MGoPodcast 10.3: Kings Do Not Ride Horses

MGoPodcast 10.3: Kings Do Not Ride Horses Comment Count

Seth September 17th, 2018 at 7:35 AM

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1. Offense

starts at 1:00

Cranky beginning and they score on their last six drives. Shea looked like he didn't know what he was seeing when he got time: the INT and the shoulda-INT. Then he fixed it. The Gentry Zone is higher than the #Buttzone, should be more of the offense. Pass-blocking was non-disastrous. DPJ Day. Good Evans/Bad Evans and how to use Chris Evans. Patterson needs to keep it more often on zone reads. Felt like gameplan was Higdon-based and they had to use Evans at gametime. Extended Wilson time: pretty good. Ruiz busts.

2. Defense

starts at 30:54

If SMU gets yards it's gonna be James Proche. It was Proche. Slants slants slants—dude just beat Kinnel and Metellus on those. Corners held that down—why no Ambry in Dime? Why not Lavert Hill on that guy all day? Why not do something? Defense got a metric ton of crap penalties: Hudson timed his "offsides" blitz perfectly because he timed the jet motion. Okay-est PI: Ross. Worst PI: Kinnel when the ball hits a GA 10 yards into the sideline AND it wasn't interference. If you're getting held on edge runs go down because they won't call it otherwise. So weird they never call it anymore when arms are outside shoulderpads. Dwumfour was a pass-rushing specialist in this one—that's what he's good at.

3. Special Teams & Feelingsball

starts at 54:23

One of the least fun games ever gone to. This commercial break obviated by Corporation X. Nordin's field goals can get out of the stadium. SMU squibs. Sonny Dykes what are you doing, running into the line twice then punting, then getting your cheap yards at the end to keep us in the stadium. In 22 minutes of game time they had an entire basketball game's worth of commercial breaks. Sitting in the stadium I feel like a sap. What's that paying for because it's not professional referees.

4. Around the Big Ten wsg Jamie MacMillan

starts at 1:14:56

Big Ten lost 7 games to unranked opponents. Michigan's next four opponents lost to Troy, Akron, Temple, and BYU. IU has some good receivers when they're healthy, have a hard time with running QBs and Lewerke looms. Kansas beat Rutgers better than Ohio State did; Sitkowski had another three picks. #CannonIntheD is dead. Wisconsin upset is insane—BYU had four position-switch defenders. Kasim Hill looked worse against Temple than Texas. USF puts 600 yards on Illinois. Nebraska-Troy: UNL still outgained them by 100 yards, didn't have Martinez, Troy is not terrible. Refs hand OSU a win over TCU, who survived with a JuCo left tackle vs Bosa.


  • "A Horse With No Name"—Michelle Branch's version
  • "Wild Horses"—The Rolling Stones
  • "Super 8"—Jason Isbell
  • “Across 110th Street”


    You have these referees who can't tell their ass from their other ass