Sound Mind Sound Body 2015: Interviews pt. 3

Sound Mind Sound Body 2015: Interviews pt. 3 Comment Count

Adam Schnepp June 18th, 2015 at 5:00 PM

I attended the Sound Mind Sound Body camp at Dakota High School last Friday and had the chance to speak with a number of Michigan commits and targets. Today’s interviews include Jaylen Kelly-Powell, a Cass Tech safety with offers from most of the Big Ten, and Osiris St. Brown, a four-star receiver (according to the 247 composite) who visited Michigan earlier in June.

Jaylen Kelly-Powell, 2017 safety

Adam: How do you feel you did out there today?

Kelly-Powell: I feel pretty good. I had fun.

Adam: Have you been to this 18644884498_bd7f56f5d3_z_thumb5camp before?

Kelly-Powell: Yeah, two times.

Adam: How did today’s camp compare to the others you’ve been to?

Kelly-Powell: This was better. This one was bigger. Everybody from around the world came out.

Adam: What’s it like to have all of these coaching staffs here?

Kelly-Powell: It means a lot to learn from the best. Most of these coaches have actually played in the NFL and so they can teach you a couple things.

Adam: Where’s your recruitment at right now? Do you have any timeline going forward?

Kelly-Powell: No.                                            Kelly-Powell, right [Bill Rapai]

Adam: What was your favorite part of today?

Kelly-Powell: Coaches teaching me techniques and stuff. That helps.

Adam: What kind of feedback did you get from the coaches out here today?

Kelly-Powell: They said I did good. They said I’ve got great feet and everything so just keep working hard. It went pretty good.

Adam: As far as Michigan goes, who’s recruiting you?

Kelly-Powell: Coach Partridge and coach Wheatley.

Adam: Can you describe their recruiting styles? What are they like?

Kelly-Powell: Well, coach Wheatley, he treats me like I’m his son. He actually talks to me. He’s not trying to sell me on anything, he just tells me how it is and what to look for in a college. He’s really good. Coach Partridge, he’s like that too.

Adam: What are you looking to work on this summer?

Kelly-Powell: My technique.

Adam: Any other visits planned?

Kelly-Powell: Tomorrow [Saturday the 13th] I’m going to Michigan.

Adam: Will you be at their camp?

Kelly-Powell: No, I’m just doing a visit. From there we’ll go on a college tour with Cass [Tech].

[After THE JUMP: Osiris St. Brown and Harbaugh vs. Ralph]


Sound Mind Sound Body 2015: Interviews pt. 2

Sound Mind Sound Body 2015: Interviews pt. 2 Comment Count

Adam Schnepp June 17th, 2015 at 5:01 PM


No pictures of Claypool or Kelly so instead enjoy some gratuitous Harbaugh [Bill Rapai]

I attended the Sound Mind Sound Body camp at Dakota High School last Friday and had the chance to speak with a number of Michigan commits and targets. Today’s interviews include Chase Claypool, whom the Michigan coaches were keeping a very close eye on, and Xavier Kelly, a Michigan target and U.S. Army All-American Bowl selection.

Chase Claypool, 2016 WR

Adam: How do you feel you did on the field today?

Claypool: Pretty good. I’ve got to work on my press release. I tried to get as many reps as I could but there were so many people, but it was a good learning experience most of all so pretty good.

Adam: What kind of feedback did you get from the coaches?

Claypool: Work your arms and different techniques, and just keep it up. Be physical.

Adam: As far as Michigan goes, who’s involved in recruiting you? [It was windy. He must not have heard the first part of the question. Such is life.]

Claypool: Oregon, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Rutgers.

Adam: Who are the Michigan coaches that have been talking to you?

Claypool: Jim and Jay Harbaugh, and then Jedd Fisch. I got a chance to visit two days ago or yesterday and I met the whole staff there.

Adam: How did the visit go?

Claypool: It was really good. I got to hang out with some players there, two of the players, Moe [Ways] and Ian [Bunting], so that was good.

Adam: What else did you do on your visit?

Claypool: I took a tour, saw the field, saw the facility, and saw the business building because that’s what I think I want to take so that was really nice. We went out to eat to that Cuban burger place.

Adam: Frita Batidos?

Claypool: Yeah, yeah!

Adam: What was your impression after the visit?

Claypool: It was more building a relationship between the staff and the players and me, so the visit was really good but the relationship building was a lot better. Oh, and I walked through the tunnel and went on the field.

Adam: What would you say is the coaching staff’s recruiting style?

Claypool: It’s less serious. It’s more laid back. They want you to feel comfortable with them, so they don’t just want to talk about football and this is what you’ve got to do and this is what we want to see. It’s more like how’s your mom doing, how are things at home…more personal, in a good way.

Adam: How did you feel you fit in with the players?

Claypool: I clicked with those two players really well, so I feel like it’d be a nice fit. They’re all really nice.

Adam: What are your plans for the rest of summer?

Claypool: I have a couple camps coming up and then in July I don’t have anything booked so I might take a couple unofficial visits if I can get the money.

Adam: Where else would you like to visit?

Claypool: The places that I haven’t visited yet and that I’m not going to go any camps there, so probably Tennessee and Mississippi State…maybe a couple Pac 12 schools like Arizona and stuff.

[After THE JUMP: Xavier Kelly]


Sound Mind Sound Body 2015: Interviews pt. 1

Sound Mind Sound Body 2015: Interviews pt. 1 Comment Count

Adam Schnepp June 16th, 2015 at 3:41 PM

I attended the Sound Mind Sound Body camp at Dakota High School last Friday and had the chance to speak with a number of Michigan commits and targets. Today’s interviews include Michael Onwenu, who committed to Michigan earlier this month, and Corey Malone-Hatcher, a Michigan target with an impressive offer list.

Malone-Hatcher was unable to compete at the camp due to an administrative mix up, but Onwenu did and was dominant. You can check out a brief clip of Onwenu’s one-on-one drills here.

Michael Onwenu, 2016 OG/DT


                                [Bill Rapai/MGoBlog]

Adam: How do you feel you did on the field today?

Onwenu: I feel I did okay. You know, you can always improve. I wanted to take more reps. I didn’t lose any reps but I wanted to take as much as I could.

Adam: I watched you in your O-line one-on-ones, but I didn’t see you take any D-line reps. Did you at some point today?

Onwenu: No, I didn’t. I wanted to, but the way they set it up it was like you had to rotate through so if I would have left it would have been…I don’t know, it would have been hard to go both ways.

Adam: In college, do you want to play on both sides of the ball?

Onwenu: If I could, I wish.

Adam: What have the Michigan coaches told you about that?

Onwenu: They haven’t told me anything yet about that. They just say when you come in freshman year and I work out at whatever I work out at and whatever I feel comfortable at, then that’s my choice.

Adam: What are your goals for the summer?

Onwenu: Shed about 20-25 pounds and just improve on everything.

Adam: What kind of feedback were you getting from the coaches out here today?

Onwenu: Well, I mean, all the coaches said I did good throughout the drills and one-on-ones. I got some good feedback.

Adam: Overall, what was your experience at this camp?

Onwenu: Overall this camp was good. I like- actually, I love Sound Mind Sound Body. Coming from the last two years, my sophomore year and junior year, and then this year, it’s been a great experience every time.

[After THE JUMP: Malone-Hatcher]


Dear Diary Orbits Around Brisco Kid

Dear Diary Orbits Around Brisco Kid Comment Count

Seth June 12th, 2015 at 6:19 PM


Satellites are any object in orbit around a large body. Or in this case, a dad body. The Summer Swarm turned what would have been a week overwhelmed with "omigosh which clothing manufacturer is going to give us money to wear their clothing?" into a week of "omigod Harbaugh is in Alabama and not wearing any clothing!"

Reader CoachW reported back from the Dallas camp with an example of the goings on:

They broke the kids out into position groups and did some warm ups and then had races until they declared a winner in each group. After that, they did rotating agility drills all over the field. From there it was Indy for a good hour. After that, they broke the kids out into freshman and sophomores on one end and the upperclassmen on the other. Here they did basically a one-on-one, make the other guy miss drill with offense vs defense. It was 30 yards long and from the sideline to the hash and all the defender had to do was touch the offensive guy. The young kids really struggled with this as the defense won pretty much every time.

Amir_6 also put together a bunch of resulting recruiting bits that came up on Twitter. As I type this Harbaugh's speaking at the Sound Mind Sound Body Camp. Let me say that again: Jim Harbaugh is speaking at the Sound Mind…


Sound Body

Camp. Ironic coachspeak name aside, SMSB is turning out to be quite the showcase of the suddenly richer Midwest coaching talent: James Franklin, Jerry Kill, and Brian Kelly were also around, and defensive linemen present get to tell tales the rest of their lives of being coached by both Larry Johnson Sr. and Greg Mattison at the same time! The conference still has Hazell and Beckman, but what a difference the names at the top of Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan makes.

/remembers we just added Flood and Edsall

/punches thing.

Players come from places. While I fix what used to be a computer speaker, head over to Lanknows's diary on in-state recruiting success, as measured by the percent of top-five Michigan players who went to Michigan. That's not a very good way of doing it since there are years when Michigan looked at that pool and said "we'll take Brandon Graham" and moved on. Also there are recruitments like Chris Norman (whose total Michigan recruitment was a conversation about Barwis he didn't understand), in the same box as Edwin Baker, whom RR overlooked while chasing rabbit chasers out of Pahokee, and RoJo, who seemed like a Michigan lock until a deity told him to go to USC. I'd love to see this expanded to really dive into each recruiting season in the state.

The other "here's how recruiting turned out" diary was Erik_in_Dayton went through all of the 2007 and 2008 Stanford recruits, arming us with information to combat the three-star mafioso. Conclusion: hits and misses, but way more hits than you should expect from that lot; he really did build the basis of that program from 2- and 3-star material. And Andrew Luck.

Other diaries: M baseball draftees and potential draftees. The records softball broke this year. LSA found no patterns in what round players are drafted in, though I bet he would find some shifts for OL and against RBs if he did it by actual draft number instead of round. Alum96 poked around offensive stats and found Michigan and Indiana falling off offensive cliffs later in the season maybe overrated opponent defenses.

[Jump for comments on Kelly's call for help]


Unverified Voracity Eats Ribs Or Raw Broccoli

Unverified Voracity Eats Ribs Or Raw Broccoli Comment Count

Brian June 14th, 2012 at 12:35 PM

Ribs. Meyer and Hoke ate them.


also via Mike Rothstein. For whatever reason, pictures of football coaches eating == MONEY

Those dudes look like they know what they're doing in re: making ribs. That's from the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp, which Ace attended and will have a report on later. One of the main themes of the day was "I can't believe this is legal":

Because the Sound Mind, Sound Body event is a charitable camp, college coaches are able to attend and provide instruction to the campers -- something that's outlawed at most public camps throughout the country.

As a result, Borges spent most the of the day giving pointers to Shane Morris. If that's legal, expect one of two things to happen: it's quickly outlawed or similar camps multiply like weeds.

Meanwhile, this seems cute given Michigan's lockdown on state of Michigan prospects whose fathers didn't play at State:

Michigan, especially under Hoke, has developed a reputation of having recruiting success in Ohio over the years. Now, Meyer says, it’s his aim to return the favor.

“I know this area real well," said Meyer, who once coached at nearby Bowling Green State University. "As for Ohio State ... we have some very good players from this area.

“If we have not, we will."

Good luck!

Not ribs. Via Blake Countess, poor Pee Wee and his grim salad of raw-looking broccoli and stuff:


It will all be worth it when you're ragdolling Alabama OL in fall. (Please.)

KYLE MEINKE IS GRIM. The reporter got screencapped by the youtubes looking like he's about to heroically tackle a terrorist or Mark Dantonio:

Also that's four minutes of Hoke talking to the media from Maize and Blue News. MGoVideo provides the entirety of Hoke's speech to the assembled campers:

If you don't want to watch the whole thing, the News and transcribed some highlights.

Cue the crack Free Press investigatory teams. Michigan has again claimed that unspecified academic performance is good and stuff:

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon said last week the Wolverines registered the best "academic performance" in their history under first-year coach Brady Hoke last year. He didn't cite specific numbers.

The last time this happened the Free Press hammered at Michigan with FOIA requests until they scuttled the claim. Here's guessing that doesn't happen this time around.

UMass reinforced. You probably already know that Mike Cox transferred home to UMass for his final year. They've also added former touted ND recruits Deion Walker and Hafis Williams, a wideout and a DT. They still shouldn't be a problem now that Michigan has one of those defensive coordinator things.

Longsnapper rabble rabble 'Bama what? If you're still slightly peeved that Michigan expended a precious scholarship slot on a longsnapper this might make you feel better:

According to BamaOnline, Saban did something at last week's special teams camp in Tuscaloosa that he's never done in his 17-year career -- offered a scholarship to a long snapper.

Bakersfield, California prospect Cole Mazza is rated by 247Sports as the nation's top long snapper in the Class of 2013. …

"I snapped really good during the camp and Coach Saban told me in his office that they were going to offer a long snapper within the next two days after a staff meeting," Mazza told BamaOnline. "The next day I called him and he told me he was going to offer me."

I'm confused about how these guys are suddenly valuable enough to warrant scholarship slots, but apparently they are.

[HT: Holdin' the Rope.]

How can you do the divide. This from Orson's introductory course on bad sports rhetoric is a truly amazing screenshot from the World Wide Leader in having no idea what that slash thing under the question mark is for:


Cram the data into your meme. The data doesn't fit? Yes it does.

NFL draft stuff. Michigan recruits feature in the United States Of Hockey's American top ten. Defenseman Jacob Trouba:

Michigan-commit Jacob Trouba is a bruising defenseman who showed what he can do with his big frame at the National Team Development Program. He also proved he can play above his head by his performance at the World Junior Championship. Some are considered Trouba relies on his physicality too much and that there might not be much offensive upside. However, for a physical defenseman, Trouba can skate well and has good agility. His hockey sense has vastly improved, even though he’s still prone to the bad decision now and again.

Sounds more like a Komisarek type than another Merrill-style puck mover.

Forward Boo Nieves:

…a 13-game stint in the USHL confirmed some of the concerns that Nieves struggles with the physical aspects of the game. The thing is, he has some filthy puck skills and a really nice 6-2, 185 frame. Nieves could have calmed concerns in a long USHL playoff run, but he had to return to Kent to finish his schooling so he could get into Michigan for next year. Still, those puck skills allude to some nice potential, but he’s still a likely mid- to late-second round choice.

Michigan's going to need scoring punch from him right away; hopefully he can deliver despite his issues in a short USHL stint.

In other hockey recruiting news, Michigan picked up a 2014 commit from Dexter Dancs, a BCHL kid from the same team that provided Michigan with Brendan Morrison, amongst others. Michigan used to make a habit of grabbing high-scoring forwards out of that league but hasn't taken a BCHL player in a while. College Hockey Prospective got a quote out of his coach that provides some insight into what kind of player Michigan's getting:

“Dexter Dancs is a big, young, raw power forward with an excellent skating stride and an equally as good set of hands and shot,” said Hengen.  “Dexter will as easily take the puck hard to the net, set up a play or drop his gloves to stand up for a teammate. Dexter will be another one of many Michigan Wolverines that they will develop to have a chance of playing pro hockey.”

Don't get too excited if Dancs puts up video game numbers next fall, as the BCHL is a notoriously high-scoring league.

Irish secondaries are thin. After recruiting defections and plenty of graduation, Notre Dame's secondary is a major concern this fall. It's one that just got more concern-y after Austin Collinsworth's availability next fall has resolved itself:

Notre Dame junior safety Austin Collinsworth has undergone shoulder surgery and is expected to miss a significant portion of -- if not the entire -- 2012 football season, ND director of football sports information Brian Hardin confirmed Wednesday.

Collinsworth suffered a torn labrum in his left shoulder during ND’s wrap-up to spring practice, the Blue-Gold Game, on April 21. When the condition didn’t improve with rest, surgery was scheduled. Recovery time is projected to be four to six months.

Collinsworth was probably going to be the nickelback, possibly the starter if Jamoris Slaughter was forced to move to corner.

Etc.: MGoUser informs world that Michigan has acquired walk-on WR/TE Michael Jocz. Will Campbell takes the misdemeanor plea, obviously. Surprise: football recruit who commits without ever visiting is just using you as a placeholder. What everyone wants from a playoff.