Spring Practice Presser Transcript 3-27-12: Ricky Barnum and Taylor Lewan

Spring Practice Presser Transcript 3-27-12: Ricky Barnum and Taylor Lewan

Submitted by Heiko on March 28th, 2012 at 8:59 AM

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Ricky Barnum

from 2011 OSU

How different is it playing at center full time now?

“It’s not that much different. I played center coming in as a freshman when [Rich] Rod was here. It’s not really a transition, just getting back into the groove of things. I don’t really see it as a transition.”

What’s the hardest part of it?

“The hardest part would be trying to learn the defense, when they’re rotating, when their safeties are kicking down, when they’re rolling. That’s just the hardest part of learning it right now. But other than that the plays are pretty simple. Everything’s going well.”

How comfortable do you feel in that position?

“I feel very comfortable. I mean I like it. I always wanted to play it. We had a talented center, though, so I’m now getting my shot. I like it a lot.”

Why did you always want to play it?

“I always wanted to play center because I was told I was a natural center.”

Because of your frame?

“I don’t know. Coaches just tell me all the time.”

Did you play center in high school?

“I played my freshman year, and then I moved to guard and then I moved to tackle by my senior year.”

Denard said that you’ve been working together since his freshman year. Do you feel like you two have good chemistry?

“Yeah it’s a good chemistry because both of us are from Florida. He’s like my brother. I’m like his big brother. We definitely care about each other a lot. All I can say is that there’s a brotherhood between me and him.”

Have you been talking to Molk about playing center?

“Yes I always talk to Molk. Molk is another person that’s like a brother to me. He took me underneath his wing when I came in as a freshman. I’ve talked to him and he’s tried to give me tips to help me.”

Pretty big shoes to fill, huh?

“I don’t see it as pretty big shoes to fill because this is Michigan. When a class graduates everybody has to step up, not just one person.”

Still, he was the Rimington Award winner. Do you think you’ll win the Rimington?

“… If it’s God willing.”

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