Well Here's This Probably Fruitless Pursuit Of A Grad Transfer OT

Well Here's This Probably Fruitless Pursuit Of A Grad Transfer OT

Submitted by Brian on January 12th, 2018 at 11:47 AM


i call him the CUBE MASTER

If your ears perked up when you saw that an All C-USA OT  (per PFF) was planning to grad transfer, you are not alone. Calvin Anderson is now a name you know:

Anderson's been Rice's left tackle for the last three years and has assembled a solid resume:

In 2017, Anderson arguably deserved greater recognition after he finished in the top 20 nationally in pass blocking efficiency, according to PFF. On the season, he allowed only one sack and nine quarterback hits.

Anderson’s season highlights are available here.

In 2016, Anderson graded out at over 90 percent in each game and recorded 26 knockdowns and five pancake blocks.

He had a season grade of 84. Michigan's returning tackles... did not. PFF analysis is necessarily influenced by strength of schedule because they can only grade you on who you play, but we've seen Michigan's OL flail against Purdue and Rutgers. The chance Anderson wouldn't be a serious upgrade over Michigan's #2 tackle are slim. on the WANT/NO WANT scale, Anderson is a WANT.

Anderson graduated from Rice with a degree in Mathematical Economic Analysis, so you'd imagine academics won't be a problem. Also:

More likely to be an issue: Texas. The snippet above comes from Burnt Orange Nation because Anderson grew up in Austin and the Longhorns are about as desperate for a tackle as Michigan is. Also various other teams.

It's a Hail Mary, and Michigan's OL recruiting has not fared well when trying to lock down a guy against this kind of pursuit. But boy would it be nice to pick that guy up. Michigan appears to be going full blast:

In terms of what he’s looking for as he makes a decision about where he will play next year, Anderson says, “Biggest thing I’m considering is what a school can offer in terms of NFL prep. I also want to play against the best talent. Basically, all that pertains to NFL development”. ...

In fact Jim Harbaugh will be down to see Anderson in person on Monday. Texas is sending two staff members tomorrow.

Anderson is immediately the most important name on Michigan's board.