The 2017-18 Basketball Season In Photos

The 2017-18 Basketball Season In Photos Comment Count

Ace April 10th, 2018 at 11:26 AM

Ed-Ace: Our primary basketball photographer and #1 MGoFrenchman Marc-Gregor Campredon put together this look back at the season in photos. I've made some minor edits but left it in MG's voice—he has a way with words that I don't want to disrupt. Without further ado...

Part 1

Et voila: The first month of 2018 seasons in photos with some dull opponent (I did not say boring) and some very good ones!

Oh, I took the liberty to illustrate the away game with others games images because I will never pass on the op’ to showcase our work.

If not precise with another’s name photographs are by Marc-Gregor Campredon! Quotes are from the game recap mostly by Ace but also by many other talented guys.

Exhibition vs Grand Valley State victory 82-50

Teske’d !

vs North Florida victory 86-66

Robinson is elated while dunking.

vs Central Michigan victory 72-65

“It's me again, the guy who tells you not to pay too close attention to the final score”.

Charles Matthews is already a solid starter for Michigan.

vs Southern Mississippi victory 61-47

“Michigan's coaches and players started calling sophomore Jon Teske "Big Nasty." They hoped that would replace "Big Sleep".”

Teske’d again – It will never gets old.

The tourney in Hawaii

vs LSU defeat 75-77

“It took the team most of the first half to find this offense, however, and they strayed from it at times in the second; I'm excited about the future of a team that makes this their identity.”

Already, a lot’s of John Beilein is emerging in Yaklich.

vs Chaminade victory 102-64

“Poole looked good in his first extended action, doing what he's supposed to do: get buckets (…) He should cut into Ibi Watson's minutes if he keeps hitting jumpers.”

Toat's m'goats

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This Week’s Obsession: The Banner Gallery

This Week’s Obsession: The Banner Gallery Comment Count

Seth March 8th, 2018 at 2:00 PM


[This and the other photos by MG Campredon]

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The Question: Choose a photo from the Big Ten Tourney and tell us why it’s representative of the trip.

Alex: I would pick the pic of me drunk at the bar with friends post-state win buuuuut no.

David: This is mine:


Shout-out to the side dribble.




This is Jaren Jackson plowing into Moe Wagner after driving on Simpson. Jackson will cartwheel to the ground and fumble the ball out of bounds for a turnover. A few things about this jump out.

One: this was not a foul. It also was not called a foul despite the heavy contact. This is because Wagner was stationary and within the cylinder he's allowed to be in. Everyone got furious about the Iowa game and rightly so; since we do so much ref complaining around here it's only right to stop and note that the refereeing for the rest of the tournament was pretty good. (Except for MSU screening.)

Two: with some limited exceptions this is representative of Michigan's defense in the tournament. If you approached the basket, usually bad stuff happened. Michigan turned Miles Bridges into a guy who mostly takes contested 18-footers. It's not as impressive to do that to Josh Langford, but they also did it to Josh Langford. They did it to Carsen Edwards; by the second half Glynn Watson was convinced that off the dribble shots by a 39/28 shooter were Nebraska's best option. He might not have been wrong.

Three: X had gotten switched onto a 6'11" guy and it didn't matter. Michigan actually put X on Bridges on purpose for the first ten minutes, which appeared to bait him into "I can shoot over this guy" mode and helped initiate that pretend Rip Hamilton stuff.

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The Big Ten Tournament In Photos

The Big Ten Tournament In Photos Comment Count

Ace March 6th, 2018 at 12:43 PM

All photos/words by Marc-Gregor Campredon.

First day: Iowa 

The game was dreadful and the Garden was quiet like a cemetery at midnight. I could even hear the officials talking to the players and the coaches. It was nightmarish and it went to overtime: not what I expected in NYC.


First Half:

Air Rahkman in action.

The Fans:

Dance - Dance - Jordan Poole is proud of your move!

Second Half:

Yeah, the ceiling again. Maybe I should reconvert as a carpenter.

The Gamer:

Horrendous officials saving the day. In comparison the ambiance was not awful.

Michigan Bench:

The guy really believed he was getting a low five from Coach Beilein?

The other side:

When your hopes fade away.

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A Year in Photos 2017

A Year in Photos 2017 Comment Count

Eric January 8th, 2018 at 3:38 PM

First and foremost, thank you to Brian, Ace, Seth, Adam, and David for all that you do to make our job possible. We couldn't ask for a more dedicated group.

Second, thanks to the readership of MGoBlog. Your support has been awesome again!  This season was my 7th on the sideline for MGoBlog and it was a great time despite the not so great results.

We just wanted to share some of our favorite photos from 2017.  Instead of breaking it down by sport this year, I'm going to do it by Photographer. I hope you all enjoy.


Eric Upchurch, Bryan Fuller, Patrick Barron


Marc-Gregor Campredon

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A Year in Photos 2016

A Year in Photos 2016 Comment Count

Eric January 31st, 2017 at 12:34 PM

For the first time ever, the MGoBlog staff photographers covered all 13 Michigan Football games. In addition we covered Basketball, Gymnastics, Hockey, Softball, Signing of the Stars, The Nike/Jumpman Launch, and many other media days, press conferences, etc. It has been an interesting ride and we've loved every minute of it.

First and foremost, thank you to Brian, Ace, Seth, Adam, and David for all that you do to make our job possible. You guys are awesome!

Second, thanks to the readership of MGoBlog. Your support on the blog and through social media has been outstanding. We appreciate all of you…well most of you…well some of you. It's hard to believe that I have just finished covering my 6th season of football for MGoBlog. It has been an interesting ride thus far. I'm looking forward to many more seasons on the sideline.

I also want to make sure that we thank the other photographers who stepped in when one of us can not cover a game: Bill Rapai, Marc-Gregor Campredon, Paul Sherman, and Joseph Dressler. You guys have done a great job.

All that out of the way, I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos (from all of us) to come out of it.


MGoPhotographers Eric Upchurch, Bryan Fuller, and Patrick Barron

[After THE JUMP]


A Year in Photos 2015

A Year in Photos 2015 Comment Count

Eric December 23rd, 2015 at 11:28 AM

[Editor's Note: We consider the Harbaugh introductory press conference as the beginning of the photo year. We know that it happened in December 2014. Close enough. The Harbaugh presser will be eligible next year, too.

Also: all of our photos are Creative Commons (Attribution/Noncommercial) Licensed. That means that you can use them if 1) you mention where the photo is from and 2) don't sell them. We are delighted for you to use them. We spot them in fire dot emoji edits on the regular.]

For those of you that don’t know, I’m Eric Upchurch. I started covering games for MGoBlog during the 2011 football season. Bryan Fuller joined us in 2012. This past season we added former Daily photographer Patrick Barron as a regular. Here is the only photo that I’m aware of that includes all of us.


Patrick Barron, top, Bryan Fuller, left, Eric Upchurch, right

Photo of the year

Fuller's shot of Amara Darboh's amazing catch against BYU. 


This photo is now in Schembechler Hall.

On top of having a photo in Schembechler hall, MGoBlog photographers contributed more photos to John U Bacon's Endzone: The Rise, Fall, and Return of Michigan Football  than anybody else. We’re also responsible for Jim Harbaugh’s wikipedia photo. 

We don’t get to say it much, but we wanted to thank the readership of MGoBlog for all of your support. Those of you that follow us on twitter and retweet and share our photos are a #blessing. We are very grateful for it. Bryan, Patrick and myself all have full time jobs outside of photographing Michigan athletics. We cover these games in our spare time and we love every minute of it. On a typical gameday, we arrive 3 hours prior to kickoff and we leave around 1-2 hours after the game ends. They are very long days. I live closest to the stadium out of any of our photographers and I’m 50 miles away in Sylvania, OH. Bryan drives in on gamedays from Kalamazoo. When Patrick covers a game for us, he’s travelling in from Appleton, WI. We take our work seriously and we are thankful that all of you support us.

It should be noted that this is the first season that MGoBlog has had a photographer at every regular season football game. Thanks to Patrick for putting this collage together.


Alright, now let’s show some photos.

The introductory press conference was like no other presser that I’ve ever attended. They are typically low key. This one was like a party. It was great. I was honored to be there. It appears as though Coach Harbaugh is looking directly at me. I think it was because I was standing on a chair right behind the TV cameras. He probably was wondering who the 8ft tall photographer was in the back of the room.


This photo is one that I try to get every season. This is one of my favorite moments before the team comes out of the tunnel.

drum major

This one is from Fuller... sometimes a photographer is in the right place at the right time. 


This photo got a ton of use; Harbaugh at his first spring game as the head coach.


This from Barron communicates the importance of the Little Brown Jug better than anything else I've seen.


Another from Patrick that I loved. I didn’t even see this on TV. Even on replay. This may have been a facemask.


We cover more than just football and basketball games. Here are some photos from Bryan’s coverage of the softball team.




Patrick also covered some hockey for us.




We shot thousands of photos this season. It’s very hard to narrow it down to a few that we’d like to feature. Here are complete galleries of our favorite photos from 2015. Be sure to follow us on twitter for live photo updates during games. Eric Upchurch (@eupchurchphoto) Bryan Fuller (@fulloftwitt) Patrick Barron (@MGoDrone). Thanks again from all of us and Go Blue!

Eric Upchurch

Bryan Fuller

Patrick Barron


Photos From The Fire Dave Brandon Rally

Photos From The Fire Dave Brandon Rally Comment Count

Ace September 30th, 2014 at 8:16 PM

What started with a message board post became a law student wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt in protest:

This and all following photos: Ace Anbender/MGoBlog

While at first it appeared the media members would outnumber the protestors, that changed in a hurry, with the assembled crowd alternating chants of "Fire Brandon," "We Want Harbaugh," and "Down With Dave."

A little while in, a small group chanted "Schlissel's House!" Lo and behold, a few minutes later, the protest had moved to the university president's front lawn:

“I’m proud of our history. I’m not proud of Dave Brandon being a part of that history.”

The guy with the megaphone—I didn't catch who he was, but since he was interviewed by several media outlets, I'm sure it'll get out there—spoke for a while about his pride in the University's athletic history, his support of the students and athletes, and the failure of Dave Brandon to protect either. The rally ended with a mocking "Dave Sucks" chant and a rendition of The Victors. A certain blogger may or may not have been interviewed on live television.

The full set of photos from the rally is embedded below. I'd estimate the turnout ended up at somewhere around 400-500 people—not bad for something that started just hours earlier on a message board...