Tuesday Presser Transcript 11-12-13: Al Borges

Tuesday Presser Transcript 11-12-13: Al Borges

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“Fire away. Come on.”

Do you ever get to the point where you start beating your head against a wall?

“Oh yeah. Sometimes I do. I think everybody does with their job at one point in time. I’ve never had two back-to-back games playing so poorly. So yeah, absolutely. The one thing that you always have to do in my position is maintain your perspective and understand what you have to do to get better. This is – if you want to change the situation, change your attitude. Yeah, you might beat your head against the wall a little bit, but you can’t keep beating your head against the wall, because there’s another game to play …

“I don’t remember playing two [bad games] back to back. It’s bound to happen I guess at one point in time. WE have to think about what we’re doing next, not what happened last week. We have to fix what we do next by what happened last week as a reference.”

Tuesday Presser Transcript 11-12-13: Greg Mattison

Tuesday Presser Transcript 11-12-13: Greg Mattison

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Opening remarks:

“Let’s get this thing going and let’s go get us a win. Northwestern’s a very very good offense obviously. They’ve got a lot of weapons, Colter being the number one. He is an outstanding quarterback. We’re going to have to be ready and we’re going to have to come to play.”

Are they a different team without Venric Mark?

“They have a number of running backs. They’ve had four running backs that have played a lot, and their offense, they do such a great job of making you be honest with everything you do. Running back is good in their offense.”

There were some issues with the option against Nebraska. Will Northwestern be similar in terms of offensive style?

“There are some definite similarities. The thing that makes it difficult – a lot of those options in the Nebraska game came on third downs. You people all are saying, ‘Why don’t you pressure more?’ So I’m trying to pressure, thinking we can get home, and they check to option. That’s part of the game. That’s part of it. We had to rally to it, and we had to try to make a play on it. That’s the fine line where you decide if you’re going to be a pressure team in passing situations or are they going to change their game plan and check to a running play. There were a number of times when we came out of it okay, and a couple times we didn’t.”

Monday Presser Transcript 11-11-13: Brady Hoke

Monday Presser Transcript 11-11-13: Brady Hoke

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  • pew pew.


"Peace for our time."

Opening remarks:

“Obviously very disappointed. We all are. After the outcome of Saturday’s game, we need to make sure we’re finishing and doing all the things we need to do. As a coaching staff, that’s always where it starts. It starts with me. We have to do a great job of repping the things we’re going to see, which we have been. We do a great job of the details, the fine things you want to makes ure you go over. And as a team, we have to make sure we understand each and every plan. We started this thing in January with this football team. In June we inhereited the freshmen guys. Their work ethic has been exceptional. We have to translate that we do well in practice on the field, and we will do that.”

How difficult is it to plan for and execute an offense when the offensive line is struggling?

“Everyone’s going to point to the offensive line, but really it’s all of us. It’s not just them. It’s not fair. It’s never one guy, one thing, in anything in life, unless you’re golfing. I guess that would be you. In a team sport, it’s not that way. All 11 parts have to be working in the same direction. Offensively, defensively, and then you could say all 115 parts that are on this football team … it’s all of us. This has always been a ‘we,’ ‘us,’ and ‘ours’ football program.”

Nebraska Postgame Presser Transcript: Brady Hoke

Nebraska Postgame Presser Transcript: Brady Hoke

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"I passed your floor on the way up, and now I'm passing it on the way down, and I don't think I'll be taking this elevator again." - Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon


There’s probably some degree of frustration on the team. Can you talk about the number of missed opportunities on the field?

“Yeah. You know, frustration because we lost as a team. Yeah. It’s a frustration that we all have. I have to do a better job coaching this football team. The effort was really – guys were working, guys were fighting, guys were doing things. Did we do them well enough? No. And that goes on me.”

Seven sacks this week. How do you keep Devin’s spirits up?

“His spirits will be up because he’s a competitor. He’s going to be sore, and that’s part of it. Again, I have to do a better job coaching.”

When you talk about coaching, we do have to ask about the play calling from Al Borges. Do you have to look at that much more closely this week?

“I like the play calling. I think we thought we could do some things and we didn’t.”

Wednesday Presser Transcript 11-6-13: Brady Hoke

Wednesday Presser Transcript 11-6-13: Brady Hoke

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  • Drew Dileo and Keith Heitzman will be back Saturday. Brennen Beyer will start at SDE.
  • AJ Williams will "be in the lineup."
  • De'Veon Smith's demotion was to send a message. Still has a chance to earn his way back into the depth chart.



Opening remarks:

“Had a good practice yesterday. We expect it with the way this group has been. Most Tuesdays have been very good. It was good. The energy was good. The enthusiasm for the game of football was good. And in terms of preparation we got a lot done.”

Devin’s status physically? Has his leadership been tested?

“Oh I think all the leadership is always tested when you have adversity. He did a great job yesterday. Sore? Yeah. But every guy in the game of football across America who’s playing is going to be sore. He went out and attacked the day.”

Were there any lessons for him from last week?

“I think there’s always lessons. For him, maybe there’s some fundamental lessons when you look at technique that he can take home and learn from. I think leadership-wise I think there’s always those things we can build on ... I would think he keeps growing as a quarterback. That’s part of it. Being in those pressurized situations, made some awfully good throws. Obviously the Nascar series at the end of the game, late, showed a lot. He got them up even though he got him – he kept moving.”

Tuesday Presser Transcript 11-5-13: Greg Mattison

Tuesday Presser Transcript 11-5-13: Greg Mattison

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Opening remarks:

“All right, on to Nebraska. You know, last ball game, it was a tough loss for us obviously. It’s time to move on. I thought for a lot of that ball game our kids competed, played very hard. Obviously there’s things we had to do better. Can’t give a score up before halftime like we did. But watching the tape, I thought our guys fought very hard. It wasn’t good enough.”

Brady expressed concerned on pass defense. What needs to improve?

“We have to be tighter. We have to compete more. There’s a difference between being in the right place as a secondary guy and competing. The bottom line is everybody on that field has a job to do and has an alignment and has a responsibility. And then you’re either successful or not successful based on what happens in your area. It’s like a five-technique defensive end. You can play the C-gap, and if you open that C-gap up too much, then it’s going to make it harder on somebody else. I’m not saying the secondary is the reason. Everybody has something that they have to get better at. One of the things that we have to get better, and it always goes with pass rush and getting to the quarterback, is tightening our coverage up and contesting throws a little better.”

Tuesday Presser Transcript 11-5-13: Al Borges

Tuesday Presser Transcript 11-5-13: Al Borges

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“Anybody? You guys are always slow on the trigger.”

How hard is it to game plan when your offensive line is so young?

“It’s not hard to game plan. You just need to put the pieces together and hope like heck that under pressure your young players can perform. A couple weeks ago against a lesser defensive opponent, we did a pretty good job. But like you asked me a couple weeks ago, ‘Did you gain any confidence?’ I said, ‘I’ll tell you after this game.’ Well this brings you back down to earth on where you are against teams that you have to play – the margin of error against really good defensive teams is small. We had just too many errors put us in bad situations. And it wasn’t always the younger guys. The middle of our offensive line is young, and things come up sometimes.”

Monday Presser Transcript 11-4-13: Brady Hoke

Monday Presser Transcript 11-4-13: Brady Hoke

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Offense bullets: 

  • Devin Gardner is still "beat up." He'll probably practice tomorrow, though. 
  • The offensive line is young. Reacted poorly to the environment and didn't play their technique well in pass protection.
  • Running back needed to protect better, too. Fitz is the best pass protector on the team, so it looks like they're out of options. This-may-or-may-not-be-significant-alert: De'Veon Smith was removed from the travel squad for vague reasons.
  • AJ Williams will be back Saturday. Drew Dileo should be back as well.
  • Hoke doesn't think Taylor Lewan should be suspended for the facemask thing. Says it's "unacceptable" but if it were suspension-worthy he'd have suspended him already. 

Defense bullets:

  • Keith Heitzman injured his hand last week in practice, so he didn't travel. He may take a while to come back.
  • Willie Henry played a good game. He'll probably get more playing time moving forward.
  • The last two long busts were because of a mismatch in personnel, which got them run over.



Opening remarks:

“You know, coming off not the way you want to start the five-game stretch, the meat of your schedule, Saturday is something we’re all disappointed with and everything that we have to do from a coaching standpoint and a playing standpoint. Obviously it was evaluated and we all need to do a better job, and that’s just a part of it. We had some opportunities we didn’t take advantage of during the course of the football game, and that’s a credit to them. We’ve got to do a better job. Offensively, we have to get Devin a little more of an opportunity because there were plenty of them down the field. Execution’s a part of that. Always is. When you’re sliding protections or whatever it might be. Defensively, I think our defense kept us in the football game for a long time with bad field position. Needed to make some stops more in the second half. Didn’t get that accomplished. Some third downs. The score right before the half is never a good score. And then them taking the ball for six minutes or five minutes to start the second half even though they got the field goal. Again, it’s posessions. Trying to get possessions. We had a really good day yesterday, which is a really good thing. The attitude of our team, they came in and worked like heck on the evaluation part of it, and we’ll work like heck out in practice. That being said … ”

Michigan State Postgame Presser Transcript: Brady Hoke

Michigan State Postgame Presser Transcript: Brady Hoke

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"You should have used a different game plan."

Your rushing offense –

“A lot of negative yardage plays. I thought there were some pretty good runs once in a while in there, but you snap the ball for a 20 yard loss, you get sacked I don’t know how many times, so your yardage part of it isn’t very good. You put yourself behind the 8-ball a little bit not executing, and then you’re forced into doing some things you don’t want to do the whole time.”

What does the offensive line need to do to protect Devin better and avoid sacks?

“It’s not just the line. There’s backs involved, there’s routes involved, there’s timing, all those issues are part of it. We have to get better.”

Did all the shuffling on the offensive line have something to do with it?


What’s Devin’s status? He sat out the last series.

“Yeah, he got pounded a little bit. He was a warrior out there that last drive before the interception at the end. He did a nice job getting us down the field, had taken a lot of shots early in the game. He just was a little bit worn out.”

Does he have an injury?

“No. I wouldn’t say he has an injury. I would say beat up. If that’s an injury, then that’s an injury.”

In the history of this game, the team that rushes for more yards wins. How critical was the rushing game today?

“Well it’s always critical.”

Why do you think there were so many negative yardage plays?

“We didn’t execute as well as they did.”

That’s it?

“Pretty much.”

Taylor Lewan’s personal foul?

“I didn’t see that. I think that’s his frustration more than anything.”

You had a couple trips to the red zone in the first half. Did you think about taking a shot in the end zone at all?

“I think if we wanted to take a shot, we would have.”

There’s a lot of talk before the game about the toughness gap between the two teams.

“By … you guys?”


“From two years ago.”

Right. Did it disappoint you that the gap seems to have widened?

“I don’t think so. I think our kids played hard. I don’t think we executed very well. There’s eight to six plays in a game like this that make a difference. And if you go back and watch it again, you’ll see there’s eight to six plays that made a difference in the game from a standpoint of momentum, standpoint of confidence, and what you want to do. That’s part of it.”

How big was it to give up that touchdown before the half?

“That was a disappointing drive there at the end of the half. It drives you crazy. You give up points right at the end of the half, and it’s disappointing.”

How do you not allow a game like this to beat you next week?

“Well hopefully you do a great job as a group of leaders. Talk about coaches, senior captains, all those guys. Understanding where we are and what we need to do. I know they signed up for a guaranteed 12 games.”

With so much emphasis on a Big Ten title, what does this team have to play for?

“Still. It’s not in our hands. But you never know unless you’re forecasting for us now. Who knows?”

Does it surprise you that there was a lack of execution with the two weeks off?

“No. I think there’s more made out of that than anything else. Does it surprise me? Yeah. It surprises me. It has nothing to do with two weeks.”

Did you think you’d be further along?

“Well I was hoping.”

Is it coaching that you have to go back and look at?

“You always do.”

MGoQuestion: Going along with that, were you satisfied with the preparation and game plan?

“Yes. We wouldn’t have run the plays we ran unless we were satisfied.”

MGoFollowup: But considering the result …

“Hindsight’s always 20/20, right?”

What did you make of Michigan State’s defensive line and Shillique Calhoun?

“I think he’s a good football player. We’ve had a lot of respect for their defense all week going into this game, and I grabbed Max Bullough afterwards because he’s one of the guys I like watching play football. We have a lot of respect for them.”

Do you think the identity of this team is that it needs to get better in the trenches?

“That’s part of it. We haven’t played the way we like to every game.”

When Devin did have time, how did you think he played?

“I don’t know. Pretty good. But it would be nice to give him more time.”

What do you tell your fan base and alumni about dropping five of the last six games to Michigan State?

“Well, they’ve won five of the last six. Something like that. Well, we gotta keep working.”

Five of six is pretty significant. Do you think there’s that big of a gap?

“I don’t think there is a gap. I think they played awfully well, executed awfully well. I don’t think we did.”

Tursday Presser Transcript 10-29-13: Greg Mattison

Tursday Presser Transcript 10-29-13: Greg Mattison

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60 minutes of unnecessary tenderness

Opening remarks:

“Michigan State week. Here we go.”

How has Michigan State’s offense improved?

“They seem like they throw the ball much better. I mean, this is a good football team. And it seems like their offensive line is blocking a lot more cohesively, and they’re very physical. This will be a tremendous challenge for us.”