MGoShirt Alert: Please Don’t Alert the Feds

MGoShirt Alert: Please Don’t Alert the Feds

Submitted by Seth on October 4th, 2017 at 12:50 PM

The artists at UGP have been at work. We call this one “Ball don’t lie, but someone did”:


And this one is called “The Bracket Buster”:PitinoBracket-navy_1_1_2048x2048


You can trade money for these on the MGoStore, and peruse our complete line of State-beating, Ohio-hating, three-sinking, satellite camping, vitamin-taking, with cruelty winning, wall-building, Everitt ruling, potato-aspiring, ‘89 bandwagoning, always Mike-ing, State beating, Hart hearting, God willing, charge-taking shirts.

Hokepoints: A Four Seed in the Final Four

Hokepoints: A Four Seed in the Final Four

Submitted by Seth on April 2nd, 2013 at 9:04 AM

Quicknote: If you're thinking about going to the Final Four, you know that MGoTicket Center button we have up all the time? …on the front page? …right under the board?

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Pitino! Is no seed safe from your wrath?

Welcome back to the Final Four. It's been awhile: 20 years if you're going by memory, longer if O'Brien* is to be believed. For some reason I can probably pin on puberty and my 2400 baud modem, we missed the opportunity to chart the hell out of it at the time, a chance I will not pass up again. Link to my data.

'Tis Better to Be a High Seed

Seed Final Four Championship All W%
1 32-23 20-12 52-35 59.8%
2 15-15 5-10 20-25 44.4%
3 10-6 5-5 15-11 57.7%
4 2-10 1-1 3-11 21.4%
5 3-4 0-3 3-7 30.0%
6 3-3 2-1 5-4 55.6%
7 0-1 - 0-1 0.0%
8 3-2 1-2 4-4 50.0%
9 0-1 - 0-1 0.0%
11 0-3 - 0-3 0.0%

Sample size and all that, but if you're filling out a bracket of four teams you still favor the 1 seed. A Cinderella run seems to be as likely to end here as anywhere else. I'd venture that Michigan and Syracuse are uncommonly good 4-seeds. M spent time as the AP #1 earlier this season and 'cuse might have if they hadn't lost right when the opportunity presented itself. Twelve teams in 2013 spent at least a week with a Top 3 AP ranking this year, a quick metric of how small a difference there was between the 1s and 4s. You know Michigan's anecdote about the rim at Indiana and the half-court heave in the Trohl Center. Previous years that was 8, 9, 8, 8, 6, 7, 6, 10. I had to go back to 2004 to find similar parity among the top field (that produced a Final Four of a 1-seed, two 2's and a 3).

Distance is No Problem

I plugged a lot of driving directions into Google Maps to get a picture of how distance from the championship site affects outcome but the findings weren't near so dramatic as I'd hypothesized:

seeds by distance

If it mattered you'd see a lot more colors clumped toward the bottom. Until you get within 200 miles of home there seemed to be no hometown help; interestingly being a state (200 to 500 miles) away seemed to work as a detriment—realm of the rival fans perhaps?

Miles from Home Favored Even Dogs All
0 to 200 5-1 4-1 1-0 7-2
201 to 500 4-11 4-4 0-7 5-12
501 to 1,000 21-20 17-15 4-5 29-24
1000+ 18-25 12-17 6-8 27-30

(Hover over headers for explanations)

If you live in proximity to a Spartan you probably remember a couple of those well, like Butler playing a virtual home game in 2010 or MSU beating UConn at Ford Field before falling to UNC. Flight miles or time zones traveled didn't affect Final Four results: teams traveled on average 1,027 miles; those that advanced were an 1,001 miles away from home, and the losers were 1,052 miles away.

4-Seeds in the Final Four


'97 Arizona is the only 4-seed to win it all. Tucson Citizen

It's not that big of a deal in this round since Michigan is playing another 4 in Syracuse but I took a look at the history of the seed anyway.

Team Final Four Opp. Result Site Distance
2013 Michigan Syracuse (4) ? Atlanta 709
2013 Syracuse Michigan (4) ? Atlanta 964
2012 Louisville Kentucky (1) L 61-69 New Orleans 708
2011 Kentucky UConn L 55-56 Houston 990
2006 LSU UCLA (2) L 45-59 Indianapolis 848
2005 Louisville Illinois (1) L 57-72 St. Louis 260
1999 Ohio State Connecticut (1) L 58-64 St. Petersburg 1045
1997 Arizona North Carolina (1) W 66-58 Indianapolis 1728
1996 Syracuse Miss. St. (5) W 77-69 E. Rutherford 242
1995 Okla. St. UCLA (1) L 61-74 Seattle 1949
1992 Cincinnati Michigan (6) L 72-76 Minneapolis 702
1990 Arkansas Duke (3) L 83-87 Denver 807
1990 Georgia Tech UNLV (1) L 81-90 Denver 1401
1983 Georgia N.C. State (6) L 60-67 Albuquerque 1459

The winner on Saturday will be just the third on this list of 14 to advance to the championships since the tournament went to 40 teams. Ready for the weird: both times it happened they played Rick Pitino's Kentucky teams in the championship ('97 Zona won, '96 Cuse lost). If Louisville beats Wichita State as expected, there'll be another Pitino team waiting.

/searches for "I am constantly frightened by things that involve Pitino" tag, doesn't find one, creates it.


* I don't mean this in the charges shouldn't have been leveled sort of way, but in the wiping records is personal pet peeve of mine sort of way.