Thursday Recruitin' Stays In Touch

Thursday Recruitin' Stays In Touch Comment Count

Adam Schnepp March 14th, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Oak Park five-star OL Justin Rogers has been on Michigan’s radar forever, but it’s just in the past few weeks that they’ve seemed to make progress with the state’s top-ranked player. Rogers told WolverinesWire’s Isaiah Hole after a mid-February visit that he needed to continue to build a relationship with Michigan’s staff, particularly with new offensive coordinator Josh Gattis, and that daily communication needed to happen. Rogers visited again a week later for the Michigan State game and told Hole that communication with the staff had indeed picked up, and the game served as another opportunity to build his relationship with Gattis.

Whereas last week’s visit the two spoke more about Rogers’ past, and not much about football in a recruiting-sense, this time, Rogers says that Gattis has started laying down the foundation of how the five-star prospect could fit in with the Wolverines’ offensive plans, especially given the attrition that will happen by the time the Oak Park standout would arrive on campus.

“We’ve just been talking about (the future), college-wise,” Rogers said. “The offensive line, (how they have) all of the seniors and juniors. We’ve definitely talking about the future. We’re talking about all of that.”

It seems particularly beneficial to have had Rogers on campus consecutive weeks in light of the details he shared with Hole about his conversation with Gattis during his first visit.

“When did you start playing football?” Rogers said. “It was the little questions he was asking. It was like, ‘Wow, this is the first coach that ever did it.’ It’s definitely, it was crazy.”

Turns out relationships are built by talking to people about their life.

Another big visit, this one upcoming, comes from three-star, #499 overall VA DE Antwaun Powell on March 22. His ranking might not be that high just yet, but it’s telling that he’s the only weakside end on 247’s top target list. The Brice Marich article linked above notes that Powell’s hearing frequently from and developing a good relationship with Don Brown, which also tells you something about priority.

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Friday Recruitin' Evaluates Talent Four Years Prior To Graduation

Friday Recruitin' Evaluates Talent Four Years Prior To Graduation Comment Count

Adam Schnepp January 25th, 2019 at 3:00 PM

This post exists because Michigan’s coaching staff has been pounding the proverbial pavement in an unprecedented (since I took over writing these, at least) way. So many 2020 offers have gone out recently, and so many have generated quote-filled articles on the sites of the usual suspects, that it necessitated spinning off another post to cover everything; I realized this when I hit 1800 words and still had over 20 tabs open.

With the spate of offers, I feel going over a recent post from 247’s Steve Lorenz is a good way to start before diving into the minutiae of who got offered when and who’s got what other offers and when is such and such visiting. I wasn’t sure how to go about chronicling all the 2020 offers that went out because it just seemed like there so many that some must not mean that much, but Lorenz cautions against that. In his words:

Junior film is probably the most important opportunity for a prospect to establish themselves at the top of a school's recruiting board; offers made right now are usually notable and worth following.

He does, however, caution against putting too much stock in late-cycle in-state offers. Lorenz looked back at the last four classes and posited that Michigan’s in-state take rate might be around 50%. He says that we’re in the heart of the 2020 process right now, so reserve your skepticism for later in the season.

On that note, might want to hold back on casting judgement based on where a recruit is currently ranked. Lorenz:

There are numerous examples of prospects Michigan has gotten in on early who have risen continuously throughout the process. The flip side of this is true as well; many players who are ranked highly at this point will not be recruited heavily by the staff and you will see their ranking fall as the cycle continues. Overall, their evaluation abilities tend to be among the best I've seen.

Keep in mind that the final rankings for 2019 just came out and some 2019s are already enrolled and on campus. To Steve’s point, Trente Jones, Zach Charbonnet, Cornelius Johnson, Karsen Barnhart, and Giles Jackson are solid examples of guys who shot up the rankings from when Michigan first expressed interest to the end of the cycle.

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