Monday Recruitin' Sees Dr. Moose

Monday Recruitin' Sees Dr. Moose

Submitted by Ace on February 11th, 2013 at 2:05 PM

Today's recruiting roundup covers a spate of new offers, Wilton Speight, and several things that don't sound like "spate" at all.

Wilton Speight: Part Cyborg

Signing Day 2013 is over, as for the most part so is our discussion of it here—probably for the best, given that the dominant post-NSD story centered around what Reon Dawson may or may not have said about his childhood favorite school. Brian and I did an extensive breakdown of the class on this week's podcast (coming soon) if you haven't had your fill, and I'll update the recruiting class rankings today.

Meanwhile, Michigan got a jump on the 2014 class with the Signing Day commitment of VA QB Wilton Speight, who was profiled on his school's website—he described the injury that caused him to reclassify:

“It was an option-read,” Speight said of that fateful play late in Cougars’ opener, a 34-19 victory over Trinity Episcopal.  “I got past the defensive end and linebackers. There was one man between me and the goal line.  I tried to jump over him.  As I was in the air, he caught my feet, which flipped me over. I tried to break the fall with my elbow, but (the impact) shot my shoulder up.

    “I walked to the sideline hoping it was a stinger. (Athletic trainer) Shannon (Winston) moved it around.  She felt crunches.  I heard it crunch. My collarbone was broken in two places.

    “Looking back, I probably didn’t have to make that play, but when you’re competitive, it’s hard to just step out of bounds.”

    While Speight had complete confidence in his surgeon, Dr. “Moose” Herring, he knew that fulfilling his dreams was now dependent upon his own perseverance, strength of will, and self-discipline.

Speight's injury woes didn't end there, despite the best efforts of Dr. "Moose" Herring, who by virtue of name alone I would entrust with my life, let alone my collarbone. After dealing with a partial MCL tear in basketball season, Speight's collarbone took another hit during lacrosse season, and as a result he's now part cyborg:

“I had the ball and came around the cage,” he recalled.  “When I shot, a defensive player brought his stick down on my (right) shoulder. 

    “He hit it hard enough that the part of the bone not covered by the plate broke off the metal.

    “It was a clean break, thankfully.  Dr. Herring was able to open it back up and put in a six-inch plate with eight screws that covers my whole collarbone.  

    “It will definitely prevent anything from breaking up there again.”

I, for one, welcome any and all cyborg athletes willing to aid Michigan's quest for world domination a Big Ten championship.

Also of note: cyborg QBs apparently recruit a little, too.

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