MGoShirt Alert: Please Don’t Alert the Feds

MGoShirt Alert: Please Don’t Alert the Feds Comment Count

Seth October 4th, 2017 at 12:50 PM

The artists at UGP have been at work. We call this one “Ball don’t lie, but someone did”:


And this one is called “The Bracket Buster”:PitinoBracket-navy_1_1_2048x2048


You can trade money for these on the MGoStore, and peruse our complete line of State-beating, Ohio-hating, three-sinking, satellite camping, vitamin-taking, with cruelty winning, wall-building, Everitt ruling, potato-aspiring, ‘89 bandwagoning, always Mike-ing, State beating, Hart hearting, God willing, charge-taking shirts.


MGoShirt Sale 2017

MGoShirt Sale 2017 Comment Count

Seth July 26th, 2017 at 12:00 PM

So who wants shirts?

We had a bunch of HTTV backers ask if they could order extra shirts and we weren’t set up at that time to do it. Our friends at Underground Printing suggested we just pick out a bunch of our favorites for you to order before the season and do one big custom order with designs that aren’t usually on the shelves.

Most of these we’ve made available in men’s, women’s, toddler, or infant.

Put some baugh on your baby:


Solve your sartorial problems with aggression:


offense                                                     defense

Who’s got it better than us?


I had a bunch of Lloyd-era players wearing “My Other House” at Ryan Field a few years ago.

You can’t wear these without running into another MGoBlogger:


But they’re fun to explain when someone asks.

Jump in on the order so you’ll be all set before…

/looks both ways

[whispers] football.


An Unsolicited Thank You to Underground Printing & Moe's

An Unsolicited Thank You to Underground Printing & Moe's Comment Count

Seth February 25th, 2016 at 2:57 PM


The MGoRadio Show at Moe's 100th Birthday party last year.

This is not sponsored editorial, but it's editorial about a sponsor. I didn't tell Rishi I was even going to write this until like 10 minutes ago.

If you're not familiar with the history of collegiate sports apparel, here's a brief version: People used to go to sporting events in whatever their normal clothes were. Then in 1934 a sports apparel salesman walked into Moe's in Ann Arbor, and together they decided to sew big block M's on sweaters and sell them to Michigan fans.

When Moe retired he sold the store to Harold Trick, who had worked in the store for most of a decade, and adopted Moe's view that the campus sports shop should be part of the fabric of the Ann Arbor community. A generation later Trick sold it to Bud VanDeWege, who passed it on to his son, who was at that time the UM Women's Basketball Coach. Bud wanted to sell Moe's in 2010 to pursue other opportunities, but only to the right people who would continue that tradition of investment in the community as a whole.

If you're at all familiar with the history of MGoBlog you'll know it started as something Brian did in his spare time while holding down a "real" job, and that at some point in 2007-'08 that transitioned into his real job. A big part of that transition was Rishi Narayan and Ryan Gregg of Underground Printing coming on as a full-time sponsor of this site. They've been the difference ever since.

They are extremely good dudes who built UGP on the premise of if you help cool small businesses and charities around this town that everyone wants, people will buy shirts and stuff from you. When Bud Jr. was ready to sell the place where sports apparel began, the place that literally invented referee stripes, the place where Jim Harbaugh would spend all the money he'd saved raking leaves as a kid, the obvious guys to sell to were right there on everything from the local robotics competition, to Pear, to high school field hockey, and the local sports team's blogs.

From our t-shirt store, to our annual book, and even the short-lived radio show last year, all of these things were possible because Rishi and Ryan wanted them to succeed. If you spend enough time around Ann Arbor you can't miss them. They're the guy on a fold-out chair at a local gardening event who supplied the t-shirts to the volunteers. They're the guy with the glorious beard whose kid is dancing on the Crisler fan cam. They're our guys, and this site literally couldn't be our livelihoods without them.

So when this came in my email today:


I thought it as good a day as any to remind you that if you're going to buy Michigan stuff to wear to Michigan things, you should buy it from them.

By the way, our shirts are part of that "everything" that's 30% off this week. Use the same code— FEB30 —through Feb. 30 to stock up on whatever shirt you missed from this season. Like…





If you've ever got an idea for a shirt (and it doesn't violate copyright or NCAA rules) email me—Seth @ [this site].com—and if we got something I'll pass it on to Rishi. Either way, when you're next in Ann Arbor, stop in the store and tell the owners thank you for MGoBlog.


Ohio Aspiration: The T-shirt

Ohio Aspiration: The T-shirt Comment Count

Seth January 24th, 2016 at 1:10 PM

It started with a fair enough question: What job search is happening in your state more than any other? Like for example in Michigan people want to know how you become a lighthouse keeper. In Ohio what?


No judging. Don't let your Ohio friends settle for OSU degrees. Encourage them to fulfill their dreams!

Aspire Ohio - Navy



And Our Friends Are All Aboard

And Our Friends Are All Aboard Comment Count

Seth August 14th, 2015 at 10:39 AM

In the town where I was born
Lived a man who wore khakis
And he told us of his life
In the land of wine and cheese.

So we sailed, and left this son
While we wallowed in red and green.
And we lived in ennui
Till we found our wolverine.


[artwork by our own Six Zero]

As we live  a life of ease
Every one of us has all we need.
Sky of blue and floor of spleen.
Who's got it better than us? Nobody!


Dear Diary Takes Charge[s]

Dear Diary Takes Charge[s] Comment Count

Seth August 3rd, 2015 at 4:56 PM

Got a bunch of events and site business to go over today:

See you in this: We FINALLY got the J-Mo one done and approved and for sale:

You have no idea how many conversations can be had about a bracketed 's'. Take the biggest number you could think of, then think of more. In two years we should finally have approval on the Harbaugh Pyramid of Greatness, by which time all of humanity will have weighed in on whether parentheticals are necessary.

See you Friday: We're going to be at Literati at 7 this Friday, doing whatever they do at book readings except this one we talk about Michigan football. But you can totally omit that last bit and sound cultured to your Ann Arbor friends when you say you want to be at this book reading downtown. If they press, it's the story of a lonely and misunderstood middle aged man who returns to his hometown from years of rule by a company that didn't know how to use guards correctly.

Brian will see you in D.C.: Brian will be there next week, speaking at the alumni association's get-together on Tuesday, August 11. While we're on the capital's alumni association club, if you're going to the Maryland game, that will be the association's big annual away tailgate.

See you for homecoming. We've been invited to the big homecoming tailgate with the alumni association, noon to 3:30 before the Northwestern game (10/10). We talked it over and decided not to ever get company polos for it, but we do have plans to wear snarky t-shirts. And to put Brian on stage. You'll find David and me over by the TVs since there are at least three noon Big Ten games.


Football on the decline? Is this a stupid question?

I didn't open any of the threads where this popped up this week (I think somebody had a poll), but BlueBlood2991 was recovering from surgery so he tried to answer it by comparing population shifts and economic changes to high school football participation.

There is of course some correlation, but he explains population shift as the primary factor behind huge leaps in football participation in Georgia and North Carolina. This could be a fallacy: Ad hoc, ergo propter hoc. It could be an effect of money moving into new-build suburban communities, and parents using sports to put their kids in social situations, or the kids using sports to prove their worth to their new schoolmates. Football interest is hard to show in participation except over longer than a decade periods. But who's participating is interesting:


Again, correlation does not imply causation. Less educated families may be poorer, thus less able to afford sports, especially football which does get quite expensive even if your school provides most of the equipment (very few do).

Etc. Alum96 is on to M00N with his previews. MaizeJacket had a counterproposal to my "let's everyone join one conference then dictate terms" plan—I like his "Challenge" idea but like a lot of good ideas it won't happen because teams want to schedule as many games as possible way ahead of time.

Best of the Board:

They don't mention puking on the recruiting trips:

From a story by Bennie Joppru about practicing with Carr. This part comes after four puking sessions:

I went back to the dorms in south quad and started to pack my clothes. "I'm heading back home to Minnesota and I'll walk on and be a Gopher". I knew I couldn't walk out the front on the dorm with my clothes so I threw my bag out the 12 floor window and walk down the stairwell, avoiding the elevator. I got the first taxi I saw and said "take me to the bus station". 

I got to the bus station only to find out I was 25 dollars short of a ticket. This was 1998 so CD's were as good as money then and I had plenty. I told the ticket guy if he gave me the 25 dollars I needed for a ticket he could have any 10 CD's he wanted.

Of course he picked all of my favorite CD's, but I had my ticket, no more puking I thought to myself.

Then a man tapped him on his shoulder. For those who don't know already, Joppru is basically what would happen if a blogger had football talent.


Back when they could still get away with selling me the opportunity to play as Denard without paying Denard, EA would make some minor tweak to its NCAA game, maybe add some stupid feature like emails from your mom or mascot teams, and basically sell you the updated roster pack as a new game every year.

Since they're still working out how to make this game while paying the people who make it so valuable, the internet has taken over and done a better job for free. The roster pack is basically going to be this year's game. I'll have a full post on it. All hail those of you who worked on it.

Preposterous Stolen Victories Over Northwestern Now Worth Half

Not all 50/50s are created equal: @Maryland is looking like 60/40, BYU/Utah the opposite.

Saturdayedge's annual Big Ten betting prospectus (it's free but only with an email signup – NOW with non-depressing cover!) came out last week. The writing is very cliché, and they seem to be too fixated on recruiting stars, but I always value the betters' perspectives because accuracy really is their prime motivation. That Michigan averaged 5.25 points under the spread (by far the worst in the conference) should come as no surprise, nor that the two rivals, even at home, are the two near-guaranteed losses.

This is something I haven't seen in a Michigan preview in a long time:

Strength – The Running Game: Running backs De’Veon Smith, Derrick Green, Drake Johnson and Ty Isaac can all produce if they get the chance.

He mentions the O-line should be decent and Harbaugh teams always run well, but unless this means "knows how to run into a gaping hole (sometimes)" that seems overoptimistic. He also joins Shane Morris on an extremely short list of people who think Shane Morris might start. Anyway for those who can't corner Jamie Mac on the regular, a free and at least fly-by informed gamblers' perspective on the conference is worth your time.

Unless you're drafting against me in Draftageddon in which case you should read only preseason award watch lists and ESPN's Top 25 list. Tommy Armstrong's still on the board, Adam!

Not a new pos-bang record:

WD is an internet obsessive, which as an internet obsessive who is friends with many internet obsessives I have great appreciation for. But then, that was a bit much:


The post that currently holds the pos record is 465/0 to the turn-based RPG gif by chunkums. Chunkums is LEGEND. Upvotes go away after a time but I made sure to catch that one when it did so a few years ago.

Etc. Liz, our podcast sponsor, made a Top 5 hottest college coaches, because Liz.

Your Moment of Zen:

This guy does hype videos well.


Your Shirt Has Pizza On It

Your Shirt Has Pizza On It Comment Count

Seth May 29th, 2015 at 6:17 PM

In case you couldn't tell I'm pretty excited about this softball season you guys. When I get excited I make t-shirts.

Year of the Pizza - Navy

Quick refresher on The Pizza Rules:

Single: Roll out the dough.

Double: Sprinkle the cheese.

Triple: Rain pepperonis

Home run: Surrounded by a circle of cheese-sprinkling chefs she "CHOMP" eats the pizza.

(Also comes in cheese-coloredYear of the Pizza - Maize)


Dear Diary is Closed Captioned

Dear Diary is Closed Captioned Comment Count

Seth March 27th, 2015 at 10:31 AM

The name of the year bracket is out and I just don't know you guys, there are so many good ones. We've known for 17 years that Charity Sunshine Tilleman-Dick would be a top contender in this year's draft, but not that Littice Bacon-Blood, Dr. Wallop Promthong, Mussolino Africano, Manmeet Colon, Flavious Coffee, Understanding Bush, Reverent Pierrebatista Pizzaballa, Infinite Grover, Amanda Miranda Panda, and Cherries Waffles Tennis would all be coming out this year. Charity is just a 13-seed. The MSU guard they call "Tum Tum" is a 15-seed and entered by his given name, Lourawls Nairn Jr.; apparently someone agrees with me that a nickname like "Tum Tum" need not be wasted on a guy already named Lourawls. I vote we make them give it to Trice. Tum Tum Trice. All in favor?

Sadly Michigan is again unrepresented, the once-mighty program with the all-Ron Swanson-approved front seven reduced to a spattering of boring last-names-that-coud-be-first-names.* However after last night we may ourselves have a write-in candidate:


It's Canadian for extremely sharp triple-dip salsa.

Meet Sauce Castillo, the accidental nickname for Nick Stauskas. I am old enough to remember a time when hilarious captioning mistakes were merely legends you prayed someone else at school saw the next day, not immediately screencapped, spread to every person who might be interested, meme'd,


and slapped on a t-shirt you could order immediately:


Since the internet, Mr. Castillo. I remember the days before it, and those days were less fun than these days.

Side Note: Never, and I repeat: NEVER say "Nik Stauskas" into Siri. She will translate it as "skip chapter" and not only jump you to the next one on your audiobook, but you can never go back! It is skipped forever!

* [So many first name last names: Brady Hoke, Dave Brandon, Desmond Morgan, Drake Harris, Shane Morris, James Ross, Jarrod Wilson, Jeremy Clark, Ty Isaac, Mason Cole, Willie Henry, Kenny Allen, Zak Irvin, Cutler Martin, Alex Kile, Evan Allen, Megan Betsa,…can you think of more?]

[After the jump, the other two in the 2015 Big Two Little Twelve is a team from Michigan (NTTFM)]


Dear Diary Desires More Tacos for Effing Wall

Dear Diary Desires More Tacos for Effing Wall Comment Count

Seth January 9th, 2015 at 4:50 PM


Those Van Bergenian thighs. That Clarkian pass rush. That responsible chin…[Fuller]

Final reminder to settlers along Lake Erie: We're coming to your Cleveland on Monday to talk about…I dunno…basketball or kickers or something. We've now added "Big Ed" Muransky to the lineup. Here's some footage of Muransky (#72 right, sometimes left tackle) as a sophomore against MSU, courtesy of WH. The rest of "we" are Brian, John U. Bacon, [huge gap in how much you care] and myself.

We've got the area reserved behind the bar through 11, and there's about 100-120 people coming, which means when the Ohio State fans show up later to watch the national championship game there'll be this wall of Michigan fans to greet them. And a bearded blogger guy rooting loudly for Oregon…while  standing behind Big Ed Muransky.

Huge thanks to this lemon-eater for setting it up.

OT don't care SVG is boss: The Pistons cut their best player then ripped off a seven-game win streak. To win #6 they had to preserve a 1-point lead from the defending champions on the road, so Van Gundy used the last rasps of his weakening voice to demand the stones "Just form a [bleep]-ing wall." So I formed an effin' t-shirt.


If you hate this one you're all fired. My "IT'S H4PPENING" shirt is gone now but we've got several other new offerings if you haven't been on the store lately:


Not this again! New coaches mean new schemes to learn and WMUKirk did an amazing job in two diaries of showing how Durkin likes to play chess. Part 1 got into the base stuff and Part 2 was about how he mixed those to stay one step ahead of Jameis Winston's reads. There's this from Part 1:

What I've noticed is he doesn't deviate from 4 basic coverages. Quarters, Cover 3 Press, Cover 1, and his favorite blitz is the Fire Blitz from the QB's blind side. He hardly ever runs Man Under, Tampa 2, or Cover 0. He values speed and isn't against running a 3-4 with 3-3-5 personnel.

Florida's 3-3-5 was lifting one of the middle linebackers for a safety/spur/hybrid space player dude, and looked thusly:


The WDE is a pass rusher type and is standing up. On 1st and 15 this is Xtreme speed.

That's a 3-3-5 but not a Casteel stack; it's more like one of Mattison's okies except the MLB is a LB, not Mike Martin.

[Cont. after the jump]