The Return Of Nefarious Eduardo And Friends

The Return Of Nefarious Eduardo And Friends

Submitted by Ace on June 25th, 2012 at 1:59 PM

Say 'cheese'.

I am pleased to announce that, after months of neglect followed by a furious-but-fruitful search for the old smileys, the MGoBlog Recruiting Board has been revived. You can now find the link under the "Useful Stuff" drop-down menu at the top of the page, and I'll keep the board updated regularly.

As always, please take careful note of the legend before jumping to any conclusions about a recruit; even a "Mr. Blue" only denotes a ~65% chance of landing an uncommitted recruit, and none of the uncommitted recruits merited that status (a month ago, Laquon Treadwell likely would have, but there's still a long way to go in his recruitment). It won't be long before I get to work on creating the 2014 board, but for now, please accept this humble offering as a sign that, yes, we do occasionally work during the summer.

2013 Michigan Football Recruiting Board

2013 Michigan Football Recruiting Board

A Note on "Stars": These are a general (not exact) average of a player's status among the four recruiting services.

A Note on Premium Info: No illicit sharing of said material will appear on this site. Players are listed with interested schools in their profiles; this information is public. Commitments are by definition public. Any assertions as to schools in the mix, decision dates, or leaders I will back up with links to the source of the information.

Projected Class Size:

  Names Count
Expired Eligibility D. Robinson, V. Smith, R. Roundtree, B. Moore, P. Omameh, E. Mealer, R. Barnum, W. Campbell, C. Roh, K. Demens, B. Hawthorne, J.T. Floyd, J. Kovacs 13
Transfer C. Rock, T. Talbott, T. Carter 3
Early Entry Possibilities: T. Lewan, F. Toussaint --
Unrenewed Fifth Possibilities: M. Jones 1
Other Unused: 7 7

Total: Michigan has 23 to give right now and will probably see that swell to around 24-25 with normal attrition. More detail on the scholarship situation can be found at the depth chart by class.

The Board


Icon Name Meaning
Sad Josh The genre of player with unrequited interest in Michigan. Unlikely to receive offers; most will eventually fade off the list and go to Duke or Michigan State or something.
Nefarious Eduardo Player is a longshot. Either they've declared someone else a leader publicly or popular opinion holds that they're likely to go to another school.
Data Either no opinion or Michigan is one of a fairly even group of chasing schools. Players in this category maintain no leader or change their leader frequently. The default category for players that we don't know much about yet.
Happy Teeth Players who have Michigan in a small leading group or have Michigan as a tenuous favorite. Should be regarded as a good shot, not a slam dunk.
Mr. Blue Player is either a verbal or is expected to be one sooner or later. Players with this designation are 65%+ to be Michigan commits.

Additional note: (EE) next to a Michigan commit indicates the player intends to enroll early.


Needs: High. Denard Robinson graduates (*sobs*) after 2012, leaving the Wolverines with just two scholarship quarterbacks on the roster.

Status: Michigan locked up blue-chip in-stater Shane Morris before the end of his sophomore season. They're not pursuing another quarterback for the class.

Projected Commits: 1.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Shane Morris MI ****.5 Michigan Commitment post. MGoScouting 1. MGoScouting 2. Extended junior highlights. Top performer at Pitt NLA 7-on-7. Earns Elite11 finals invite, photobombs Buckeyes. SMSB recap.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Kevin Olsen NJ **** Miami (YTM) Miami commit.
Riley Ferguson NC ***.5 Tennessee Tennessee commit.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes

Running Back / Fullback

Needs: Moderate. Michigan only graduates Vincent Smith from the current roster, but Fitz Toussaint will be a senior in 2013 and behind him there isn't a proven back on the team, nor a player who was a considered a blue-chip talent out of high school. One workhorse-type is a must and depth would be a plus.

No need for a fullback after giving a scholarship to Sione Houma in 2012.

Status: Michigan already has two backs in the fold in DeVeon Smith—the workhorse—and Wyatt Shallman—the jumbo athlete who brings some thunder to the backfield. The Wolverines are in position to shoot for a high-end talent and be just fine if they miss out.

Projected Commits: 2 RBs... three if they get the right guy.

Running Back
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
DeVeon Smith OH **** Michigan Commitment post. Extended junior highlight reel.
Wyatt Shallman MI **** Michigan Commitment post. Post-commitment interview—will come in as a tailback.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Derrick Green VA ****.5 Clemson, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Michigan, Alabama, Oregon, others Clemson one-time leader, but he's backed off of that. Michigan in mix with OSU, VT($). Alabama, Oregon also in play. Michigan in top 15. Rumored BBQ commitment did not happen, but M firmly in top 6, likely atop list.
Jordan Wilkins TN **** Auburn Auburn commit.
Ty Isaac IL ****.5 USC Narrows list to three($). Mom thinks it's down to Michigan and USC($). Commits to USC.
Justin Davis CA **** USC USC commit.
Chase Abbington MO **** Missouri Mizzou commit.
Keith Ford TX ****.5 Oklahoma Oklahoma commit.
Kyle Hicks TX **** Texas Texas commit.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Berkley Edwards MI *** Iowa, Minnesota, Bowling Green, Central Michigan Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Western Michigan Brother of Braylon. Runs a 4.35($), but is 5'9", maybe shorter. Braylon twitter rant about M not recruiting Berkley.

Wide Receiver

Needs: Major. Michigan only loses Roundtree from the 2012 roster, but among the guys that return, only Jeremy Gallon has produced anything substantial so far in his career. The Wolverines need size and playmaking ability.

Status: Dukes and York give Michigan a pair of big targets with solid hands. The Wolverines will take one more receiver, and they're currently holding that spot for Laquon Treadwell, though offers continue to go out to other wideouts.

Projected Commits: 3.

Wide Receiver
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Jaron Dukes OH ***.5 Michigan Commitment post. Post-commitment interview—may not feel entirely safe in Columbus.
Csont'e York MI *** Michigan First name pronounced "Son-tay". Commitment post.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Laquon Treadwell IL **** Michigan, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Oregon, Auburn, Michigan State, others Michigan was stated leader at one point, still presumed leader. Moved up timetable. Michigan in top group. Wants to visit Auburn($).  Still plans in-season decision.
Paul Harris MD *** Tennessee Offered in late April. Mom in Michigan's corner($). Plans summer visit. M in top four($). Commits to Tennessee.
Devon Allen AZ **** Arizona State, Washington, Stanford, USC, Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, others Very fast. Top four of ASU, UW, Stanford, USC, all schools he's visited; plans Midwest trip that includes M($). Visited day before BBQ.
Alvin Bailey FL **** Florida State, UCF, Florida, others Recent (May 7th) offer. HS teammate of four-star safety Leon McQuay III. Visited in June. Michigan in top group but UCF leads.
Demorea Stringfellow CA **** Washington Will take official visit to Ohio State($). No stated leaders. NOTY candidate, obvs. Commits to Washington.
Sebastian LaRue CA **** USC USC commit.
Kevin Gladney OH *** Nebraska Nebraska commit.
James Quick KY ****.5 Louisville, Ohio State, Oregon, others M not among leaders.
Shelby Christy LA *** Mississippi State Mississippi State commit.
Jordan Cunningham FL ***.5 Alabama, Florida State, Miami (YTM), Notre Dame, Stanford, others Top five of Alabama, FSU, Miami, ND, Stanford.
Zach Bradshaw MD *** Virginia Scout lists him as an OLB. Visited AA in March($). Father went to Michigan State. Commits to Penn State as a linebacker. Decommits and flips to Virginia.
Robert Foster PA ***** Alabama, Penn State, Pitt, others Top WR in Midwest. M usually not mentioned among schools under serious consideration.
Darrell Daniels CA **** Washington Washington commit.
Uriah LeMay NC **** Georgia Older brother plays at Georgia. Georgia commit.
MarQuez North NC ****.5 Clemson, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, others Likely staying in SEC/ACC country.
Richard Benjamin FL *** UCF UCF commit.
Marcell Ateman TX **** Oklahoma State Oklahoma State commit.
Darren Carrington CA *** Oregon Oregon commit.
Eldridge Massington TX **** USC Southern Cal commit.
Jake Oliver TX **** Texas Texas commit.
James Onwualu MN ***.5 Notre Dame Notre Dame commit.
Rob Wheelwright OH *** Wisconsin Brother Ernie played at Minnesota. Wisconsin commit.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Charlie Callinan NJ *** UConn, Rutgers, West Virginia, others Early interest, but no offer.

Tight End

Needs: High. Michigan loses Brandon Moore after 2012, leaving only recent position-switch Jordan Paskorz and sophomores-to-be Devin Funchess and A.J. Williams at the position.

Status: The Wolverines filled their need early with the commitments of Khalid Hill and Jake Butt.

Projected Commits: 2.

Tight End
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Jake Butt OH **** Michigan Commitment post. Extended junior highlight reel. Post-commitment interview.
Khalid Hill MI *** Michigan Commitment post. SMSB recap.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Adam Breneman PA ****.5 Penn State Penn State commit.
Standish Dobard LA ***.5 Miami (YTM) Miami commit.
Jacob Matuska OH ***.5 Notre Dame Notre Dame commit.
Scott Orndoff PA *** Pitt Pitt commit.
Durham Smythe TX **** Texas Texas commit.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes

Offensive Line

Needs: High. Despite a strong group here in 2012, Michigan still needs a lot of depth—besides seniors-to-be Taylor Lewan and Michael Schofield, every Wolverine lineman in 2013 will have either sophomore or freshman eligibility. They need versatile linemen and must cover tackle, guard, and center.

Status: Michigan is done with offensive line recruiting after getting five early commits.

Projected Commits: 5.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Kyle Bosch IL **** Michigan (EE) Commitment post. Post-commitment interview. Will enroll early ($).
David Dawson MI **** Michigan Commitment post. Post-commitment interview. Top performer at Ohio NFTC (Video). SMSB recap with video.
Chris Fox CO **** Michigan Commitment post.
Patrick Kugler PA **** Michigan Commitment post. Junior highlights.
Logan Tuley-Tillman IL **** Michigan (EE) Commitment post. Post-commitment interview. Kyle Turley film breakdown. Plans to enroll early. Wanted to transfer to a Michigan HS for senior year, but that appears unlikely now. SMSB recap with video.
Offered Prospects
Ethan Pocic IL **** LSU Younger brother of Illinois OL Graham Pocic. LSU commit.
Laremy Tunsil FL ***** Florida, Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, others Top-ranked tackle nationally.
Steve Elmer MI **** Notre Dame Notre Dame commit. Pledged to ND after visit for Under The Lights game.
Hunter Bivin KY **** Notre Dame Notre Dame commit.
Mike McGlinchey PA **** Notre Dame Notre Dame commit.
Colin McGovern IL **** Notre Dame Notre Dame commit.
Evan Lisle OH **** Ohio State Ohio State commit.
Marcell Lazard NJ *** West Virginia West Virginia commit.
Jake Raulerson TX **** Texas Texas commit.
J.J. Gustafson TX ***.5 Texas A&M Texas A&M commit.
Tim Gardner IN *** Ohio State Scout lists Michigan offer, but no other site does. Ohio State commit.
Brendan Mahon NJ ***.5 Penn State Penn State commit.
John Montelus MA **** Notre Dame Notre Dame commit.
Ishmael Wilson TX **** Texas A&M Texas A&M commit.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Khaliel Rodgers MD ***.5 Auburn, UConn, Ole Miss, Ohio State, UCLA, West Virginia, others Camped at Michigan. Recruited by David Dawson, whom he hit it off with at camp.

Defensive Tackle

Needs: High. The need isn't completely dire after Michigan pulled in Ondre Pipkins and Willie Henry—along with DEs Chris Wormley and Matt Godin, either of whom could shift to the three-tech—in 2012, but they could use additional depth at both nose tackle and three-tech.

Status: Michigan secured commitments from Maurice Hurst Jr., who can play either the nose or three-tech, and Henry Poggi, who could be a three-tech or strongside DE. Unless the Wolverines decide they need a pure nose, they're likely done at DT.

Projected Commits: 1-2.

Henry Poggi MD **** Michigan Won't name leaders($), but has visited M and 'Bama three times each. Commitment post.
Maurice Hurst Jr. MA ***.5 Michigan Son of former New England Patriot Maurice Hurst. Offer. Considering commitment on upcoming visit? Top 2 of Michigan and Virginia. Visit set for June 6, will announce after visit. Commitment post.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Josh Augusta IL *** Michigan, Illinois, Michigan State, Notre Dame, others Visited in April. Plans return visit for summer.
Eddie Vanderdoes CA ****.5 Cal, Oregon, Penn State, Nebraska, others Could also play SDE. Will take officials($) to Nebraska, Oregon, PSU.
Scott Pagano HI ***.5 Clemson Over 40 offers. Planned officials to Nebraska, LSU. Michigan in mix for official. Top 2 of LSU and Florida($). Commits to Clemson.
Elijah Qualls CA **** Washington Top 3 of UW, Arizona, Oregon State; planned offical to Michigan. Favors USC and Washington($). Commits to Washington.
Rod Crayton AL ***.5 Arkansas, LSU, Mississippi State, Tennessee, others M no longer recruiting.
Darius Latham IN **** Wisconsin Not close to a decision. Commits to Wisconsin.
Montravius Adams GA ***** Clemson, Georgia, Auburn, LSU, Oregon, USC, others #1 tackle in country. M not in mix right now.
Jay Ellison GA *** Auburn, Georgia Tech, Michigan, others Auburn leads.
Michael Hill SC **** Ohio State Named top 8, no Michigan($). Commits to Ohio State.
Maquedius Bain FL ***.5 Florida State Soft FSU commit.
Greg Webb NJ **** Penn State Penn State commit.
Billy Price OH **** Ohio State Ohio State commit.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Kenton Gibbs MI *** Illinois Cass Tech prospect. Committed to Illinois. Appears to be a soft commit, especially after Wisconsin offer.
Matt Miller OH *** Wisconsin Younger brother of M OL Jack Miller. Plays OL and DL. Waiting for M offer. Commits to Wisconsin.
Donovan Munger OH **** Ohio State, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, others Still interested in earning a Michigan offer($). Unlikely to happen after Poggi and Hurst commitments.
Poet Thomas MI *** Florida, Colorado, Eastern Michigan, Toledo, others Detroit Country Day prospect. Talking to Michigan($), but yet to receive offer.

Defensive End

Needs: Moderate. Could use a little extra depth at both WDE and SDE, but need isn't dire after bringing in Wormley, Strobel, and Ojemudia in 2012.

Status: Michigan has Taco Charlton in the fold at WDE and is in the mix for a handful of solid SDE prospects.

Projected Commits: 2.

Defensive End
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Taco Charlton OH **** Michigan Commitment post. Post-commitment interview. Extended junior highlight reel. Impresses at LA Nike camp.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Joe Mathis CA **** Nebraska, Michigan, Washington, others Cousin of 5-star CA S Su'a Cravens. Over-the-moon visit reaction (has those for most visits, apparently). Top 3($) of Nebraska, Michigan, and Washington.
Wyatt Teller VA **** Virginia, Virginia Tech, Michigan Top 2($) of Virginia and VT. Now has M in top 3 with UVA and VT.
Tashawn Bower NJ **** Auburn Auburn commit.
Elijah Daniel IN **** Clemson Clemson commit.
Jonathan Allen VA ****.5 Alabama Alabama commit.
Dajaun Drennon NJ ***.5 North Carolina Top 3($) of Penn State, Notre Dame, and Kentucky. Updated top 5($) of UK, UNC, ND, WVU, and USC. Commits to UNC.
Jason Hatcher KY **** USC Top 5($) of Tennessee, South Carolina, USC, Ohio State, Louisville. Commits to USC.
Alquadin Muhammad NJ **** Rutgers, Boston College, Colorado, Michigan, Miami, others Don Bosco Prep. Only visits have been to Rutgers, BC, and Colorado.
Joey Bosa FL ****.5 Ohio State Ohio State commit.
Christian Lacouture TX ***.5 Nebraska Nebraska commit.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Ebenezer Ogundeko NY *** Notre Dame, Syracuse, Florida UConn decommit. ND, Syracuse, Florida in top 3; June decision($).


Needs: Low. Michigan took four quality linebackers in 2012 and is pretty stocked at MLB and WLB. Getting help at SLB is a priority, however.

Status: Michigan has their SLB in Mike McCray and filled out their need for two linebackers with WLB/MLB Ben Gedeon. After missing out on E.J. Levenberry, they're done unless circumstances change.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Ben Gedeon OH **** Michigan Commitment post. Allen Trieu scouting report.
Mike McCray OH **** Michigan Son of former OSU captain Mike McCray. Commitment post.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Alex Anzalone PA **** Notre Dame Turned away from visit after McCray committed. Ohio State decommitment after Charles Waugh incident. Focused on Florida, PSU, Stanford, ND, and USC, but hasn't ruled out OSU. Commits to Notre Dame.
Larenz Bryant NC **** South Carolina South Carolina commit.
Michael Hutchings CA ****.5 USC Could also play strong safety. Worthy of a spot if a "best player available" scholarship is open. Will decide July 1 between Oregon, USC, Cal, and Washington. Commits to USC.
Peter Kalambayi NC **** Stanford Stanford commit.
Yannick Ngakoue DC ***.5 Maryland Maryland commit.
Matt Rolin VA **** South Carolina South Carolina leads. VT, FSU, Florida, and Georgia round out top 5 ($). Commits to South Carolina.
Jaylon Smith IN ***** Notre Dame Notre Dame commit.
Reginald Carter GA *** Georgia Georgia commit.
E.J. Levenberry MD **** Florida State Chose Florida State over Michigan.
Shane Jones OH ***.5 Michigan State Turned away from visit during same weekend as Anzalone. MSU commit.
Dorian O'Daniel MD **** Clemson HS teammate of 5-star CB Kendall Fuller. Clemson commit.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes


Needs: Moderate. Only took one in last class (Terry Richardson) but depth is solid overall.

Status: With Ross Douglass swapping Penn State blue for a chance at a bowl game in his lifetime, the Wolverines have three four-star commits (Jourdan Lewis, Gareon Conley) and a sleeper camp commit in Channing Stribling. Barring a decomittment or 5-star crazy thing Michigan is done.

Projected Commits: 3-4.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Gareon Conley OH **** Michigan Commitment post.
Jourdan Lewis MI **** Michigan Cass Tech product. MGoScouting one. MGoScouting two (picks off Shane Morris edition). Commitment post. Standout at Adidas Invitational. SMSB recap.
Ross Douglas OH ***.5 Michigan Commitment post.
Channing Stribling NC **.5 Michigan Surprise camp offer and subsequent commitment. Commitment post.
Offered Prospects
Kendall Fuller MD ***** Virginia Tech Good Counsel prospect, former teammate of current M corner Blake Countess. Unofficial visit for spring game. M in top 4($) with Clemson, VT, Tennessee. Planning return visit. M in top 3($) with Clemson and VT. Committed to VT.
Leon McQuay III FL ****.5 USC, Vanderbilt, FSU, Michigan

Visited in late May. M "probably top 5" after visit($). Plays S in HS, but recruited as CB. Michigan in top 3($) with Vandy and USC. Michigan out of top three after taking Ross Douglas, but still in picture.
Cole Luke AZ **** Oklahoma, Washington, Nebraska, Notre Dame, California, Michigan, Arkansas, others M in top 7 ($).
John Ross CA **** UCLA, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, others Camp offer at CB; most schools recruiting for WR.
Nadir Barnwell NJ **** Penn State, Rugters, others Penn State and Rutgers standing out.
Vernon Hargreaves III FL ***** Florida Father is assistant coach at USF. Considering summer visit ($). Near-lock to stay in Florida.
Cameron Walker CA **** Oregon State, Arizona State, Boise State, Michigan, others Taking things slow.
Priest Willis AZ ****.5 LSU, Oklahoma, USC, UCLA, Nebraska, Notre Dame, others Longshot at best.
Tre Bell NJ *** Florida Florida commit.
Devin Butler OH *** Notre Dame Notre Dame commit.
Cam Burrows OH ****.5 Ohio State Ohio State commit.
Antwuan Davis TX **** Texas Texas commit.
Chris Hawkins CA **** USC USC commit.
Ryan White KY ***.5 Louisville Louisville commit.
Shaquille Wiggins GA **** Georgia Georgia commit.
Eli Woodard NJ ****.5 Ohio State Ohio State commit.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes


Needs: Low. Only Jordan Kovacs departs and Michigan took three in 2012.

Status: Michigan has a top-100 overall prospect in Dymonte Thomas. If they take another safety, it'll be another top-flight guy.

Projected Commits: 1-2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Dymonte Thomas OH ****.5 Michigan

Cousin of OSU incoming freshman Bri'onte Dunn. Commitment post. Extended junior highlight reel.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Su'a Cravens CA ***** USC

Chose USC over Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska, and UCLA.
Shane Cockerille MD *** Maryland Committed to Maryland as a dual-threat QB.
Tim Harris VA **** Virginia

Virginia commit.
Tray Matthews GA **** Georgia

Georgia commit.
Jalyn Powell OH *** Michigan State Michigan State commit.
Jayme Thompson OH ***.5 Ohio State West Virginia decommit. Flipped to OSU upon receiving offer.
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes


Needs: Low.

Status: Michigan's coaches decided long snapper was a need, so they offered and accepted a commitment from Scott Sypniewski. It's unlikely that any other specialist will be offered, though it's possible that a kicker gets a preferred walk-on spot.

Projected commits: 1.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Scott Sypniewski (LS) IL ** Michigan Commitment post.
Offered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Unoffered Prospects
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
J.J. McGrath (K/P) MI ** Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, South Florida Camped during summer. Offered a preferred walk-on spot. M in top 5.


Sound Mind/Sound Body 2012: Interviews

Sound Mind/Sound Body 2012: Interviews

Submitted by Ace on June 15th, 2012 at 5:00 PM

I may be on a plane, and technically on vacation, but that can't stop me from posting. Here's the second, and final, post on SMSB. I'll be back at the end of next week.

At Wednesday's Sound Mind/Sound Body camp in Southfield, I had the opportunity to catch up with 2013 commits Shane Morris, David Dawson, and Logan Tuley-Tillman. Subjects include their camp performances, the Michigan coaches, recruiting, and Terry Richardson's fitting reward for David Dawson after winning a rep in the one-on-ones.


ACE: You got a chance to get out there and throw a little bit. How'd you feel out there?

SHANE: It was good. Coming out here, doing some work with Coach Borges, having a good time, and I felt like I was doing pretty well, so I had a good day.

ACE: Coach Borges seemed to be watching you pretty closely. What's he telling you out there?

SHANE: Definitely. He's working on my footwork a little bit, making sure I get the ball out quicker, everything really. Everything that he's telling me I'll be taking home to work on, so I'm just having fun out there.

ACE: What are you trying to work on over the rest of the summer?

SHANE: I'm trying to work on being more consistent and also not throwing the ball hard all the time. I'm trying to work on polishing up everything because of the season, I've got to have a good season my senior season, we've got to make a run for the states, that's what we're trying to do.

ACE: I saw Jourdan Lewis out there taking some reps at wideout. I know the offensive coaches seem to like him out there. Do you like throwing to him?

SHANE: I love throwing to him. He's a receiver for our 7-on-7 team and he's my go-to guy if I need someone to throw it to. I saw the coaches are taking a look at him at receiver, so we'll see what happen with that. Coach Mattison, he's telling us to stay away from him...

ACE: Where do you want him?

SHANE: Wherever he helps the team.

ACE: Good answer. What's it like being out here and not only having the Michigan coaching staff here, but having guys from State, Ohio State... what's it like getting that level of instruction?

SHANE: Oh, I'm definitely taking a lot of instruction from the coaches, Michigan coaches, Michigan State coaches, Ohio coaches. It's an awesome experience for everyone out here and everyone's having a great time with it; it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get instruction from the best coaches in the nation. I'm just taking it in and having a good time with it, just soaking up the opportunity that I have.

ACE: With recruiting, who are you talking to these days, who are you trying to get to come to Michigan now?

SHANE: I'm been talking to Laquon [Treadwell], obviously, Derrick Green a little bit here and there,—I don't really know what's going on with him—Leon McQuay III, and that's about it right now.

ACE: Obviously you've got a bunch of commits here in the same place. How fun is it to continue forming your relationships with those guys?

SHANE: It's great. We're out here every weekend on this field practicing 7-on-7 with each other. We're having a great time building chemistry up. It's great being out here again and showing everyone a glimpse of the future.


ACE: Coming out here to the camp, how do you feel you did on the drills on the first day?

DAVID: I feel like I did great. I got a chance to work with Coach Funk. I lost, like, two reps against a speed-rusher and I got him back the next time I competed against him. I thought I did great.

ACE: The guy who beat you was woofing a little bit after that rep. Does that give you motivation when guys are talking like that after the play?

DAVID: Yeah, I hate guys that celebrate after the play like that. The guy was getting real loud; I hate that. If you make the play just go back to the huddle. When you celebrate it's just gonna make you lose the next rep.

ACE: Having the Michigan coaches here, having Coach Funk here watching you guys go through drills, what's he telling you about what to work on and what's it like having that level of instruction at a camp?

DAVID: I feels great to have all the coaches that are here, even the ones that aren't our position coaches. It just shows how much they want to see us work out and how much interest they have in us. Well, we committed, so I know they have a lot of interest but it's just a great feeling having them down there. Coach Funk, he said me and Logan did well. He did tell me, against a speed-rusher, not to kick so far out; that was the only bad criticism he had for me today, so I'm going to work on that and that's pretty much it.

ACE: You mentioned working next to Logan. What do you see in his game right now?

DAVID: He's a great player; big, strong, got good feet, aggressive. That sums him up right there.

ACE: What are you looking to improve in your game both for the rest of the camp and the rest of the summer?

DAVID: I don't think I'm doing the second part of the camp because I've got another big camp [the Rivals Five-Star Challenge] and I'm starting to get hurt, I messed up my quad already so I'm gonna leave that alone. For the rest of the summer I'm just gonna work on what my coaches are telling me to work on, and I do want to get a little better at run blocking, pass blocking, my whole game—picking up the blitz, reading linebackers, safeties. I just want to get better overall, that's pretty much it.

ACE: There's a lot of Cass Tech guys up here and a lot of Michigan commits up here. What's it like to get everybody up here? I know I saw Terry Richardson walking around earlier...

DAVID: Actually, it was Terry and Biggs [James Ross]. It feels great to have them up here. Cass Tech, I think we've got around 30, 40 guys up here, that feels great too. It just shows that we like to compete, come out and try to take over camps. I definitely like that Terry came out here because when I beat my man who was saying he was hungry, Terry actually gave me a rib for getting him, so I was happy he came out here.


ACE: First of all, how do you feel you did in the drill portion?

LOGAN: Honestly, this is my first camp where I'm at 100%. I feel I showed pretty well. The defensive drill that we did, the one-on-ones with no pads on, I feel like we showed real good, me and my teammate out there [David Dawson].

ACE: You were working next to David a lot, obviously. How do you think he looks and what do you see in his game?

LOGAN: He's a hard-nosed road-grater that everybody needs; everybody in the country wants that [type of] guard. It's real nice to have him out here so we can line up against each other.

ACE: I know you were hurt earlier this summer and you've been working to cut weight recently. How are you feeling?

LOGAN: I'm actually down 13 pounds at about 312, so I feel great. I've been hooping, too, jumping a little bit higher, so that's always good.

ACE: And the shoulder is feeling good?

LOGAN: Yeah. I did a lot of good work with my trainer, a lot of stretches and stuff that really got me back.

ACE: You said you dropped almost 15 pounds. What do you think is your ideal playing weight right now?

LOGAN: I'm probably about 312, and I'll probably just stay at this or see whatever the summer does to me and end up at that. The reality is I'm going to grow about two more inches so I can probably add ten more pounds of pure muscle.

ACE: I saw you talking to Coach Funk a lot. What is he telling you about technique?

LOGAN: He was telling me how happy he was with the improvements I've been making and how it's really starting to come together for me. He said he's real proud and I'm going to be a great player for him, which is a real honor to hear from a coach of his stature.

ACE: Looking ahead to the rest of the camp and the rest of the summer, what are you trying to work on in your game?

LOGAN: The game this summer is just getting bigger, faster, and stronger, become a better O-lineman. I've got to pick [whether to do] The Opening or Team USA, I got invited to that, so I've got to decide.

ACE: Are you leaning one way or the other right now?

LOGAN: I honestly don't know.

ACE: Obviously there's a lot of other commits here and a couple of 2012 guys as well. What's it like getting everyone together in one place?

LOGAN: It's real fun to see everybody out here. There's a 2014 D-end here too from Loyola High School or something like that [Malik McDowell]. I was trying to start talking to him, but I'll get at him later and get in his ear.

Sound Mind/Sound Body 2012: Recap

Sound Mind/Sound Body 2012: Recap

Submitted by Ace on June 14th, 2012 at 1:33 PM

2013 OL commits Logan Tuley-Tillman (left) and David Dawson

Yesterday's Adidas Sound Mind/Sound Body camp at Southfield High School featured some of the Midwest's best talent, including five of Michigan's 2013 commits (actually, six, but Csont'e York showed up late and I didn't get a good look at him). It also provided a rare chance for players to get instructed by coaches from Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Eastern Michigan, and several other schools; U-M, OSU, and MSU each sent their full staff, save Mark Dantonio, who had a speaking engagement.

This was my first camp experience, so I mostly focused on the Michigan commits; at these camps, there's so much going on that it's difficult to focus on more than a handful of players. Here are my impressions of the Wolverine commits as well as a couple other standouts:


I didn't spend a ton of time watching Morris in the passing drills, mostly because I was more focused on the receivers and defensive backs, but he was excellent as usual on Wednesday. Morris threw harder than anyone else there, displayed great accuracy, and could make all of the throws. He's also improved from what I saw of him last fall in terms of knowing when to change up speeds and when to just unleash.

As you can see above, Al Borges kept a very close eye on Morris. UAB head coach Garrick McGee was running quarterback drills, but Borges made it clear that he would be the one coaching Morris. As Brian pointed out in today's UV, the running theme of the camp was coaches in disbelief that this was all legal; it was, thanks to SMSB's status as a charitable event.


Dawson was easily the most impressive lineman present, both from a physical and technical standpoint. He looks like he's in the 280-290 pound range but doesn't appear to be carrying much bad weight at all. He shows an advanced understanding of technique for a high school player; Coach Funk was presiding over the offensive line drills, and when he needed to give an example of what he was looking for, he had Dawson give the demonstration. Dawson displayed very quick feet, shuffled well in pass protection while keeping a solid base, and showed a very strong initial punch.

In one-on-ones, Dawson excelled in a drill that gives a clear edge to the pass-rusher. He got great depth with his initial step and had three or four pancakes (not all of his reps are on my film above). When Dawson did get beat, it was usually when he let the defender get into his body instead of keeping the rusher at bay with his arm punch. The proverbial mean streak was also on full display. On one rep, Dawson got beat off the edge, and the defender went back to his side screaming "Let's go!" and "I'm hungry!"* Dawson didn't appreciate the woofing, asked for an immediate rematch, and buried the guy into the turf.

Dawson is expected to end up at guard in college and after seeing him yesterday I think that's the best place for him. While his strength allows him to dominate high school competition, he isn't the longest lineman out there, which makes it harder to keep edge-rushers at bay. As you can see above, when Dawson slid inside to take a rep at guard, he dispatched his man with ease.


Tuley-Tillman didn't quite perform at Dawson's level but still showed off the potential that earned him an offer in the first place. When I talked to Logan, he told me he weighs about 315 pounds, a 15-pound drop from where he was at the Columbus NFTC last month. He's still carrying bad weight, however, and is going to have to turn a significant amount of fat into muscle before he's ready to play at the next level.

I was initially down on Tuley-Tillman when watching the one-on-ones, but after watching the tape he did better than I thought. When he gets his hands on a guy it's tough to escape and he finishes his blocks with authority. He did struggle some against the speed rush; Funk pulled LTT aside during drills to work on getting better depth in his drop when pass blocking, and there's still work to be done there. When he got his footwork right, defenders had little chance of getting past him.

Despite the technique issues, Tuley-Tillman has great feet; when he's coached up, he should have every opportunity to play tackle at the Big Ten level. He's definitely got some conditioning work to do, though it sounds like he's on the right track. Multiple experts who saw Tuley-Tillman in Columbus, where he reportedly struggled significantly, said his performance yesterday was a vast improvement.


Lewis continues to look impressive on both sides of the ball. While I thought he looked better at corner when playing for Cass Tech last fall, there may be a battle royale between the offensive and defensive coaches over where he'll play at Michigan; the offensive coaches have made it clear that they covet Lewis as a wide receiver. They'll have to fight Greg Mattison for him, however, and that may be a losing battle.

Lewis is never going to wow you from a purely physical standpoint—he's 5'11" and pretty skinny—but his athleticism is just a notch below elite. He showed off great closing speed at cornerback, though he sometimes relies too much on his ability to recover; he's not quite at his 2012 teammate Terry Richardson's level when it comes to staying in a receiver's hip pocket. His ball skills, however, are exemplary; he tracks the ball in the air extremely well and knows exactly when to go for the catch. If a quarterback threw a 50-50 ball in his direction, whether on offense or defense, he came down with it or at least broke up the pass.

At receiver, Lewis put those ball skills to good use, coming up with a couple of spectacular catches including one diving effort against 2014 Cass Tech teammate Damon Webb (much more on him below). I still like Lewis's upside more at corner, where his size plays better, but he's convinced me that he could contribute on either side of the ball at the next level.


Hill looked very good in the reps I saw him taking, running crisp routes and catching almost everything thrown his way, including the pass pictured above. He nearly pulled in a ridiculous one-hander early in the morning session, but couldn't quite haul it on; otherwise, any pass in his direction resulted in a catch. Hill isn't the fastest tight end out there, nor the biggest, but he finds a way to get space from defenders and then shield them off with his body.

Given that he's being recruited for a very specific, not-always-used position—H-back—he's got a more limited ceiling than most of the commits; at around 6'2", he doesn't have the size to play much on the line. That said, if he can run routes and catch like he did yesterday, he could be a solid piece to the offensive puzzle.


Webb turned heads a couple weeks ago when he blanketed Laquon Treadwell at the IMG 7-on-7 and he built on that with an MVP-worthy performance yesterday. Despite being a year younger, Webb has more bulk on his 5'11" frame than his teammate Jourdan Lewis, and like Lewis he's an outstanding athlete.

Also like Lewis, Webb can play either wide receiver or cornerback at the next level, though his size suggests that corner is his optimal position. He was fantastic playing corner in the one-on-one drills, staying step-for-step with Lewis—though Jourdan managed to bring in a diving catch—and 2013 Notre Dame commit James Onwualu, who was torching the less-heralded prospects. Webb faced Onwualu three times, and aside from slipping on a hitch route, he came out on top. Webb doesn't rely as much on recovery speed as Lewis, instead playing a more physical style; he's not at all afraid to come up and jam the receiver, and he flips his hips well when transitioning from his backpedal.

Allen Trieu reported this afternoon that Webb earned a Michigan offer, which comes as little surprise after he performed so well in front of the entire staff. While they're targeting him as an athlete for now, I'm guessing he'll be the next in a long line of Cass Tech corners to play at the BCS level. The Wolverines appear to be his clear leader at the moment and there's a chance his recruitment wraps up early. He'll be in Ann Arbor next week for Michigan's camp.

*"I'm hungry" guy was one of the highlights of the camp, as he repeatedly—and loudly—proclaimed his hunger after just about every rep. When Hoke spoke to the campers after the morning session, he singled the kid out for his enthusiasm, then had this exchange:

Hoke: "Did you have lunch yet?"
I'm Hungry Kid: "Yes, sir."
Hoke: "Well, I guess you're not hungry anymore."


  • 2014 MI DE Malik McDowell wasn't listed on the roster—he wasn't alone in that regard—and only took a couple reps in the morning, so I didn't get a chance to evaluate him. I did head over to where the linemen were gathered in the afternoon, however, and I can say he certainly passes the eye test. That is one huge rising junior.
  • Two other 2014 kids who caught my eye were Cass Tech linebackers William White and Gary Hosey, who both stood out physically among the linebackers. White appeared to have an inch or two on Hosey, but both looked solidly built with the frame to add more bulk. I was busy watching the linemen while they were going through drills, however, so I'll have to catch them play another time.
  • A friend who was helping instuct the linebackers at the camp raved about Michigan State linebacker commit Jon Reschke. I thought Reschke was a no-brainer four-star when I saw him play against Farmington Hills Harrison in the playoffs last year; State got a good one there.
  • Urban Meyer, from the morning presser: "The problem with intercollegiate athletics is that it's almost anti-student-athlete." All the coaches talked about how great it was to be able to instruct recruits at an event outside the usual team camps. There was also discussion about finding ways for recruits to be able to take visits to campus without the cost becoming prohibitive; there definitely seems to be support for summer official visits if the NCAA decides to look in that direction.
  • Yes, Brady Hoke uttered the words "Ohio" and "State" in succession during an impromptu on-field Q&A session with reporters. Yes, there was a subsequent race between the Michigan beat reporters to tweet that bit of news. I believe the winner was's Nick Baumgartner.
  • Terry Richardson, James Ross, and Oregon CB (and former Cass Tech Technician) Dior Mathis all were present. Richardson was walking around eating ribs while the Michigan coaches teased him about getting his weight up.
  • After watching them in a camp setting, it's very easy to see why Michigan's coaching staff has so much success both on the field and in recruiting. I kept forgetting to film the OL/DL one-on-ones because I was so intent on listening to Coach Funk give technique pointers to individual guys after their reps; I learned more about blocking technique in five minutes of standing near him than I have in the rest of my life put together. They're all great with the players, as well; you could tell the kids were hanging on every word of instruction.
  • Former Michigan lineman and current EMU OL coach Kurt Anderson, who was running drills with Funk: "You're protecting your family, your food, your quarterback." [via Mike Rothstein]


Pictured coaches, in order of appearance, are UAB HC Garrick McGee, OSU HC Urban Meyer, MSU DC Pat Narduzzi, EMU HC Ron English, Hoke, Mattison, EMU's Mike Hart, Syracuse's Tyrone Wheatley, and Michigan's Darrell Funk and Jeff Hecklinski.

Jayru Campbell's hair did not disappoint:

Neither did Shane Morris's afternoon attire:

That's all for now. Interviews with Morris, Dawson, and Tuley-Tillman coming later this afternoon.

Tuesday Recruitin' Sounds The False Alarm

Tuesday Recruitin' Sounds The False Alarm

Submitted by Ace on June 12th, 2012 at 12:17 PM

Today's recruiting roundup previews this week's Sound Mind Sound Body camp, reminds you why you shouldn't pay attention to every recruit's tweet, updates Kendall Fuller's recruitment, and more.

Move Along, Nothing To See Here

I underestimated you, MGoBoard. When I saw this tweet (later deleted by Logan Tuley-Tillman) come across my feed last night, I fully expected at least one thread bracing for the worst:

After half an hour of semi-rampant decommitment speculation, Logan broke the big news:

Let this serve as your regular reminder that breathlessly hanging onto every word in a recruit's twitter feed is a terrible way to live.

In more relevant news on current commits, I'll be attending the Sound Mind Sound Body camp in Southfield on Wednesday and Thursday, which features a lengthy list of Michigan commits and targets. Shane Morris, Khalid Hill, David Dawson, Csont'e York, and Jourdan Lewis are the commits expected to attend, as is uncommitted CA DE Joe Mathis. There will also be the usual Cass Tech contingent as well as top 2014 in-state DE target Malik McDowell. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to write up this week, as I'm taking a vacation starting Friday morning and the camp runs all day, but I'll be updating on Twitter frequently.

Rivals released their 2013 rankings for the state of Michigan, and the Wolverines unsurprisingly dominate, taking four of the top five spots. Morris tops the list, followed by Notre Dame commit Steve Elmer, Lewis, Dawson, and Wyatt Shallman. York comes in at #8, one spot behind MSU commit Jon Reschke, and Hill sits at #23. Hill's placement strikes me as unusually low, especially since he comes in three spots behind a fellow tight end from Howell whose only offers are from Air Force, Bowling Green, and Western Michigan.

Kendall Fuller Update, Lists, and Visits

Fox Sports/Scout reporter Kristen Kenney caught up with five-star MD CB Kendall Fuller to get the latest on his recruitment in the following video, which strangely is stuck behind a paywall despite having embedding enabled:

Fuller mentions Maryland, Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Michigan as the four schools making the strongest push for him. He's got current or former teammates at all four: Stefon Diggs at Maryland, his older brothers at VT, Dorian O'Daniel at Clemson, and Blake Countess at Michigan. According to Fuller, a decision could come before the season if he's 100% sure of the school he'd like to attend. Fuller's fellow Good Counsel defensive back, Kirk Garner, also has the Wolverines in his top six.

Tremendous dropped off an intriguing tidbit in their notes column as FL CB Leon McQuay III says he's trying to set up a visit to Ann Arbor with teammate WR Alvin Bailey for some time in the next couple weeks. Getting Bailey on campus would be big, and in my opinion the prospect of McQuay making multiple visits in a matter of weeks is even bigger. Click through on the link to see Bailey's outstanding high-top fade in action.

Several prospects are narrowing down their lists as the season approaches. CA ATH Darren Carrington, one of Michigan's most recent offers, told 247's Clint Brewster that the Wolverines "in the top couple schools" that he's considering ($). Carrington appears to be waiting on some potential big-time offers, but also says that he'll try to camp at Michigan and plans to use one of his officials to see Ann Arbor. CA ATH Elijah Qualls, who Michigan is recruiting as a DT, has the Wolverines in his top seven ($). VA DE Wyatt Teller has his eye on four schools($): Virginia, Virginia Tech, Michigan, and Notre Dame, though the two in-state schools appear to have a distinct edge.

Quickly: CA WR Sebastian Larue earned a USC offer this week, and he tells Rivals's Adam Gorney that he's spending the next few days pondering an early commitment ($). If he drops this weekend, it won't be to Michigan. GBW initially reported this week that Michigan offered OH ATH Caleb Day, but that report has been refuted by Rivals and later retracted by GBW. Happy trails to OH WR Kevin Gladney, who committed to Nebraska.

Brief 2014 Updates

...are very brief this week.

Tremendous gets a visit reaction from IN LB Brandon Lee, who checked out campus on Friday and enjoyed the trip.

Five-star AL ATH Bo Scarbrough will visit Ann Arbor later this month ($, info in header). Scarbrough is being recruited by all of the major powers, and while it's a tall task to get a recruit from Tuscaloosa, getting him on campus is a good start.

Four-star IL LB Clifton Garrett, who trains with Core 6 alongside LTT and Laquon Treadwell (among others), will attend July's BBQ at the Big House ($).

2013 commit Kyle Bosch has a younger brother in the class of 2015 who just picked up his first offer($) from Illinois. His name? Brennan Bosch. That won't get confusing at all for the Tigers fans among us.

Friday Recruitin' Snaps Footballs, Fingers

Friday Recruitin' Snaps Footballs, Fingers

Submitted by Ace on June 8th, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Today's recruiting roundup discusses the commitment of Scott Sypniewski, the new ESPN rankings, the status of Jordan Wilkins, and much more.

Hello: Scott Sypniewski

Edited but probably NSFW, because Lil Jon

As you know by now, Michigan offered and accepted a commitment from Ottawa (IL) long snapper Scott Sypniewski on Wednesday, sparking a rather mixed reaction followed by a reaction to the reaction, if you follow. Like Brian*, you can put me down for "thoroughly perplexed," especially given the timing of the offer—even if there's a potentially pressing need for a long snapper, wouldn't that be determined in the fall (especially given the presence of 2012 preferred walk-on Tyler Tokarsky) as opposed to June?

That said, Sypniewski at least represents one of the top players nationwide at the position, which has seen an increase in scholarship offers recently according to this Rivals article from May:

At least 25 of the 121 non-academies in the FBS ranks have long snappers who were awarded scholarships directly out of high school or junior college. national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell estimates that represents about a 20 percent increase over the last five or six years.

So, at least Michigan isn't alone; the article claims that students of long-snapping guru Chris Rubio earned scholarships to LSU, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Arizona State, and Michigan State (that would be one-time Michigan walk-on pledge Taybor Pepper) last year.

While I'm still not sure it was the wisest move to take a specialist at this juncture, there's one argument against taking Sypniewski that I'll address here: the cries that taking him precluded Michigan from bringing on Laquon Treadwell, Derrick Green or Jordan Wilkins, Kendall Fuller or Leon McQuay, and Joe Mathis. Like, four of those guys.

While Michigan is in great shape for Treadwell, he's the only player among that group that I'd say has a better than 33% chance of becoming a Wolverine, and that figure might be generous for most of those guys. Green keeps popping up in articles that don't mention Michigan($), Wilkins appears to be a strong Auburn lean (more on him later), Fuller has strong ties to Virginia Tech and Clemson, McQuay is a top-flight Florida recruit, and Mathis changes his favorite every time he visits a new school. Not trying to sound overly negative here, just trying to be realistic: getting any two of those players would be fantastic. There's no way in hell Michigan was getting four no matter how the numbers worked out.

In other current commit news, ESPN updated their top 150, introduced the ESPN300, and released their team rankings for the class of 2013. Unsurprisingly, Michigan tops the team rankings; the full list is here, but paywalled, while TomVH's analysis of the team rankings is free, which totally makes sense. Other Big Ten+ teams in the top 25: Ohio State (7), Notre Dame (10), Penn State (14), and Michigan State (22).

As for changes to the individual player rankings, TTB has the full breakdown, as usual. The big movers were Jourdan Lewis, who rose 15 spots and into the top 100, Mike McCray, who fell 29 spots, and Patrick Kugler, who jumped from #123 to #112. In all, Michigan has 15 players in the ESPN300, including 11 in the ESPN150. Shane Morris is the top-ranked commit at #32, which represented a five-spot rise for him.

Also releasing rankings was, the Rivals outlet focused on, um, Ohio. Michigan's Ohio commitments stand out among their position rankings for the class of 2013:

  • DeVeon Smith is the #1 running back
  • Jaron Dukes is the #3 wide receiver
  • Jake Butt is the #1 tight end
  • Taco Charlton is the #1 defensive end
  • Mike McCray and Ben Gedeon are the #1 and #2 linebackers, respectively
  • Gareon Conley is the #3 cornerback
  • Dymonte Thomas is the #1 safety

Call me crazy, but I think the Wolverines are having a good deal of success in Ohio this year. Next thing you know, jerseys will be selling like hotcakes down there.

Quickly: Haven't had your fill of special teams highlight tapes? Good! Here's 2012 walk-on K/P Kenny Allen drilling a bunch of field goals. Jake Butt is invited to The Opening. Shane Morris earns an invite to ESPN's Champion Gridiron Kings event. Matt Pargoff, like Seth on Wednesday, ranks Michigan's top recruiting classes of the last 20 years.

*MGoHiveMind! Conspiracy! Dey took our jobz!

Change Of Plans For Wilkins

So, yeah, about TN RB Jordan Wilkins—the four-star back was initially slated to visit Ann Arbor on Saturday, but he'll have to reschedule after realizing that he has to take the ACT that day ($). Wilkins maintains that he wants to see all of his final four schools—Auburn, Michigan, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee—before making a commitment, but this still doesn't bode well. Sam Webb profiled Wilkins in the Detroit News, and Wilkins reiterated that he very nearly committed to Auburn on Monday. Message board rumors also have Wilkins maybe not liking Michigan's depth chart so much, which means this is ominous:

So what are major factors?

"Early playing time and coaches," said Wilkins. "I know I want to play with guys I get along with — that I can come and talk to about anything. I like coaches that I can talk to about anything because my high school coaches right now are like my second parents. I've always been close with my coaches, so that's another big thing.["]

Wilkins would like to have his decision made before his football season starts. My guess is that decision won't be Michigan.

The Wolverines somewhat surprisingly showed up on PA WR Robert Foster's top seven yesterday, joining Alabama, Pitt, Ohio State, Michigan State, Oregon, and USC. According to Foster's assistant coach, via an article by 247's Steve Wiltfong($), he's planning to visit Michigan and MSU this month. Foster also plans to take all of his official visits before deciding, so even if there's mutual interest here, it may be tough for Foster to find a spot in the class. One receiver who may move a little faster is MD WR Paul Harris, who will visit on June 19, according to Tremendous. He's one to keep an eye on.

Tim Sullivan reports that TX DT Hardreck Walker plans to make a decision by the end of the summer, but will continue taking visits, and he plans on taking an official to Michigan ($, info in header). We'll see how this one plays out, since the Wolverines are no longer really in need of a DT unless they decide that Henry Poggi fits best at strongside DE. Even then, shoehorning another defensive lineman in the class could prove difficult.

Quickly: Steve Wiltfong reports that Michigan offered CA ATH Darren Carrington, but there isn't an article to go with the tweet, so for now that's all the info we've got regarding any potential interest or visits. Michigan made the top five for AZ CB Cole Luke along with Notre Dame, Texas, Nebraska, and Cal. Happy trails to Su'a Cravens, who shocked the world by committing to USC. Cravens says he still plans to visit Michigan and his other finalists, but I wouldn't hold out hope for a switch. Don't do this, people.

Quick 2014 Updates

Not as much action as recent weeks on the 2014 front, but IL CB Parrker Westphal did visit campus on Tuesday and came away mighty impressed. He told Tremendous that Michigan is now the school by which he'll measure all of his other visits and he plans on being in Ann Arbor again for the BBQ at the Big House. Westphal is coached by former Michigan CB Todd Howard, who will likely accompany Westphal on his next trip.

Michigan is in line to get a very big visit, and visitor, in GA OL Orlando Brown, son of the late NFL lineman of the same name. Brown told 247's Clint Brewster that he'll visit Michigan on July 14th ($). Brown, who stands at 6'9"(!!), 360 pounds(!!!), projects to be one of the top tackles in the 2014 class.

The Wolverines will also get summer visits from a pair of quarterbacks. IN QB Brent Lyles will camp at Michigan on June 20th($), while OH QB DeShone Kizer plans to check out Ann Arbor again on either the 17th or 21st of this month ($). Kizer is one of two 2014 quarterbacks, along with MI QB Chance Stewart, getting a strong look at an early offer, while Lyles is hoping to break into that group.

Hello: Scott Sypniewski

Hello: Scott Sypniewski

Submitted by Ace on June 6th, 2012 at 5:34 PM

Via the Rubio Long Snapping Flickr

In a commitment that caught pretty much everyone off guard, Ottawa (IL) long snapper Scott Sypniewki has committed to Michigan on a full scholarship, as first announced by long-snapping guru Chris Rubio and confirmed by multiple outlets. Sypniewski is the 21st commit in the class of 2013 and (surprise!) the first long snapper. A bit more info on his commitment comes via Scout's Allen Trieu ($):

"They said they need one. They just lost their starter, Tom Pomarico. They have one guy who is going to be a senior and they were going to bring in two walk-ons. They've seen my film and knew I was good enough to start there and that's why they offered me a scholarship."

No further explanation is necessary, I'm sure.


Scout Rivals ESPN 247 Sports

Sypniewski, unsurprisingly, is not rated by any of the recruiting services. Chris Rubio Long Snapping, however, specializes in this sort of thing, and they've got him as the #2 long snapper in the 2013 class (Taybor Pepper was 6th) and a five-star prospect. Sypniewski is listed at 6'1", 230.

The above link comprises almost all of the available scouting information on Sypniewski that a 15-minutes Google-stalk could turn up. It is, shall we say, laudatory:

Sypniewski is a man on a mission. Body is looking thick and muscular. He is moving well and snapping rockets. Attitude on this kid is amazing. Tell him to do something and consider it done. He has a good time but is full of rage when he is snapping. Love it. Ball is smooth, on target and crisp. He gets set and BOOM! the ball is in your hands. Very impressed with him and he is a no brainer scholarship kid!

Sypniewski is just flat out fantastic! Ball is like a missle yet very easy to catch. Movement is flawless and he is snapping with ease. Looks like he is not even trying but, before you blink, the ball is right on your hip. Accuracy, consistency and speed are all excellent. A tad lighter on his feet could bump him up and I am being picky. Sypniewski is terrific and is snapping with a TON of confidence. I am fully expecting him to stick his chest out and dominate in Vegas.  4/12

There's also this, er, juicy tidbit [emphasis mine]:

Excellent job by Sypniewski. Body is becoming athletic and thick. Huge legs and butt. Great for a Long Snapper. Ball, when he snaps the ball HARD, is absolutely fantastic. Blocks extremely well for his age when he gets back. Tremendous personality. Does a great job of improving every single time. Great worker and will be a great teammate to those around him.


The Wolverine's Andy Reid caught up with Rubio—who's been coaching Sypniewski since 2009—shortly after his commitment for additional insight ($):

Rubio said Sypniewski's strengths are his size and strength in the blocking game and, most importantly, the speed and fluidity of his snaps.

"He's fantastic," Rubio said. "His snap is just so smooth, but it's still a such a rapid movement. You almost think there's no way it could be coming this quick, because it's still so smooth. It's just boom, hits you."

"I would like to see him work on his footwork, continuing to get downfield after the snap. But, in all honesty, he really doesn't need much right now to make the step up to the next level."

Sounds like he could be an early contributor, as current snapper/folk hero Jareth Glanda will be a redshirt senior when Sypniewski gets on campus. I won't really attempt to add anything else to the scouting of a long snapper, especially since—as you'll see below—there's an astounding amount of film on the kid. He's got a 15-yard snap time of .69 seconds, [Ed-S: This is 44 miles per hour. Four FAKES out of FIVE!] which I imagine is very good but have zero context for saying so.

UPDATE: There are a couple of other long-snapper rankings out there, and it appears there are large disparities between the respective lists—if I had to guess, these rankings vary wildly depending on whose camps these prospects attend. Sypniewski comes in at #14 on Kohl's Professional Camps snapper rankings, and indeed, you must attend one of their camps to be included. Here's their writeup:

Scott has a solid frame with very good mechanics. His overall SS and LS accuracy is good and he is consistent with his snap speed. Scott finished with an average snap time of .74 seconds at the Midwest Showcase Camp in December of 2011 with his best snap time recorded at .70 seconds. Scott has good footwork and a quick ball release which allows him to get back into protection quickly. He has great lower body explosiveness with good ball rotation. Scott will be a good fit for any protection scheme., meanwhile, doesn't have Sypniewski in their top 25 for the class of 2013, though if his reported snap times are close to accurate, he's should probably be in the top couple spots.

[H/T to mgouser goblueritzy92 for dropping those links in the comments.]


Sypniewski's Scout profile, which probably was created 15 minutes ago, lists no other suitors besides Michigan.


Um, stats?


None listed, unfortunately. All of the FAKEs.


Yes, we've got highlights:

Oh, and it doesn't end there. For 15(!) more videos of Sypniewski snapping, click here.


When Sypniewski arrives on campus, Michigan will have Glanda as a redshirt senior at long snapper as well as 2012 preferred walk-on Tyler Tokarsky. Tokarsky, for what it's worth, says his plans to attend Michigan have not changed despite the news of Sypniewski's commitment. Sypniewski and Tokarsky should battle for the starting job in 2014, then hopefully we'll never hear from either again barring any improbable catches on fake field goals.

If you remember, Michigan did have a second preferred walk-on snapper lined up for the class of 2012, Taybor Pepper, but he chose to attend Michigan State when Mark Dantonio offered him a scholarship.


The Wolverines now sit at 21 commitments in a class that should reach 23-24, though one has to wonder if there's any concerns about extra attrition given the offer to a position normally filled by walk-ons or players who change positions. Michigan will likely still take a wide receiver—there's still a spot reserved for Laquon Treadwell, at least—and they could also add a cornerback, running back, or strongside defensive end.

Michigan Museday is Captain Recruiting Hindsight

Michigan Museday is Captain Recruiting Hindsight

Submitted by Seth on June 6th, 2012 at 8:05 AM


Ah, I see you entrusted the future of your defensive backfield to Chris Richards
and Johnny Sears, and offered Carson Butler. You shouldn't have done that.

With the additions of two defensive tackles—the only sore spot really left in the class—the 2013 haul is starting to take shape, and this shape is looking pretty darn shapely. Granted we thought the same last year when thousands of 4-star linebackers and linemen burst out of their Ohio prisons to join the Wolverines, leaving—we thought—the staff several months to chase down a few 5-stars. Those didn't really materialize, and might not again. But it's just NovemberAugust … Early JUNE (!) and there's 20 guys in the next class, and they're mostly blue chips, and unless ESPN has done something drastic to their scores I think an entire legion of superheroes just pledged to my alma mater.

If there's any doubt that Brady and Hokesters (this is a terrible name for our coaching staff) are killin' it on the recruiting trail, consider this is now the second year in a row that a board thread has been started to ask is this the Best Michigan Football Recruiting Class Ever?

michigan-qbsM-Wolverine beat me to it, but the gold standard here is still 1995—in a word: CharlesWoodsonTomBradyeeeeeeeeee. Also Renes, the Williamses, James Hall, Tai Streets, Aaron Shea… That class was the core of the national championship squad and populated NFL rosters for the next decade. (SI Vault--->)

Putting Captain Hindsight on the sidelines for a moment, the anecdotal standard is 1998. That class was sterling at the top, headlined by Drew Henson (who had nine confirmed miracles by October of his senior year). Before pos-bang threads existed, the fanbase-wide giggle session from Henson playing catch with David Terrell in Central Park nearly toppled the young Internet. Marquise Walker (9th best player in the country overall according to Sporting News), Justin Fargas, Cato June, and Hayden Epstein were too considered Parade All Americans. LB/DL Dave Armstrong and LB Victor Hobson were close. Tom Lemming of Prep Football Report and Bobby Burton of the National Recruiting Advisor named Michigan 1st in the land; Allen Wallace of Superprep put us behind UCLA because they had DeShuan Foster.

(Also in 1998, 548-year-old Brooks MacCleod Bollinger beheaded the Kurgan, won the Prize, and signed as a freshman with Wisconsin.)

The 2013 class isn't expected to be so rich at the top, and thus is unlikely to win the same beauty contest, but it's deeper, still naming high-three star types at the point of the list where '98 was tapering off into French Canadians. The ratings are bound to shift—down as do most early commits as more of their classmates are evaluated and placed on the board, and various uncommitted Top 25 recruits leap toward this year's shiniest object—but at this point there's already enough of it to start, you know, thinking about what all that promise actually promises.

Since '98 and other successful classes occurred before humanity shifted its considerable intellect from inventing things and pondering the meaning of our existence so we could figure out how teenagers work, there is no easily accessible written record from that era with which to compare, except the little from DeSimone. Certainly 5-stars and whatnots existed before 2002, but that's where the Rivals and Scout databases begin, so we shall too.

2002 to 2013 to Various Scouting Systems

Again, I'm throwing out hindsight for now because the Class of 2013s are currently 75 percent of their way through high school, an accurate assessment of their actual abilities not available until 2017 or '18. The class before them hasn't stepped on campus yet. Half of the class before that are redshirt freshmen right now. As to the rest, yes, individual players often vastly under- or out-performed their rankings. Insert usual essay about recruiting in the aggregate is legit yo.

You've seen the way I like to represent this before, putting the classes beside each other with heat-colored levels. I'm not sure if I explained why they're lined up that way; the idea is you can see how many blue chips (4-star and higher) on the left side of the mid-line, and assess how many depth guys and fliers (3-star and lower) you're filling in with. The yellow-green guys (5.7 to Rivals, 79 to ESPN) seem to be 40-60 to become solid Big Ten-level starters or better; the ones over the 4-star threshold something more like 55-45, thus I'm trying to represent a kind of mid-point.

Recruiting to RivalsRecruiting to SCOUT

Recruiting to ESPN

Clicking embiggens, but you can see what's causing the excitement already: Scout is very bullish on the recruits Michigan has verbals from already, and ESPN has either dramatically changed their ranking system or somebody slipped them a press release about Shane Morris taking practice shots at Jake Butt. The numbers are on a Googledoc if you can see if/where I went wrong with this.

At this point we allow Captain Hindsight back into the room…

Recruiting to Hindsight

The captain says 2008 is going to be rough.

This is that column on the spreadsheet where I tried to reassign star ratings based on each player's performance. A 5-star is a major-impact player who probably got drafted in the 3rd round or better; a 4-star is an All Big Ten sort—the RVBs of the world, or a player like Kovacs who's a star but has an exploitable hole in his game (yes, Kovacs was added to 2008). A 3-star is a contributor but in a just a guy way, a 2-star someone we didn't want in there (think Savoy or Banks). The "NR"s are mostly injuries or early early attrition but not the later stuff; if we got a good look at what a guy can do I rated him, e.g. Mallett is still in there for 2007, since coaching change losses aren't likely to apply to us any time soon. This isn't supposed to correlate with performance; it's meant to see what recruiting classes yield.

What struck me most is how long we seem to have been going without those 4-star-like dudes, exactly the type of guys these last two classes have been filled with, and which characterized '95. I too hope some of the more epic blue chips we're after sign up, but even if they don't, the 20 guys in this class are already among the better ones signed in the last decade, and it's not out of the question that they may some day be the best.

Tuesday Recruitin' Makes A 40-Year Commitment

Tuesday Recruitin' Makes A 40-Year Commitment

Submitted by Ace on June 5th, 2012 at 12:42 PM

Today's recruiting roundup welcomes Maurice Hurst Jr. and Henry Poggi, updates the recruitments of Leon McQuay III and his teammate Alvin Bailey, recaps the Champaign NFTC, and more.

Michigan's 2013 Class, Now With 100% More Beef

Michigan added two four-star defensive tackles in three days, gaining commitments from Westwood (MA) Xavarian Brothers's Maurice Hurst Jr. on Saturday and Baltimore (MD) Gilman's Henry Poggi yesterday morning. You can check out their commitment posts here (Hurst) and here (Poggi). Much more has come out on each player since their respective commitments, so consider this a Hello addendum.

First, let's clarify positions. Hurst told GBW($) that he'll play both nose tackle and three-tech, but his main focus is the former, which makes sense with the addition of Poggi. Sam Webb revealed the staff's plans for Poggi:

Said Poggi, “I’ll start off as a 5-technique and then work into that three technique position.  5-techniques are around 280, then hopefully I’ll put some more weight on sophomore, junior, and senior year and be a 3-technique.  Whatever plays out.”

The Daily's Zach Helfand

“Maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t think long term that’s realistic if he wants to play beyond college and be very good,” Shurburtt said. “If he were a 3-4 defensive end we were talking about, I think he’d be in business. But I think 4-3, that’s a stretch.”

Playing at tackle, though, Shurburtt sees an elite prospect.

“There’s defensive tackles across the country that either have a lot of heart or a lot of talent. Henry’s got both,” Shurburtt said. “[He is] the complete package of what you look for in a defensive tackle.

“He’s definitely an inside guy. That’s what gives him plus athleticism.”

I'd agree that Poggi's best chance at being elite is at tackle, where his athleticism stands out more, but as we learned with Ryan Van Bergen (and now with Jibreel Black), the differences between playing the five-tech DE and three-tech DT in Michigan's 4-3 under aren't vast. ESPN's Craig Haubert agrees that Poggi's best spot is on the interior and offers this scouting report ($):

He flashes a good get-off, but needs to be more consistent. He is tough taking on blockers and defending the run as he can play low and be active with his hands as well recognize and react well to blocking schemes. As a pass rusher he comes up field hard and though he needs to continue to further develop as a pass rusher he can make blockers work to try and stop him. He also plays with a motor and is a good physical tackler.

Scout's Brian Dohn takes a look at Hurst, noting he needs to do a better job of getting off blocks with his hands before coming to this conclusion ($):

Hurst’s greatest asset is athleticism. He plays fast, especially within the first few snaps of the ball, but he will have to show he can survive against the offensive linemen of the Big Ten. It will take him a year or two to get into the rotation at Michigan, but his athletic upside of the fact his father played in the NFL gives Hurst a tremendous starting base.

The message of caution is don’t expect too much too soon from Hurst despite his ranking as a four-star. The big payoff should be on the back end.

As long as the Wolverines are afforded the luxury of showing patience with Hurst and Poggi—and given the 2012 D-line haul, that should be the case—there's a good chance for both to develop into big contributors. Regardless of their on-field accomplishments, both appear to have their heads in the right place off the field. From Helfand's piece on Poggi:

“People say I’m making a four-year commitment, but I’m really making a 40-year commitment,” Poggi said. “The kind of degree I wanted to get was a degree that carries a lot of weight.”

And here's Hurst's head coach talking to Matt Pargoff:

“Mo’s a great kid,” said Stevenson . “He maximizes his abilities in the classroom and he also steps outside the box and contributes with some community service work. He’s been in some of our outreach programs. He’s spent time at homes for abused women. He spent some time going up to places where they feed the poor. He’s spent some time at a place where we go to provide company to the elderly. He’s a great kid who thinks outside of himself … His willingness to become part of those activities speaks volumes about him as a person.”

/Michigan Man'd

McQuay's Top III

FL CB Leon McQuay III has rapidly gone from longshot pipe dream to viable option since his May visit to Ann Arbor, and that won't change any time soon after he announced a top three of Vanderbilt, Michigan, and USC, according to 247's Barton Simmons. McQuay plans to make his choice on November 21st, so there's still a lot of time for changes, but this is huge news for Michigan.

What's the common thread between McQuay's top three schools? It's not so much the football—I mean, Vanderbilt—as it is what these schools can offer in the classroom, per TomVH ($, info in header):

Michigan, USC and Vanderbilt made the cut, and it's due largely to their music departments.

"Leon and his coach came up with the list. He's chasing the music thing and those three schools have the best music programs," said his father, Leon Jr. "If that's something that he's chasing then I can only be happy for him."

The younger McQuay is looking to pursue a major related to audio engineering/production, so Michigan's state-of-the-art studio could provide a huge leg up, though the music departments at Vandy and USC are also top notch. The program with the advantage here, surprisingly, may actually be the Commodores; McQuay initially expressed some trepidation about going to school up north, and USC has a very good chance of being full at defensive back by the time he announces.

McQuay's high school teammate, FL WR Alvin Bailey, recently narrowed his list to a top 15, but there's a sense that the Wolverines could be in a strong position for him as well given the good vibes coming from McQuay. Tremendous caught up with Bailey, who said he'll be up to Ann Arbor within the next couple of weeks, and he wouldn't rule out the possibility of a commitment if all went well on the trip. We'll see about that, but at the very least it's a big step to get him on campus.

Wilkins to Auburn?

Another top skill position target is TN RB Jordan Wilkins, who has stated his intention to visit Ann Arbor this upcoming Saturday. That may be up in the air, however, after Wilkins nearly committed to Auburn during a visit yesterday($, info in header)—it appears the only thing that kept Wilkins from making the pledge was the absence of his mother from the trip. Now his recruitment could wrap up imminently:

He plans to bring his mother to Auburn's campus in the next week or two. A decision could come soon after.

"I might take one more visit to Michigan on Saturday, but I might shut it down after that and make my decision," he said. "I want to get my mom to Auburn pretty soon, maybe next soon as possible.

"Auburn is definitely at the top right now."

Even if he makes it to Ann Arbor, it doesn't look good for the Wolverines. VA RB Derrick Green is the other big priority at running back, and if they miss on him Michigan may very well be content with DeVeon Smith and Wyatt Shallman, especially if they can reel in a couple of receivers (say, Laquon Treadwell and a slot-type like Bailey).

Speaking of IL WR Laquon Treadwell, Michigan's top receiver target took home position MVP honors at last weekend's NFTC in Champaign, also earning top performer honors from 247's Barton Simmons:

1. Laquon Treadwell, WR, Crete-Monee – No wide receiver present on Sunday caught the ball with the kind of effortless ease as Treadwell. He inhales the football, making the routine catch look the way it should and adding plenty of spectacular catches to his resume as well.

Treadwell – who possess very good top-end speed and smooth route-running ability – showed the ability to lay-out for footballs on vertical routes and high-point footballs in jump-ball scenarios. In a year in which there aren’t a lot of no-doubt type receiver prospects, it’s hard to imagine many receivers better than him.

Treadwell competed against a potential future teammate in Michigan commit Jourdan Lewis, who came in at #5 on Josh Helmholdt's list of top skill performers ($):

Lewis is an interesting dichotomy. Off the field, he is so unassuming, almost aw-shucksto the point that people may not even recognize him. On the field, he plays with a tremendous amount of confidence. His performance Sunday was very reminiscent of past performances from earlier this spring in that Lewis was always making plays on the football. He did drop a couple interceptions - rare for a prospect who is also an outstanding wide receiver - but made a couple as well. Sometimes Lewis gets too confident about his recovery speed and will take chances early in a receiver's route, but few receivers have shown the ability to burn him.

That level of instinctual play and athleticism from Lewis is something that really stood out watching him at Cass Tech last year, so it's no surprise to see him turning heads in a camp setting where he can really display those coverage skills.

Quickly: CA DE Joe Mathis maintains his three leaders($): Nebraska, Michigan, and Washington. CA WR Demorea Stringfellow is certain of two official visits($): Washington and Ohio State. Happy trails to five-star IN LB Jaylon Smith, who committed to Notre Dame, and NC WR Uriah LeMay, who pledged to Georgia.

2014 Updates

Michigan offered FL OL K.C. McDermott this week, according to Scout's Mike Bakas ($). McDermott is a big tackle prospect at 6'6", 275 pounds, and he already holds offers from Florida, Miami (YTM), Ohio State, Wisconsin, and others. His father says he's looking to visit Ann Arbor and several other Midwest schools in July.

McDermott won't be the only summer visitor among rising junior tackles, as TX OL Demetrius Knox will visit both Michigan and Ohio State in June. Also visiting in June will be GA S Nick Glass, an early Georgia commit.

The Wolverines hosted a couple of visitors over the past few days. OH OL Jimmy Byrne didn't come away with an offer, but told Tremendous that the visit was a "10" on a 1-10 scale. IA OL Ross Pierschbacher also left without an offer, but told 247 that Michigan would "definitely be in consideration" if they came through with one ($).

Finally, Scout's Allen Trieu has a free primer on the Midwest players to watch in the class of 2015—yes, kids finishing up their freshman year of high school—if you're so inclined.

Hello: Henry Poggi

Hello: Henry Poggi

Submitted by Ace on June 4th, 2012 at 8:01 AM

Alabama bangs, Michigan commit.

Michigan's next commitment has been the subject of much speculation since Maurice Hurst Jr. pledged to the Wolverines on Saturday and proclaimed he'd be joined by another imminently. Now the guessing game is over, as Baltimore (MD) Gilman DT Henry Poggi has announced his choice to become the 20th commit in Brady Hoke's class of 2013, via GBW's Sam Webb. The consensus four-star is Michigan's second defensive tackle in the class, joining Hurst and defensive end Taco Charlton on the D-line.


Scout Rivals ESPN 24/7 Sports
4*, #15 DT,
#135 Ovr
4*, #2 DT,
#52 Ovr
4*, 81, #23 DT 4*, 94, #7 DT,
#105 Ovr

Poggi is univerally regarded as a four-star, and only ESPN doesn't consider him one of the top 150 recruits in the country. Rivals is the most bullish, putting him all the way up at #52 overall. All save ESPN list Poggi at 6'4" and between 260 and 270 pounds; ESPN is a serious outlier at 6'3", 245.

Football runs in the family for the Poggis; Henry's father, Biff, is his coach at Gilman, while his older brothers Sam (Duke) and Jim (Iowa) each earned BCS football scholarships. His father, for what it's worth, says Henry is the best player in the family.

ESPN's evaluation isn't particularly glowing, largely due to concerns about Poggi's size and potential status as a tweener ($):

As a D-Lineman he flashes a good initial burst, but is inconsistent and can be a beat slow at times. He does need to watch his pad level, but displays the ability to fire off the ball low and gain leverage. He is a hard nose player who can make good contact and be tough at the point of attack. He is active with his hands, but needs to do a better job of consistently separating from blockers. He is a coach's son and comes across as a fairly smart player who reads schemes well and can get himself in good positions. He is a physical and high effort player who works to get around the ball. He is a good tackler who tries to drive through the ball carrier and wrap-up. He does display some rigidness and could struggle in space to quickly re-direct and wrap ball carriers up. As a pass rusher he comes up-field hard. Will try and attack half-a-man and displays the ability to be violent with his hands. ... While Poggi looks to carry his weight well, he may be somewhat limited in the good size he can add making him an undersized D-Tackle or more of a swing player if he stays on defense at the next level.

Poggi will likely come to campus as a three-tech DT, but there's also a chance he ends up at five-tech DE if he can't add the necessary bulk to play on the interior. The criticisms about his technique shouldn't be of great concern; remember, he's a junior in high school and Michigan has three defensive line coaches to work out any kinks at the next level.

Rivals—unsurprisingly, given his comparative rankings—was much more positive in their evaluations of Poggi than ESPN; here's's Wayne Yarborough after scouting a Gilman game last October ($):

At 6-4, 255, Poggi has a great frame; he's a tall, thick defender with a wide base, stout legs and broad shoulders. He plays with a low pad level, which makes him difficult to move off the ball. He also has tremendous upper- and lower-body strength, allowing him to collapse the pocket and toss offensive linemen around like a dog with a chew toy. Indeed, Poggi can be a bully up front; he likes to scrap inside and goes at it like he has a massive chip on his shoulder. What's more, Poggi is very nimble for a big man. He showed surprising quickness and closing speed on stretch runs and a relentless rush on passing plays.

Gilman assistant coach Hank Russell echoed the praise for Poggi's strength, pad level, and motor in a March article on ($):

Henry (6-3, 250) is a big, country-strong lineman who moves extremely well for his size. He has quick, heavy hands and gets off blocks exceptionally well. He is very powerful at the point of attack and can [overwhelm opponents]. Then Henry has a non-stop motor; he just will not stop coming at you. [Fundamentally], he plays with a low base and consistently keeps his pads low. He has great lower-body strength, which makes him very difficult to move off the ball. He's just a tough kid to block; he can [occupy] multiple blockers and break through double-teams.

Russell also told Scout's Kristen Kenney($) that Poggi "plays with incredible passion and has a non-stop motor." In short, Poggi may not have ideal size for a tackle, but he has great strength and pad level, relentless energy, and very solid athleticism for a lineman.


Poggi chose Michigan over Alabama and also held offers from the likes of Auburn, Cal, Florida, Iowa, Michigan State, Ole Miss, Mizzou, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, South Carolina, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas A&M, USC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and others. Needless to say, he's got a strong list of suitors.


Poggi recorded 49 tackles, 11 TFL, ten sacks, and a forced fumble as a junior in 2011.


247 lists a 4.70 40 time for Poggi, which merits a three FAKEs out of five.


Junior highlights:

You can see some additional highlights in this video feature on Poggi in which he also answers a few questions. His dream prom date will be met with approval around these parts, I'm sure.


Here's where I get lazy and slightly modify what I said about Hurst on Saturday:

If he ends up at three-tech, Hurst Poggi should get a redshirt year since Michigan brought in Willie Henry, Matt Godin, and potentially Chris Wormley at the position in the 2012 class. After that redshirt year, he'll be in position for fight for time against those three and a senior Kenny Wilkins; given that he's got a higher recruiting profile than all the '12 recruits save Wormley, he's got a good shot at contributing as a redshirt freshman.

Hey, that worked. Poggi could also end up at strongside DE, where he'd be competing against Wormley, Tom Strobel, and Keith Heitzman for time. Neither position that Poggi projects to play has much at all in the way of upperclassmen, so he's got a good shot to make a relatively early impact regardless of where he ends up. That said, a redshirt year will likely be a necessity to allow him to add some good weight.

If Poggi comes in at the three-tech, I assume the coaches will see how Hurst holds up at the nose unless Michigan takes another lineman who better fits there.


The Wolverines now have three or four spots remaining, in all likelihood. One of those is reserved for IL WR Laquon Treadwell, while it's becoming clear the coaches would like another defensive back in the class—MD CB Kendall Fuller and FL CB Leon McQuay III are the top targets, while AZ CB Cole Luke and NJ CB Nadir Barnwell are also possibilities. Michigan also is in the market for another running back—or at least an elite-level back—with the coaches pursuing VA RB Derrick Green and TN RB Jordan Wilkins.

I'd expect the class to be filled out with a receiver, running back, and cornerback, with the coaches taking a best player available type or possibly a strongside DE if there's another open spot. The options should narrow down considerably with so little room left in the class, a process we've already seen in motion along the offensive line and at linebacker.