Dear Diary Brings Back Eduardo and Friends

Dear Diary Brings Back Eduardo and Friends

Submitted by Seth on January 16th, 2015 at 1:30 PM


Harbaugh's offensive philosophy

So who remembers a time when Michigan recruiting wasn't wholly depressing, and we had a recruiting tracker wiki to follow the names and their respective levels of interest?

Your new friend for January. Find it under Useful Stuff.

: I do! I do!

Mr. Blue! Hi there Mr. Blue!

: I'm so excited to get everyone on campus and build this class. TEXT ALL THE RECRUITS!

Well you can do that Mr. Blue.

: Hey, I've been getting those texts. We should all come visit together guys. Is it true Tyrone Wheatley is on staff?

: As have I. Verily this is all data I must consider.

Happy teeth! Data! Guys, it's been forever!

: Wait, I missed those. Do you have my number right?

: I remain 100% committed to Just Fired the Coach I Committed To U, but can you guys add me to the chain anyway?

: Sure thing Nefarious Eduardo!

: I've been following you guys on the tracker that umhero put together but if you want to add me too it's spelled S.a.d. J.o.s.h and my cell is 734-…

So those fellas have returned thanks to the work of umhero. I made it a wiki and added it to the bar above.

Well they're not from the Midwest. EGD had an interesting point to make regarding the comparison of Harbaugh's staff to Hoke's. Brady's guys were all very familiar with the Midwest, and that bore out with a very strong regional recruiting profile. It was already a good assumption that Harbaugh would be stretching his territory from sea to shining sea. I map each coach's region of greatest competence:


The only Texas connection they have is Fisch's short tenure with the Texans. Harbaugh prefers his staff to recruit their own positions but these regional connections matter a great deal in getting that guy in with coaches and players.

In a World Where Everybody Has to Say What They Mean in Pictures. Ron Utah imagined what various dudes in the Great Harbaughning would have said if they'd been absolutely candid. I actually think he got a lot of the thinks wrong, so I'll take a stab at them:

reporter_mj: So Jim when did you decide you wanted to be the head coach of Michigan?

hi-res-9b671060c4857f6208ee420e7e7b666a_crop_north: 080080037.

reporter_mj: I mean as an adult, when did you actually decide you were going to take the job?

hi-res-9b671060c4857f6208ee420e7e7b666a_crop_north: imgres.

reporter_mj: So why did you take the 49ers position in the first place?

hi-res-9b671060c4857f6208ee420e7e7b666a_crop_north: Jim Harbaugh House (cropped), Sarah-Feuerborn-Harbaough-Jim-Harbagh-wife-photo


[After the jump: more of Jim Harbaugh's pictorial answers to the CC questions, and where recruiting happens]