Mailbag: Rushin', Meta Photobomb, Toledo Game Theorizing, Weird Stuff

Mailbag: Rushin', Meta Photobomb, Toledo Game Theorizing, Weird Stuff

Submitted by Brian on October 24th, 2012 at 10:59 AM

Field rush update.


OSU last year, via the Blade

Got a number of emails detailing Michigan's field rush activities:

In response to your question, here are the only three I recall since the 1997 OSU game.

2003 OSU game (100th game)

2011 OSU game

2012 MSU game

But here's one that probably doesn't get remembered:

After the 2008 Wisconsin game, about 5-7 students attempted to rush the field and a few were lucky enough to out-juke the security and run around midfield. One was not: he got body slammed by a police officer right in front of the student section, which is probably the only thing that quelled a massive on-rush of students.

I have somehow forgotten the 2003 field rush entirely despite being in the student section for it. Conclusion: I must not have joined it. If you're more than a couple dozen rows up, which I probably was, rushing the field is an exercise in walking around, looking at other people walking around looking at people since no one's even going "WOO" anymore.

So that confirms the 2012 MSU rush: lamest, only non-OSU field rush in 20 years. I get it, I guess, but if they were going to do it at least they did it in the appropriate fashion by half-assing it and taking about 10 minutes for anyone to get down, then trickling out seemingly one by one because half of the students didn't care to bother. That's the right kind of MSU field rush.


What is next years QB looking like? I thought someone said Gardner would move back to QB in the spring and start in the fall. Is that the case or is Morris going to play in the spring and start in the fall or just show up in the fall and start?

I can't see Morris showing up in the fall and starting.



Gardner just about has to move back to QB as soon as the season's over. Morris won't be enrolling early—his high school does not allow it—and Michigan's not going into spring practice carrying one scholarship QB.

Also, there's an excellent chance Gardner ends up being Michigan's best option there. Morris will be a true freshman, one coming off a senior season partially lost to mono. Bellomy has the look of a game manager type (early, yeah, okay). Gardner's the best bet to MAKE PLAYS with his legs, and he'll have as much experience practicing at QB as Bellomy even with this year that's lost to WR.

Meta photobomb. I still have not seen one of these in the wild, but they exist.


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