Unverified Voracity Chucks Some Stuff Out

Unverified Voracity Chucks Some Stuff Out

Submitted by Brian on September 16th, 2011 at 5:24 PM

Five on Friday with a bunch of tabs I couldn't close without posting on 'em, so quickly:

RBUAS. It took until freakin' Friday but RBUAS is all writing about Notre Dame and Denard.

Explosion recapping. A couple of videos from the stands on Saturday follow. First the Smith touchdown:

Then the game winner:

The greatest profile in the history of running backs coaches. The Daily hits up Fred Jackson:

“I know I can sell this place as well as anybody,” Jackson said. “I’ve known about this place since the '70s.”

The rest is right out of Bo's textbook.

“This is Michigan. Whatever you put in this article you’ve got to know that that’s what I sell kids. This is Michigan. This is not any other school.

“Like Bo said, ‘Those who stay will be champions.’ You feel like you’re a champion here.”

No one is declared the ____ ever, unfortunately.

A man after my own heart. TOC's HeckDorland previews Notre Dame, which is only indirectly relevant to your interests, but I enjoyed this paragraph:

Anyone making a prediction on how "up" or "down" Notre Dame will be for this game is likely dumb. This sort of armchair psychology is insufferable, typically unsupported by data, and seemingly everywhere, even forming the crux of some predictions.

HOWEVA, drawing comparisons between Michael Floyd and BJ Cunningham after Floyd played two BCS defenses (at least technically, in Michigan's case) and Cunningham went up against some Penguins and Owls… eh… not sure if I agree with that policework there.

On what's supposed to happen. I totally forgot to link BWS's picture page items this week, but here's a mailbag on the last ND touchdown that goes into even more detail about what happened than you've already gotten.

If you say so. Gary Moeller on the Desmond Howard edition of The Catch:

Moeller: "You know what we’re gonna do right now?  He’s gonna throw it to Desmond and Desmond’s going to score a touchdown…”

Audio at MVictors.

Etc.: Penn State fans not so happy with Beaver Stadium atmosphere. Yes, I'm an old man. Let's at least be careful here. More Denard good, Denard bad breakdown from Dreaded Judgment. Picture-paging of the early Hemingway TD. Pick Six standings and results. I'm as happy as I can be w/ my picks since Notre Dame is the only laggard. Austin Hatch continues to get better, eats chicken wings.