This Week's Obsession: All-Big Ten Team Extracurriculars

This Week's Obsession: All-Big Ten Team Extracurriculars Comment Count

Seth March 14th, 2019 at 12:19 PM


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This is PART II of our annual All-Big Ten Roundtable, because Part I (the All-Big Ten team) went really long. Here's where we do the all-defensive team, all-frosh, etc.


Ace: Not Josh Reaves!

Seth: I haven't seen the list so I'm going to guess Davison made it.

Ace: Michigan (very) arguably had the best defender in the country at three positions. One made the coaches team. Let’s start here: it’s either Zavier Simpson or Jon Teske for DPOY for me. I could be talked into… Charles Matthews.

Alex: Rank X, Matthews, Teske:

Seth: Simpson had some nights but Teske was every center's nightmare against THIS league of centers.

Brian: X is obvious, Matthews is obvious, I thought Teske had some competition in Fernando and Tillman.

Ace: Teske did have the tougher task than Simpson. Considering my ranking of those guys is splitting hairs, it’s probably a positional thing, and that may actually favor Matthews given the variety of players he defended.

Brian: Tillman annihilated us.

Alex: Is it insane for me to pick X last among those three? Behind Matthews and Teske?

Ace: I don’t think any order is insane, I’ve talked myself into all of them in the last two minutes.

Seth: The knock on X is he had two nights against a Real PG(TM) and had, uh, 20 minutes of lockdown?

Ace: What’s insane is LEAVING TWO OF THE THREE off the list entirely.


Reaves?!!? [Marc-Grégor Campredon]

Brian: Non-Michigan folk?

Ace: Nojel Eastern. It’s the only reason he plays unless you really dig offensive rebounds.

Alex: Matt McQuaid?

Brian: I want to put in a shout for Nate Reuvers.

Alex: Fernando is probably the best rim protector but he’s not mobile.

Ace: Happ is super disruptive but the mention of Reuvers (and how he was used) says something about his pick and roll defense. Teske was the most complete defensive center in the league. Tillman maybe could’ve entered the conversation.

Alex: Reuvers and Happ are both quite good. I’m pretty surprised they passed Michigan for the best defense in Big Ten play. But they are a great defensive team.

Brian: Obliterating Iowa was the spur. I did not watch that game and so can't tell you why they had 0.65 PPP. But Reuvers is very mobile, spent most of the year guarding fours, and has a top 50 block rate.

Seth: Reuvers joins Dosunmu on the list of players who are going to be really good next year.

Brian: He's a bit of a flopperson but aren't they all.

Ace: I think my tiebreaker for bigs here is the lasting mental image of Fernando slamming his head into Teske’s torso to no discernible effect. X is the obvious choice among point guards, Matthews gets a wing spot, and then you have two spots for Reaves-Eastern-McQuaid. Or Fernando if you want two bigs, but I like the selection of wings better.

Brian: You could go X, Eastern, Matthews, Reuvers, Teske

Alex: Reaves’s body of work over his career makes me inclined to think he’s one of the five best defenders in the conference.

Brian: Since Reuvers did check 4s and there were a lot of dual posts in the league.

Ace: I think we get into the issue here of putting together a team that fits instead of picking the guys who were the best individual defensive performers. Wisconsin’s use of Reuvers against us stuck out but he was also playing with Happ and they had a great gameplan in that one.

Seth: My argument for Teske is he stays on the floor so much that our major coaching complaint is when he's pulled off it unnecessarily. Also he looks very Sherriff-y.


Alex: Reaves is in that Matthews mold of sleeper who could stick for a bit because he has the defensive upside to be a no-offense stopper. He’s been top 15 in the country in steal rate in each of the last three seasons. I’m not saying “he’s better than X” or “he deserved to be the defensive player of the year” but


Ace: There are some—I’m guessing people with Synergy access—who’ve said Reaves’ play slipped a bit this year.

Brian: It felt like he'd start gambling for steals a lot.

Ace: I wish I still had a login so I could check McQuaid. That actually may have swung me to X-Eastern-Matthews-Reuvers-Teske though.

Brian: Alright make a pick and let's move on

Ace: It swung me. Along with Wisconsin’s team stats.

[AFTER THE JUMP: All-Breakout Next Year, and other stuff]


This Week's Obsession: 2019 All-Big Ten

This Week's Obsession: 2019 All-Big Ten Comment Count

Seth March 12th, 2019 at 12:07 PM


Nick Hopwood, our MGoFinancial Planner from Peak Wealth Management. If you haven't started planning for retirement, uh, do your taxes, and then get on that.

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Seth: Are we making a lineup or just five guys and shoehorning them into positions? And does our lineup have to match what the guy's primary role is?

Brian: Lineups should be realistic but not dogmatic.

Seth: So Happ at point guard is...

Brian: Incorrect.

All right, basics first. All Big Ten. Let's just take it as read that everyone has Cassius Winston.

Seth: He's pretty good. It is infuriating that he's not on draft boards.

My pet stat this year is "%PAst" ie percent of a guy's points from the field that came off assists. It's a way to spot the Just a Shooters wracking up points off open looks someone else created for them. Here's a list of the top 15 Big Ten players this year with at least 100 FGAs by %PAst:


Every Michigan State starter except Winston made this list.

Alex: I really like this stat, Seth. Good idea. Who’s at the bottom?

Seth: Geo Baker, Shot Taker.


Seth: X is second to last. All hail Zareem Xabdul-Sabbar.

Brian: Of course Geo is last. The most interesting name on the get your own list is Andres Feliz.

Seth: That is deeply unfair to Isaiah Washington, founder and CEO of Assists & Bricks Dot Com, but I concede your point.

One of the quiet things about this Big Ten season that we haven't said out loud is that Michigan caught several teams at their worst versions of themselves. Not Michigan State--Langford was replaceable and the Ward injury merely prevented Izzo from playing the wrong center in his two biggest games. But we played After Copeland Nebraska, Early December Purdue, got Illinois when they were still playing Kipper Nichols and were just starting to discover Dosunmu, got IU twice during their midseason 1-12 swoon, and faced Brad Davison the game after his douchebaggery made national news. We even got Northwestern without Law, though we also got Northwestern on the road before the collapse.

Ace: I was gonna say Nojel Eastern, who maybe should look for it less.

Alex: Anyways, I feel like the Carsen Edwards discourse has moved too far in the "he's actually not that good" direction. To me, a guy who leads his team to a Big Ten title while leading the conference in scoring average by a comfortable margin is a no-brainer first-team selection. He takes bad shots and wastes possessions, and it can look pretty rough at times, but he's as much of a lock as Ethan Happ.

He's also slightly more efficient than Happ on slightly lower usage.

[After THE JUMP: An all-fives all-conference list?]


This Week’s Obsession: 2018 All-B1G Hoops Team

This Week’s Obsession: 2018 All-B1G Hoops Team Comment Count

Seth February 27th, 2018 at 10:08 AM


THE EVENT: So long as Michigan survives Thursday (and your band of health-compromised bloggers do as well), we’re going to get together this Friday at 2:30 at Wolverine Brewing for our first MGo-gamewatch party. Sponsor Nick Hopwood of Peak Wealth Management, who also sponsors this post, offered to cover the first couple rounds and some food for our tables. Please let us know if you’re coming so we can get a halfway decent count (if we run out of space signups get first priority:

Also if you’re in New York, Dewey’s Pub down the street from MSG tends to collect the MGoBlog contingent after the game.

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The Big Ten released its all-conference selections so we decided to complain, of course.

All-Big Ten Team
Coaches Media
Miles Bridges, MSU Miles Bridges, MSU
James Palmer, Neb Ethan Happ, Wis
Keita Bates-Diop, OSU Keita Bates-Diop, OSU
Tony Carr, PSU Tony Carr, PSU
Carsen Edwards, Pur Carsen Edwards, Pur
2nd Team
Coaches Media
Juwan Morgan, IU Juwan Morgan, IU
Moritz Wagner, UM Moritz Wagner, UM
Jae'Sean Tate, OSU Jordan Murphy, Minn
Vincent Edwards, Pur Vincent Edwards, Pur
Ethan Happ James Palmer, Neb
All-defense All-freshmen
Anthony Cowan, Md Trent Frazier, IL
Jaren Jackson, MSU Bruno Fernando, Md
Josh Reaves, PSU Jaren Jackson, MSU
Mike Watkins, PSU Kaleb Wesson, OSU
Dakota Mathias, Pur Brad Davison, UW
Player of the Year Keita Bates-Diop, OSU
Freshman of the Year Jaren Jackson, MSU
6th Man Duncan Robinson, UM
Coach of the Year no argument

Brian: Ugh, naming a team without a center is like naming a football team without an OL. My pet peeve is first team all conference basketball teams that wouldn't be very good. And this is a season with Ethan Happ and Isaac Haas!

Seth: Haas got so much love all season on BTN I was both surprised and totally fine with him being left out. I But I agree even Beilein wouldn't play a lineup of Bridges-Palmer-KBD-Carr-Edwards.

Ace: Jackson freshman of the year, KBD player of the year, Duncan Robinson(!) 6th man of the year.

Seth: This is the part where Ace is mad Poole didn't make any of these teams.

Ace: They probably got the right guys since Poole emerged so late, though that lineup doesn’t pass the “this would work on the court” test.

Brian: Two pure Cs might be worse than none. Ugh, all broken, I'm just naming my first team because guh.

C Isaac Haas. Not Haas's fault he's got a windmill on the bench behind him and a team around him. Haas has per-minute stats that stack up with anyone, spearheaded the nation's #15 eFG defense, and plays on an actually good team. Happ's numbers are silly in part because he has one other guy who can play on his team; he's more effective on offense but doesn't bring anywhere near the rim protection Haas does. The Mo mismatch applies to both of these guys; Haas was much better at attacking at the other end of the floor.

Ace: Happ is also way worse at free throws, which is a big deal for both of them. Totally agree with this one. In general, everyone seems to have overvalued raw numbers.

Haas hit one fewer FT on 31 fewer attempts in B1G play.


[After THE JUMP: how long until Ace says Poole is robbed you think?]


This Week's Obsession: All-Big Ten Teams

This Week's Obsession: All-Big Ten Teams Comment Count

Ace November 28th, 2017 at 1:41 PM

THIS ARTICLE HAS A SPONSOR: If you’re looking for someone who can talk about Michigan football with the type of optimism befitting someone with a smart long-term outlook, talk to Nick Hopwood, our MGoFinancial Planner from Peak Wealth Management.

Our deal is Nick is the guy I go to for financial strategies, and he gets to ask us Michigan questions on your behalf. Anytime it’s a Nick question, we’ll let you know. Anytime you’ve got a financial question, let Nick know. And when you’re ready to figure out how you’re going to plan your retirement and pay for your kids’ college when you just got done paying for your own, don’t wait to do something about that.


Legal disclosure in tiny font: Calling Nick our official financial planner is not intended as financial advice; Nick is an advertiser who financially supports MGoBlog. MGoBlog is not responsible for any advice or other communication provided to an investor by any financial advisor, and makes no representations or warranties as to the suitability of any particular financial advisor and/or investment for a specific investor.


Nick’s Question:

Can you do All-Big Ten teams but, like, not in a Draftageddon format?


Surprise! He's on it. [Patrick Barron]


Unanimous selections in bold.

Pos. Ace Adam Brian Seth
QB JT Barrett, OSU Barrett Alex Hornibrook, UW Barrett
RB Saquon Barkley, PSU Barkley Barkley Barkley
RB Jonathan Taylor, UW JK Dobbins, OSU Austin Ramesh (FB), UW* Taylor
WR DJ Moore, MD Moore Moore Moore
WR Simmie Cobbs, IU Cobbs Cobbs Cobbs
TE Troy Fumagalli, UW Fumagalli Fumagalli Fumagalli
FLEX Stanley Morgan (WR), NE Akrum Wadley (RB), IA Mike Gesicki (TE), PSU Tyler Johnson (WR), MN
OT Nick Gates, NE Gates Gates Gates
OT Jamarco Jones, OSU Jones Jones Mason Cole, UM
OG Beau Benzschawel, UW Benzschawel Benzschawel Benzschawel
OG Sean Welsh, IA Welsh Price Welsh
OC Billy Price, OSU Price Cole Price

*Brian: it is a crime and a disaster to have two starting running backs


Pos. Ace Adam Brian Seth
DT Maurice Hurst, UM Hurst Hurst Hurst
DT Conor Sheehy, UW Sheehy Sheehy Steven Richardson, MN
DE Chase Winovich, UM Winovich Winovich Gary
DE Nick Bosa, OSU Rashan Gary, UM Bosa Bosa
LB Josey Jewell, IA Jewell Jason Cabinda, PSU Tegray Scales (IU)
LB TJ Edwards, UW Edwards Edwards Edwards
LB Ryan Connelly, UW Devin Bush, UM Connelly Bush
FLEX Rashard Fant (CB), IU Khaleke Hudson (S), UM Denzel Ward (CB), OSU David Long (CB), UM
S Kyle Queiro, NW Godwin Igwebuike, NW Igwebuike Igwebuike
S Marcus Allen, PSU Allen D'Cota Dixon, UW Dixon
CB Josh Jackson, IA Jackson Jackson Jackson
CB Lavert Hill, UM Hill Hill Hill
K Griffin Oakes, IU Oakes Oakes Oakes
P Drue Chrisman, OSU Chrisman Blake Gillikin, PSU Gillikin

[Hit THE JUMP for extensive discussion.]


This Week’s Obsession: Nobody Cares About Your Fantasy Team, Big Ten

This Week’s Obsession: Nobody Cares About Your Fantasy Team, Big Ten Comment Count

Seth December 1st, 2016 at 5:01 PM


[Patrick Barron]

So the Big Ten writers and coaches held a watered down version of Draftageddon called the “All Big Ten Awards” so we thought we’d chime in. The link has the official release.

Individual Awards:

Offense MVP: Barkley

Defense MVP: Peppers

Freshman: Mike Weber

Coach: Chryst (coaches), Franklin (media)

QB: Barrett, WR: Austin Carr, TE: Butt, OL: Elflein

DL: Tyquan Lewis, LB: Peppers, DB: Jourdan Lewis

K: Carpenter, P: Johnston, KR: Peppers



[Hit THE JUMP we have another think coming.]


Unverified Voracity Picks From Hat

Unverified Voracity Picks From Hat Comment Count

Brian November 27th, 2012 at 4:34 PM

Henson Locker 1Locker 4 (1)

Save these lockers. A few years ago Michigan redid the locker room. Where did the lockers go? Pretty much a warehouse:

We're a demolition company that does contract work for the university. A few years ago we got contracted for the locker room renovation and removed all the lockers. We were selling them for scrap metal and a UM fan almost killed us when he found out! We posted them on ebay and sold about 20 of them at $1000 each at that point.

We're getting busy (doing more UM jobs) and need to clear house on the remaining 20-30 lockers. They are full lockers, and we have working combinations for them as the university gave them to us to make taking them apart easier. We have a "letter of authenticity" which is a portion of our work contract signed by the athletic department asking us to remove them.

General numbers are going for $800-1000 and the big popular numbers for $1000-1500.

We run major shipments from here all the time and ship them in about 10 days anywhere in the USA via yellow trucking or UPS. We've been charging $200 to ship to a location with a loading dock and $250 to a residential address.

If you're interested, email [email protected].

Orson in Columbus. A must-read:

17. In summary: Ohio Stadium is brutal, gray, loud--yes, loud, by any standard--mean, cold, and constructed out of concrete bearing a few too many visible cracks for you to be totally comfortable seeing in a structure capable of holding over 100,000 people. (The ledge from the upper deck on the east and west sides had me hyperventilating.) There are grim bells, columns, and one jumbotron plastered onto the south endzone. The effect is that of a flatscreen slapped on the wall of a Roman gladiator's quarters, something very modern hanging on a wall bearing the scars of prehistoric combat.

18. Which, in cliche and reality, is totally what Michigan/ Ohio State is. I get that now after seeing it, because this is not about fun, glorious spite, or simple culture-clashes. Robots programmed this rivalry, and its only prime directives on either side is opposition. You may joke about other rivalries claiming to have been at war with Eastasia, but to either side, the war is eternal, and it is the other side that believes in obliteration of the self and will not stop chewing at the borders of the free nation of Oceania.

19. It feels old, and wears its own leather helmet while drinking scotch and staring at a gray sky. It had been a while since I'd been in the Midwest, and the thought initially filled me with a real and arbitrary sorrow. Driving through Columbus, there are all these lost things--cabbies that arrive on time, bland family restaurants with buffets and non-chain restaurant names, bells that ring in buildings ripped from a Wes Anderson movie's backlot--all these things that never existed where I'm from.

Um, okay guys. It's tough to tell which is the more bizarre thing when it comes to the coaches' half of the All Big Ten teams announced yesterday:

  • Jake Ryan, honorable mention
  • Patrick Omameh, first-team

In past years I've usually given the coaches' list more credence than the media, but putting Omameh on there is a pretty definitive indication that no coach has come within 50 feet of an All Big Ten ballot this year. They should rename it "SID's team," except then people would think of deceased infants and be sad.

Taylor Lewan and Will Hagerup made first teams and won their OL/P of the year awards. To maintain this blog's tradition of ignoring officially sanctioned Big Ten names for things I will tell you that these are the Long-Hutchinson and Zoltan-Zoltan awards, and feel slightly better about everything.

Craig Roh was second team to the SIDs and Ryan did scrape his way to second-team according to the media. Jordan Kovacs was second team to the coaches, but not the media. In his stead: Daimion Stafford!

definitely not discussing Stafford blowing a coverage so badly Bo Pelini had an aneurysm; definitely not something that has come up time and again

Micah Hyde! Johnny Adams! Josh Johnson!

/eyes roll so far back in head they explode

Positive spin! Michigan was third in total defense in the league, a mere four yards behind Wisconsin. Their haul of All-Big Ten players consists of some scattered second-team nods. Meanwhile Ohio State was seventh and had six different defenders lock down first team nods on either the coaches or media lists.

Imagine what might happen when Michigan has talented dudes. Pretty pretty good I bet.

GHOLSTONWATCH. Second team media. Four sacks on the year.

Salty. Collectively, Adam Rittenberg and Brian Bennett have bombed Hoke/Borges on twitter for the Denard/Devin thing and now they're all laying down the wood on the ABT choices:

That's not even the biggest stunner involving an Ohio State player. Buckeyes linebackerRyan Shazier did not make the first team, falling behind Michigan State's Max Bullough and Wisconsin's Chris Borland (Penn State's Michael Mauti is an understandable lock). There was talk of Shazier for Big Ten defensive player of the year after the way he blazed through the second half of the season. But that looks less likely now. (Unless the coaches want to engage in some serious trolling by naming Miller the offensive player of the year and Shazier defensive player of the year as second-teamers). Also bizarre: the coaches did not select Michigan's Jake Ryan for a first- or second-team spot. Ryan is undoubtedly one of the Big Ten's top four linebackers.

Fired up!

Quickly. One man's All Big Ten team, with the caveat that I didn't see much of Indiana or Penn State this year:

QB: Taylor Martinez, Nebraska (read too much of Ross Fulton pointing out Braxton Miller errors to give him the nod)
RB: LeVeon Bell, MSU (poor damn LeVeon Bell), Venric Mark, NW
WR: Allen Robinson, PSU, Kenny Bell, NU, Jared Abbrederis, UW
TE: CJ Fiedorowicz, Iowa
OL: punt

DL: John Simon, Johnathan Hankins (OSU), Kawaan Short (PU), Eric Martin (NU)
LB: Jake Ryan (M), Max Bullough (MSU), Ryan Shazier (OSU)
DB: Jordan Kovacs(M), Isaiah Lewis(MSU), Darqueze Dennard (MSU), Bradley Roby(OSU)

Other thing I looked up. Michigan had just 41 punts this year, which was last in the Big Ten by ten. Also despite having the second-best gross average their net was only seventh:

Rank Name Punts Avg PuntRet RetYds Touchbacks NetAvg TotYds Natl
1 Illinois 73 41.92 26 157 2 39.22 3060 24
2 Michigan St. 69 42.62 22 211 5 38.12 2941 40
3 Northwestern 59 39.61 20 86 1 37.81 2337 42
4 Purdue 67 41.88 24 179 7 37.12 2806 52
5 Indiana 71 38.25 19 86 2 36.48 2716 67
5 Wisconsin 71 40.42 26 180 5 36.48 2870 67
7 Michigan 41 42.20 17 137 5 36.41 1730 72
8 Ohio St. 61 39.69 20 128 4 36.28 2421 74
9 Nebraska 53 41.74 21 241 3 36.06 2212 80
10 Minnesota 65 38.23 19 124 5 34.78 2485 100
11 Penn St. 51 37.35 11 108 2 34.45 1905 103
12 Iowa 68 37.34 22 97 5 34.44 2539 104

Those punt returns stats aren't that bad despite seeming like they were going to be a disaster at any particular point; looks like the high touchback rate was an issue.

Scottish Premier League this baby. Tom Izzo is concerned [freep] that the Big Ten regular season title is no longer going to be an important thing, as I think everybody is. It was a big, big deal for Michigan to claim a share last year.

Once you get to 14 teams, you're playing everyone once and then missing about half the league the second time around. Schedule imbalances will lessen the importance of the regular season unless you go to 22 or more conference games, which may not be feasible.

Alternative: 19 game conference schedule.

PHASE 1: round robin.
PHASE 2: line is drawn between 7th and 8th teams in the league. Mini-leagues subsequently play round-robin. Rutgers is relegated to the Big East every year.

PROS: Absolutely fair. Winner is undisputed. Makes Big Ten title a huge important deal. Final six games for teams that make upper half would be knock-down drag out brutal free-for-all for league title. Would give top teams impregnable schedule strength. You could televise the schedule draw with Ronaldo and Messi in suits.

CONS: May cost league NCAA bids if the best team in the bottom half can't get any marquee wins in the last six games or the worst team in the top half just gets blitzed. Bottom half is just kind of sadly playing out the string. Uncertainty about final three home games may impact ticket sales negatively. Extremely distant possibility that the 8th best team 13 games in can climb all the way to the top.

In conclusion, anything that amps up the value of the regular season is good. Play For Stuff.