Michigan offer. Ohio State fans don't think he'll receive a Buckeye offer, and they're terrified about the prospect of facing him in coming years. Michigan has offered OH DE Tom Strobel. Another Michigan offer is out, to OH DE Pharoah(!) Brown.

MI LB James Ross wants to play in next year's Under Armour All-American Game with his friend, MI CB Terry Richardson, who's already been invited. Ross is intrigued ($, info in header) by the hiring of Greg Mattison.

There may be a couple more offers out there, but this is (almost) all of them that I'm aware of. A couple guys are already committed to other schools - such as FL WR Avery Johnson to LSU - so I haven't included them.

The Unoffered

Before expressing worry about "Hey, this kid loves Michigan and we're slipping because we haven't offered him yet," keep in mind that the Michigan staff wants to evaluate prospects on film before extending an official offer. Some of them may even be close to committing if they held a Michigan offer, and the coaches want to know for sure whether it's a prospect that they really want before the kid potentially joins the Class of 2012. Offers should be coming soon for a lot of these guys, so it's not a huge delay, especially for a new coaching staff. Here are some of the guys for whom that possibly applies:

IL QB Robert Gregory has Michigan near the top of his list. However, they weren't in his top five in mid-January, as Iowa, Notre Dame, Oregon, Miami (YTM), and Northwestern got the honor. Gregory has dual-threat ability, but is looking to play in an offense that's primarily pro-style. Michigan's newfound pro-style offense with room for a dual-threat (hello: Denard Robinson) is a huge benefit there, as is their pursuit of Jordan Diamond.

OH WR Monty Madaris has the Wolverines near the top of his list.

Michigan's increased presence in California may give them a boost with CA TE Taylor McNamara, one of the nation's top recruits at the position.

Michigan's coaches have been in to visit CO OL Shane Callahan. Probably convenient as they were heading out to check on 2011 LB Leilon Willingham, though Leilon ended up siging with UCF.

IL DT Tommy Schutt already has a decision timeline in mind ($, info in header). As he's just a junior, "before his senior season" is a good bet.

OH DE teammates LaTroy Lewis and Greg McMullen from Akron Hoban are hearing from Michigan. Lewis's father briefly attended Michigan, but it seems as though Ohio State leads for him.

Michigan has "shown interest" in OH LB Mason Monheim.

NJ LB Elijah Shumate doesn't mention the Wolverines to Palmetto Sports's Eric Guimaraes, and his top five is South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Rutgers, and LSU.

WI LB Vince Biegel plans to visit Michigan.

bambradley.jpgTheRinger.com profiles OH S Bam Bradley (pictured at right):

A safety with that size and instincts, a sound tackler who is comfortable in both the run and pass is going to be a big time recruit. Should be a prospect that can come in and player earlier than later. The weaknesses we see are nothing that can’t be corrected with solid coaching and a willing learner, which Bradley is.

Bradley's from Trotwood-Madison, one of Michigan's favorite schools of late.

Happy Trails (already!) to AZ QB Connor Brewer. One of the top pro-style QBs in the country committed to Texas.

Other Lists!

Offensive and Defensive hotlists from MGoUser JC3, and Tom has a huge list of prospects to keep an eye on in his Weekly Update. We'll look at it in more detail next week, when we're not crunched for space. Scout's Allen Trieu has a preliminary list of top in-state prospects. Some top prospects from Lakewood (OH) St. Edward. Michigan has already offered a couple of them, and OL Kyle Kalis is already committed to Ohio State. On today's Recruiting Roundup, Sam mentioned that Brady Hoke has dropped by the schools of a few top juniors, including Wormley and Diamond.