Let's Draft Like Kings Again (Pro Pick 'Em Contest)

Let's Draft Like Kings Again (Pro Pick 'Em Contest) Comment Count

Seth September 7th, 2018 at 8:51 AM

[photo: Bryan Fuller]

So after a long time away, we can partner with DraftKings again. If you weren't here in the before-time, the deal is my friend works there, and from time to time he gets them to sponsor an evening post here. I pick a game for the MGoFaithful to play, you get to play for free, and if you actually know what you're doing, you win money.

We never got to do an Pro Football Team Pick 'Em before, and that's actually my favorite type of league to play in, so I'm stoked that they finally have that. The link:

Free $1,000,000 Pick’em Contest

To clarify, there is $1M in the whole pool—the top prize gets $100,000, and everyone who gets all their picks correct in the pool splits $300,000. Just pick the outright winner in each game and if you pick half right you win. The challenge won't lock until 1:00 PM EST on September 9.

Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details

My Picks:

  • Indianapolis over Cincy—Always pick against Ohio.
  • Baltimore over Buffalo—Buffalo's starting Nathan Peterman. Why?
  • New Orleans over Tampa Bay—Brees is going to have a career year.
  • New England over Houston—As long as Tom Brady is breathing. You know, whatever he breathes.
  • San Francisco over Minneapolis—Riding Garoppolo until he loses.
  • Miami over Tennessee—Did you remember Tennessee made the playoffs last year? Neither did I.
  • Jacksonville over New York—Saquon is going to find his new line isn't any better than his old one
  • Pittsburgh over Cleveland—Always pick against Ohio, whatever that Spartan's whining about this week
  • Kansas City over San Diego—Bolts always start so crappy. My upset pick.
  • Denver over Seattle—Butt's healthy, Seahawks on their way down
  • Arizona beats Washington—Both are Wrong Answers. Taking the home team.
  • Green Bay over Chicago—It's been happening for 20 years.
  • LA beats Oakland—Wonder who's going to look worse when the weekend's over, Jon Gruden or Herm Edwards?

Legal Disclosure:

DraftKings is an MGoBlog sponsor, and I play on there as MGoSeth. My personal views of the games and strategies above do not necessarily reflect the view(s) of DraftKings, and when I play I may sometimes deploy different players and strategies than what I recommend above (like, I didn't this time, but I could still talk myself out the hometown pick). I am not an employee of DraftKings and do not have access to any non-public information.


When it Rains, it Rains Running Backs

When it Rains, it Rains Running Backs Comment Count

Seth October 1st, 2015 at 6:11 PM

The thing I like most about daily fantasy games is having a thing to do with all this football knowledge that "it's my job" is only so much an excuse to accumulate. My job doesn't need me to know ahead of time that so-and-so has an 8-foot manbeast at running back and that the direction state university they're playing this week really should have gone Division III a decade ago. I don't really remember how all this information was acquired. It kinda assembled in my brain and sits there.

I can only foist so much of it on phone calls with friends (I mean, eventually you do have to ask about the kids) and the mgoslackchat. So I play Draft Kings, whom you may have noticed have been one of our best supporters for a very long time now, and who you also many have noticed are all over the place lately.

But remember these games are about exploiting market inefficiency. That blitz is your friend; they're sucking in tons of new players who don't know exactly what I'm talking about. And Ohio State fans.

Unfortunately the secret's out about the beast, and Buckeyes Bucking against Indiana is a smart play. So I've got a new dude. He is playing a team that doesn't stop anything, and his team is just starting to block everything, and his game just got moved to the early slot so his competition is unbalanced, and half the people in the pool are all gonna have the same guys. Don't listen to the weatherman who says the weather's gonna be clearer than you thought. I say it's gonna pour.


  • $100,000 prize pool.
  • First place wins $10,000
  • FREE for new users or $3 to enter
  • Top 7,850 scores win money guaranteed
  • Starts on Saturday, October 3rd at 12:00 PM EST
  • Salary Cap Style Drafting. $50,000 to select 9 spots.
  • Roster Format: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex


How I Learned to Love Non-Puppet Tate

How I Learned to Love Non-Puppet Tate Comment Count

Seth September 10th, 2015 at 6:08 PM

And it's over six ounces! That's like a double whammy!

Ah, Golden Tate. You made a good rival, a better Stuffing the Passer puppet, and most recently an excellent number two to Calvin Johnson. But the reason I love Golden Tate the most was he was money on my fantasy team last year. And whenever I cheered for him people thought I was rooting for the Lions and felt sorry for me.

It's weird to have these feelings for former rivals. I'm not like Ace, who as we speak is probably in some dank Ann Arbor basement hoping to draft Carlos Hyde because Alex Boone is blocking for him. Go ahead Ace!

In fact, this time I welcome you to draft all the Urban Meyer quarterbacks. Wait are there any Urban Meyer quarterbacks? Ah yes, Alex Smith: drafted by Ute fans who are bad at trolling everywhere.

I can get behind a Badger or a Husker (hey Abdulla is cheap!), but I usually avoid rival-rival guys in fantasy because there's a wrongness. Unless he was a puppet. Or if he's still underpriced and could win you 100 large. Then it's okay.

NFL starts tonight. First NFL game of the year with our fantasy partners at Draft Kings starts Sunday.


  • $1,000,000 prize pool
  • First place wins $100,000
  • FREE for new users or $3 to enter
  • Top 84,950 scores win money guaranteed
  • Starts on Sunday, September 13th at 1:00 PM EST
  • Salary Cap Style Drafting. $50,000 to select 9 spots. 8 players and 1 defense.
  • Roster Format: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex and 1 Defense



College…Football? Comment Count

Seth August 31st, 2015 at 5:57 PM

three days


It's so close your phone is dinging it at you because you put it in as an all-day event and there's a three-day auto-reminder.

It's so close that you know how when you get to Thursday evening and you think "where has the week gone?" because it went by that fast, well that is all the time since today that went by.

It's so close that you don't have to say a date, just an Anglicized version of an ancient Norwegian day of the week to describe when it's happening.

It's so close…well it's so close our contest at fantasy partners Draft Kings this week is actually A MICHIGAN COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME THAT TAKES PLACE THIS WEEK!


  • $100,000 prize pool
  • $10,000 first place prize
  • Free for new users or $3 to enter
  • Top 1,150 scores win money guaranteed
  • Starts Thursday, September 3rd at 6:00 PM EST
  • Salary cap drafting style to select 9 players
  • Roster format: 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, and 2 Flex

By now if you've been paying attention at all you should know things like how to get a free copy of HTTV by starting a Draft Kings account and depositing $15 or more, or that Jake Rudock is starting for Michigan in this game whatever coyness is coming from Schembechler Hall.

By now you should be quivering. It's that close.


It's Starting to Look a Lot Like Football

It's Starting to Look a Lot Like Football Comment Count

Seth August 24th, 2015 at 5:59 PM



We had a little preseason meeting of the MGoBloggerati last week. Due to some oversight, we unfortunately had this meeting at a bar with TVs and the Lions preseason game on those TVs. So no, we didn't get much planning done with a table full of football bloggers who had football in front of them, but Brian had this fantastic idea:

What if the NFL preseason actually counted? Teams would have unlimited rosters, but you could only play your 1st stringers for the 1st quarter, and your 2nd stringers in the 2nd, and so on. Play in a quarter and you lose your eligibility for the rest of them. Everybody wins!

In things that somebody wins:

Football season means we're gonna start getting back to picking daily/weekly fantasy games to congregate in with our fantasy partner Draft Kings. This week's is an NFL preseason contest because frankly that's what we're all paying attention to right now (sorry boss). And since it's early we just went with a free one anyone can play:


  • $100,000 prize pool.
  • First place wins $10,000
  • FREE for everyone to join - no deposit required
  • Top 23,150 scores win guaranteed
  • Starts on Sunday, September 13th at 1:00 PM EST
  • Salary Cap Style Drafting. $50,000 to select 9 spots. 8 players and 1 defense.
  • Roster Format: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex and 1 Defense

Smart pick:

I noticed Kelvin Benjamain has torn his ACL. Although the rookie vying to take his targets tweaked his hamstring last week and missed the Miami game, Funchess should be good to go. And the nice thing is you have to scroll a loooong way to get to him.




Seth July 31st, 2015 at 4:52 PM


No, seriously: football.

Look at the calendar. Look what tomorrow is.


Like: football.

It has been so long, and I've forgotten half of what I knew at the end of last season, but there is football on the horizon. And just like that, our daily fantasy partner Draft Kings has released their big—and I mean BIG—NFL Millionaire Maker contest.

What I mean by big: $2 million to the winner, and $10 million going out overall.

You don't get to argue anymore; if you've got your account with DK already—and by now you should—you are getting in on this. If you don't have an account, and you're at all interested in trying this out, go set up your account, get a free HTTV copy while you're at it, and then get in on this. You know more about football (football!) than any person has any right to, and you have until almost the middle of September to get your team right.


  • $10,000,000 prize pool.
  • First place wins $2,000,000
  • Enter for just $20
  • Top 125,700 scores win money guaranteed
  • Starts on Sunday, September 13th at 1:00 PM EST
  • Salary Cap Style Drafting. $50,000 to select 9 spots. 8 players and 1 defense.
  • Roster Format: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex and 1 Defense

Thanks to the most contrived controversy since Capcom tried to lead parents into revolt against Mortal Kombat, you cannot draft Tom Brady. You can get Kirk Cousins for $5,000, but why do that when you can get Chipmunk Kirk Cousins for like a quarter of that?


Swing for One Million Dollars

Swing for One Million Dollars Comment Count

Seth July 14th, 2015 at 4:00 PM


Golf is complicated. I used to play all the time because my apartment was on a course and it was an excuse to hang out with certain buddies. But I never got past a level where anyone you golf with thinks it's their duty to correct every muscle twitch in your swing.

You start by having your body perfectly balanced: hips back, torso forward, knees bent, so you don't have re-balance to move. Then you push back, and angle down, checking to make sure the arch of your back is in line with your kneecap and the ball of your foot. Push your hips back, angle your spine toward the ball, flex your knees slightly, check your posture, and set your right side lower than your left so that the ball is in line with the left side of your face and the clubface is facing the target. Start your swing with clubhead first, then hands, arms, shoulders, hips, and shift your weight as your swing comes across your knees, keeping your wrists…

[So a five iron does sink. Good to know.]

Playing to that point did give me quite an appreciation for the guys who do it well. The pros may not move at the speed of Denard, but encoding all of that stuff into perfect muscle memory is absolutely an athletic skill. So I watch the majors, if not with the same gusto as football/hockey—more like the peaceful appreciation I have for baseball.

Also because there's $3 million on the line.

Our fantasy partner Draft Kings is having their biggest game yet to coincide with this week's golf tournament. THREE MILLION DOLLARS will be in the pool. The winner takes home $1 million. And the best part: you don't have to know how to swing a golf club; just know who does it well.


  • $3,000,000 prize pool.
  • First place wins $1,000,000
  • Enter for $20
  • Top ​37,676 win money
  • Starts on Thursday, July 16th
  • Salary Cap Style Drafting. $50,000 to select 6 golfers

If you did the Draft Kings deal for your copy of HTTV, you should have nearly enough deposited to get in. If you haven't, start a gotdang account already!


Hail to Draft Kings, Sponsors of HTTV

Hail to Draft Kings, Sponsors of HTTV Comment Count

Seth June 12th, 2015 at 12:31 PM

Deposit procedure

Our fantasy partners at Draft Kings have been supporting Hail to the Victors since their main marketing guy helped us Kickstart the 2012 edition.

In 2013 he bought a bunch of the books off of us and gave them out to anyone who deposited at least the amount it cost the Kickstarter backers.

Last year they asked if they could just hand us money to keep making it, and I was like "can I tell people you gave us money?" and apparently this is called a sponsorship so they're sponsors. And they bought a bunch of books to give out again. As for this year…

They're the Sponsors Again!

Yay! But seriously I'm sure you've seen stuff for this daily fantasy sports website popping up all over the place lately, and we're very lucky that the people in charge of that are longtime and earnest fans of this site.

And They're Giving Out Free (kinda) HTTVs!

So once again if you missed the Kickstart you can still get this year's book basically for the Kickstart price by depositing $15 or more with them. (Or if you just want the digital edition—it's a PDF—deposit $5 or more).

The nice part for you is if you blow through that deposit, at worst you got a copy of a book you were buying anyway minus the shipping cost. But, like, it's a deposit; if you make money you got a free copy of HTTV, and you get money.

(The nice part for us is we get money if you do this.)

How this works:

1. You take the link we provided: LINK FOR BOOK or LINK FOR DIGITAL


2. You create an account using an email address that isn't associated with a Draft Kings account already.


3. You deposit $15 or more (for a full book) or $5 or more (for just a digital copy).


4. Within 24 hours I'll email you to say you get a book and ask for your address (if you don't hear from me or another MGostaffer within a day email me at [my name]@mgoblog.com


The books will be mailed out in batches so the sooner you act the sooner the book comes.


1. Gotta be a new user. They're looking for people who haven't tried out their games before, so if you're already in you're out of luck.

2. Gotta be in the U.S. (otherwise shipping's a nightmare). If you're from AZ, IA, LA, MT, or WA—i.e. states with prize laws—contact [email protected] to address that first.

3. Gotta be 18 (or 19 in Alabama or Nebraska).

What About the Kickstarter Books?


The final version has been approved at the printer so now we wait for them to physically print it. Make sure you sent us your address (just doing the Kickstarter isn't enough).

You should be getting your digital copies in your inboxes starting today. It's a 12mb PDF file but I have a lower-resolution 5mb one if you desire to put it on a Kindle or something that cares about hard drive space.

What if I find all this confusing and just want to pre-order a copy?

Go to the MGoStore! It's $15 plus about $5 for shipping depending on where you are.


Throw Hit Ball Game for Throw Hit Ball Week

Throw Hit Ball Game for Throw Hit Ball Week Comment Count

Seth May 28th, 2015 at 4:34 PM


fantasy baseball

Softball beat Alabama 5-0 to advance in the Winners Bracket tonight. Baseball's tournament begins tomorrow in Louisville. Right this moment we'd like you to join us in the Show.

Our fantasy partner Draft Kings is running a $100k MLB pool this evening, and a few more pools tonight and tomorrow (if one closes links will redirect to the next game I'm in).

Details (current game the third):

  • $100k prize pool
  • First place wins $10,000
  • Only $3 to enter (FREE with first deposit)
  • Top 7,850 finishing positions are paid.​
  • Starts Friday 5/29 at 7:05 PM EST
  • Salary Cap Style Drafting. $50,000 to select 10 players: 8 position players and 2 pitchers
  • Roster Format: 2 pitchers, 1 C, 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 3B, 1 SS and 3 OF

Go make your rosters.


Roll Baseball

Roll Baseball Comment Count

Seth May 19th, 2015 at 5:46 PM

Da-nah, dah nah, dah-nah-nah-nah-nah.

(I've been looking all over for a solid copy of the song that used to start Tigers games, in case someone reading worked for WDIV and has a copy.)

I realize I've been lax on picking games with our fantasy partner for the readers to play against each other. The $300k "Swing for the Fences" MLB contest however isn't once to miss.

Holaday is my Tiger. Also Kinsler. And Cabrera. And still Scherzer. I have many Tigers.


  • $300,000 prize pool.
  • First place wins $100,000
  • Only $3 to enter (FREE with first deposit)
  • Top 25,930 finishing positions are paid.
  • Starts Wednesday, May 20th at 7:05 PM EST
  • Salary Cap Style Drafting. $50,000 to select 10 players: 8 position players and 2 pitchers
  • Roster Format: 2 pitchers, 1 C, 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 3B, 1 SS and 3 OF

Brian mentioned in today's mailbag that any given baseball game is going to have a ton of randomness. However you get so many opportunities for data points that the stats end up pretty reflective. Even imperfect ideas like "let's divide all the hits by at-bats (and not count walks and sacrifices) and "how many runs per game does he give up?" were able to stand as a sort of consensus opinion on player values for a century.

(i.e. until Mitch Meluskey hit .300)

This helps—you know by now who's good—and hurts—a guy who's hitless in 11 games can go 4/4 with a homer. I've played just a few baseball games to get the mechanics down and found my pitcher makes or breaks me, and winners tend to pick medium-expensive guys who have a lot of power. If you've got a way to beat the system, put 'em in the comments. Or use it to win my money I guess.