Delaware State Postgame Presser Notes

Delaware State Postgame Presser Notes

Submitted by Tim on October 17th, 2009 at 4:49 PM

Rich Rod

  • Liked opportunity to play in front of 106k, and the fans supported the team, despite lack of an exciting opponent.
  • Liked that a bunch of older guys were able to get their first real playing time. Even ST starters didn't play in the second half. Guys are happy because their teammates got to play. So many close games prevents quality reps for the depth. A lot of fun to let the scout team guys get real playing time.
  • Carlos should be cleared up by Monday. Molk might be back for the PSU game, and he should be able to practice this week. No new injuries happened today.
  • Tate practiced well during the week. They wanted to give him some game reps, but the first couple series went well, and they didn't need him. They knew tuesday that Tate would be able to play. If he was needed all game, he could have (but they planned on playing Denard). Wanted to get Denard some passing reps. Sheridan will be a great coach some day. Cone knows the system, great to get him some reps.
  • Planned to give Shaw and Smith the most carries. Wanted to give Kevin a few as well. How importat was it to get the backups some carries? You need at least 3-4 tailbacks, because they often play 2 at once, etc. It's critical to get the lower guys some reps. VS and MS physical for their size. Cox is on the scout team, but he got a chance to prove himself today.
  • Beginning of the year, this game would be used for evaluating. Middle of the year, it's a rest week, and time to give reps to depth players.
  • James Rogers moved to CB this week. Asked a couple weeks ago if he could help out on defense.
  • Wanted to run the offense, but didn't want to show anything new or throw the ball too much.
  • The coaches are "very mindful of the guys we plan on redshirting" Justin Turner will redhsirt.
  • Guys are ready for PSU. They were talking about the Lions as soon as they started going back up the tunnel.
  • RR knows the team is where he wants it when the 2s are almost as good as the 1s.
  • JT Floyd was out with what might be the flu. Cissoko still suspended - day-to-day.

Kevin and Kelvin Grady

  • Never talked to each other about scoring TDs in the same game. "These are the type of opportunities and moments you work for" - Kelvin.
  • Both brothers are competitors, never worried about scoring touchdowns together.
  • Kevin loves running the ball, it was god to get the opportunity to do it again. Kelvin's TD - he didn't do much, coaches just made the right call against the coverage.
  • Team had no problem with intensity - You shouldn't need the opponent be a big one in order to get up for a game in Michigan Stadium.
  • Kelvin still loves his hoops teammates, and they support him in football.

Vincent Smith

  • Wasn't expecting a huge workload, but was prepared to make the most of it.
  • Never worried about whether or not he needed to redshirt. He wanted to do whatever the team needed.
  • Smith wasn't aware of all the things he was doing, just worried about running the ball.
  • Freshman year is for getting the experience down, in the future he can worry about moving up the depth chart.

Brandon Graham

  • Hasn't scored since his junior yr of high school. Brandon Smith scooped the ball to Graham a bit.
  • Every game is taken personally. Today was to try to get everybody out there "Get everybody to live their dream of playing in the Big House" Ohene Opong-owusu was a captain today. He was hustling, etc.
  • With 2 sacks today, and 3 good weeks, the number is starting to climb up. He's really come on lately.
  • Try to keep guys focused in the locker room this week. Trying not to miss assignments this game. About last year's PSU game: "Last year was last year, this year we fight for 60 minutes."
  • The Big Ten is up for grabs. The goal is 10-2 "It can happen." You never know what can happen in the big 10. Never lose hope, the goal is a big 10 championship.
  • Vincent Smith is tiny and strong. "You ain't seen him with his shirt off. He's cut up."

Denard Robinson

  • "Just going out and having fun with my team. that's all this was."
  • Felt great to throw 2 TDs. Safety came down on the Grady TD pass. Knew what was coming. Sometimes the pass to the wide open guy is the hardest one. Don't want to overthtrow or underthrow. Had to throw it to webb because he was so open when denard got his head around.
  • Bounce-back from 2 losses is a big deal. The team can re-focus, put past games in the past. It's not hard to do, because your teammates tell you it's ok to make a mistake. You just need to get back on track. Against Iowa, Denard was calm. The interception had nothing to do with his nerves.
  • Don't try to do too much. Improving as a passer every day. Coach and teammates helping him out. Reading the defense is what Denard is working on now. Always room for improvement. Better than he was when he first got here.
  • More comfortable to get in rhythm, rather than one series at a time? Feels comfortable any time he goes into the game. Both he and Tate want to play, but they don't worry about who's on the field. They just want the team to win. Even Cone and Kennedy got reps today.
  • Vincent Smith's running style is fun. He ran loose, and hard to tackle.
  • On his fumble, a guy ripped it from behind just as he was going to secure with his second hand.