Vicious Electronic Questioning #2: House Rock Built Returns!

Vicious Electronic Questioning #2: House Rock Built Returns!

Submitted by Brian on September 5th, 2013 at 4:56 PM


MSPaint like a Champion Today

Back in the day, Brian Stouffer—yes, one of the puppet geniuses—and I had an annual GChat conversation that invariably took bizarre turns towards luchadores and sea mammals that incidentally discussed the looming game of the century of the week. I'm happy to report that we have resurrected this tradition, possibly made it even weirder.

Well, I guess we should start with the looming subplot everyone's been talking about all week: Jameis Winston.

Let's just talk the whole time about him.

I think we should also talk about how Mack Brown did not recruit him. I certainly hope Michigan's coaches check with each and every QB prospect they recruit about this.

"Son, does Mack Brown have any idea who you are?"

"No sir."

"We would like to offer you a scholarship, son."

"I have never played football."

"Don't care."

I think I am literally the only human being alive who both did not get a scholarship offer from Mack Brown and did not become a megasuccessful quarterback.

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Johnny Unitas, Vince Young, Barry Sanders, and John Flansburgh are amongst the many incredibly successful quarterbacks Mack Brown ignored.

I was in fact offered two scholarships to play quarterback at Texas.

That makes sense, since I saw you separate your shoulder throwing a ping pong ball at a tailgate a few years ago.

Right. Anyway. This is going to be over soon. How are you feeling about this?

This game or this chat?

I don't think we've got enough content for the chat yet.

I dunno, Courier New, 14 point, 2 inch margins. Let's turn it in and hit happy hour.

We can watch my DVD of the classic 1973 ND-Michigan game. Mark May said it was the best of the whole series.

The internet doesn't have margins. We'll have to soldier on, even if I want to fire up the 1968 classic in which Kirk Gibson hits a walk-off home run to send the game to a shootout.


Rob Ufert's call of Kork Gorbson's game-tying walk-off digeridomer was perhaps the best Michigan Manment of all time. Of all time!

Man I love imaginary games. Although I think we can all agree that the best one was the Christmas Day Notre Dame-USC game that the security guard at Nakatomi Plaza was watching.

All of our games are about to be imaginary. We'll have to hop on Google Chat in 2015 and say "I killed your quarterback" / "nuh-uh, he's got a force field" / "my defense has a force field disruptor" / "Well, my defense oversigns"—RECORD SCRATTTTTCH

"Well I'll be, your downfield throwing field-adjusted VORP is higher than ours. I concede you have the superior side. And nobody had to get hurt in the process!"

But hey isn't it better that we work out our differences with words instead of violence and tackling?

I think you know the answer to that is "hell no."

[AFTER THE JUMP: things cease being strange. lol jk]