Future Blue Originals: Erick All

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Adam Schnepp November 14th, 2018 at 10:02 AM

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One of the earliest games David filmed this season took him to Centerville, Ohio, which definitely sounds like either the town where all of Norman Rockwell’s imaginary subjects lived or the setting of a show on the CW. On this night its high school hosted 2019 TE commit Erick All and his Fairfield squad, and this is where the entertainment analogies die. Even Centerville’s mascot, the Elk, sounds idyllic, but Fairfield squashed them, 49-21. The downside to running roughshod over the opponent was Fairfield’s lack of passing, particularly their lack of targets of All. He did run enough routes to get a good feel for his athleticism, but more important to both Fairfield’s outcome and our scouting purposes was his blocking in the run game. Anyone who has watched with more than passing interest this season has seen the importance of blocking when Michigan lines their tight ends up as H-backs, and this tape allows us to extrapolate and get a feel for how All might fit in that role.

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Future Blue Originals: Rashawn Williams

Future Blue Originals: Rashawn Williams Comment Count

Adam Schnepp November 7th, 2018 at 11:00 AM

The annual Prep Kickoff Classic was a more forward-looking scouting event than usual this season, with no 2019 Michigan targets featured in the showcase. There was still reason to film, though, thanks to Martin Luther King High School and 2020 four-star Rashawn Williams. King, currently ranked #1313 per Maxpreps, rolled past #182 East St. Louis, 52-38. Williams was a big part of the victory, utilizing his well-rounded skillset to make an impact in the run and pass game from the edge.

He recently reiterated that Michigan is and has been one of his top schools after visiting for the Penn State game despite a crystal ball that favors Ohio State, though their % lead is lessening; Allen Trieu and Brice Marich submitted Michigan crystal balls two days ago. What would Michigan be getting if they can secure Williams’ commitment? There are eight minutes and 38 seconds of film after the jump that can help us answer that.

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Future Blue Originals: East Kentwood at Grand Haven

Future Blue Originals: East Kentwood at Grand Haven Comment Count

Adam Schnepp October 31st, 2018 at 10:00 AM

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David stopped by Grand Haven on his way to the Northwestern game, and though I’m sure the boardwalk is worth the trip it wasn’t to do touristy things. East Kentwood was in town, which was an opportunity to get eyes on two defensive line prospects, Mazi Smith and Bryce Mostella. Smith, a senior checking in at a nose tackle-y 6’3” and 290 pounds, committed back in June and is the rare player that has been on Michigan’s radar long enough while playing close enough for us to scout him more than once. He’s also one of the headliners of the 2019 class, as his composite rating of 94.29 places him fourth among Michigan’s current commits. Mostella, a junior, looks every bit of his listed 6’6” and 240 pounds. He is currently a composite four-star with offers from most everyone in the Big Ten (including Ohio State), so he certainly merits closer examination as well. Does Smith live up to the hype over the course of a full game? David texted me before the game that he was on the field and Mostella is the size of Cam Newton, but what are his strengths and weaknesses? And does he have the same sartorial fearlessness? Hit the jump for answers to most of those questions.

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Future Blue Originals: Quintel Kent

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Adam Schnepp October 17th, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Like the hydraulic scaffolding from which David filmed, Quintel Kent has been on the rise. Bill Greene, 247’s Ohio uber-scout, wrote about Kent earlier this month and spoke highly of his skill set; it’s not hard to see why Greene re-ranked him in September. It is a bit surprising, though, as  Kent’s Hello post quotes a July scouting report from Greene in which he says he will remain open-minded but thinks Kent is properly rated. 247’s rating then: #1105 overall, #130 WR. Their rating now: #657 overall, #89 WR. He wasn’t even ranked in the composite when he committed in August, where he is now a three-star and #1257 overall. What a difference an offseason makes.

David thought we should see what we could see over the course of a full game and added Kent to the FBO schedule. He also added Woodstock BBQ in Lakewood to the list of this year’s restaurants, later texting me that it was really good but that the sauce wasn’t as good as City BBQ. Ohioans, to the comments! 

As the saying goes, “the best-laid plans of FBO and David often go awry.” Though there was no lightning delay, Kent’s St. Edward squad ran St. Joseph’s ragged by halftime, which led to a Kentless second half. He did his part in the first half to contribute to his second-half rest, which is my way of subtly influencing you to hit the jump.

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Future Blue Originals: Nolan Rumler

Future Blue Originals: Nolan Rumler Comment Count

Adam Schnepp October 10th, 2018 at 1:00 PM

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A one-week reprieve from breaking down film of a lineman sees us turn our focus that direction once again, this time to the offensive side of the ball and four-star 2019 OH OL Nolan Rumler. David filmed this game in early September, and I regret to inform you that I have scoured my texts and cannot find any sign of what restaurant he tried on this trip. Just like that, an emerging FBO tradition is squashed. [Edit: David just texted me that it was City BBQ] Also squashed that evening was Wayne, Archbishop Hoban’s opponent, 47-28. That’s not surprising given that MaxPreps has Archbishop Hoban ranked 47th in the nation and third in Ohio and Wayne 332nd overall and 25th in Ohio.

Rumler committed so long ago that his Hello post leads with a photo of him and Tim Drevno and features a good deal of speculative scouting, noting what he’s good at while also feeling the need to include how he might develop. This makes him an excellent candidate for a senior-season FBO. All you have to do is…

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Future Blue Originals: Joey Velazquez

Future Blue Originals: Joey Velazquez Comment Count

Adam Schnepp October 3rd, 2018 at 12:00 PM


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I know I’m fortunate to have David willing and able to go all over the Midwest to film games for FBO, but the way things have been going I’m going to have to have one of those quarterback-takes-his-linemen-to-dinner dinners at the end of the season. Not only did he make three consecutive trips to Ohio, but he had to sit through three separate lightning delays. Thanks a lot, Ohio. At least you produce good football players.

Which brings us to Joey Velazquez. The three-star “safety” isn’t really a safety but is very much a Viper, and any player Don Brown wants to play Viper is probably going to have some entertaining film. Velazquez is a blitzy heat-seeking missile with the instincts and speed to blow up a play in the backfield and the motor to chase down anything that might have gotten away. Come for the nine minutes of film, stay for the times no one blocks Velazquez on a well-timed blitz.

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Future Blue Originals: Gabe Newburg

Future Blue Originals: Gabe Newburg Comment Count

Adam Schnepp September 26th, 2018 at 12:00 PM


Another FBO, another game marred by unfortunate events. The night started innocuously enough, with David texting me about the excellent enchiladas he had and asking if I wanted to drive down and film (I wasn’t at this game, instead scouting from the video he captured) while he napped. It ended with Gabe Newburg hobbling, sitting on a table, and spending time in the injury tent. A huge 36-6 lead for Newburg’s Northmont squad was enough to keep him out of the game in the second half, and enough to keep us from getting a complete game’s worth of clips.

Even so, Newburg was on the field enough in the first half to get a good feel for where he excels and where he might fit in Michigan’s future plans. He was a disruptive force who flashed potential by way of excellent technique, the opposite of the usual potential by way of athleticism we see from other high school prospects. He tweeted the morning of the game that “an injured lion can still roar,” which in his case means an injured football player can still use proper hand placement and a disparity in arm length to disrupt the opposing lineman’s balance. The injury caveat is worth bearing in mind when judging his athleticism, but it didn’t detract to the point that you should avoid checking out the…

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Future Blue Originals: Zach Carpenter

Future Blue Originals: Zach Carpenter Comment Count

Adam Schnepp September 19th, 2018 at 10:00 AM


David made the long trek to the suburbs of Cincinnati to scout Archbishop Moeller, a football powerhouse that has helped fill out the rosters of both of Michigan’s primary rivals over the past decade or so. A new offshoot of the pipeline extends to Ann Arbor thanks to 2019 OL Zach Carpenter, who let the world know he would be attending Michigan in supremely understated fashion in May with a picture of Michigan Stadium attached to a one-word tweet: “Committed.”

Thankfully for Michigan, he is much larger than his character usage, checking in at 6’4” and around 300 pounds. Carpenter is a no-doubt interior offensive lineman in every way, from the shape of his body to the shape of his game. That was on full display in the contest David chose to scout, which featured Carpenter frequently lined up across from Trinity weakside defensive end Stephen Herron Jr., who flipped his commitment from Michigan to Stanford this summer. The matchup proved as interesting as expected through three quarters, at which time the game was delayed and eventually cancelled due to lightning and the universe’s general cruel and unfeeling nature. But hey, we got some good film!

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Future Blue Originals: Karsen Barnhart

Future Blue Originals: Karsen Barnhart Comment Count

Adam Schnepp September 12th, 2018 at 9:58 AM


David and I traveled over a river and through actual woods to idyllic Paw Paw, which has a football stadium on the banks of a river, a cool one-screen downtown movie theater on a main street ripped out of Disney World, a great pizza place that’s been owned by the same family for generations, and a standout offensive lineman in class of 2019 prospect and Michigan commit Karsen Barnhart. He even led his team onto the field carrying the school flag, with a teammate tucking an American flag just inside the edge of the frame above. Norman Rockwell, eat your heart out.

Barnhart and Paw Paw faced an overmatched Sturgis squad, and though the quality of competition wasn’t the most difficult Barnhart would encounter this season, he still showed why the scouting services view him as a four-star prospect. Barnhart plays tight end on the right side almost exclusively, except for the few snaps where he was split out wide. Like, to-the-sideline wide. Yeah, he’s pretty athletic. He also checked all the boxes you’d want from a future collegiate offensive lineman. He manhandled the opposition on the field and then water bottles on the sideline, dousing himself with water and flinging them away while he stalked the bench. Barnhart stayed actively involved on the field and on the sidelines despite Paw Paw going up multiple scores in a hurry and he played the part of team linchpin well, talking to everyone on the sidelines and trying to get them involved. So what exact boxes did he check? Hit the jump for deeper analysis.

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Future Blue Originals: Belleville vs. Brighton

Future Blue Originals: Belleville vs. Brighton Comment Count

Adam Schnepp September 5th, 2018 at 3:59 PM



Intrepid MGoVideographer David Nasternak braved the congestion of US-23 on a Thursday night to make the trip north to Brighton for the Bulldogs’ game against Belleville. What at first was on the schedule because it fit with the rest of the players David was going to see took on some intrigue as Brighton quarterback Will Jontz had a breakout performance that put him on the radar of a number of teams around the Big Ten, in turn giving us an intriguing litmus test for Belleville’s two Michigan commits.

Those commits: 2019 DT Tyrece Woods and 2020 CB Andre Seldon. Both impressed the Michigan staff enough at camps this summer to leave with scholarship offers. Woods, whose second-highest crystal ball percentage was Cincinnati at 17%, took two months to commit and had a handful of other offers from MAC schools and Fresno State. Betting against Don Brown and Greg Mattison seems like a surefire way to seal your fate, but there offer list indicates he might be raw. Seldon picked up a number of MAC offers this spring and had taken unofficial visits to Florida State, Penn State, and Michigan State, but he decided to jump on Michigan’s offer, committing just days after he camped in Ann Arbor. Both prospects clearly showed that they have traits the staff feels will fit their system well, but both also come with questions. Does Woods’ on-field performance seem to fall in line with the buzz around his camp drill performance? Is he more of a strongside end or a 3-technique? Is Seldon, at 5’8” or 5’9”, too small for the Big Ten? Is he even done growing? Let’s turn to the tape for answers (err, except to that last question, which I think we would need x-rays to figure out).

Tyrece Woods and Andre Seldon Every-Snap Film

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