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Jimmystats: 2019 Recruiting Comps: Offense

Jimmystats: 2019 Recruiting Comps: Offense Comment Count

Seth December 20th, 2018 at 4:50 PM

More fun with rosters! With signing day behind us I've updated my spreadsheets and the associated interactive chart. Behold: the 2019 class contextualized against every Michigan recruit since 1990:

You can mouseover the big yellow bubbles to get a sense where each guy fits against previous Michigan players in the recruiting rankings. But let's still dig out each player to understand the context of his scouting. The full data are here.

QB Cade McNamara


The style of quarterback who uses his legs and is constantly being asked about his height is now considered a "Pro Style" quarterback, especially if he commits to Harbaugh, though it's not hard to find the guy Cade McNamara most reminds us of. Cade is a clear rung down from Tate's Top-150ish ratings, and for good reason. However Michigan's lone QB recruit in this class is still strongly above the 4-star line. Despite the other comps being substantially different players, the boom/bust nature of his ranking is evident in the range of success you see around him.

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Friday Recruitin' Leaps Tall Humans In A Single Bound

Friday Recruitin' Leaps Tall Humans In A Single Bound Comment Count

Adam Schnepp November 9th, 2018 at 12:00 PM

This space has been so focused on breathlessly detailing the recent spate of visits from highly ranked recruits that there hasn’t been much digital ink spilled on some of the highly ranked players already in the class. With no visits this weekend, new intel available, and a recent return from injury, it’s a great time to look at who CA RB Zach Charbonnet has been running around or, more recently, over. And by “over” I don’t mean truck-stick style, I mean literally over, as in Ben Mason hurdling a dude. So yes, click that link. He’ll have a chance to leap over even larger and more athletic guys than usual this January, as Todd McShay tweeted yesterday that Charbonnet was selected second overall in the Under Armour All-America Game Draft. Not a small accomplishment considering 13 current five-stars are on the game roster; Wanya Morris, the player selected ahead of Charbonnet, is ranked #7 overall and is the top offensive tackle in the 2019 class.

It’s not much of a surprise, then, that Michigan has plans to use Charbonnet next season. 247’s Steve Lorenz confirmed this week not only that he fully expects Charbonnet to have a big role in 2019, but that Charbonnet will get a head start on bringing that prediction to fruition when he enrolls in January.

One more 2019 running back who’s also expected in the class: Eric Gray. Lorenz reports that Michigan’s staff still thinks that they’ll be able to sign Gray, who has taken multiple visits to Tennessee and has an Ole Miss official slated for early December. Gray has one final opportunity to visit Michigan this season, so keep your eyes open for his name on visitor lists for the Indiana game. If Gray doesn’t make the trip up, he will have gone the entire season without experiencing the gameday atmosphere in person and without having set foot in the state since camp season while visiting other southern schools multiple times. Writing will be on the wall then, it seems.

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Hello: Mike Sainristil

Hello: Mike Sainristil Comment Count

Seth November 4th, 2018 at 1:41 PM

It took a few more months than we thought it would, but Michigan has finally flipped 2019 Massachusetts athlete Mike "Sweetness" Sainristil.

110% > 100%

Virginia Tech thought they had a gem secured in the heart of Don Brown territory, but couldn't maintain control through the entire process. Michigan now takes possession of this 5-10, 175-pound slot receiver prospect, or maybe a 5-9, 175-pound safety prospect, or another running back, or maybe 6'8"/375 offensive tackle for the 2023 class for all the scouting service evaluations out there on him. Steve Lorenz posted an Insider($) note after Sainristil visited on that big June recruiting weekend that at least added some clarity to his position:

Michigan is not recruiting Sainristil at cornerback; instead, they are recruiting him as an athlete with the current likelihood being wide receiver

The crystal balls flipped hard to Michigan during the subsequent Commitapalooza but Sainristil remained committed to Virginia Tech until a few days before he set up his Michigan visit for Penn State. Don Brown visited his school during the recent bye, further adding to the least surprising flip of the year.

What Michigan appears to have secured is a bottle of lightning to assuage those of us still rankled that K.J. Hamler was never offered, IE a slot smurf. Caveat: Commonwealth, but he might be a really good one.


Rivals ESPN 247 247Comp
3*, 5.6, #63 ATH, #2 MA 4*, 80, #24 ATH, #33 Northeast, #1 MA 3*, 86, #75 CB, #809 Ovr, #3 MA 3*, 0.8676, #62 CB, #678 Ovr, #1 MA

Since he appeared on our radars in June, ESPN bumped Sainristil up to a low 4-star, shot him 20 spots up their athlete rankings, and moved him ahead of 23 other athletes. 

That differs from 247, who's dropped him 4 spots in the cornerback rankings and 100 spots overall as various seniors around the nation popped. I plugged these into my composite stars formula and the ESPN bump moved him into the Nate Johnson/Grant Perry region. Squint at that with the Massachusetts curve and you get a Dennis Norfleet: a human highlight reel who generates a ton of local press (and blogger love) but equal incredulity from the scouting types trying to project a ceiling from a guy who's never touched one.

Sainristil's rankings also have a distinct whiff of "Eh, we haven't been up there, but the Boston papers seem to like him." ESPN had Sainristil the second "78" until they got a guy up there and bumped him to an 80 (unfortunately with no explanation), and 247 has been slowly dropping him the last month as they get to evaluations of the people under him—he was 56th in May. Rivals is the comparative skeptic, ranking Sainristil 12 spots below the last 5.7.

There's also disagreement about a crucial inch: Rivals has him 5-9, 175 pounds; 247 lists him at 5-10/175, and ESPN has 5-9 but 180 for weight. For what it's worth, in his highlight films Sainristil is average height for the guys on the field—he may be 5-9 but he's not "5-9" if you dig.

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Friday Recruitin' Overstocks Tea Leaves

Friday Recruitin' Overstocks Tea Leaves Comment Count

Adam Schnepp November 2nd, 2018 at 12:55 PM

We got a break from obsessively checking the hour-by-hour chance of precipitation, wind strength, and “feels like” temp with the bye week but it’s time once again to open your favorite weather app: 2019 LB/RB Quavaris Crouch is coming to town. Crouch, you may remember, continues to express a great deal of interest in Michigan and a great skepticism about its weather.

Things literally and metaphorically look good for his official visit right now. According to Weather Underground, it should be partly sunny during the game, feel like 43 degrees with virtually no chance of precipitation, and have winds tapering off from nine to two mph as the night progresses. According to Sam Webb, the outlook is good with regard to Crouch’s travel party, too. It wasn’t clear whether Crouch would be bringing family members or just his former head coach/mentor on this weekend’s official visit, but Webb confirmed two days ago that Crouch’s mother and grandmother will be in Ann Arbor, and his former head coach/mentor is also likely to be in attendance. That shows how seriously Crouch is considering Michigan, which he named tied for his top school with Clemson while including a weather caveat.

Family input is expected to have some influence over Crouch’s decision, especially that of his grandmother. Webb published a lengthy interview with Sam Greiner, the aforementioned former head coach/mentor, in which he says distance isn’t as much a factor as it once was because they realized all of his top schools are a couple hours away, the difference being whether that’s by car or plane. Greiner goes on to detail the pitches some schools are using, as well as what Crouch likes about Michigan and Clemson. He notes that Crouch and his family have been to multiple Clemson games but none of them have seen a game in the Big House; it’s tough to overstate how important this visit will be. 

Crouch most recently took an official to Florida State last weekend, where the game itself couldn’t have gone much worse. Not only did they get obliterated by No. 2 Clemson at home, but they got obliterated by No.2-and-tied-for-first-for-Crouch’s-services Clemson at home. The things he told Rivals’ Adam Friedman after the game about how the history of the football program is good and they’ll be good after they repair the current culture make it sound like he isn’t headed there.

Where he’ll be headed won’t be known anytime soon, though, so don’t expect a commitment to come out of his visit to Michigan. Not publicly, at least. Crouch plans to announce his chosen school at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on January 5, but told the Charlotte Observer’s Langston Wertz Jr. that he plans to silently commit before publicly announcing so that he can start the early enrollment process.

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Friday Recruiting Keeps Meat At The Same Temperature For An Extended Period Of Time And Asks You To Adore Him As A God Because Of It

Friday Recruiting Keeps Meat At The Same Temperature For An Extended Period Of Time And Asks You To Adore Him As A God Because Of It Comment Count

Brian July 27th, 2018 at 2:26 PM

I'm Daxton You To Keep Calm

[/is showered in rotten fruit]


Anyway: Michigan picked up a crystal ball for five star OK S Daxton Hill yesterday, and since that CB was from the 24/7 affiliate of presumed leader Oklahoma that's pretty notable. Apparently Hill is skipping the Sooner version of the BBQ, and this has resigned certain OU people to their fate. Sam Webb talked to everyone at 24/7 with an opinion about Hill—a group that includes Alabama, Oklahoma, and national 24/7 guys—and came back with a fairly emphatic statement that Hill is a "Michigan-Alabama dogfight."

On the one hand: hooray some people think Michigan's getting this guy. On the other: Michigan's track record on the trail against Alabama is not good. Judging from the extensive takes from Alabama folks their confidence is strong but waning daily as Hill becomes one of those "why didn't you pull the trigger for your leader yet?" players who go from locks to very much not that.

Hill plans to decide in August and has a September 15th official to Ann Arbor scheduled. Best case scenario is probably that Hill doesn't announce by that official. OTOH, Lorenz posted yesterday that if Hill was going to announce today his ball would be "squarely" on Michigan. Ace put a ball in for Michigan, because we believe in the too-late-to-pull-the-trigger theory.

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