MGoRadio 4.9: Infinity War

MGoRadio 4.9: Infinity War Comment Count

Seth November 9th, 2018 at 7:47 PM

With special guest Steve Lorenz of 247Sports.

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1. Penn State After UFR

starts at 1:00

Michigan should’ve put this game away earlier. Offense feels much more dynamic and unpredictable. Joe Moorhead being gone helped. What happens next year after the Wile E. Coyote year? Shea Patterson had his best game on the ground of his season. Very few missed reads. McKeon has a lot of improvement to make in blocking but he has a lot on his plate. An RPO appeared! All hail Warinner and Don Brown. Gary is back, same guy as before.

2. Across the Crooked Blue Line w/ Steve Lorenz

starts at 28:52

We troubleshoot live on air until Steve Lorenz officially comes through. We chat about 2019 and 2020 Michigan recruiting. Michigan is in line to sign a monster Top 5 class. Harrison looks good if parents are in. M’s coaches are killing it on the recruiting trail. Coaches feel confident in Eric Gray but we’re hoping he gets up here. DeLoach a guy you can get when you win. High-star wide receivers are hard to come by—Ford is probably staying out West. Can scouting might make that up?

3. Previewing Rutgers

starts at 1:04:03

Marvel is mentioned at the start. Rutgers is incredibly bad, 126th in S&P+. They have a pretty good RB who is reminiscent of small Chris Evans. Rutgers TE is the only guy on their team with a YPC over 10 and he’s out for this game. Offense is 130th, defense is actually a little better. Pass defense stats are not appalling but run defense is complete garbage. Aussie punter and a kicker who isn’t bad. Seth decided to FFFF an entire Rutgers game and tweeted at their LB coach.

4. Previewing Rutgers

starts at 1:20:15

Hockey has had an alarming start to the year. Defense is having a messy start despite returning a lot of veterans. Boka off to a rocky start in particular and goaltending has not helped out. This is a top-heavy forward group and they don’t really have a checking line, but there’s still no excuse for how bad the defense has been. Taking a lot of penalties. In basketball, wasn’t a great beginning but defense was suffocating as expected. Teske looked like an impact defender..


Featured tonight: In honor of outgoing regent Andrea Fischer Newman, who always supported them, here’s some selections of music produced by the students of the University of Michigan.

  • “Here’s to You, Denard Robinson”—The UM Friars (Glee Club), 2011
  • “Sing Sang Sung”—The Michigan Marching Band
  • “The Victors”—UM Musical Theater, 2015
  • “Across 110th Street”

If you or a friend made some good tunes and don't have a label out scrubbing for them we'd be happy to feature you.


I think we’ll see more Peter Bush than Devin Bush


Upon Further Review 2018: Defense vs Penn State

Upon Further Review 2018: Defense vs Penn State Comment Count

Brian November 9th, 2018 at 1:36 PM

image-6_thumb_thumb5_thumb_thumb_thu[1]SPONSOR NOTE: Reminder that Matt is hanging out at the Charity Tailgate at 327 East Hoover (if you were at the preseason MGoEvents this year and last it's the same place). It's right next to the train tracks on Hoover. The band goes right by it on their way to the stadium, which is cool. Say hi.

When not tailgating Matt is also a person who will get you a mortgage right quick from the comfort of your own home.

FORMATION NOTES: Michigan stuck to the four man front for almost the whole game, with just a few attempts to play a 3-3-5. The Rush package remains unchanged after Gary's return. Michigan did have some exotics, one a 3-1-7(!) alignment with two vipers and Bush out there on third and ten. This was the Glasgow sack.

SUBSTITUTION NOTES: Massive rotation across the front with even Chase Winovich bowing out on occasion. Gary's return and his absence from the rush package amped up a rotation that is ten guys deep now: Gary, Winovich, Mone, Kemp, Paye, Marshall, Solomon, Dwumfour, Uche and Hutchinson (sort of). As a result everyone save Winovich saw maybe half of Michigan's snaps. Also Donovan Jeter got in late.

LB was the standard: Bush and Hudson all the time, Ross and Gil splitting WLB snaps with Ross having an edge, and assorted cameos from Glasgow and Furbush. Ditto the secondary. Woods was the only backup S to get in, interestingly.

[After THE JUMP: the lamentation of their message boards]


WTKA Roundtable 11/8/2018: So Much Simpler

WTKA Roundtable 11/8/2018: So Much Simpler Comment Count

Seth November 9th, 2018 at 8:36 AM

Things discussed:

  • You don't want that timeout, Frames.
  • Hail the great Pistol Formation idea: Michigan's been using an arc zone with split zone action—this was just putting the TEs out there.
  • Harbaugh at the Orange Bowl: "The backdoor's open!"
  • Hail the great J.Uche idea! Michigan is getting a sack on 1 in 5 passing downs. He's 17th in the country in sacks.
  • Gary's return: a little miscalibrated but created the Glasgow sack and is still ridiculous.
  • PSU minus Moorhead is a bit silly.
  • Jet action game was prepped but didn't come off.
  • Shea is accurate deep, getting good at reading and running, still short of a killer.
  • Rutgers: Michigan covers.
  • Nordin wobbles? That block was not his fault.
  • Tight end blocking issues, particularly McKeon, who's getting the hard jobs.
  • The world would split in twain if Michigan gets left out of playoffs.
  • Playoff predictions: what's the chance Bama, ND or Clemson loses anyway?
  • Warinner effect?
  • SEC bias is overrating LSU and jerking everyone else up. SEC title loser is not in the playoffs.

You can catch the entire episode on Michigan Insider's podcast stream on Podbean.

Segment two is here. Segment three is here.


"Before you have a revolution you have to have a revolutionary theory."


Upon Further Review 2018: Offense vs Penn State

Upon Further Review 2018: Offense vs Penn State Comment Count

Brian November 8th, 2018 at 3:43 PM

image-6_thumb_thumb5_thumb_thumb_thuSPONSOR NOTE: Reminder that Matt is hanging out at the Charity Tailgate at 327 East Hoover (if you were at the preseason MGoEvents this year and last it's the same place). There are food trucks, beer, televisions, a giant colorful bus, and it's right next to Revelli so the band will march past. Check it out.

When not tailgating Matt is also a person who will get you a mortgage right quick from the comfort of your own home. If you need one, he's the man, man.

FORMATION NOTES: Michigan mixed it up a bit more this week, with 17 pistol snaps and 13 from under-center ace formations. The fullback has largely fallen out of the offense; just 6 snaps with two backs, and one of those featured Mason as a wing TE. Instead, thirteen three-TE snaps. These were almost all runs but the Collins deep shot and Gentry RPO TD were from three-TE sets.

SUBSTITUTION NOTES: The usual at QB and OL, except for a change at backup LT: Nolan Ulizio got in instead of Jalen Mayfield as they seek to preserve Mayfield's redshirt. An absolute ton of TE snaps, as mentioned above, saw Gentry and McKeon split snaps almost equally; between Eubanks spotting one of the starters and the 3 TE sets Eubanks saw maybe half of Michigan's snaps outside of clear passing downs.

Tarik Black was still pretty limited, with maybe a dozen snaps. Collins and Peoples-Jones maintained their starting roles. One thing to look out for going forward: DPJ in the slot with Black and Collins on the outside. Bell, Martin, and Perry all had a handful or two of snaps.

Evans returned full-go in this one, getting about a third of the RB snaps. Higdon got the rest except for a few from Mason. Wilson got in right at the end.

[After THE JUMP: deviously doing the stuff you're already doing]


I Don't Hate Your Corpse Any Less And I Don't Want Store Credit

I Don't Hate Your Corpse Any Less And I Don't Want Store Credit Comment Count

Brian November 5th, 2018 at 1:16 PM

11/3/2018 – Michigan 42, Penn State 7 – 8-1, 6-0 Big Ten

The jarring thing was this: they didn't seem drunk. There were two dudes crossing Stadium at about the same time I did, and they were not drunk, and they were singing something very loud. It was a faintly familiar verse, the kind of thing that tickles the back of your brain and, if left unaddressed, leads to the kind of frantic wikipedia search that either relieves you of your memory burden or leaves you staring at a list of defenestrations, wondering which rabbit holes you'd fallen through to arrive at this place.

Fortunately(?) this was not required. The verse led into a chorus that is intimately familiar to anyone who is extremely online. It culminated, with elaborate hand gestures. It was beefy, hammy. You may already hear this in your head: "GIVE ME YOUR HEART, make it real, OR ELSE FORGET ABOUT IT."

Across the street, people booed. They were being Smooth-rolled. It seemed like they'd just parted, and this was a parting shot. As I veered off onto the side street that held my car the dudes chortled to each other, victorious.

This was not a black pit. It was… it was a brightly lit mesa of trolling your friends with Santana/Robb Thomas collaborations.

Nine weeks ago those guys were not merrily inflicting music-type substances on their friends. They were sitting in a dark basement, saying nothing, grateful that the other guy had enough damned sense to say nothing. When the moon rose the men silently, separately resolved to destroy it.


Elsewhere: fulminations. Jim Harbaugh challenged a fourth down catch with three minutes left in a 42-0 game, causing the "harbaugh class" search to disgorge great heaps of rotted fish onto the internet. Penn State scored on that drive, so the camera had cause to cut to a defensive coordinator in the process of holding a ranked opponent under 200 yards for the third straight game. This is what he looked like:


He looked grim. Disappointed. 58 minutes of wholesale obliteration was not enough. Don Brown is a hater.

Don Brown keeps receipts. In the run-up to this game he and his players repeatedly mentioned Penn State running plays up 42-13 with under 40 seconds left, and how that stuck with them. Brown didn't send his second team line out until the last gasps, and film review will be hell for them this week.

Donovan Peoples-Jones keeps receipts, and increases the volume of his hatin-ass touchdown celebrations weekly. He will fire the cannon if when he scores against Rutgers.

Chase Winovich keeps receipts, and will tell anyone that yes, that is our little brother, and yes, this is our revenge tour, and yes he very respectfully stole Trace McSorley's celebration and he's apologizing for nothing.

Rashan Gary keeps receipts. He keeps them on his face.



Rashan Gary's mom keeps receipts. Some of you on the internet are in trouble.

So yes, this is a petty team. This is an angry team. This is a petty, angry fanbase with a petty, angry DJ. Nobody is apologizing for anything. Michigan is handing out receipts itself, because it's got too damn many to deal with right now. Hold some of these along with the L.

It is time to hear the lamentation of their message boards. It is time to belt out the chorus to "Smooth" at maximum volume no matter how damaging it is to the souls around you. We've sat in the dark plotting the downfall of celestial objects for too long to have any dignity about blowing up the moon.

Someone else can be angry for a time now. Someone else can sit in the black pit of negative expectations after one drive with Michigan players pouring through the line, seemingly untouched.


The postgame handshake between coaches was brief and seemingly cordial, but afterwards James Franklin stopped and turned back to Harbaugh. Harbaugh was already jogging into the tunnel. Franklin stared a hole in his back for a good five seconds before turning back to the field, seething. It was like the end of Lost In Translation, if Bill Murray had said something that made Scarlett Johansson into a barely-contained ragebot.

I wonder what it was. I keep inventing pettier, crueler things. The exact content is irrelevant though, because the thrust is this: we regret nothing. We have many more receipts.


Known Friends and Trusted Agents Of The Week



-2535ac8789d1b499[1]you're the man now, dog

#1(t) Chase Winovich and Josh Uche. Thunderous back-to-back sacks on Penn State's opening drive set the tone, and the pressure did not stop until they got pulled late. Winovich made PFF's team of the week, nationally, and Uche probably missed largely because of snap count. Two points each, made up and don't matter.

#2(t) Jon Runyan Jr and Ben Bredeson. Very little pressure from PSU's DL and Michigan mashed their run defense with a heavy emphasis on the left side of the line.

#3 Shea Patterson. Only 17 attempts but 144 yards and 2 TDs on those attempts, plus 10 carries for 50 yards. Seemed to get pull/keep decisions right the whole day, and juked a couple guys to pick up chunks.

Honorable mention: Karan Higdon had a Chris Perry kind of day. Shea Patterson had ups and downs but his legs are now a thing. (Don't tell any DCs about that.) The OL got another collective W.

KFaTAotW Standings.

10: Chase Winovich (#1 ND, #3 SMU, #1 NW, T2 MSU, T1 PSU)
5: Karan Higdon (#1 WMU, #3 Nebraska, #3 Wisconsin), Shea Patterson (#3 WMU, #1 Maryland, #3 PSU).
4: Devin Bush(#3 ND, #1 Nebraska), Rashan Gary(#2 WMU, #2 Nebraska), David Long(#2 Wisconsin, T1 Michigan State), Josh Uche (T2 NW, T2 MSU, T1 PSU), Jon Runyan Jr (T1 Wisconsin, T2 PSU).
3: Zach Gentry(T1 SMU, #2 Maryland), Juwann Bushell-Beatty(T1 Wisconsin), Jon Runyan Jr(T1 Wisconsin), Donovan Peoples-Jones(T1 SMU, #3 MSU).
2: Ambry Thomas (#2 ND), Josh Metellus(#2 SMU), Brandon Watson(T1 MSU), Lavert Hill(T1 MSU).
1: Will Hart (#3 NW), Mike Dwumfour (T2 NW), Kwity Paye (T2 NW), Khaleke Hudson(#3 Maryland), Ben Bredeson(T2 PSU).

Who's Got It Better Than Us(?) Of The Week

Brandon Watson intercepts a ball to absolutely no one, returns it for a TD, and puts the final nail in an already extensively-nailed coffin.

Honorable mention: Eight-play all-run TD drive to kick things off; Patterson finds DPJ on a throw that may indicate he's getting more comfortable; Uche and Winovich slash into the backfield; DPJ nearly brings back two punts.


PSU escapes the shutout.

Honorable mention: Blocked FG momentarily provides PSU a touchdown. Uh… the end?

[After THE JUMP: chaos reigns]


MGoPodcast 10.10: Going Yard

MGoPodcast 10.10: Going Yard Comment Count

Seth November 5th, 2018 at 8:56 AM

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1. The Offense

starts at 1:00

James Franklin gives Jim Harbaugh the What’s Your Deal look. Ruling: was it a sad touchdown? Game over with the second touchdown when Patterson hits the corner route he didn’t against Wisconsin. RPS victories. Bombs. Runyan good? OL problems were –1s not –2s. Flare pass to Evans need more of that. Welcome back Black!

2. The Defense

starts at 36:29

Don Brown take a bow! Why give the ball to your five-star running back when you’ve got the Quan Gun? Ricky Rahne is Joe Moorhead; he’s got Moorhead’s Ferrari and doesn’t know what to do with it. Josh Uche is getting Bosa-level sack rates. The DTs had a good game against the guys who worked Hurst and the same guys. Gary had an effect even if it wasn’t in the box score. M got away with sticking DEs in the B gap!

3. Special Teams/Feelingsball

starts at 53:20

WHAT ARE YOU DOING FRAMES? Man where do we begin with this guy? Giving Michigan an extra drive at the end of the half? Where you stand on giving Hamler a return shot (survey says: don’t try that when Ben Mason is on the field). Loved the halftime show, really loved the contrast between Grapentine and the Penn State guy.

4. Around the Big Ten with Jamie Mac

Starts at 1:25:29

Frames probably called timeout. Post-apocalyptic Maryland is just as bad as Maryland. Illinois with the shocker of the week, just when you thought it was safe to talk Minnesota: 10.8 yards per play! Northwestern-ND was the Ian Book Chunk Show. Purdue feasted on Iowa’s secondary: Pull the trigger Louisville! Ohio State faced a tough Taylor Martinez and a stiff Nebraska D that forced four 3-and-outs and a 4-and-out. OSU fixed their run game: just play Nebraska.


  • "Little Fluffy Clouds"—The Orb
  • "Mo Bamba"—Sheck Wes
  • "The Execution of All Things”—Rilo Kiley
  • “Across 110th Street”


You just asked the 38-year-old if we’re still saying ‘yolo’


Michigan 42, Penn State 7

Michigan 42, Penn State 7 Comment Count

Ace November 3rd, 2018 at 8:22 PM

It's fully operational.

A hale and hearty Michigan took a stumbling Penn State squad behind the woodshed until they were sure there was no movement left, then added a couple more shots for good measure. Before the Nittany Lions' Sad Touchdown Drive, PSU managed only 111 yards on 36 plays, barely cresting a three-yard average—and needing that final drive against M's backups to avoid a rushing Rutger. The Wolverines bested PSU's total yardage on the ground alone, churning out 259 yards with the rushing attack.

They were a motivated group looking to avenge last year's defeat. James Franklin's decision to run up the score stuck with this team, and they didn't shy away from mentioning that motivation afterwards.

"We wanted to make sure to turn the intensity up so there was no coming back from that," said Karan Higdon, who accounted for 132 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries.

Michigan set the tone early, sacking Trace McSorley twice on the game's opening possession, then covering 76 yards on eight runs for the game's opening score, a read keeper that got Shea Patterson into the end zone untouched from a yard out.



Penn State Liveblog

Penn State Liveblog Comment Count

Seth November 3rd, 2018 at 3:15 PM

PSU Links: Preview, FFFF Offense (chart), FFFF Defense (chart), Podcast

The Law: As always, the Liveblog Chaos Mitigation Post is The Law.

New features this week: None.

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So the liveblog doesn't become a deluge, the frequency you can post is limited by the blue bar—your "mana"—that gradually recharges. You spend mana every time you comment, the mana cost at that moment depending on your level and how fast and furious the comments are flying.