Thursday Recruitin' Invades Ohio

Thursday Recruitin' Invades Ohio

Submitted by Tim on July 14th, 2011 at 11:11 AM

Or continues invading Ohio, as the case may be.

Jarrod Wilson and Kyle Kalis Go Blue


The 2012 trend of picking up prospects in pairs has returned with a vengeance, as Michigan earned commitments from two top Ohio prospects over the weekend.

OH S Jarrod Wilson kicked off the festivities on Friday, picking the Wolverines over Notre Dame and Penn State in a ceremony at his school. Touch the Banner on Jarrod:

He has the size, speed, tackling ability, and ballhawking instincts that Michigan teams have been lacking for the last several years. And, perhaps best of all, he's the elusive Michigan-recruited safety who actually looks like a safety and not a linebacker.

The Wolverine Blog:

Wilson is the first safety Michigan’s recruited since Demar Dorsey that I’d be comfortable sticking in a Cover 1 situation. He doesn’t have elite top-end speed, but that’s more important for cornerbacks than safeties. His acceleration and instincts are more than enough to be a top-flight safety in the Big Ten.

For more on Jarrod, check out Hello: Jarrod Wilson. Despite Wilson's accolades and ability, the real headliner of the weekend (and probably even the 2012 class to date) was OH OL Kyle Kalis, who committed to Michigan in an unorthodox way on Sunday:

Kalis said he visited Michigan last weekend and called coach Brady Hoke from the "M" logo at the middle of the field at Michigan Stadium to inform him he was coming to Ann Arbor.

He also has plenty of incendiary things to say about Ohio State, much to the delight of any Michigan fan:

"I can't go there (Ohio State) and take penalties for something I never did," Kalis told on Monday. "Ohio State is a great program. I'm just not sure how long it will take them to recover. I want a solid, grounded coaching staff with a safe environment. Where there aren't such tough questions."

"He is the type of guy I want to play for," Kalis said. "(Hoke) has an incredible amount of passion. I believe the Michigan-Ohio border is now open."

CBS commitment article. Kalis, an Ohio State decommit, instantly became the top-rated prospect in the Wolverines' 2012 crop. Magnus is impressed by his quickness and feet:

Kyle comes out of his stance very well for such a big, young player. He's quick off the ball, and his footwork is impeccable. He rarely wastes any movement or gets his feet crossed up, and he keeps a wide base when blocking, which allows him to latch onto blocks and not let go.

The Wolverine Blog:

All through his blocks, his feet are pumping at a mile-a-minute. He’s got good knee bend and gets out of his 3-point stance with a flat back, a crucial trait for maintaining good balance while blocking. He’s athletic for his 300-pound size, and is a great pull and trap lineman. Just like Erik Magnuson, I really like his nasty disposition on the football field, as well as his upper body strength that allows him to manipulate opponents in whichever way he’d like.

Go Blue Michigan Wolverine talks a little bit about what he needs to work on:

Kyle has average arm length and this could pose problems against super edge rushers. If his arms were three inches longer the drool factor would be off the charts for talent watchers. Watch Kyle’s film and his set up at the line tips off whether he is going to pass block, drive block, trap or pull. No big deal.

For more on Kalis's game, check out the Hello: Kyle Kalis post.

Assume the Position: Quarterback

OH QB Maty Mauk committed to Missouri last week, taking yet another of Michigan's options at the position off the table.

There are only three quarterbacks in the country that hold Michigan offers and are not committed to any school. One of them, FL QB Bennie Coney, has told Tom that Michigan is eliminated from consideration. IN QB Gunner Kiel has been pretty quiet lately, but the general vibe is that Michigan is just below the top couple schools, and Indiana (of all teams!) might lead for his services.

If the Wolverines can't land a top pro-style quarterback, they have three other options: 1) take a lesser-rated pocket passer, 2) pass on a 2012 QB, or 3) take a dual-threat guy, with the option of moving positions down the road.


The third QB currently holding an offer, NJ QB/S Devin Fuller, fits into the final category. He recently sat down for a live chat with Rivals (HT: Braylon Edwards (I'm going to go out on a limb and assume NTBE)). Relevant portions:

Comment From brad who are the schools coming at you the hardest?

Devin Fuller: Brad: I would say UCLA, Nebraska, Rutgers, Michigan, and Penn State too. All are pretty close but those are the ones that stick out.

Comment From nemesisx24 Any idea when you will get a chance to visit michigan?

Devin Fuller: Nemesis: Probably late July or early August.

Comment From Guest What about Michigan sticks out to you the most; to make you want to visit?

Devin Fuller: Guest: The Michigan way. The big stadium. You know, just the Michigan way of doing things.

Comment From Guest Have you been in contact with any of Michigan's 18 commits?

Devin Fuller: Guest: Actually, no ... I haven't been

He also seems pretty set on getting a chance at quarterback, though schools are recruiting him at a variety of positions (slot receiver and various DB slots). If Michigan strikes out on a top QB this year, perhaps he could start out at QB as a stopgap before Shane Morris arrives on campus?


Tom continued his interviews with the coaches of CA OL Commit Erik Magnuson with his high school offensive line coach:

By far he's the best I've coached. I was very fortunate to coach John and Dan Saleaumua, Danny played for the Chiefs in the NFL. Those guys were probably the closest to Erik. The Saleaumua brothers were brute force guys. Erik is a guy that can go in and compete, and once he gets out on the edge he's so athletic it allows us to do most things others can't.

Right now I think he is without a doubt the best pass blocking lineman. The guy can pass block anybody... He has great form and technique. He's going to get way better once he gets stronger. He trains like no one else. He could survive at Michigan right away. The one thing we work on here is just to get his frame extended a little more, getting his chest up a little more. His strength is pass block, he needs to work on his run block which will come with strength and learning [Darrell] Funk's system.

Long quote, but too much good information to cut anything out.

MI DT Danny O'Brien will include Michigan and Tennessee when he cuts down his list. That top six should be released sometime soon, after O'Brien returns from a trip to some SEC camps.

Michigan is recruiting PA LB Deaysean Rippy as a safety (the only school doing so). The Wolverines aren't mentioned much with him, and the robust DB/LB recruiting crop means there's no chance he ends up in the class.

Notre Dame and Tennessee lead Michigan, Iowa, and Ohio State in the race for OH DE LaTroy Lewis (Mr. SEC has a very limited understanding of what the term "final" means). I'm guessing Michigan isn't very interested in any non-Wormley/Washington defensive ends at this point.

MD DE Ryan Watson is "in no rush" to come to a decision ($, info in header). Though if he wants to come to Michigan - the Wolverines are still on his list, and he plans to visit soon - he might run out of luck by taking his time.

MO WR Jehu Chesson will visit Michigan soon.

Michigan is one of five schools that have offered WA OL Zach Banner scholarships in both football and basketball.

PA OL Adam Bisnowaty wants to take his visits before making a college decision.

OH DE Adolphus Washington has Michigan, but not Ohio State, in his top 5.

Those concerned about losing the greyshirt commitment of KY S Jeremy Clark need not worry, as he's still solid to Michigan, despite picking up some offers ($, info in header).

Tom's Weekly Update includes tidbits from commits Mario Ojemudia and Erik Magnuson talking about their experiences at The Opening.

The BBQ at the Big House recruiting event has returned, and Tom has a tentative list of attendees:

Commit OL Caleb Stacey

Commit LB Joe Bolden

Commit LB Kaleb Ringer

Commit LB Royce Jenkins-Stone

Commit DB Terry Richardson

Commit LB James Ross

Commit DE Matt Godin

Commit DB Allen Gant

Commit TE Devin Funchess

Commit DE Tom Strobel

Commit OL Ben Braden

DT Danny O'Brien

2013 RB Wyatt Shallman

WR Jehu Chesson: He told me he believes he will be there.

2013 OL Steven Elmer: His father told me they will be at the BBQ. As I reported on Twitter earlier, he and his father were on campus on Monday the 10th. It wasn't a football related visit, just more to walk around campus and see things.


Commit OL Kyle Kalis: Says he's not sure yet. I'd imagine he'd be there, but we'll see.

DT Ondre Pipkins: There's a chance, but he doesn't know yet

OL Jordan Diamond: They're not sure if they are yet, but there's a good chance they will be. His mom told me, "Any excuse to visit. We'd like to go."

It's still a couple weeks away, so stay tuned for updates to the list. The Kyle Kalis commitment has really gotten the attention of OH RB Bri'Onte Dunn. He's been insisting for the past several weeks that his commitment to Ohio State is solid, but the tide may be turning. He's a possible visitor for the BBQ, as well.

Happy Trails

Happy Trails, PA DE Dakota Conwell. I didn't hear his name mentioned much with Michigan prior to his Pitt commitment.

MI OL Kyle Knapp didn't have much interest from the in-state schools, and has committed to Syracuse.

Happy Trails SC WR Jody Fuller, who committed to South Carolina.


Scout previews the in-state crop for next year's class. QB Commit Shane Morris is neck-and-neck with OL Steve Elmer, according to Allen Trieu:

The great thing about both guys is, they're great kids and student athletes as well who will represent the state of Michigan well. Left tackle and quarterback are typically two of the most sought after, important positions in football, and both of these guys have the goods.

Elmer was on campus earlier this week ($, info in header), so Michigan has at least a chance to lock up the top two in-state prospects for 2013.