Unverified Voracity Doesn't Want To Go Back

Unverified Voracity Doesn't Want To Go Back

Submitted by Brian on November 5th, 2012 at 3:14 PM

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obvious problem was obvious

File under "through the looking glass." Ah yup:

Michigan kicker Brendan Gibbons among 20 semifinalists for Lou Groza Award

I remember that back in the other universe Gibbons couldn't kick field goals and everyone wore their ties backwards. He's 13 of 15 this year with a 52 yarder! Viva hair. If you are failing at things, stop shaving.

Cease panic. It was noted here and at Uni Watch that longtime M equipment manager Jon Falk said something about sprucing up Michigan's helmets before the Minnesota game. Uni Watch:

Intriguing helmet news from Leo Thompson, who writes: “Jon Falk, the equipment manager over at the University of Michigan, was interviewed on a local Michigan radio station when a question came up asking whether or not Michigan would ever change their helmets. Mr. Falk answered with something along the lines that he wanted to get have ‘shiny helmets like Notre Dame’ but that it was tough to do right now because of the specific colors of Michigan. He then went on to say that we may see something new next year.”

This has caused a severe fainting couch shortage across the state, but Hunter Lochmann—no longer sporting a Lochdog twitter handle—says this is not a true thing:

@TheBlockhams do not believe everything you read. We are not messing with the helmet.

Do not believe everything that Jon Falk says, because Jon Falk is probably joking.

Exhibition #2. Basketball tips off against Saginaw Valley State tonight in their second exhibition game. UMHoops covers the storylines, the most obvious of which is the return of Trey Burke to the lineup after a one-game suspension for the proverbial violation of team rules. The battle to start at point guard starts tonight!



With Jon Horford still sidelined with a knee issue we probably won't see much in the way of two-post offenses that might lead to some of those rebound things*:

Michigan recorded 50 rebounds, 19 of them on the offensive end -- the latter being the most impressive part.

When's the last time a John Beilein-coached team recorded 19 offensive rebounds in a game?

"I don't think it was in this century," Beilein joked afterward.

It sounds like McGary is still working his way into game shape:

"Jordan's not as big as he was, I think he's more agile and jumps a little higher and moves a little quicker," Beilein said. "With Mitch, we have to continue to get him in better shape. We were being very cautious with his foot and his calf, it didn't get him in great shape -- through water workouts, pool workouts, bike riding and now he sprints in practice.

"So that'll help."

I wonder how long this nagging injury has been sapping his athleticism—maybe it explains the dropoff in his recruiting rankings.

*[Caveat: Michigan has actually been decent on the defensive—er. Well, they were 99th—considerably above average—in defensive rebounding last year but when you hit the conference-only check box on Kenpom they drop to exactly the NCAA defensive rebounding average and finish ninth in the Big Ten. Caveat withdrawn.]

This is not a decision. Hoke said as much in the recently-completed presser, but you can't believe anything you don't read on the internet, so let me reiterate:

Decision '13: QB or WR?

Wolverines face big decision on where best to utilize Gardner next season

MINNEAPOLIS-- As Michigan transitions from its quasi-spread offense to Brady Hoke's preferred pro-style set for 2013, the Wolverines will be fortunate enough to have a talented wide receiver and quarterback on hand to help power the offense.

Unfortunately for them, it's the same player.

This is not really a decision. Gardner will be one of two QBs on the roster in spring and three in fall, so he'll go into the fall the presumed starter. Shane Morris is unlikely to beat him out. While Michigan has issues at WR, the issues at QB without Gardner are enormous. With Darboh, Funchesss, and Chesson entering their second years and another wave of guys hitting campus, Michigan will muddle through with their leftover RR slots and such.

Do or die with a true freshman who had mono for a big chunk of his senior season sounds a lot less appealing than the above.

Of course. I told you about the malevolence.


Upon further review, No. 2 Chris Brown and No. 2 Bennett Jackson were both on the field when Pitt kicker Harper missed the game-winner.

Bargle glarble.

Etc.: Iowa is a noon ESPN/ESPN2 game. Northwestern blogs start sizing up M. If you said uncomplimentary things about Stevie Brown back in the day, Slam is all up in your business.